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Discussing child’s cancer prognosis more likely to produce peace of mind and decrease anxiety in parents

New findings led by researchers at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center show informing parents about their child’s cancer prognosis – ...

An alarm clock for dormant brain stem cells

by Koh - Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) generated a molecular profile of neural stem cells from the brains ...

Norwegian-led Ebola vaccine study shows promising results in Guinea

The study, testing the effectiveness of a new vaccine against Ebola, has shown encouraging outcomes according to interim analyses published today in The Lancet. ... Full story

WHO calls for urgent action to curb hepatitis

GENEVA - On World Hepatitis Day (28 July) WHO highlights the urgent need for countries to enhance action to prevent viral hepatitis infection and to ensure that people who have been infected are diagnosed and offered treatment. This year, the Organization is focusing particularly on hepatitis B and C, which together cause approximately 80% of all liver cancer deaths and kill close to 1.4 million people every year. ... Full story

Expert discusses ways to stay heart healthy, hydrated and fit during the summer

Summer can be a lazy time. Cookouts, vacations, graduation parties and similar events may tempt us to throw caution to the wind when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, particularly as it relates to diet and exercise. However, experts at the Pauley Heart Center, part of Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, suggest being ever mindful of lifestyle habits that promote good heart health. ... Full story

Atomic view of cellular pump reveals how bacteria send out proteins

Bacteria have plenty of things to send out into world beyond their own boundaries: coordinating signals to other members of their species, poisons for their enemies, and devious instructions to manipulate host cells they have infected. Before any of this can occur, however, they must first get the shipments past their own cell membranes, and many bacteria have evolved specialized structures and systems for launching the proteins that do these jobs. ... Full story

Neighborhood revitalization motivated exercise

A community revitalization effort in a struggling neighborhood of Birmingham, Ala., succeeded in promoting healthy physical activity. A new study also documents the basis of that change in the hopes and concerns of the neighborhood’s residents. ... Full story

Study: Popular new blood thinners drive increase in atrial fibrillation treatment

Warfarin therapy declining as use of new anticoagulants skyrockets ... Full story

'You couldn’t ask for better treatment'

Last week, Kevin Price, of Hillsborough, was the first patient admitted to the Observation Unit at UNC Health Care’s new Hillsborough Hospital. After his experience, if he has to undergo inpatient care in the future, he said he doesn’t want to go anywhere else. ... Full story

Eating habits matter most when children gain weight

Some children gain weight faster than others. Eating habits seem to have far more to say than physical activity. ... Full story

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