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Congenital and genetic heart disease screening recommendations for people 12-25

American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology Scientific Statement ...

Yogic breathing shows promise in reducing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder

One of the greatest casualties of war is its lasting effect on the minds of soldiers. This presents a daunting public health ...

Yoga Relieves Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms, Rutgers Study Finds

Specialized program improved quality of life, decreased pain and fatigue ... Full story

Exciting proof-of-concept for acoustic dispensing of single cell stem cells

The Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) at NUI Galway and Irish start-up Poly-Pico Technologies Ltd. have successfully executed a new and exciting scientific proof-of-concept involving the use of sound waves to dispense living stem cells. Using the Poly-Pico micro-drop dispensing device, the researchers were able to isolate individual adult stem cells from a bone marrow sample. ... Full story

Overweight causes hazardous inflammations

Researchers have found a possible molecular explanation for why overweight is harmful. This new knowledge may provide new drugs for heart attack, stroke, cancer and chronic intestinal inflammation. ... Full story

Hospitalizations, deaths from heart disease, stroke drop in last decade

American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report ... Full story


(Boston)– Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) report that a tumor suppressor pathway, called the Hippo pathway, is responsible for sensing abnormal chromosome numbers in cells and triggering cell cycle arrest, thus preventing progression into cancer. ... Full story

Obesity paradox in survival from sepsis

Obese patients more likely to survive after hospitalized with life-threatening infection ... Full story

Wearable Device for the Early Detection of Common Diabetes-related Neurological Condition

Hooked onto glasses, new optical device may be able to detect diabetic autonomic neuropathy sooner, leading to better treatment outcomes ... Full story

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