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Chinese herbal treatment shows signs of effectiveness in bone marrow recovery

Reggie Kumar FINDINGS UCLA researchers have found that a Chinese herbal regimen called TSY-1 (Tianshengyuan-1) increased telomerase activity in normal blood cells but decreased ...

Traditional Chinese Medicine expansion for University

The University of Adelaide is expanding its research interests in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the launch today in Beijing of the Global ...

Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Disrupted by Botanical Supplement, Can Lead to Development of Disease

Doctors should know what supplements patients take to prevent interactions with medications ... Full story

Cells migrate collectively by intermittent bursts of activity

Increased understanding of the cell migration may lead to the development of new therapies for controlling invasive tumour cells. ... Full story

Creative arts for health and wellbeing: Australia’s first research unit launched

Next week, the University of Melbourne will launch the Creative Arts Therapy Research Unit (CATRU), the first training and research program of its kind in ... Full story

Treat anorexia, addictions as “passions”, says visiting scholar

Disorders and addictions such as anorexia nervosa, problem gambling and substance abuse should be viewed as “passions” in order to be properly treated, according to a Canadian scholar visiting the University of Melbourne this month. ... Full story

Mass imprisonment of drug users driving global epidemics of HIV, hepatitis, and TB

Infection rates among prisoners far higher than in the general population. ... Full story

True impact of global diabetes epidemic vastly underestimated

A landmark paper led by Monash University with partners in the UK and US suggests there may be more than 100 million people with diabetes globally than previously thought. ... Full story

Can Acupuncture Improve Quality of Life for People with Traumatic Brain Injury-Related Headaches?

New Rochelle, NY —A study comparing the effectiveness of usual care alone to usual care plus either auricular or traditional Chinese acupuncture in treating patients ... Full story

Fighting superbugs with pineapple stems

Fighting superbugs with piglets and pineapples - La Trobe scientists' game changing research ... Full story

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