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New research shows that stroke prevention guidelines are outdated and need modernising

Associate Professor Dr Anne Abbott, from the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine (SPHPM) at Monash University, has led a team ...

Daily rhythms of digital activity vary strongly from person to person

A new study shows that people tend to have distinctive, personal rhythms of digital communication that persist in time. ... Full story

Scientists disguise drugs as platelets to target cancer cells

The new drug-creation method could allow cancer drugs to last longer in the body to attack tumors, as well as cancer cells floating in the blood stream. ... Full story

Penn Medicine Researcher Calls for Changes to Current Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines

Editorial Suggests More Research is Needed to Pinpoint Age to End Aggressive Screening ... Full story

3 Ways Viruses Have Changed Science for the Better

By Arezu Sarvestani - A virus is nature’s efficient little killer. It can invade a cell, take over its inner machinery, trick it into making more virus DNA and escape with a new posse of virus children (often killing the host in the process). They’re really good at what they do, and we’ve been able to harness their skills to learn about – and potentially improve – human health in several ways. ... Full story

Don't Fall for Diet Fads

Madison, Wisconsin - Rapid Weight Loss! Miracle pills! No exercise needed! Drop pounds in your sleep! Does this sound too good to be true? Then it probably is, and it's your first clue to spotting a fad diet. ... Full story

Fewer women getting minimally invasive hysterectomies since FDA guidelines on morcellation

Increase in hospital readmissions, major postoperative complications after hysterectomy among women in Michigan ... Full story

Pressure to be available 24/7 on social media causes teen anxiety and depression

The need to be constantly available and respond 24/7 on social media accounts can cause depression, anxiety and decrease sleep quality for teenagers says a study being presented today, Friday 11 September 2015, at a British Psychological Society conference in Manchester. ... Full story

Increased Odds for Type 2 Diabetes after Prenatal Exposure to Ukraine Famine of the 1930s

– Men and women exposed in early gestation to the man-made Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33 in regions with extreme food shortages were 1.5 times more likely to be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in adulthood. In regions with severe famine there was a 1.3 fold rise in the odds of Type 2 diabetes, and there was no diabetes increase among individuals born in regions with no famine. ... Full story

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