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Spotting skin conditions

Scientists at Cardiff University have created an online tool to help parents diagnose and better understand a common viral skin condition that ...

Yoga and Aquatic Exercise Can Help Combat MS symptoms

Exercise can have a positive influence on certain symptoms of multiple sclerosis: Patients who do yoga and aquatic exercise suffer less from ...

UM Study Links Neighborhood Greenness to Reduction in Chronic Diseases among Miami-Dade Seniors

A new study of a quarter-million Miami-Dade County Medicare beneficiaries showed that higher levels of neighborhood greenness, including trees, grass and other vegetation, were linked to a significant reduction in the rate of chronic illnesses, particularly in low- to middle-income neighborhoods. ... Full story

Improvements in NHS mental health care in England may have helped to reduce suicide rates

Increasing specialist community services like crisis resolution, helping make the transition to adult services smoother for young people, and implementing clinical guidelines are just some of the service changes that are linked to significantly reduced suicide rates in mental health services in England over the last 16 years, according to new research from The University of Manchester. ... Full story

U.S. Prediction Models for Kidney Injury Following Angioplasty Hold up in Japan

Findings signal NCDR models’ potential for clinical decision-making worldwide ... Full story

Lupus study shows precision medicine’s potential to define the genetics of autoimmune disease

UT Southwestern researchers involved in a study that identified more than 1,000 DNA variations that affect susceptibility to lupus included (l-r): Dr. Chandrashekhar Pasare, Dr. David Karp, Dr. Edward Wakeland, and Dr. Prithvi Raj. ... Full story

Physical gestures play key role in human communication but they're often overlooked, new Stanford research shows

When communicating with others, people often make physical gestures to complement their verbal descriptions, yet the study of human communication generally overlooks this dynamic, Stanford psychologist Herbert Clark says. ... Full story

Fertility and Facebook – Monash University at the helm of research in the digital age

Dr Sara Holton, a Research Fellow from the Monash University’s Jean Hailes Research Unit (JHRU) in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, has had her pioneering Facebook hosted research published in the Interactive Journal of Medical Research. The research investigated the complexities of managing fertility in Australia. ... Full story

High daily coffee consumption may lower risk of multiple sclerosis

Drinking around six cups of coffee – more than 900 ml – every day is linked to a reduced risk of multiple sclerosis (MS), according to a new study lead from the Institute of Environmental Medicine at Karolinska Institutet. The findings are being published online in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry. ... Full story

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