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Reducing Myc gene activity extends healthy lifespan in mice

Mice with one rather than the normal two copies of the gene Myc (also found in humans) lived 15 percent longer and ...

Majority of Voters Believe that “the Health of Women” Should be a High Priority for Policymakers

BOSTON—More than half of all voters believe women’s health care, including women’s health research and preventive care, should be a high priority ...

Human Mode Of Responding To HIV Vaccine Is Conserved From Monkeys

By Duke Medicine News and Communications - DURHAM, N.C. – The antibody response from an HIV vaccine trial in Thailand was made possible by a genetic trait carried over in humans from an ancient ancestry with monkeys and apes, according to a study led by Duke Medicine researchers. ... Full story

5 sayings from your mother that will keep you and your loved ones healthy this winter!

As flu season kicks into high gear, Emily Sickbert-Bennett, PhD, associate director of hospital epidemiology at UNC Medical Center, shares five "sayings from your mother" that will prevent infection and keep you and your loved ones healthy this winter. Graphics by Max Englund, UNC Health Care. ... Full story

Human Primordial Cells Created in the Lab

A cell programming technique developed at the Weizmann Institute turns them into the earliest precursors of sperm and ova ... Full story

New technique for bioengineering stem cells shows promise in HIV resistance

UC Davis research paves the way for human clinical trials using gene therapy ... Full story

Full-time employment with no health benefits was a trend for workers in 2012

Nearly half of uninsured Californians were in families with a full-time worker; one in five Latinos with Medi-Cal didn’t visit a doctor in past year ... Full story

New psychology research supporting stroke rehabilitation

NEW research published from Manchester Metropolitan University could help improve stroke patients’ rehabilitation. ... Full story

All I want for Christmas is a good night’s sleep

Here’s something for the Christmas wish-list for Australia’s reported one million sleep apnoea sufferers - a new Australian-made solution - a 3D-printed titanium mouthguard to help let air flow freely. ... Full story

Study finds that employees who are open about religion are happier

MANHATTAN — It may be beneficial for employers to not only encourage office Christmas parties but also celebrate holidays and festivals from a variety of religions, according to a Kansas State University researcher. ... Full story

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