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Blood Pressure

Healthy diet may reduce high blood pressure risk in pregnancy-related diabetes

American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report ...

Emory studying ways to lower blood pressure without medication

The Emory Heart & Vascular Center is among 17 institutions worldwide evaluating an innovative approach to help lower high blood pressure without ...

Developing better drugs for asthma and high blood pressure

Volkswagen Foundation funding international research team headed by Bielefeld University ... Full story

New tool to improve blood pressure measurement

Scientists at Oxford University have developed a new way of estimating our true underlying blood pressure that overcomes common problems in a clinical setting which can lead to misleading results. Their work is published in the journal Hypertension. ... Full story

Dostmann and Colleagues Discover Potential New Therapeutic Target for Hypertension, Earn Patent

A team of Vermont investigators has been issued a patent for their discovery of a molecule that rescues damaged blood vessels, yet preserves healthy vessels and could serve as a springboard for a new pharmaceutical therapy with fewer side effects for hypertension – a major risk factor for cardiovascular and kidney disease that effects roughly one in three people in the U.S. ... Full story

Higher blood levels of omega-3 may help depression in heart patients

Patients with higher blood levels at start of study responded better to omega-3 supplements ... Full story

Pregnant mother’s weight, glucose and blood pressure affect baby’s size

Being overweight or obese in pregnancy causes babies to be born larger, according to new research led by the Universities of Bristol and Exeter. ... Full story

Untreated High Blood Pressure Significantly Increases Odds of Brain Bleed

Left untreated, high blood pressure may significantly increase the risk of developing a brain bleed, according to research presented at the American Stroke Association's International Stroke Conference 2016. The study, authored by Kyle Walsh, MD, assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of Cincinnati, found that the risk is even higher for blacks and Hispanics. ... Full story

Monash researchers developing wearable blood pressure monitor

Methods for measuring blood pressure have varied only slightly in the last 100 years, but researchers at Monash University are set to revolutionise the medical monitoring landscape. Known as cuffless blood pressure estimation, this innovative new device requires only a few small sensors to be placed on the body to measure blood pressure, rather than the inflating ‘cuff’ many of us are familiar with. ... Full story

Miller School Study Findings Dispute Revised Blood Pressure Guidelines

New research finds that a recent revision in national guidelines for treating high blood pressure in people 60 and older could put this population at greater stroke risk. The increased stroke risk is even more pronounced among Hispanics and blacks, the research showed. ... Full story

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