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Blood Pressure

Rare bleeding disorder diagnosis improved with super-resolution microscopy

Researchers from UCL, the National Physical Laboratory and the Royal Free Hospital have differentiated between patients with a rare bleeding disorder and ...

Blood cells in action

Biophysicists measure for the first time what happens when red blood cells "wriggle" ...

Tasting device monitors sodium intake in hypertension patients

Our sense of taste ties directly to our overall health. It helps us know when food has gone bad, when it will not agree with us, or when it simply is not good for us, such as when something is too salty or too sweet. For the aging population, the sense of taste slowly deteriorates over time, so managing diet becomes increasingly tricky. ... Full story

Blood pressure treatment should be based on personal risk not minimum thresholds

Blood pressure-lowering drugs should be offered to all individuals at high risk of having a heart attack or stroke regardless of their blood pressure at the start of treatment, according to the largest meta-analysis conducted to date involving over 600,000 people, published in The Lancet. ... Full story

Study: Increased arterial stiffness is superior to blood pressure in predicting cognitive decline in healthy individuals

Researchers studied 591 asymptomatic healthy adults who had annual vascular assessments and cognitive tests over a 5-year period. They found that arterial stiffness, a marker of how "flexible" the arteries are, is not only associated with future cognitive loss but also better predicted those who will develop cognitive loss compared to the blood pressure levels. ... Full story

High blood pressure actually drives us insane in the membrane

When they does not cause death, strokes are the second leading cause of dementia in the Western world. Here in Canada, strokes strike 50,000 people aged 60 and over each year, according to Statistics Canada. ... Full story

Scientists discover new gene linked to high blood pressure

OTTAWA — A team of molecular cardiologists at the University of Ottawa has linked a gene, which had never been suspected of playing a role in blood pressure regulation, with human hypertension. The discovery, which was published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature Communications, may lead to new targets that would improve treatments for patients with high blood pressure. ... Full story

Better blood pressure control - by mobile phone

An interactive web system with the help of your mobile phone can be an effective tool for better blood pressure control. Test persons lowered their blood pressure, were better able to understand how their lifestyle affects their blood pressure and actively participated in followup discussions. These results were shown in a doctoral thesis at Sahlgrenska Academy. ... Full story

Latest data show that a lot more people in Austria have high blood pressure

Over the last few years the number of Austrians with high blood pressure has increased significantly. ... Full story

Landmark NIH Blood Pressure Study Confirms Lower Blood Pressure Target Can Reduce Heart Disease

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- NIH-supported researchers are reporting more details on a landmark study that announced preliminary findings in September showing a lower blood pressure target can save lives and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in a group of non-diabetic adults 50 years and older with high blood pressure. ... Full story

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