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Blood Pressure

Explosive compound reduced blood pressure in the female offspring of hypertensive rats

American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report ...

“Mild” control of systolic blood pressure in older adults is adequate: 150 is good enough

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A broad review of the use of medications to reduce blood pressure has confirmed that “mild” control of systolic ...

Research suggests team-based care is most effective way to control hypertension

Research suggests team-based care is most effective way to control hypertension ... Full story

Hypertension risk rises closer to major roadways

In a newly published analysis, the risk of high blood pressure among 5,400 post-menopausal women was higher the closer they lived to a major roadway. The result, which accounts for a wide variety of possible confounding factors, adds to concerns that traffic exposure may present public health risks. ... Full story

Health Check: what do my blood pressure numbers mean?

OPINION: If you’re an adult and have ever visited a doctor, you’ve probably had your blood pressure measured. General practitioners tend to obsess over blood pressure. But with good reason: hypertension, or persistently high blood pressure, can lead to heart disease, stroke and diabetes, the nation’s biggest killers. ... Full story

Women with high blood pressure get different treatment to men

Women who are treated for high blood pressure are not given the same medication as men, nor do they hit the treatment targets as often, reveals a thesis from the Sahlgrenska Academy. ... Full story

User friendly tool manage blood pressure

One problem with treating hypertension is getting the patient to adhere. There is a need for user friendly tools that help patients' understand how blood pressure, wellbeing and life style are interconnected. But what should it look like? ... Full story

Restricting calories may improve sleep apnea, blood pressure in obese people

American Heart Association Meeting Report Abstract 461 ... Full story

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