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Blood Pressure

Million Hearts launches challenge to recognize success in blood pressure control

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services today launched a challenge designed to identify practices, clinicians and health systems that have ...

Low education, smoking, high blood pressure may lead to increased stroke risk

American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report ...

High Blood Pressure In Midlife May Spur Cognitive Decline Later

Findings suggest anti-hypertensive drugs could help preserve cognitive function ... Full story

Eating probiotics regularly may improve your blood pressure

American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report ... Full story

Losing Sleep Over Your Divorce? Your Blood Pressure Could Suffer

Sleep problems that persist after a divorce can be harmful to your health, a new study finds. ... Full story

Study Brings Knowledge to Complex Sodium-Induced Hypertension

In a study published in the August 2014 issue of Hypertension, the Journal of the American Heart Association, researchers at the Miller School of Medicine help shed light on the complex connection between impaired nitric oxide bioactivity and sodium sensitivity – a precursor of arterial hypertension. ... Full story

Home blood pressure-monitoring kits save insurance companies money

American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report ... Full story

Childhood malnutrition linked to higher blood pressure in adults

American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report ... Full story

New research shows link unlikely between insomnia symptoms and high blood pressure

By Leslie Shepherd - There’s good news for the 30 per cent or more of adults who suffer from insomnia--difficulty falling asleep, waking up for prolonged periods during the night or unwanted early morning awakenings. ... Full story

Penn Research Lends New Insights on Conditions for New Blood Vessel Formation

Angiogenesis, the sprouting of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones, is essential to the body’s development. As organs grow, vascular networks must grow with them to feed new cells and remove their waste. ... Full story

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