Heart disease

UHealth Becomes First in Southeast U.S. to Use New Heart Failure Monitoring System

Cardiovascular physicians at UHealth – University of Miami Health System are the first in the Southeast U.S. to implant a new miniaturized, ...

1 in 5 physicians unaware their patients have central venous catheters

Doctors frequently did not know which of their patients had central venous catheters, raising concerns about patient safety ...

UHealth Becomes First in Florida to Use New Heart Failure Monitoring System

Cardiovascular physicians at UHealth – University of Miami Health System are the first in Florida to implant a new miniaturized, wireless monitoring sensor to manage heart failure. The CardioMEMS HF System has been shown to reduce hospital admissions by more than one-third when used by physicians to manage heart failure. It was implanted at University of Miami Hospital, the flagship hospital of UHealth. ... Full story

High blood-sugar levels may harden heart valves

Rice, UT researchers manipulate valve cells, find diabetes a risk factor for heart-valve disease ... Full story

Three ways to prevent sudden heart death in fit, young athletes

Fifteen year-old Marshall Hastings is living proof of the value of having life-saving cardiac defibrillators and trained personnel at sporting events. ... Full story

Seeing doctor twice a year helps keep blood pressure under control

American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report ... Full story

Heart rate may predict survival and brain function in comatose cardiac arrest survivors

Study finds patients with sinus bradycardia during therapeutic hypothermia had a 50-60% lower mortality rate at 180 days than those with no sinus bradycardia. They also found that sinus bradycardia was directly associated with a better neurological status 180 days after the arrest ... Full story

Women more likely to develop anxiety and depression after heart attack

Major depression follows myocardial infarction (MI) in approximately 18% of cases and is an important predictor of disability and poor quality of life in the year post-MI ... Full story

Babies’ hearts could beat path to new heart attack treatments

The seemingly-miraculous power of babies’ hearts to repair themselves after being injured has spurred a University of Queensland research team to investigate if this ability can be harnessed for new heart attack treatments. ... Full story

Drug-eluting balloon angioplasty shows excellent results for refractory recurrent carotid in-stent restenosis

Journal of Endovascular Therapy—Restenosis, the recurrence of narrowing of the arteries after stenting, is a common risk of this endovascular treatment. There are no well-defined guidelines to treat restenosis, but recent studies have shown excellent results with drug-eluting balloon angioplasty in coronary and femoral artery stents. However, few studies have focused on the carotid arteries, which take blood to the neck and head. ... Full story

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