Heart disease

Newborn’s deadly heart arrhythmia caused by mosaic of mutant cells

Researchers have solved the mystery of an infant with severe long QT syndrome, found to be caused by a lethal genetic defect ...

Two new studies explore the science of cardiovascular diseases

By Ziba Kashef Professor of cardiology Martin A. Schwartz led two recently published studies that advance knowledge of the underlying biology of cardiovascular ...

How to prevent heart failure in type 2 diabetes

Heart failure in people with coronary artery disease and simultaneous type 2 diabetes can be prevented with effective treatment. In a large registry study published in The Journal of American College of Cardiology, researchers from Karolinska Institutet show that patients with type2 diabetes who had undergone coronary artery surgery prior to their heart failure diagnosis have better chances of survival in the long term. ... Full story

Genetic risk score card: towards early prediction of heart disease

Scientists are getting closer to being able to predict an individual’s genetic risk of heart disease, paving the way for earlier intervention and lifestyle changes. ... Full story

10,000th patient for pioneering cardiac genetic testing service

The largest NHS-based centre to identify genetic causes of heart disease has welcomed its 10,000th patient. Founded by Oxford University and NHS staff, the Oxford Medical Genetics Laboratory at the Churchill Hospital began its cardiac genetic testing service in 2003 and was the first accredited NHS diagnostic genetic testing service for inherited cardiac conditions (ICC) in the UK. ... Full story

Moderate Alcohol Use Linked to Heart Chamber Damage, Atrial Fibrillation in New Study

Enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a nightcap before bed, but don’t count on their heart benefits. ... Full story

Mothers of Children with Autism May Face Higher Risks for Heart Disease

Chronic Stress Takes Toll on Cardiovascular Health, UCSF Study Shows ... Full story

Biological ‘dark matter’ molecule plays surprise role in heart failure

Discovery may help scientists develop effective therapies to prevent or reverse this common and often fatal disease ... Full story

Healing the heart with music and art

New UCLA program aims to reduce boredom and loneliness of monthslong hospitalizations ... Full story

How statins aid the immune system

Statins protect against cardiovascular disease in more ways than previously thought. In a study, rresearchers from Karolinska Institutet are able to show the immunological effects of statins, and present a new hypothesis on why satins are effective at preventing heart attacks. The study is published in The Journal of the American Heart Association. ... Full story

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