Heart disease

MCW researchers to study airway management in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) will conduct a research study to evaluate two types of airway tubes that are ...

Maintaining a healthy heart through bile acids

Canadian discovery may soon lead to the prevention of cardiac fibrosis ...

UGA researchers unfold advances in cardiac catheters

Athens, Ga. - A graduate student in the University of Georgia College of Engineering is turning to the ancient Japanese art of origami for inspiration as he designs a novel cardiac catheter. Austin Taylor is developing a device that's small enough to fit on the tip of a catheter but expands once inside the heart to provide physicians with high-quality imaging and ablation tools. ... Full story

Moderate physical activity lowers heart disease risk in young women

•Recreational physical activity decreases the risk of coronary heart disease in young women. •Activity did not have to be strenuous to be linked with reduced heart disease risk. •The benefits of physical activity applied to overweight and obese women as well as those of normal weight. ... Full story

UC Davis cardiologists are first in Northern California to offer the new disappearing stent

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — Cardiologists at UC Davis Health System have treated the first patient in Northern California with a new bioresorbable stent. ... Full story

Genetic error that increases risk of aortic rupture identified

Study sheds light on unexplained enlargement, weakening of aorta ... Full story

Food supplements in the fight against heart disease?

Heart attacks and strokes kill approximately one in three people worldwide and the situation is expected to worsen in the future due to an increased global prevalence of risk factors such as diabetes and obesity. This will continue to impose greater burdens on the health care systems worldwide. ... Full story

Hard to treat chest pain may be improved with a patient’s own stem cells

•A patient’s own stem cells may treat chest pain that cannot be treated with current therapies. •Patients experienced significantly fewer angina-related symptoms and improved ability to exercise after receiving the stem-cell therapy. A side effect reported was muscle pain ... Full story

Many drugs can cause or worsen heart failure, cautions new statement

•For the first time, the American Heart Association has issued a statement cautioning that drugs used to treat a variety of conditions can cause or worsen heart failure. •Patients should show each of their healthcare providers a complete list of their medications, including over-the-counter drugs and natural supplements. •Patients with heart failure should consult with a health professional before starting or stopping any medication. ... Full story

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