Heart disease

Old naked mole rats are young at heart, study finds

By Will Sansom - SAN ANTONIO—Cardiovascular disease is the greatest killer of humans the world over, presenting huge financial and quality-of-life issues.It ...

“Face Time” for the Heart Diagnoses Cardiac Disease

To the careful observer, a person’s face has long provided insight into what is going on beneath the surface. Now, with the ...

Heart and vascular disease focus of UC research

Tissues blocking arteries to the brain are to be rushed to the University of Canterbury from Christchurch Hospital operating theatre to be kept alive in a laboratory for five days as part of a New Zealand Heart Foundation funded three-year study into heart and vascular disease. ... Full story

Quality of care factors in heart health – study

An international team of scientists, including Simon Fraser University health sciences professor Scott Lear, has found that quality of health care people receive may be as important as controlling risk factors that could lead to cardiovascular disease in the bid to keep hearts healthy. ... Full story

Rapid response teams halve hospital heart attack deaths

OPINION: Detecting and treating patients before they have a cardiac arrest isn’t rocket science, but it’s a life saver. ... Full story

Protein in ‘good cholesterol’ may be a key to treating pulmonary hypertension

Oxidized lipids are known to play a key role in inflaming blood vessels and hardening arteries, which causes diseases like atherosclerosis. A new study at UCLA demonstrates that they may also contribute to pulmonary hypertension, a serious lung disease that narrows the small blood vessels in the lungs. ... Full story

Cardiologists Critique the Hope and Hype of Stem Cell Research Findings

Nearly a year ago, Miller School of Medicine cardiologist Robert J. Myerburg, M.D., was contacted by Michael R. Rosen, M.D., a colleague at Columbia University Medical Center’s Department of Pharmacology. Rosen, a productive basic scientist with a background in cardiology, wanted to talk to his long-time friend about stem cell research. ... Full story

University of Michigan first in nation to implant device for tricuspid valve replacement

Heart team uses Edwards SAPIEN valve for landmark transcatheter tricuspid valve replacement ... Full story

New statin guidelines are an improvement, Yale study shows

New national guidelines can improve the way statin drugs are prescribed to patients at risk for cardiovascular disease, a Yale University study has found. ... Full story

Aspirin may reduce the risks of reoccurring blood clots

American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report ... Full story

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