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Statins may reduce the risk of blood clots in the vein

A study published by Dr Setor Kunutsor of the Musculoskeletal Research Unit in the School of Clinical Sciences, with colleagues from the ...

Low-cost paper-based skin patch monitors dehydration by changing color from sweat

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Researchers have developed a low-cost skin patch that changes color to indicate different levels of hydration, representing a ...

Study points to possible treatment for a rare vascular disease

By Ziba Kashef Mice treated with P13K inhibitor (righti) no longer have vascular defects seen in HHT (left). In individuals with a rare genetic disorder that affects ... Full story

A change of heart: Epigenetic basis of cardiac hypertrophy uncovered

The heart is an amazingly adaptable organ, responding to the needs of the organism throughout life, such as through periods of increased demand by pumping harder, faster, and also growing to accommodate longer-term requirements such as that experienced in pregnancy or as a response to intense exercise. ... Full story

Study finds risk of hemorrhage with combination of two common statins and stroke prevention drug

By Leslie Shepherd Two commonly prescribed statins appear to be associated with a higher risk of bleeding than others when combined with dabigatran, a drug often ... Full story

Scientists Successfully Create Blood from Skin Cells

Development could pave way for improved therapeutics for patients with immune disorders ... Full story

CyberKnife used to treat rare condition in pediatric patient

The CyberKnife, invented at Stanford, is being used to treat a young girl’s arteriovenous malformation, a deadly tangle of abnormal blood vessels. ... Full story

Heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes may combine to worsen thinking skills

Research from the University of Glasgow shows that people who have a cardiometabolic disease, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or coronary heart disease (CHD), ... Full story

New therapeutic target for diseases caused by lack of oxygen

Recerca An international scientific team has developed a new small molecule –VH298- which can provoke a hypoxic response controlled from outside the cells, according to a ... Full story

Injectable Biologic Therapy Dramatically Reduces Triglycerides

Penn study finds first-of-its-kind therapy promising for patients with high triglycerides, cholesterol ... Full story

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