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Artificial Blood Vessel Lets Researchers Better Assess Clot Removal Devices

Novel technology could improve device design, improve post-stroke recovery ...

Adherence to blood thinner best with pharmacist management, researcher says

Researchers found that adherence to a new-generation anticoagulant, used to prevent stroke in heart disease patients, is best at sites with pharmacist-led ...

Some Atrial Fibrillation Patients Receive Unnecessary Blood Thinners

UCSF Researchers Believe Cardiology Specialists May Be Unaware of Risk ... Full story

New computational model will aid in study of blood clots, biofilms

University of Notre Dame applied mathematician Mark Alber and environmental biotechnologist Robert Nerenberg have developed a new computational model that effectively simulates the mechanical behavior of biofilms. Their model may lead to new strategies for studying a range of issues from blood clots to waste treatment systems. ... Full story

TSRI Team Discovers Enzyme that Keeps Blood Stem Cells Functional to Prevent Anemia

LA JOLLA, CA – Stem cells can generate any type of cell in the body, but they are inactive most of the time—and for good reason. When stem cells become too active and divide too often, they risk acquiring cell damage and mutations. In the case of blood stem cells (also called hematopoietic stem cells or HSCs), this can lead to blood cancers, a loss of blood cells and an impaired ability to fight disease. ... Full story

New treatments for blood clots on horizon

Researchers have made a discovery that could lead to new therapies for treating heart attack and stroke patients. ... Full story

Old blood as good as fresh in patients with life threatening illnesses

Just like milk and many other foods, blood used for transfusions is perishable. But contrary to popular belief, new research shows that blood stored for three weeks is just as good as fresh blood — findings published today in the New England Journal of Medicine. ... Full story

Change in Medicare Fee Linked to Rise of Vascular Treatment

By Duke Medicine News and Communications - DURHAM, N.C. – Federal efforts to curb Medicare costs for unclogging blood vessels in the limbs slowed the growing use of the treatments, but also coincided with a marked increase in doctors using a more expensive approach, according to an analysis by Duke Medicine researchers. ... Full story

LifeFlight’s blood transfusion practices affirmed by new study

by Jerry Jones - Research soon to be published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons (JACS) shows that airlifted trauma victims who receive blood transfusions in the helicopter before arriving at a trauma center have a higher chance of survival – a practice Vanderbilt LifeFlight has followed since 1994. ... Full story

Guidelines Suggest Blood Thinners For More Women, Seniors

By Duke Medicine News and Communications - DURHAM, N.C. -- Nearly all women and people over 65 in the U.S. with atrial fibrillation are advised to take blood thinners under new guidelines based on an analysis from the Duke Clinical Research Institute. ... Full story

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