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How to power up graphene implants without frying cells

New analysis finds way to safely conduct heat from graphene to biological tissues. ...

Stanford researchers launch iPhone app to study peripheral artery disease

Researchers hope people who have the condition will download the app and enroll in a study that will provide insights into patterns ...

Genetically-modified probiotic may one day treat pulmonary hypertension

•An oral, genetically-modified strain of the probiotic Lactobacillus was used to treat rats with high blood pressure in the lungs, which resulted in reduced blood pressure, improved heart contractility, and reduced heart wall thickness. •If human studies also succeed, modified probiotics could be an effective treatment option for pulmonary hypertension. ... Full story

New sensor technology could speed up blood test analysis

Researchers at the University of York have developed a new sensor that is capable of detecting multiple proteins and enzymes in a small volume of blood, which could significantly speed up diagnostic healthcare processes. ... Full story

Sepsis breakthrough as new drug may prevent disease from becoming life-threatening

A potential new treatment option for sepsis has been identified by researchers at the RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)'s Irish Centre for Vascular Biology which has the potential to prevent sepsis from progressing through the body and becoming a life-threatening condition. Cases of sepsis are more common than heart attacks, claims more lives than cancer every year and affects an estimated 30 million people every year worldwide*. With World Sepsis Day taking place today (Tuesday 13th September), this is a major breakthrough in sepsis research and is one that shows promise in battling this global healthcare issue. ... Full story

Six-Day Clinical Trial Finds Integrative Medicine Program Alters Blood Serum

Meditation, yoga and vegetarian diet linked to decline in plasma metabolites associated with inflammation and cardiovascular disease risk ... Full story

Researchers Find Molecular Link Behind Aspirin’s Protective Powers

By Duke Medicine News and Communications Contact: Sarah Avery Phone: 919-660-1306 Email: [email protected]:// Aspirin’s ability to reduce the risk of both cardiovascular disease and colon cancer has ... Full story

Factor Isolated from Babies’ Cord Blood Could Treat Harmful Inflammation, Sepsis

A factor found in umbilical cord blood could become the basis for developing a new therapy to fight harmful inflammation, University of Utah School of ... Full story

Simple measures cut sepsis deaths nearly in half

Sepsis, commonly called blood poisoning, is a common affliction that can affect people of all ages. A series of simple measures tested at a Norwegian hospital can make a difference in successfully treating sepsis. ... Full story

Late-onset asthma linked to increased heart disease, stroke risk

•People diagnosed with asthma as adults may have an increased risk of developing heart disease and stroke. •Cardiovascular risk factors should be closely monitored in patients with late-onset asthma, researchers suggest. ... Full story

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