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Three hours of uninterrupted sitting damages blood vessels

London Three hours of uninterrupted sitting causes substantial disruption to vascular function in the legs in young girls, according to a ...

UBC researchers create self-propelled powder to stop bleeding

Image showing a carbonate particle releasing carbon dioxide and propelling at a high velocity through an aqueous solution. Credit: James Baylis ...

CWRU researcher to transform clot makers into clot busters

Sen Gupta adapting platelet technology to treat stroke and heart attack ... Full story

Low-Cost Blood Test Good Predictor of Increased Bleeding Risk in Pediatric Trauma Patients

A team of researchers from the Trauma Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles conclude that an admission hematocrit provides a reliable screening test for identifying pediatric patients who are at an increased risk of bleeding after injury. ... Full story

Analysis of blood parameters helps to establish prognosis for patients with brain metastases

(Vienna) - A new MedUni Vienna study conducted in the Comprehensive Cancer Centre (CCC) Vienna shows that certain laboratory results, which have previously not been used specifically for this purpose, can help to predict survival in patients with newly diagnosed brain metastases and to decide on the most appropriate treatment strategy. ... Full story

Deep-diving whales could hold answer for synthetic blood

Study shows how marine mammals pack muscle cells with oxygen-holding protein ... Full story

UHealth Stroke Team Uses ‘Game-Changing’ Procedure to Remove Blood Clot in 26-Year-Old Patient

A team of stroke experts from UHealth – University of Miami Health System delivered a “game-changing” treatment to 26-year-old Isabel Vinueza at Jackson Memorial Hospital, carefully removing a clot blocking the flow of blood to her brain. ... Full story

Call for law change to address heart transplant shortfall

A change in the legal definition of death could see an increase in the number of hearts available for transplant in Australia. ... Full story

Protein NBS1 is crucial for macrophage functional activity

Protein NBS1, which plays a key role in DNA damage repair, is required for macrophage functional activity. ... Full story

Key without a lock: Only the balance between receptors controls blood vessel development

by Koh - Tie1 is a receptor on the surface of blood vessel wall cells whose binding partner has not yet been found. Mice whose cells have no Tie1 are not viable. Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and Heidelberg University have now been able to elucidate the complicated molecular mechanism by which Tie1 controls the function of a related receptor called Tie2. Thus, Tie1 regulates essential functions of blood vessels without binding to a growth factor. ... Full story

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