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Oscillations determine whether blood vessels grow thicker or branch

Microscopic images of a mouse retina. On the left the new blood vessels are in branching mode; on the right they are ...

New insights in how blood vessels increase their size

A new study from the group of Holger Gerhardt (VIB/KU Leuven/Cancer Research UK/ MDC/BIH Berlin) in collaboration with Katie Bentley’s Lab (Cancer ...

Shorter Times to Blood Transfusion Reduce Death Risk in Trauma Patients

CINCINNATI—Patients who get blood quickly after severe injuries are less likely to die, according to researchers from the University of Cincinnati (UC) Department of Emergency Medicine. ... Full story

Use of clot-blocking device should be rare, UC Davis study finds

Vena cava filters benefit a small portion of patients with leg or lung blood clots, but can also increase blood-clot risks ... Full story

Yale scientists capture cell ‘crosstalk’ during blood vessel development

By Ziba Kashef-Developing blood vessels in a newborn mouse retina. ... Full story

Cell therapy company licenses IU School of Medicine technology that creates blood vessels

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana University Research and Technology Corp., which protects intellectual property developed in the Indiana University campus system, has licensed technology that creates human blood vessels to Cellular Dynamics International, a Fujifilm company based in Madison, Wisconsin. ... Full story

New insights in blood vessel formation

How vascular tubes build, maintain and adapt continuously perfused lumens to meet local metabolic needs remains poorly understood. Recent studies showed that blood flow itself plays a critical role in the remodelling of vascular networks and suggested it is also required for the lumenization of new vascular connections. However, it is still unknown how haemodynamic forces contribute to the formation of new vascular lumens during blood vessel morphogenesis. ... Full story

Creating blood vessels from stem cells thanks to licensing agreement

Patients with heart failure, peripheral artery disease or stroke could benefit from a new stem-cell based treatment, following an agreement between The University of Queensland and US-based start-up company AngioStem Inc. ... Full story

Natural antibodies prevent atherosclerosis and inflammation of the liver

(Vienna ) It has long been known that excessive LDL cholesterol in the blood is dangerous as it penetrates vascular walls, causes chronic inflammation and leads to atherosclerosis. ... Full story

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