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NYU Study Successfully Screens for Diabetes at Dental Visits Using Oral Blood

Researchers find a 99% correlation between tests for hemoglobin A1c at dental visits using finger stick and oral blood ...

Atherosclerosis makes ‘Mikado’ out of blood vessels

An image of the fibre orientation of a healthy artery (top) and of an artery with atherosclerosis (below). ...

Real-time, live assessment of blood formation

by Koh - In the bone marrow, blood stem cells give rise to a large variety of mature blood cells via progenitor cells at various stages of maturation. Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) have developed a way to equip mouse blood stem cells with a fluorescent marker that can be switched on from the outside. ... Full story

Computer model of blood development could speed up search for new leukaemia drugs

The first comprehensive computer model to simulate the development of blood cells could help in the development of new treatments for leukaemia and lymphoma, say researchers at the University of Cambridge and Microsoft Research. ... Full story

Study shows that iron supplementation after blood donation shortens hemoglobin recovery time

A National Institutes of Health-funded study comparing low dose iron supplementation to no supplementation in blood donors found that supplementation significantly reduced the time to recovery of post-donation lost iron and hemoglobin—an iron-rich protein that carries oxygen in red blood cells throughout the body. ... Full story

NUS researchers invent novel bio-inspired robotic sock that promotes blood circulation and prevents blood clots in legs

Innovative robotic sock, which mimics tentacle movements of corals, can benefit bedridden or immobile patients ... Full story

Understanding anaemias of the chronically ill

When we think of how we fight disease, the image of cells in our immune system fending off microbial invaders often comes to mind. ... Full story

Research Catalogs Symptoms and Treatment of Inflammatory Blood Vessel Disease

Rare in U.S. and elsewhere in the West, Behcet’s disease is concentrated in the Middle East ... Full story

Hydrogels deliver on blood-vessel growth

Rice researchers introduce improved injectable scaffold to promote healing ... Full story

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