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From gold, a new way to control blood clotting

Engineers design nanoparticles that can turn the blood-clotting cascade on or off. ...

Step forward in understanding arterial disease

Further strides have been made into isolating the origin of cells that could lead to a greater understanding of what goes into ...

Researchers question practice of automatically transfusing large amounts of blood to trauma patients

By Leslie Shepherd - Researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital are asking questions about the practice of automatically transfusing large amounts of blood and blood products to trauma patients with major bleeding. ... Full story

Scientists Identify Molecular Switch that Kick-Starts Formation of Arteries

Findings Reveal Underlying Events That Distinguish Arteries From Veins ... Full story

Gladstone Scientists Identify Molecular Switch that Kick Starts Formation of Arteries

Findings reveal underlying events that distinguish arteries from veins ... Full story

A tick’s spit leads to an entire lesson in blood clotting

There really is such a thing as tick spit – that is, the saliva of a tick. And there’s something about it that might help fight heart disease and stroke. ... Full story

New Risk Assessment Tool to Predict Stroke in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

Model will give physicians more reliable guidance in making therapeutic decisions for stroke prevention ... Full story

Fate of the Heart: Researchers Track Cellular Events Leading to Cardiac Regeneration

Studies in zebrafish reveal abundant potential source for repair of injured heart muscle ... Full story

Afghan girl to receive treatment for heart condition at N.C. Children's Hospital

A North Carolina nonprofit organization and a UNC Hospitals volunteer are partnering to bring an 8-year-old girl with a hole in her heart to UNC for medical treatment. ... Full story

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