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Study finds link between commonly prescribed statin and memory impairment

New research that looked at whether two commonly prescribed statin medicines, used to lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or ‘bad cholesterol’ levels in ...

Stony Brook Heart Institute Evaluates First Dissolvable Stent

Clinical trial compares new device with standard metallic drug-eluting stents and investigates vasomotion, a measure of how much natural motion returns to ...

Heart study aims to identify at-risk patients after pump implant

ATLANTA— Emory researchers are exploring the use of echocardiography, an established non-invasive method to view the heart without radiation, to help identify patients at risk for right ventricular heart failure after implantation of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD). ... Full story

Cardiovascular community calls for world leaders to put their weight behind global plan to save lives from non-communicable diseases

Leaders in cardiovascular disease prevention and control publish follow up paper applauding action and calling for the CVD community to continue its leadership to reduce premature mortality by 25 percent by 2025 ... Full story

Blood test on horizon to detect aortic aneurysm, dissection

HOUSTON - A team of investigators has developed an innovative blood test that may provide a faster, simpler way for emergency room doctors and others to diagnose and monitor potentially deadly aortic aneurysms and aortic dissections (a tear in the wall of the aorta) for which early diagnosis is critical for survival. ... Full story

New blood: thalassaemia patients could be first to benefit from research

Scientists leading a pioneering study that aims to use stem cells to create a limitless supply of blood are hoping to start trials by 2016. ... Full story

Heart fat predicts risk of death in kidney disease patients

Physicians could intervene sooner to help those at high risk, but simple test not used often enough, says UAlberta researcher ... Full story

Study finds 30 per cent lower risk of dying for people with diabetes who undergo coronary artery bypass surgery vs. having stent installed

By Leslie Shepherd - People with diabetes have a 30 per cent less chance of dying if they undergo coronary artery bypass surgery rather than opening the artery through angioplasty and inserting a stent, a new study has found. ... Full story

Auckland research may lead to new therapies for vascular disorders

Auckland scientists have contributed to identifying a novel genetic pathway used in the stabilisation of blood vessels. ... Full story

Not a Blood Donor? Mayo Clinic Expert Addresses 6 Fears That Stop People from Giving

As few as 3 percent of people eligible to give do; unfounded phobias, anxiety typical reasons why ... Full story

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