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Adherence to diet can be measured from blood

New results from the Nordic SYSDIET study show that it’s possible to assess dietary compliance from a blood sample. This is especially ...

New Non-Invasive Technique Controls the Size of Molecules Penetrating the Blood-Brain Barrier

Innovative ultrasound approach uses acoustic pressure to let molecules through—may help treatment for central nervous system diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s ...

New Blood: Tracing the Beginnings of Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Researchers uncover earliest clues yet to development of cells that produce all adult blood cells ... Full story

Cell discovery brings blood disorder cure closer

A cure for a range of blood disorders and immune diseases is in sight, according to scientists who have unravelled the mystery of stem cell generation. ... Full story

Not Only in DNA’s Hands

Epigenetics has a large say in blood formation ... Full story

Scientists unlock key to blood vessel formation

Scientists from the University of Leeds have discovered a gene that plays a vital role in blood vessel formation, research which adds to our knowledge of how early life develops. ... Full story

Bristol researchers lead the fight against cardiovascular disease

Research at the University of Bristol will help the British Heart Foundation in its mission to cut premature deaths from cardiovascular disease by 25 per cent. ... Full story

Statins: Low Risks and High Potential Benefit, New State-of-the-Art Review Concludes

A new Johns Hopkins review of 20 years’ worth of published research suggests that risks linked to long-term use of statins, including muscle toxicity, diabetes and dementia, are very low and that the potential benefit is very high. And although some experts say statins may be overprescribed, the new analysis could provide reassurance of the relative safety of the cholesterol-lowering drugs for the more than 200 million people worldwide who take them. ... Full story

How ageing blood stem cells lose function

Scientists from NUI Galway have been involved in a significant new international study that explains how blood production declines with age. Published in this week’s Nature magazine, the research may provide ways of mitigating the effects of ageing on the blood which can lead to diseases such as anaemia, immunoscenescence, bone marrow failure and myeloid malignancies. ... Full story

Strategies Identified for Controlling Key Player in Blood Vessel Health

Studies by vascular biologists at The Johns Hopkins Hospital could lead to new treatments for vascular disease. ... Full story

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