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Acoustic technique developed to detect knee osteoarthritis

A revolutionary medical technique using sound waves to identify osteoarthritis in the knee has been developed by researchers. ...

Osteoporosis screening guidelines miss many younger post-menopausal women

Current risk-assessment tools failed to predict the majority of women who later experienced major fractures ...

Men most at risk of osteoporosis least aware of its threat

The Pope receiving a report on osteoporosis in men produced by Professor Peter Ebeling from the CEO and President of the International Osteoporosis Foundation ... Full story

Identifies mechanisms behind bone strength and fracture risk

Researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy have discovered a central mechanism that regulates our bone strength and the risk of suffering a fracture. The study is published in Nature Medicine in collaboration with researchers from Harvard University, Umeå University and the University of Turku. ... Full story

Bridging the knowledge gap on bone diseases

Research at the University of Adelaide is offering new insights into how to prevent bone loss and regrow bone material, leading to hopes that the effects of osteoporosis and other serious bone diseases could eventually be reversed or prevented. ... Full story

Study: Splints Placed Improperly In 93% of Suspected Pediatric Fractures Treated In Emergency Rooms/Urgent Care Centers

University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers found improper splinting often caused swelling and skin problems ... Full story

'Unsung' Cells Double the Benefits of a New Osteoporosis Drug

Added drug testing in mice shows role of preosteoclasts in maintaining bone health ... Full story

Penn Study Demonstrates Efficacy of Potential Therapy for Autoimmune Disorder of Muscle Weakness

PHILADELPHIA — Nearly 60,000 Americans suffer from myasthenia gravis (MG), a non-inherited autoimmune form of muscle weakness. The disease has no cure, and the primary treatments are nonspecific immunosuppressants and inhibitors of the enzyme cholinesterase. ... Full story

A new way to extract bone-making cells from fat tissue

By sorting human fat tissue cells by their expression of a certain gene, Brown University scientists were able to retrieve a high yield of cells that showed an especially strong propensity to make bone tissue. With more refinement, the method could improve the ability of surgeons to speed bone healing. ... Full story

University of Minnesota-developed safety net drug for rigid muscles moves ahead in clinical trials

A new formulation for a University of Minnesota-developed drug targeted at rare disorders is under development, with the potential to help a small number of Americans each year. The new drug formulation is designed to prevent serious complications that can occur when drug delivery is interrupted. ... Full story

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