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Study reveals joint replacement surgery inequities

The provision of publicly-funded hip and knee total joint replacement (TJR) procedures varies between District Health Boards (DHBs) and national rates have ...

Scavenger Cells Repair Muscle Fibers

New Findings Give Insight into the Cell Membrane Repair Process of Torn Muscle Fibers ...

Stem cell research could lead to treatment breakthroughs

Scientists have discovered a new way to replicate the regenerative power of stem cells in the lab, which could lead to powerful treatments for injuries and diseases. ... Full story

Trial offers hope of a treatment for spinal muscular atrophy

A research team led by the University of Oxford has found a promising treatment for degenerative disease spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a leading genetic cause of child death. ... Full story

Researchers find combined effects of two genes responsible for premature skull fusion in infants

During the first year of life, the human brain doubles in size, and continues expanding through adolescence. The loosely connected bony plates of the young skull accommodate this growth. But sometimes, these bones fuse too early, a disorder known as craniosynostosis. This disorder can produce facial and skull deformities, and, in some cases, put potentially damaging constraints on a young brain. ... Full story

Less than half of patients with gout receive preventive treatment

Gout is the most prevalent arthritic disease in the Western Sweden region and its incidence has increased substantially over the last ten years. However, less than half of patients with gout receive preventive treatment according to a new study from Sahlgrenska Academy, the first of its kind in the Nordic region to investigate how prevalent gout is. ... Full story

Simple polymer could unlock more effective bone regeneration treatments

A new technique developed by biomedical engineers could help to unlock the full potential of a promising treatment for bone regeneration, creating better therapies for spinal injuries, bone grafts and other orthopaedic surgeries. ... Full story

Altering Stem Cell Perception of Tissue Stiffness May Help Treat Musculoskeletal Disorders, According to Penn Bioengineering Study

PHILADELPHIA – A new biomaterial can be used to study how and when stem cells sense the mechanics of their surrounding environment, found a team ... Full story

"Injected Mix of Bone-augmenting Agents Causes New Bone Growth in Mouse Jaws"

Researchers centered at Tokyo Medical and Dental University(TMDU) deliver a protein/peptide combination using an injectable gel carrier to promote bone formation in mouse jawbones ... Full story

Soluble corn fiber can help young women build bone, and older women preserve bone

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Supplementing with soluble corn fiber at two critical times in a woman’s life – adolescence and post-menopause – can help build ... Full story

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