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Researchers pin down enzyme role in muscle 'aging'

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have identified the role of an enzyme in muscle wasting, and associated age-related problems. They believe ...

Old bones can regain youthful healing power, study finds

TORONTO – Broken bones in older people are notoriously slow to heal, but researchers at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and ...

Old Bones Can Regain Youthful Healing Power

By Duke Medicine News and Communications - DURHAM, N.C. – Broken bones in older people are notoriously slow to heal, but researchers at Duke Medicine have identified a potential way to speed the process. ... Full story

Osteoporosis screening is too common for low-risk women and too uncommon for higher-risk women

UC Davis researchers recommend EHR enhancements to improve preventive-care decisions ... Full story

Drug perks up old muscles and aging brains

BERKELEY - Whether you’re brainy, brawny or both, you may someday benefit from a drug found to rejuvenate aging brain and muscle tissue. ... Full story

Detecting Knee-Cushion Problems Early Could Lead to Better Treatments

Research Could Provide Clues to Causes of Osteoarthritis ... Full story

A step forward in understanding muscle diseases

​ In order to treat and prevent muscle associated disease, we need to understand the structure and function of muscles in molecular details. Rouslan Efremov, together with his former colleagues from Max Planck, unraveled the structure and mechanism of the ryanodine receptor. This presents a significant step towards understanding causes and designing treatments for muscle diseases. ... Full story

Protein Adseverin identified as key factor driving bone loss in osteoinflammatory disease

TORONTO, ON – Adseverin, a protein found in the body, has been identified as the key driver behind the bone loss associated with the world’s most common inflammatory disease: gum disease, or periodontitis. The findings, published this month in top biology journal FASEB by researchers at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry, paves the way for new preventive treatment models for this prevalent disease. ... Full story

UGA researcher works to build ‘missing’ bone for children suffering from HPP

Athens, Ga. - The University of Georgia's Luke Mortensen holds up an X-ray image showing an infant's hand, but without bones. The next image is a child's chest, revealing no ribs. The images represent what parents might see if they have a child suffering from hypophosphatasia. Mortensen, an assistant professor in the Regenerative Bioscience Center, will research therapies to grow these missing bones. ... Full story

New research gives clues as to why older people get more tendon injuries

New research into how tendons age has found that the material between tendon fibre bundles stiffens as it gets older and that this is responsible for older people being more susceptible to tendon injuries. ... Full story

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