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Screws that fit the body’s notches

Complex bone fractures are often set with titanium or steel screws and plates. However, if these remain in the body for some ...

Osteoporosis treatment rates no longer rising in UK

Prescription rates of anti-osteoporotic drugs (AOD) to people aged 50 years or above have stabilised in men, and decreased in women since ...

A vitamin could help treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Researchers are working on a new strategy to combat one of the most severe forms of muscular dystrophy. Rather than acting on the defective gene, they are using large doses of a vitamin. ... Full story

A stem cell gene found to com­mand skeletal muscle re­gen­er­a­tion

Prox1 gene has long been known to play an important role in fetal development. Finnish researchers have now discovered that Prox1 is essential also for skeletal muscle stem cell differentiation. ... Full story

Soft robots that mimic human muscles

An EPFL team is developing soft, flexible and reconfigurable robots. Air-actuated, they behave like human muscles and may be used in physical rehabilitation. They are made of low-cost materials and could easily be produced on a large scale. ... Full story

Technology gets disabled people back on their feet

Thanks to an exoskeleton developed at EPFL, people with paraplegia can stand up, walk and even climb steps. The prototype will be put to use this coming Saturday at the 2016 Cybathlon, the sports competition for disabled athletes who use assistive technologies. ... Full story

Breakthrough for Bone Regeneration via Double-cell-layered Tissue Engineering Technique

Researchers at Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) develop technique for creating artificial constructs containing two distinct layers of bone-forming cells that can be transplanted onto bone defects, increasing rate of repair ... Full story

Watching Stem Cells Change Provides Clues to Fighting Osteoporosis in Older Women

Story Contact: Jeff Sossamon, 573-882-3346, [email protected] COLUMBIA, Mo. – For years, scientists have studied how stem cells might be used to treat many diseases, including osteoporosis. ... Full story

Scientists speed up muscle repair - could fight dystrophy

Baltimore, MD-Athletes, the elderly and those with degenerative muscle disease would all benefit from accelerated muscle repair. When skeletal muscles, those connected to the bone, ... Full story

Study reveals joint replacement surgery inequities

The provision of publicly-funded hip and knee total joint replacement (TJR) procedures varies between District Health Boards (DHBs) and national rates have not increased since 2007, new University of Otago research has found. ... Full story

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