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Preventing tendon injuries in horses and humans

Scientists from the University of Liverpool have taken a step closer to understanding how tendon injuries in animals and humans could be ...

Protein combination improves bone regeneration, UCLA study shows

Findings have potential for effective clinical therapeutics to treat bone defects and osteoporosis ...

New discovery strengthens how bones bond to titanium orthopaedic implants

Scientists at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) have discovered a new way of making titanium implants bond better with bones. Successful implant surgery is dependent on this bonding process working so that the implant integrates into the patient's skeleton. ... Full story

Cells from cow knee joints used to grow new cartilage tissue in laboratory

In an effort to develop a method for cartilage tissue engineering, researchers at Umeå University successfully used cartilage cells from cow knee joints. By creating a successful method with conditions conducive to growing healthy cartilage tissue, the findings could help lead to a new treatment cure for osteoarthritis using stem cell-based tissue engineering. This is according to a doctoral dissertation at Umeå University. ... Full story

Follow-up care of minor wrist fractures may be handled by primary care physicians, study shows

By Emily De Medeiros - A study led by The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) examined 180 children with a type of wrist fracture called a "distal forearm buckle fracture" that were treated with a removable splint and then referred to their primary care physician for reassessment. ... Full story

Men's strategies for dealing with masculine insufficiency more varied than previously thought

Previous research has claimed that poor marginalized men tend to gravitate towards compensatory and violent masculinities to deal with their sense of masculine insufficiency. A recent PhD thesis from the University of Gothenburg shows, though, that this is not always the case. ... Full story

Post-Acute Therapy Associated with Improved Hip Fracture Outcomes

Patients recovering from hip fractures who receive an extra hour per week of rehabilitation therapy in short-term nursing care facilities have better long-term outcomes than those who receive less rehab, a new study authored by a Weill Cornell Medicine investigator reveals. ... Full story

Bone drug protects stem cells from ageing

Stem cells can be protected from the effects of ageing by a drug currently used to treat patients with osteoporosis, a breakthrough study has found. ... Full story

Implants Help Leg Bone Successfully Replace Jawbone

Journal of Oral Implantology – Your jaw bones affect how you look, breath, eat, and speak, making reconstruction important for any jaw defects. Surgeons have more tools than ever to tackle such cases, but these may not be enough to ensure the jaw is fully restored. In the end, it's all about form and function. ... Full story

Body clock study unlocks prospect of treatment for osteoarthritis

A University of Manchester biologist has for the first time established that the painful and debilitating symptoms endured by osteoarthritis sufferers are intrinsically linked to the human body clock. ... Full story

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