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National study finds strong association between menopausal symptoms and bone health

Hot flashes, night sweats predict a greater likelihood of hip fracture ...

Launch of World First Bone Repair Technology Marks Successful First Year for AMBER

At its Industry Day to celebrate its first year in operation, AMBER unveils new technology that helps injured racehorse return to winning ...

Bone stem cells shown to regenerate bones and cartilage in adult mice

Cells could be exploited to treat osteoarthritis and osteoporosis ... Full story

Treating non-healing bone fractures with stem cells

UC Davis tests device that offers a new approach to obtaining stem cells during surgery ... Full story

Researchers isolate stem cell that gives rise to bones, cartilage in mice

The discovery of a skeletal stem cell in mice sets the stage for new methods to grow cartilage and bone for use in medical therapies. ... Full story

Hope for muscular dystrophy patients: harnessing gene helps repair muscle damage

Researchers have successfully improved the ability of muscle to repair itself – by artificially increasing levels of the BMI1 gene in the muscle-specific stem cells of mice with muscular dystrophy. ... Full story

Potassium salts aid bone health and limit osteoporosis risk, new research finds

Latest research from the University of Surrey has found that the potassium salts (bicarbonate and citrate) plentiful in fruit and vegetables, play an important part in improving bone health. For the first time, the results also showed that these potassium salts reduce bone resorption, the process by which bone is broken down, therefore increasing their strength. ... Full story

Good life satisfaction has beneficial effects on bone health

Women aged 60-70 who are satisfied with their lives have a higher bone density and they suffer from osteoporosis less frequently than their unsatisfied peers, according to a recent study completed at the University of Eastern Finland. ... Full story

Living within the bones

HZI research uncovers the survival secrets of osteomyelitis-causing Staphylococcus aureus ... Full story

Lightweight Skeletons Of Modern Humans Have Recent Origin

Decrease of “spongy” bone related to adoption of sedentary lifestyle ... Full story

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