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High-volume facilities better for nursing hip fractures

A new study finds that the volume of hip fracture cases seen at a skilled nursing facility in the prior 12 months ...

Scientists decode structure at root of muscular disease

Rice, Baylor College of Medicine team reveals mechanism of actin-binding protein ...

Of brains and bones: How hunger neurons control bone mass

By Karen N. Peart - In an advance that helps clarify the role of a cluster of neurons in the brain, Yale School of Medicine researchers have found that these neurons not only control hunger and appetite, but also regulate bone mass. ... Full story

Bigger is not always better in weightlifting

Research shows bodybuilders' muscle cells produce less force ... Full story

Kangaroo cartilage helps improve implants for worn-out human joints

Humans and kangaroos share knees and shoulders that are subjected to different loadings and stresses thanks to being bipedal, and this similarity is being used by QUT scientists to study kangaroo shoulder cartilage with the aim of improving implants for worn out joints. ... Full story

CRI scientists see through bones to uncover new details about blood-forming stem cells

DALLAS – A team of scientists at the Children’s Research Institute at UT Southwestern (CRI) has become the first to use a tissue-clearing technique to localize a rare stem cell population, in the process cracking open a black box containing detailed information about where blood-forming stem cells are located and how they are maintained. The findings, published in Nature, provide a significant advance toward understanding the microenvironment in which stem cells reside within the bone marrow. ... Full story

Researchers Isolate Human Muscle Stem Cells

By Nicholas Weiler - UC San Francisco researchers have successfully isolated human muscle stem cells and shown that the cells could robustly replicate and repair damaged muscles when grafted onto an injured site. ... Full story

Tokyo Institute of Technology research: Fish reveal details of bone density loss during space missions

(Tokyo) - Studies of medaka fish raised on the International Space Station shed light on how bone responds to sustained exposure to microgravity. ... Full story

Researchers pursue ideal ingredients for cartilage recipe

A 5-year, $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health will allow researchers at Case Western Reserve University and Harvard University to build a microfactory that churns out a formula to produce joint cartilage. ... Full story

Research identifies new gene that causes osteoporosis

Researchers from The University of Western Australia and a number of other leading international research organisations have used one of the world’s most extensive genetics data sets to uncover a new gene associated with osteoporosis. ... Full story

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