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Bones and Muscles

Sport injuries: In case of a cruciate ligament rupture, the load-bearing capacity of the cruciate ligament replacement can be precisely evaluated using a new imaging process

(Vienna ) A footballer is able to play football again or to recommence training six months after an operation on a cruciate ...

Wine and chocolate chemical could harm muscles

Varying effects of resveratrol on tissue repair ...

A Predisposition for Disability? Toth and Colleagues Study Molecular Structure of Muscle Fibers

A study looking at how chronic inactivity affects muscles at the molecular level has helped to identify a phenotype that may predispose older adults to disability. ... Full story

Short hospital stay linked to increased risk of death following hip fracture

Older patients are more likely to die following a short hospital stay for a hip fracture, finds research published in the British Medical Journal today. ... Full story

Marine oil supplement has positive effects on post-exercise muscle damage

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- An Indiana University study has revealed that there may be a greater connection between mussels and muscles than previously thought. ... Full story

Can you judge a man by his fingers?

Study finds link between relative lengths of index and ring fingers in men and behaviour towards women ... Full story

Fourth key molecule identified in bone development

(Okayama ) Researchers at Okayama University have identified the role of an additional protein in controlling the signalling processes for bone repair and growth. ... Full story

Bone-loss score may tip off doctors to gum disease in postmenopausal women

Postmenopausal women susceptible to bone fractures may also be a higher risk for gum disease, according to researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine and Case/Cleveland Clinic Postmenopausal Health Collaboration (CCCPOHC). ... Full story

Researchers report new figures on two muscular dystrophy disorders

Team finds 1 in 5,000 young boys in the U.S. have Duchenne or Becker muscular dystrophy ... Full story

Osteoporosis : balancing bone formation and degradation

Most existing treatments for pathological bone loss inhibit osteoclasts (bone-destroying cells) to limit bone degradation. However, by doing this, they also prevent bone formation since it is stimulated by the presence of these very same osteoclast cells. ... Full story

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