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Men have twice the death rate from hip fractures

Researchers at the University of Adelaide say they're concerned about the findings of new research confirming that older men have a much ...

Study by UCLA scientists reveals new findings about cause of lesions around jaw bone

IMPACT - Osteonecrosis of the jaw is a debilitating and painful condition in which oral lesions develop in individuals taking drugs such ...

Study highlights under 5s at risk from broken bones

Public health researchers have discovered new clues about which children under five years old are the most at risk from broken bones in childhood accidents. ... Full story

Osteoporosis, Not Just a Woman’s Disease

BIDMC study suggests that men would benefit from more aggressive osteoporosis screening and treatment ... Full story

High mortality associated with STEMI heart attacks that occur in hospitalized patients

A new study by UNC researchers confirms their surprising earlier finding: Patients who suffer a STEMI heart attack while while in the hospital for something else are more likely to die than patients who have the same type of heart attack outside the hospital. ... Full story

Study finds weight loss of 10% or more in seniors significantly raises hip fracture risk

Data derived from the Singapore Chinese Health Study finds that body weight loss substantially increased risk, whereas weight gain did not reduce risk significantly. ... Full story

Microbot muscles: Chains of particles assemble and flex

ANN ARBOR—In a step toward robots smaller than a grain of sand, University of Michigan researchers have shown how chains of self-assembling particles could serve as electrically activated muscles in the tiny machines. ... Full story

New dietary supplement beats calcium, vitamin D for bone strength

A new study by a Florida State University researcher reveals that a new dietary supplement is superior to calcium and vitamin D when it comes to bone health. ... Full story

Western researchers identify potential therapeutic target for Osteoarthritis

Researchers at Western University have identified a specific gene that plays a key role in the degradation of cartilage in osteoarthritis (OA). The study, published online in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatology showed that when the gene, PPARdelta, was removed from cartilage the progression of post-traumatic osteoarthritis was considerably slowed. ... Full story

Acoustic technique developed to detect knee osteoarthritis

A revolutionary medical technique using sound waves to identify osteoarthritis in the knee has been developed by researchers. ... Full story

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