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Rheumatoid Arthritis

New test could predict arthritis drug failure in patients

A study of 311 patients by The University of Manchester has found that it may be possible to predict early which rheumatoid ...

Researchers correlate incidences of rheumatoid arthritis and giant cell arteritis with solar cycles

By John Greenwald - What began as a chat between husband and wife has evolved into an intriguing scientific discovery. ...

Stem cell discovery paves way for targeted treatment for osteoarthritis

Scientists at the University of York have made a significant advance that could make cell-based treatments for arthritis less of a lottery. ... Full story

Early clinical trial success for new rheumatoid arthritis treatment

University of Queensland researchers have developed a world-first vaccine-style therapeutic approach to treat rheumatoid arthritis, a debilitating disease affecting more than 450,000 people in Australia. ... Full story

Research challenges assumption that arthritis patients take medication regularly

New UK research has challenged the assumption that people with rheumatoid arthritis always take their medication as prescribed. ... Full story

MSU team publishes findings about compound with potential for treating rheumatoid arthritis

By Evelyn Boswell, MSU News Service - BOZEMAN – Montana State University researchers and their collaborators have published their findings about a chemical compound that shows potential for treating rheumatoid arthritis. ... Full story

Rheumatoid arthritis patients at increased risk of surprise heart attack

Risk of heart attack is increased even without symptoms ... Full story

Early signs of arthritis can be found in the mouth

A common gum disease may indicate a person’s risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis later in life, according to a University of Adelaide dental expert. ... Full story

Gene variants show potential in predicting rheumatoid arthritis disease outcomes

Arthritis Research UK-funded scientists at The University of Manchester have identified a new way in which genotyping can be used to predict disease outcomes among sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis. ... Full story

Mother-love helps young people with arthritis through the tough times

Young people with arthritis rely heavily on their mother’s support during times of change and uncertainty, a Newcastle University study has revealed. ... Full story

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