Study provides clue to better treatment options for frontotemporal dementia

A new study has revealed that the functional impairments experienced by people with frontotemporal dementia (FTD) may provide insight into effective behavioural ...

No risk of contracting dementia through blood transfusion

Previous studies have shown that neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can be induced in healthy laboratory animals, causing concern that ...

“Hey! You stole my food!”

Abnormal eating behaviors in frontotemporal dementia ... Full story

Study Examines Unsafe Behaviors in Older Adults who Likely Have Dementia

Older adults who likely have dementia but have not been given the diagnosis are more likely to engage in potentially unsafe activities, new research suggests. ... Full story

Neuroimaging study reveals underlying cause of empathy loss

A loss of empathy in people diagnosed with younger-onset dementia is related to grey matter loss in the ‘social brain’, according to new research. ... Full story

Education as protector against dementia, but what exactly do we mean by education?

Attaining a higher level of education is considered to be important in order to keep up good cognitive functioning in old age. Higher education also seems to decrease the risk of developing dementia. This is of high relevance in so far that dementia is a terminal disease characterized by a long degenerative progression with severe impairments in daily functioning. ... Full story

Remember the person behind the dementia

‘Remember the person behind the dementia’ is the message from health and social care professionals during Dementia Awareness Week 2016 (15-21 May). ... Full story

New research projects aimed at improving the life of adults with dementia

New research projects aimed at improving the life of adults with dementia ... Full story

Pharmacists in care teams improve care for patients with dementia

Problems related to elderly patients’ medical drug treatments are widespread and commonly result in hospital admissions for people with dementia. New research shows that including clinical pharmacists in health care teams might improve the quality and safety of patient care and halve the risk of drug-related hospital readmissions. ... Full story

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