Researchers Complete Vital Work in Housing Design for People with Dementia

TrinityHaus and the DSIDC’s Living with Dementia (LiD) Programme at Trinity College Dublin, which brings together academics and researchers from the School ...

Diabetes and depression predict dementia risk in people with slowing minds

People with mild cognitive impairment are at higher risk of developing dementia if they have diabetes or psychiatric symptoms such as depression, ...

Pumping iron could ward off dementia

High intensity weight training is important for brains not just brawn and could be prescribed in the fight against dementia according to new research from the University of Sydney. ... Full story

Dementia: the next generation

Four Scottish universities are to join forces to study how diet, exercise and other factors affect the amount of blood that reaches brain tissue and how that may affect memory. ... Full story

Newcastle University to lead research into distressing symptoms of dementia

The Alzheimer’s Society has awarded funding to Newcastle University to establish a new Doctoral Training Centre to study the symptoms of a particularly distressing form of dementia. ... Full story

Study ties immune cells to delayed onset of post-stroke dementia

Researchers say that the appearance in the brain of a type of immune cell has been implicated in delayed dementia in mice and humans who have suffered a stroke. ... Full story

Only 11% of Nursing Homes Have Dedicated Dementia Care Units - First National Survey

The first national survey to map demographic trends in the provision of specialist long-term care for people with dementia in Ireland was launched by Adjunct Professor in Medical Gerontology at Trinity College Dublin, Davis Coakley recently at a special event in the Trinity Long Room Hub. ... Full story

Technology helps elderly with mild dementia

BTH, Blekinge Institute of Technology, will receive 10 million SEK to develop new technologies that will increase the quality of life for elderly people with mild dementia. The technology, IT support via e-readers, will also facilitate for the relatives. ... Full story

Still Alice: a rare look at how dementia steals memories from millions

OPINION: For many of us, memories are our most precious possessions; they makes us the people we are. Consider how you would feel then if your memories were stripped from you, as they are from people diagnosed with dementia. This is exactly what happens to the central character of Still Alice, a film opening today nationally. ... Full story

Stem cell research offers new insights into how dementia develops

Researchers at KU Leuven and the Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie (VIB) have succeeded in correcting a genetic mutation thought to cause frontotemporal dementia. ... Full story

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