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Low-dose lithium prevents Parkinson's symptoms in aged mice with a human mutation for the disease

Study provides further validation that lithium could be repurposed as a therapy for the incurable neurodegenerative disorder ...

AAN Calls for More Research on Medical Marijuana for Brain Diseases

MINNEAPOLIS – The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) is calling for more research on the use of medical marijuana for brain, spine ...

An important study for Parkinson's disease

Researchers in Montréal led by Jacques Drouin, D.Sc., uncovered a mechanism regulating dopamine levels in the brain by working on a mouse model of late onset Parkinson's disease. The study, conducted in collaboration with Dr. Rory A. Fisher from the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, is published online today by the scientific journal PLoS Genetics. ... Full story

An important study for Parkinson’s disease

IRCM researchers uncover a mechanism regulating dopamine levels in the brain ... Full story

Scientists Shed New Light on How Bad Experiences Change the Brain to Produce Memories

We know that everyday events can be easy to forget, but dangerous experiences that trigger fear can remain engraved in the brain for years. Now, scientists from New York University and Japan’s RIKEN Brain Science Institute have added to our understanding how this occurs. ... Full story

New study validates usefulness of genomic medicine in children with neurologic and developmental disorders

Genomic tests are uncovering elusive diagnoses, saving time and money, and changing treatment for infants and children ... Full story

Mere expectation of treatment can improve brain activity in Parkinson’s patients

Learning-related brain activity in Parkinson’s patients improves as much in response to a placebo treatment as to real medication, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder and Columbia University. ... Full story

Motor issues in autism are caused by abnormal neural connections

Mouse study identifies malfunctioning neural circuit at the root of motor impairments seen in autism ... Full story

Has a possible new lead been found in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases?

Good communication between brain cells is vital for optimal (mental) health. Mutations in the TBC1D24 gene inhibit this process, thereby causing neurodegeneration and epilepsy. Fruit flies with a defect in Skywalker, the fruit fly variant of TBC1D24, are being used as a model for neurodegeneration. Researchers from VIB and KU Leuven have succeeded in completely suppressing neurodegeneration in such fruit flies, by partially inhibiting the breakdown of 'defective' proteins in brain cells. ... Full story

USC scientist screens potential therapies for Lou Gehrig’s disease

Justin Ichida tests drug-like compounds on motor neurons formed by reprogramming skin cells from ALS patients ... Full story

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