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Brain Diseases

People with Multiple Sclerosis May Have Double the Risk of Dying Early

MINNEAPOLIS – New research suggests people with multiple sclerosis (MS) may have double the risk of dying early compared to people without ...

UF breakthrough measures Parkinson’s progression in the brain

University of Florida researchers have identified a biomarker that shows the progression of Parkinson’s disease in the brain, opening the door to ...

Stimulating treatment found for rare balance disorder

Deakin University neuroscientists have found brain stimulation reduces the symptoms of a rare balance disorder, offering hope to those who have failed to find their land legs years after a trip at sea. ... Full story

Researchers discover new ways to shut down signals involved in brain diseases

A research team based at the University of Eastern Finland and the Turku Centre for Biotechnology have found new ways to block a pathway that may be responsible for several brain disorders, which could open the door to developing better treatments. ... Full story

Huntington's disease monkeys display progressive neurodegeneration

Monkeys engineered to have Huntington's disease display gradual brain atrophy. On the left side, the arrow indicates loss of brain mass in the striatum at four years of age. Image courtesy of PLOS ONE via Creative Commons. ... Full story

Neurons Constantly Rewrite Their DNA

DNA regulatory tags must be cut out and replaced to allow neurons to function ... Full story

Discovery of an unexpected function of a protein linked to neurodegenerative diseases

Microscope image of polytene chromosomes from Drosophila melanogaster, in which, using staining techniques, scientists have visualized the protein dDsk2, a molecule never previously associated with chromatin (R. Kessler, IRB Barcelona) ... Full story

A glitch in the recycling

Ludwig study identifies a key factor in the neural death that causes Parkinson’s disease ... Full story

Immune gene variant magnifies Parkinson's risk from insecticide exposure

Exposure to pyrethroids may interact with genetics via the immune system to increase Parkinson's risk. ... Full story

Systematic Interaction Network Filtering in Biobanks: MDC Neurobiologists Identify Protective Protein against Huntington’s Disease

Systematic network filtering in gene and protein databases: First the researchers led by Professor Erich Wanker of the Max Delbrück Center (MDC) constructed a protein network (PP1) around the huntingtin protein HTT and then limited their investigation area step by step (PP2, PP3, PP4). ... Full story

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