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Relief for epilepsy at the scale of a single cell

Researchers at Linköping University have developed in collaboration with French colleagues a small device that both detects the initial signal of an ...

MRI scan may help diagnose chronic traumatic encephalopathy, UCLA researchers report

A new software tool could help determine whether a living person has CTE, which has been confirmable only in autopsies ...

Research note: Study uncovers marker for a chronic brain disease

By Ziba Kashef   Diseased mice treated with mock (left) or angiopoietin-2-neutralizing antibody (right). The antibody blunts cerebral cavernous malformation progression. A team of researchers led by Yale ... Full story

New breakthrough in understanding dystonia

Are cellular lipids the missing link between a faulty gene and a neurological disorder? ... Full story

A virtual brain helps decrypt epilepsy

Researchers at CNRS, INSERM, Aix-Marseille University and AP-HM have just created a virtual brain that can reconstitute the brain of a person affected by epilepsy for the first time. From this work we understand better how the disease works and can also better prepare for surgery. These results are published in Neuroimage, on July 28, 2016. ... Full story

No dream: electric brain stimulation during sleep can boost memory

By targeting one facet of the brain’s electrical activity, UNC neuroscientist Flavio Frohlich, PhD, showed it’s possible to enhance memory, laying the groundwork for a new treatment paradigm for neurological and psychiatric disorders. ... Full story

Clinical Advances in Gene Therapy for Central Nervous System Disorders

New Rochelle, NY —The encouraging results of early stage clinical studies and the tremendous amount of preclinical data demonstrating the feasibility and promise of gene therapy ... Full story

Network physicist sheds light on Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia

Researchers comparing mouse and macaque brains have found evidence of an evolutionary universal brain structure in mammals that enables comparisons of cortical networks between species. A new study from a researcher at the University of Notre Dame could provide insights into brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia. ... Full story

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