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Shattering the Stigma of Schizophrenia and Related Disorders

Oct. 24 Conference to Increase Understanding in Our Community ...

Working memory hinders learning in schizophrenia

Trouble with working memory makes a distinct contribution to the difficulty people with schizophrenia sometimes have in learning, according to a new ...

RCSI Researchers Discover Clues to New Pathways for Treatment of Schizophrenia

In the brain’s communication system, nerve cells transmit messages across the synapse, the minute gap between cells. On the receiving end, the postsynaptic density (PSD) is a network of proteins suspected of playing a role in causing psychosis and mood disorders. Melanie Föcking, Ph.D. & RCSI Lecturer in Psychiatric Neuroscience led the first research to identify specific PSD-associated genes and proteins linked to schizophrenia. The study was published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. ... Full story

Research Seeks to Break New Ground in Understanding of Schizophrenia

More than $6 million in funding from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is supporting new research that could fundamentally alter the way we comprehend and, perhaps ultimately, treat schizophrenia. ... Full story

National team to study genetics of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder

Using psychiatric data compiled by USC, the team will create the most comprehensive resource to date on the disorders ... Full story

Can genetic tug of war explain autism and schizophrenia?

The size of babies and even human behavior may be shaped during early fetal development by a molecular tug of war between paternal and maternal genes, according to an emerging theory in evolutionary biology. ... Full story

Schizophrenia not a single disease but multiple genetically distinct disorders

C. Robert Cloninger, MD, PhD, pictured in his office at Washington University School of Medicine, is a senior investigator of a study that shows that schizophrenia isn’t a single disease but a group of eight genetically distinct disorders. ... Full story

Scientists Discover Neurochemical Imbalance in Schizophrenia

Using human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs), researchers at Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of California, San Diego have discovered that neurons from patients with schizophrenia secrete higher amounts of three neurotransmitters broadly implicated in a range of psychiatric disorders. ... Full story

Happiness in Schizophrenia

Research suggests mental illness doesn’t preclude enjoying life ... Full story

Stuck in neutral: brain defect traps schizophrenics in twilight zone

People with schizophrenia struggle to turn goals into actions because brain structures governing desire and emotion are less active and fail to pass goal-directed messages to cortical regions affecting human decision-making, new research reveals. ... Full story

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