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Promising New Drug Could Help Treat Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Story Contact: Jeff Sossamon, 573-882-3346, [email protected] COLUMBIA, Mo. – According to studies, approximately one out of every 40 individuals in the United States ...

SickKids scientists show how memories are linked in the brain

TORONTO – Some memories just seem to go together. Think about an important experience in your life. You may also closely remember ...

Brains of university athletes with history of concussion exhibit physical changes months and even years after the injury, new study finds

University athletes with a history of concussion had changes in the size, blood flow and connections in their brains months and even years after the injury – changes not seen in athletes without prior concussions, a new study has found. ... Full story

Brain probe to examine drug dangers

University of Adelaide researchers have developed a new optical-fibre based probe, which can measure localised temperature-change deep inside the brain.Reported in the scientific journal Biomedical ... Full story

Distinct Stages of Thinking Revealed by Brain Activity Patterns

Neuroimaging data can reveal the mental stages people go through as they are solving challenging math problems, according to a new study published in Psychological Science, ... Full story

Map provides detailed picture of how the brain is organized

Will help neurological, psychiatric research ... Full story

Aripiprazole Reduces Severity of Tics in Children with Tourette's Disorder

New Rochelle, NY — A meta-analysis of clinical trials evaluating the effectiveness of aripiprazole for the treatment of Tourette's disorder (TD) in children and adolescents ... Full story

Potential new target identified for treating itch

Researchers have found how sensory nerve cells work together to transmit itch signals from the skin to the spinal cord, where neurons then carry those signals to the brain. Their discovery may help scientists find more effective ways to make itching stop. ... Full story

Special Issue of NeuroRehabilitation Investigates the Effectiveness of Treatment for Individuals with Brain Injury or Stroke

In the current issue of NeuroRehabilitation leading researchers explore the effectiveness of several neurorehabilitation treatments for individuals with brain injury or stroke. A number of published articles have covered the issue of efficacy of neurorehabilitation, but only a few have discussed the issue of effectiveness. ... Full story

Thinking inside the box – How our brain puts the world in order

Neuroscientists find sorting centre in the brain ... Full story

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