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Pioneering a new field of biomedical research to better understand neurodegenerative diseases

Scientists at UOW are using novel tools derived from Earth sciences to better understand the role of metals in the development of ...

Monash study suggests there should be a shift in focus in cognitive behaviour therapy

It’s almost five decades since Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) was first recognized as a way to treat depression. CBT is a now ...

Tiny worm opens big discovery on nerve degeneration

A new discovery in a transparent roundworm brings scientists one step closer to understanding nerve degeneration. ... Full story

Novel Neuroprotective Therapy Found to Enhance Memory

Tel Aviv University researcher's novel peptide, developed to treat neuroprotective protein deficiencies, reveals significant gender differences ... Full story

First Human In Vitro Model of Rare Neurodegenerative Condition Created

First Human In Vitro Model of Rare Neurodegenerative Condition Created ... Full story

Genetic cause identified in rare pediatric brain tumor

Diagnosis and treatment decisions for a recently recognized type of children’s brain tumor should be improved by the discovery of the genetic mechanism that causes it, say researchers who identified the unusual DNA abnormality in angiocentric gliomas. ... Full story

New MRI technique offers faster diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

A new way of using MRI scanners to look for evidence of multiple sclerosis in the brain has been successfully tested by researchers at The University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. ... Full story

UTA and UT Austin researchers are designing safer cryotherapy devices to minimize risk of tissue and nerve damage

Cold therapy has long been prescribed for those recovering from orthopedic surgery, muscle inflammation and sports-related injuries, with treatments ranging from ice baths to immersion in whole-body cryotherapy chambers. ... Full story

Penn-Engineered Neural Networks Show Hope for Axonal Repair in the Brain, with Minimal Disruption to Brain Tissue

Technology Holds Potential to Benefit Patients with Damage to Brain Connections Resulting from Brain Injury or Disease ... Full story

Powerful Machine-Learning Technique Uncovers Unknown Features of Important Bacterial Pathogen, According to Penn Study

Technique robustly identified characteristic gene expression patterns in response to antibiotics, low oxygen conditions ... Full story

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