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Mapping serotonin dynamics in the living brain

Imaging technique that creates 3-D video of serotonin transport could aid antidepressant development. ...

Time to regulate brain stimulation?

Gamers are increasingly turning to brain stimulation devices to enhance their performance. Using small, gentle electrical currents sent between two or more ...

A delicate balance between positive and negative emotion

Neuroscientists identify two neuron populations that encode happy or fearful memories. ... Full story

Computer 'brains' solving mysteries of human behaviour

Computer science can help us understand why humans struggle with the complex dilemmas life throws at us – and why a better understanding of human problem-solving could help make computer ‘thinking’ more human-like, according to a new study out of the Brain, Minds and Markets Laboratory at the University of Melbourne. ... Full story

High folate intake linked with nerve-damage risk in older adults with common gene variant

High folate (vitamin B9) consumption is associated with an increased risk for a nerve-damage disorder in older adults who have a common genetic variant linked to reduced cellular vitamin B12 availability ... Full story

Visual cortex plays role in plasticity of eye movement reflex

By peering into the eyes of mice and tracking their ocular movements, researchers made an unexpected discovery: the visual cortex — a region of the ... Full story

Research finds that ultrasound slows brain ageing

Treatment with scanning ultrasound has already been proven to reverse Alzheimer’s disease in mice, and now it appears it could also slow down ageing in healthy brains, according to University of Queensland research. ... Full story

QBI scientists identify cause of common developmental brain disorder

University of Queensland neuroscientists have found the major cause of a common developmental brain disorder. ... Full story

Brain Modulyzer Provides Interactive Window Into the Brain

New Berkeley Lab Tools Could Shed Light on How Neurological Diseases Spread ... Full story

Researchers activate repair program for nerve fibers

Bonn (Germany) – Injuries to the spinal cord can cause paralysis and other permanent disabilities because severed nerve fibers do not regrow. Now, scientists of ... Full story

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