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Our brain’s response to others' good news depends on empathy

The way our brain responds to others’ good fortune is linked to how empathetic people report themselves to be, according to new ...

Scientists reveal brain network for observed social threat interactions

Observing one person threatening another is a commonplace event. Now, in research published in eLife, scientists have used large-scale neural recording and ...

Repeating aloud to another person boosts recall

Repeating aloud boosts verbal memory, especially when you do it while addressing another person, says Professor Victor Boucher of the University of Montreal's Department of Linguistics and Translation. ... Full story

Weizmann Institute Scientists Discover: How to Manipulate the Brain to Control Maternal Behavior in Females and Reduce Aggression in Males

Most female mammals give birth and care for their offspring, while the males often breed with multiple partners and play little role in parenting once the mating is over. ... Full story

Approach or buzz off: brain cells in fruit fly hold secret to individual odor preferences

Cold Spring Harbor, NY -- Responding appropriately to the smell of food or the scent of danger can mean life or death to a fruit fly, and dedicated circuits in the insect's brain are in place to make sure the fly gets it right. ... Full story

Loss of support cells in brain may inhibit neuronal development

By Jim Dryden - Shedding light on possible contributors to autism, schizophrenia and other neuro-psychiatric disorders, researchers have found that a type of support cell abundant in the brain may play a role in the ability of neurons to communicate. ... Full story

New Device to Control Seizures Offered Regionally Only at Albany Med

ALBANY, N.Y. — Albany Medical Center is offering a new device designed to help control seizures in patients with epilepsy by detecting a sudden increase in heartrate. ... Full story

Older Patients Recover More Slowly from Concussion

At A Glance Researchers used functional MRI to study the effect of age on memory performance and brain activation patterns after concussion. ... Full story

Newly described ion channel structure reveals how excited neurons settle down

Within the brain, some neurons fire off hundreds of signals per second, and after ramping up for such a barrage, they need to relax and reset. A particular type of ion channel helps bring them down, ensuring these cells don’t get overstimulated—a state that potentially can lead to severe epileptic seizures, among other problems. ... Full story

How the brain recognizes objects

Neuroscientists find evidence that the brain’s inferotemporal cortex can identify objects. ... Full story

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