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New Study Finds High School Lacrosse Players at Risk for Concussions, Other Injuries

Researchers say statistics may further debate over protective equipment for girls ...

Children's impulsive behaviour is related to their brain connectivity

Researchers from the University of Murcia have studied the changes in the brain that are associated with impulsiveness, a personality trait that ...

Traumatic brain injury a health problem with serious impact for people in prisons

By Evelyne Jhung - The hospital’s Centre for Research on Inner City Health has launched a new research program focused on the health of people in prison. A team of CRICH researchers – including Drs. Flora Matheson, Fiona Kouyoumdjian, Stephen Hwang, Diego Silva and others – have received a CIHR planning grant to identify health priorities in the prison population and build a network of researchers to work together to improve prisoner health. ... Full story

Brain training app helps you quit smoking and resist junk food

A new brain-­training app that helps you quit smoking and resist junk food is under development at UOW. ... Full story

Increased levels of the body’s own cannabinoids impair embryonic brain development

Vienna -The human body produces substances, called endocannabinoids, that work in a similar way to cannabis. These endocannabinoids may not produce a “high”, but are of tremendous importance for the functioning of the neural network in the brain - especially during the embryonic stage. ... Full story

Duty To Protect: Doctors Must Step Up To Protect Athletes Who Suffer Concussions

Robert Glatter, MD, attending emergency medicine physician at Lenox Hill Hospital ... Full story

Antipsychotic drugs linked to slight decrease in brain volume

A study published today has confirmed a link between antipsychotic medication and a slight, but measureable, decrease in brain volume in patients with schizophrenia. For the first time, researchers have been able to examine whether this decrease is harmful for patients’ cognitive function and symptoms, and noted that over a nine year follow-up, this decrease did not appear to have any effect. ... Full story

Scientists find new clues to brain’s wiring

By Michael C. Purdy - New research provides an intriguing glimpse into the processes that establish connections between nerve cells in the brain. These connections, or synapses, allow nerve cells to transmit and process information involved in thinking and moving the body. ... Full story

Measuring Nurture: Study Shows How “Good Mothering” Hardwires Infant Brain

First telemetric readings in infant rat brain recorded as mother nests, nurses, and grooms pups ... Full story

Worm study provides hope for deadly disease of the brain

A nematode worm shown using fluorescence microscopy. The neuronal cells within the worm can be visualised specifically, as only these cells contain green fluorescent protein ... Full story

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