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New stent devices can limit stroke damage, says Loyola neurosurgeon

MAYWOOD, Ill. – Elizabeth Celli was experiencing a moderate-to-severe stroke when she arrived at Loyola University Medical Center’s Emergency Department. ...

People who suffer migraine headaches may be at double the risk of stroke

The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet are well-known. As well as being healthier, a recent article concludes that the menu traditionally ...

Sweet nanoparticles target stroke

Materials resulting from chemical bonding of glucosamine, a type of sugar, with fullerenes, kind of nanoparticles known as buckyballs, might help to reduce cell damage and inflammation occurring after stroke. A team from the Max Planck Institute in Germany has tested this on mice, opening the door to potential new drugs for the cerebrovascular accident. ... Full story

Use of stent, compared to medications, increases risk of stroke in patients with narrowed artery within the brain

A researcher and physician at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) has learned that among patients with symptomatic intracranial arterial stenosis (narrowing of an artery inside the brain), the use of a balloon-expandable stent compared with medical therapy (clopidogrel and aspirin) resulted in an increased incidence of stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA). ... Full story

Mount Sinai First in the East to Implant the WATCHMAN Device to Prevent Stroke in Atrial Fibrillation Patients

Vivek Reddy, MD, Director of Arrhythmia Services and his Mount Sinai team performing the first implant in the Eastern United States of the newly FDA-approved WATCHMAN device on March 23, 2015. ... Full story

Blood Test Can Help Identify Stroke Risk Following Heart Surgery

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – The results of a blood test done immediately after heart surgery can be a meaningful indicator of postoperative stroke risk, a study by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has found. ... Full story

Scientists make surprising finding in stroke research

Scientists at The University of Manchester have made an important new discovery about the brain’s immune system that could lead to potential new treatments for stroke and other related conditions. ... Full story

Pollution Levels Linked to Stroke-Related Narrowing of Arteries

Air pollution has been linked to a dangerous narrowing of neck arteries that occurs prior to strokes, according to researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center. ... Full story

New drug trial puts possible stroke treatment in the hands of paramedics

Paramedics in Toronto, Vancouver, Richmond and the Region of Peel in suburban Toronto will soon administer a stroke drug, called NA-1, to eligible stroke victims as part of a new 558-patient randomized control trial. ... Full story

Vagus nerve stimulation shows promise for stroke rehabilitation

An experimental technique to help stroke patients regain the use of their arms has shown promising results in a small-scale trial. ... Full story

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