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Trial Co-Led by Pitt Researcher Shows Greater Function after Stroke When Blood Clots Removed from Brain Blood Vessels

PITTSBURGH – A technique that removes blood clots from large brain blood vessels reduced disability after stroke in a trial conducted ...

NEJM paper demonstrates benefits of stenting for stroke pioneered at UB and Kaleida

UB neurosurgery team led groundbreaking research into stenting for stroke. (L to R) Adnan Siddiqui, Elad Levy, L. Nelson "Nick" Hopkins", Kenneth ...

Clot removal device dramatically improves outcomes for people with acute ischemic stroke

Treatment used in UCLA-led study could help 60,000 patients every year ... Full story

Neurologist Helps Establish New Standard of Care for Acute Stroke Treatment

A new treatment strategy for stroke patients using a retrievable stent to open large arteries in conjunction with “clot-busting” medication can dramatically reduce long-term disability, according to a ground-breaking study published online April 17 in the New England Journal of Medicine. ... Full story

Blend Of Mental Practice And Physical Therapy Effective Treatment For Stroke, Research Shows

ATLANTA—A combination of mental practice and physical therapy is an effective treatment for people recovering from a stroke, according to researchers at Georgia State University. ... Full story

Strokes can double the likelihood of attempted suicide

Stroke patients can be up to twice as likely to commit suicide compared with the rest of the population, and the risk of attempted suicide is highest within the first two years after a stroke. ... Full story

Presence of heart pouch may explain strokes of unknown origin, UCI study finds

Anatomical variant could promote stagnation of blood, forming clots that migrate ... Full story

New stent devices can limit stroke damage, says Loyola neurosurgeon

MAYWOOD, Ill. – Elizabeth Celli was experiencing a moderate-to-severe stroke when she arrived at Loyola University Medical Center’s Emergency Department. ... Full story

People who suffer migraine headaches may be at double the risk of stroke

The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet are well-known. As well as being healthier, a recent article concludes that the menu traditionally eaten in Spain leaves less of a carbon footprint than that of the US or the United Kingdom. ... Full story

Sweet nanoparticles target stroke

Materials resulting from chemical bonding of glucosamine, a type of sugar, with fullerenes, kind of nanoparticles known as buckyballs, might help to reduce cell damage and inflammation occurring after stroke. A team from the Max Planck Institute in Germany has tested this on mice, opening the door to potential new drugs for the cerebrovascular accident. ... Full story

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