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Spouses of stroke survivors face lingering health issues

American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report ...

Working long hours linked to higher risk of stroke

Working 55 hours or more per week is linked to a 33% greater risk of stroke and a more modest (13%) increased ...

Speedy treatment of stroke patients with new clot retrieval device vastly improves outcomes

Even short delays have a measurable impact on patients’ chance at a successful recovery, UCLA study finds ... Full story

Stroke care improvements 'could save £1 billion'

Three Oxford University stroke researchers are calling for more funding for Stroke treatment after researching the effectiveness of new methods of treating stroke victims. ... Full story

UC Davis offers stroke-prevention alternative for patients with atrial fibrillation

New device recommended for those who can't tolerate blood thinners ... Full story

Study Shows Migraine Can Increase Risk of Stroke in Older Smokers

New research led by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine suggests older people who experience migraines may have an increased risk of stroke, but only if they are smokers. The study, “Migraine and risk of stroke in older adults: Northern Manhattan Study,” led by Teshamae Monteith, M.D., assistant professor of neurology, is published in the online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. ... Full story

Hospitals often overestimate their ability to deliver fast stroke care

American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report ... Full story

Groundbreaking Stroke Study Renewed for Another 5 Years

CINCINNATI—The Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Stroke Study at the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine, which has shed light on stroke incidence and awareness for over two decades, is assured of another five years of funding. ... Full story

A Young Girl Suffers a Stroke, but Recovers to Dance Again

Rutgers physicians use their training and the newest treatments to restore the teenager’s life ... Full story

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