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Breast Cancer

Type of anaesthesia used during breast cancer surgery may affect the risk of cancer recurrence, new research suggests

Breast cancer is one of the main causes of cancer-related death in women. ...

Cultured circulating tumor cells reveal genetic profile, potential drug susceptibility of breast cancer cells

Circulating tumor cells captured with a microchip-based device developed at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Center for Engineering in Medicine and the ...

New method may allow breast cancer drug to be given through skin

Sam Hostettler - A drug that has proven effective in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, but with serious side-effects, may be delivered effectively through the skin using a new topical drug-delivery system. ... Full story

Fox Chase Cancer Center Researchers Recommend Updating the ‘Staging Criteria’ for Breast Cancer Diagnoses

Study Finds that Some Women Do Better than Current Staging Guidelines Suggest ... Full story

Researchers discover new markers for breast cancer that may aid diagnoses, point to new therapies

BLACKSBURG, Va – The fight against breast cancer is never-ending, but Virginia Tech researchers in the Medical Informatics and Systems Division at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute have found additional diagnostic markers that may aid clinicians to better forecast and prevent the disease. ... Full story

Significant discovery could tackle spread of breast cancer

New discovery reveals testing for molecule αvβ6 could identify a subset of breast cancer patients at high risk of their tumours spreading from the breast - and therefore twice as likely to die within five years ... Full story

Medicare-backed breast cancer screenings skyrocket, but do patients benefit?

By Karen N. Peart - Breast cancer screening costs for Medicare patients skyrocketed between 2001 and 2009, but the increase did not lead to earlier detection of new breast cancer cases, according to a study published by Yale School of Medicine researchers in the July 1 Journal of the National Cancer Institute. ... Full story

Majority of Older Breast Cancer Patients Use Hormone Treatment

WASHINGTON — One of the most comprehensive looks at the use of hormone therapy in women over 65 with non-metastatic breast cancer found some welcome news. Except for frail patients, most participants in the large study complied with their oncologists’ recommendations to treat their estrogen-positive breast cancer with hormone therapy — either an aromatase inhibitor or tamoxifen. These drugs prevent tumors from using estrogen to fuel growth. ... Full story

Study points to higher risk of breast cancer progression in obese women

Scientists have long believed that obese women who developed estrogen-positive (ER+) breast cancer were at higher risk for death from the illness than lean women with the same diagnosis. Close to 75 percent of all breast cancers are estrogen receptor-positive and will proliferate in response to the female hormone estrogen. ... Full story

New test predicts the risk of non-hereditary breast cancer

A simple blood test is currently in development that could help predict the likelihood of a woman developing breast cancer, even in the absence of a high-risk BRCA1 gene mutation, according to new UCL research. ... Full story

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