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Breast Cancer

First large-scale proteogenomic study of breast cancer provides insight into potential therapeutic targets

 Building on data from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project, a multi-institutional team of scientists has completed the first large-scale “proteogenomic” study ...

Breast Cancer Drug Found to Reduce Seizures

Findings from animal study could lead to improved seizure treatment in humans ...

Breast cancer patients who lack knowledge about their own tumor are less likely to receive recommended treatment, study finds

Women with breast cancer who know the characteristics of their tumor are more likely to receive the treatment recommended for their type of cancer, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute investigators report in a new study that reinforces the potential risks of being underinformed about one’s cancer. ... Full story

Could blueberries reduce the risk of breast cancer?

In New Zealand, breast cancer accounts for more than 20 per cent of all registered cancers, and is the most expensive to treat. Now new research from Massey University PhD graduate Dr Janyawat Vuthijumnonk suggests the risk of breast cancer could be reduced through increased consumption of blueberries. ... Full story

Breast cancer patients upbeat on body changes

Study reveals post-operative body image fears and hopes ... Full story

3D biopsy system helps Emory doctors better target breast cancer

Emory Johns Creek Hospital (EJCH) is now utilizing the new Affirm 3D biopsy system to better target and sample breast lesions that may not have been detected on traditional 2D mammography systems. ... Full story

A Long-noncoding RNA Regulates Repair of DNA Breaks in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells

Findings give "new insight" into biology of tough-to-treat breast cancer ... Full story

Cartilage protein may contribute to the development of breast cancer

High expression of COMP in breast cancer cells, seen here in brown, is associated with poor clinical prognosis for the patient. Cancer cells expressing COMP become more invasive and change their metabolism, which allows them to survive better and spread ... Full story

Scripps Florida Scientists Predict Cell Changes that Affect Breast Cancer Growth, Opening Door to More Effective Therapies

JUPITER, FL – Designing effective new drugs, especially drugs to fight cancer, demands that you know as much as you can about the molecular workings of cancer growth. Without that, it’s like planning to fight a war against an enemy you’ve never seen. ... Full story

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