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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer survivors take their bodies back

A study led by the Women’s Health and Exercise Laboratory at USC helps overweight women get in shape after chemotherapy ...

Spicy molecule inhibits growth of breast cancer cells

The active component capsaicin makes chilli hot. However, a burning sensation in the mouth is not the only effect that it may ...

Bioinformatics brings to light new combinations of drugs to fight breast cancer

A bioinformatics analysis of pairing 64 drugs used to treat breast cancer allows researchers at IRB Barcelona to identify 10 previously untested combinations with potential to tackle resistance to breast cancer treatment. In spite of the many drugs available to treat breast cancer, resistance continues to be a problem. ... Full story

New Genetic Biomarker Identifies Patients With Increased Risk for Heart Damage Caused by Anthracycline Chemotherapy

PHILADELPHIA — Among women with breast cancer who received a type of chemotherapy called an anthracycline, those who had a certain genetic biomarker had a ... Full story

Subtype of triple negative breast cancer responds better to chemotherapy

(© Researchers at Yale Cancer Center have identified a new subtype of triple negative breast cancer that shows significantly improved response to chemotherapy. Patients with ... Full story

Revolutionary X-ray technology developed

UCL scientists have successfully developed a new X-ray imaging technology that has the potential to benefit society through life-saving applications in security and healthcare. ... Full story

Study reveals drug interactions that may reduce mortality in breast cancer patients

Stanford researchers found that certain drug combinations were associated with lower mortality rates among breast cancer patients, pointing to potential drug targets and new ways of thinking about known diseases. ... Full story

Breast Cancer Mortality Rates Decline in Many Countries

South Korea, parts of Latin America are exceptions ... Full story

Breast cancer patients could benefit from controversial hormone

An international team of researchers involving the University of Adelaide is tackling the controversy over what some scientists consider to be a "harmful" hormone, arguing that it could be a game changer in the fight against recurring breast cancers that are resistant to standard treatments. ... Full story

Radiation Therapy May Increase Complications in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Implants

Patients who received autologous breast reconstruction after radiotherapy had no worsening of outcomes ... Full story

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