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Breast Cancer

Women with Dense Breasts May Not Need More Screening

UCSF-Led Study Shows Importance of Assessing Cancer Risk When Evaluating For Additional Screening ...

Healthy bones despite cancer - Austrian breast cancer study with groundbreaking findings

(Vienna ) With the largest breast cancer study conducted in Austria, ABCSG 18, the Austrian Breast & Colorectal Cancer Study Group (ABCSG) ...

A blood test for early detection of breast cancer metastasis

The chances of being cured of breast cancer have increased in recent decades, however if the tumour has metastasised, the disease remains essentially incurable. ... Full story

Specific genetic mutation may increase risk for breast cancer after acute estrogen withdrawal

UCLA study shows that women with KRAS-variant also are likelier to develop new cases of breast cancer ... Full story

Men with high oestrogen levels could be at greater risk of breast cancer

Men with naturally high levels of the female hormone oestrogen may have a greater risk of developing breast cancer, according to research by an international collaboration including Cancer Research UK published today in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. ... Full story

siRNA-toting nanoparticles inhibit breast cancer metastasis

CLEVELAND—Researchers at Case Western Reserve University combined finely crafted nanoparticles with one of nature’s potent disrupters to prevent the spread of triple-negative breast cancer in mouse models. ... Full story

TSRI Researchers Connect Haywire Protein to Breast Cancer, Leukemia

LA JOLLA, CA – A new study led by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) sheds light on the cause of some cancers, including breast cancer and leukemia. ... Full story

Christchurch researchers focus on obesity’s impact on breast cancer

A team of specialist cancer researchers have joined forces to focus on the impact of obesity on breast cancer. ... Full story

WATCH: New method detects more breast cancer in screening

Tomosynthesis detects 40% more breast cancers than traditional mammography does, according to a major screening study from Lund University, Sweden. ... Full story

Breast cancer vaccines may work better with silicon microparticles

The effectiveness of cancer vaccines could be dramatically boosted by first loading the cancer antigens into silicon microparticles, report scientists from Houston Methodist and two other institutions in an upcoming Cell Reports (early online). ... Full story

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