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Atomic force microscope advance leads to new breast cancer research

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Researchers who developed a high-speed form of atomic force microscopy have shown how to image the physical properties ...

Breast cancer treatment with fewer potential side effects has equally good patient outcomes, UCLA study shows

A new study by UCLA scientists has found that women diagnosed with breast cancer and treated with a one-week regimen of partial ...

Breast-Conserving Therapy for Early-stage Cancers has Increased Substantially, Though Access Remains an Issue

Largest, most in-depth study to date shows BCT is being used more widely; health policy interventions are needed to address factors that prevent women from obtaining the less invasive treatment ... Full story

‘Smarter’ Ordering of Breast Biomarker Tests Could Save Millions in Health Care Dollars, Study Reveals

Fast Facts: - Testing for certain proteins in breast cancer biopsy samples can help physicians determine to which drugs the cancer is likely to respond. ... Full story

New 3D test system for breast cancer radiosensitizing drugs

Neuherberg - Radiation therapy is an important part of breast cancer treatment. Sometimes, however, tumor cells become increasingly resistant to radiation damage. Now, scientists of Helmholtz Zentrum München have developed a 3D microtissue-based screening system which, for the first time, enables them to test which chemotherapeutic drugs can resensitize breast cancer cells to radiation. ... Full story

Protein plays key role in spread of breast cancer

For breast cancer to be fatal, the tumour has to send out metastases to other parts of the body. ... Full story

What’s in a name? “Death-associated protein” promotes cancer growth in most aggressive breast cancers

MD Anderson study identifies DAPK1 protein as a novel therapeutic target in tumors with TP53 mutations ... Full story

National screening programme has markedly reduced breast cancer mortality

A research-based evaluation of the Norwegian Breast Cancer Screening Programme concludes that the target of reducing breast cancer mortality by 30 per cent has nearly been achieved. ... Full story

Researchers find possible association between obesity and male breast cancer

Researchers at the University of Leeds have found a possible association between the rise in obesity and the increase in cases of male breast cancer. ... Full story

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