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Breast Cancer

New study highlights progesterone benefit for breast cancer

An international study including researchers from the University of Adelaide shows the potential benefit of adding progesterone to standard breast cancer treatments. ...

Low breast density worsens prognosis in breast cancer

Even though dense breast tissue is a risk factor for breast cancer, very low mammographic breast density is associated with a worse ...

‘Holy grail’ of breast cancer prevention in high-risk women may be in sight

Australian researchers have discovered that an existing medication could have promise in preventing breast cancer in women carrying a faulty BRCA1 gene. ... Full story

Smoking can hamper common treatment for breast cancer

We know that individuals who smoke take major health risks. Now a new research study from Lund University in Sweden shows that common treatment for breast cancer works less well in patients who smoke, compared to non-smokers. ... Full story

New Imaging Technique Distinguishes Cell Types in Breast Tumor Environment

It is a long-standing paradox in diagnosing and treating cancers: Visualizing tumors in their natural environment gives a clearer picture of the disease and which therapies to use, but the best images require chemicals and antibodies and genetic changes that are neither safe nor practical in the clinic. ... Full story

MD Anderson study identifies significant cost differences between breast cancer chemotherapy regimens

Informed choice of chemotherapy could impact costs of breast cancer care by $1 billion annually ... Full story

First large-scale proteogenomic study of breast cancer provides insight into potential therapeutic targets

 Building on data from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project, a multi-institutional team of scientists has completed the first large-scale “proteogenomic” study of breast cancer, ... Full story

Breast Cancer Drug Found to Reduce Seizures

Findings from animal study could lead to improved seizure treatment in humans ... Full story

Breast cancer patients who lack knowledge about their own tumor are less likely to receive recommended treatment, study finds

Women with breast cancer who know the characteristics of their tumor are more likely to receive the treatment recommended for their type of cancer, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute investigators report in a new study that reinforces the potential risks of being underinformed about one’s cancer. ... Full story

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