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Even low-androgen triple-negative breast cancer responds to anti-androgen therapy

A University of Colorado Cancer Center study published today in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics shows that only about 1 percent of ...

One in every three women could potentially be spared chronic pain after breast cancer surgery

By Geoff Koehler - One in every three women undergoing a mastectomy could potentially be spared chronic post-operative pain if anesthesiologists used ...

Breast cancer gene breakthrough

Hunter researchers have identified a significant new risk factor for triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), impacting women who would currently fall outside genetic testing benchmarks for the disease. ... Full story

New research looking to help breast cancer patients cope with hair loss

Hair is an integral part of identity and for breast cancer patients its loss can have a significant impact on their quality of life. Researchers at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) are exploring a new way of helping women manage the distress of hair loss during chemotherapy. ... Full story

Breast Cancer Spread May Be Tied to Cells That Regulate Blood Flow

MD Anderson Explores Potential Combination Therapy Approach for Metastatic Breast Cancer ... Full story

Palbociclib Shows Promise in Patients with Hormone-Resistant Breast Cancer, Penn Study Finds

Targeted Therapy Drug Recently Approved by FDA for Use in Newly Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients ... Full story

Women back idea of more breast screens for those at high risk of cancer

Most women (85 per cent) would back the idea of more frequent breast screening if they are at higher genetic risk of developing breast cancer, according to research* published today by The Breast (link is external). ... Full story

Breast cancer: women told of over-diagnosis make better screening choices

Women who understand the risk of over-detection and over-diagnosis associated with mammography screening have lower intentions to have a breast screening test, according to a new Lancet study. ... Full story

Looking Back on Two Decades of Breast Cancer Treatment: Targeted Therapy and Improved Surgical Procedures are Key Enhancements

NCCN has published the 20th annual edition of the NCCN Guidelines® for Breast Cancer, one of the original NCCN Guidelines published in November 1996. ... Full story

How teaching helped my breast cancer journey

Jessica Weller before, during and towards the end of her treatment. ... Full story

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