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Two recent papers shed light on how breast cancer cells avoid cell death

Two new papers from the lab of Zach Schafer, Coleman Assistant Professor of Cancer Biology at the University of Notre Dame, offer ...

Puerto Rico has lower rates of new cases of lung and breast cancer than the rest of US

Hookah use doubles; no decline seen in overall tobacco use among middle or high school students ...

New Genomic Research Amends Earlier Triple Negative Breast Cancer Finding

Weill Cornell Medical College investigators tried to validate a previously reported molecular finding on triple negative breast cancer that many hoped would lead to targeted treatments for the aggressive disease. Instead, they discovered that the findings were limited to a single patient and could not be applied to further clinical work. ... Full story

Potential for prediction of progression for early form of breast cancer

Scientists in Manchester have identified a way to potentially predict which patients with an early form of breast cancer will experience disease progression. ... Full story

Researchers find new approach to treat drug-resistant HER2-positive breast cancer

Using human cancer cell lines, UNC scientists identified various ways that HER2-positive breast cancer tumors resist therapy, and they discovered a potential combination therapy to overcome multiple mechanisms of resistance and kill cancer cells. ... Full story

Tumor cells that mimic blood vessels could help breast cancer spread to other sites

“Vascular mimicry” observed in mice could be helping tumors evade anti-angiogenesis drugs ... Full story

Breast cancer screening: 90 per cent of all cancers can be detected with MRI

Vienna - Around 90 per cent of all breast cancers can be definitively diagnosed using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This compares to the combined methods of mammography and ultrasound which yielded a detection rate of just 37.5 per cent. This is the key finding of a study published in the highly respected "Journal of Clinical Oncology". The study was carried out at the University Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at the MedUni Vienna in cooperation with the University Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics and the Clinical Institute of Pathology. ... Full story

Penn Study Shows Risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer May Differ By Type of BRCA1, BRCA2 Mutation

Findings May Lead to More Effective Cancer Risk Assessment, Care and Prevention Strategies ... Full story

Income inequality affects who gets an underutilized test for breast cancer

UCLA-led study shows that economic factors may influence the adoption of new technologies ... Full story

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