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The natural chemical that could help cure cancer

A Concordia study unveiled the anti-tumour potential of lithocholic acid ...

Genome Analysis of Cancer Cells: Germany’s Biggest Sequencing Unit Established in Heidelberg

by Sok / Heidelberg - Thorough examination of the genome of cancer cells is essential for a better understanding of the ...

U.S. Spends More on Cancer Care, Saves Fewer Lives than Western Europe

Dartmouth study finds costly U.S. cancer care may provide less value than previously thought ... Full story

MD Anderson Study Shows Why Some Brain Cancers Resist Treatment

Scientists at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center may have discovered why some brain cancer patients develop resistance to standard treatments including radiation and the chemotherapy agent temozolomide. ... Full story

TSRI Scientists Find Clues to Cancer Drug Failure

LA JOLLA, CA – Cancer patients fear the possibility that one day their cells might start rendering many different chemotherapy regimens ineffective. This phenomenon, called multidrug resistance, leads to tumors that defy treatment. ... Full story

Restoring ability to halt cell division may protect lung cells from cancer

Sharon Parmet - Researchers led by a team at the University of Illinois at Chicago, have identified a novel role for a signaling mechanism in lung cells that permanently places them into a state of suspended animation called senescence. Alive but unable to do much of anything, including divide, senescent cells cannot become cancerous. Drugs that can induce senescence through this signaling pathway would represent a new class of chemotherapy. ... Full story

Protein May Be Key to Cancer’s Deadly Resurgences

Tumor recurrence following a period of remission is the main cause of death in cancer. The ability of cancer cells to remain dormant during and following therapy, only to be reactivated at a later time, frequently with greater aggressiveness, is one of the least-understood aspects of the disease. ... Full story

Psychology Has Important Role in Changing Cancer Landscape

Special issue of APA journal reviews psychology’s role in cancer risk reduction, treatment adherence, quality of cancer survivorship ... Full story

Cancer Screening Concerns

Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are much less likely to be screened for colorectal cancer, research shows. ... Full story

Mount Sinai Researchers Find Chemotherapy after Bladder Cancer Surgery Improved Survival

Analysis of More Than 5,000 Patients Presented at 2015 Genitourinary Cancer Symposium ... Full story

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