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Children’s cancer death rates drop by a quarter in 10 years

The rate of children dying from cancer has dropped by 24 per cent in the last decade*, according to new figures published ...

Study tests method to boost immune system response to inoperable cervical cancer

The University of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences, along with the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center at Silver Cross Hospital ...

Illawarra researchers to tackle Motor Neurone Disease with cancer expertise

Researchers receive $100K to develop a novel approach to tackle Motor Neurone Disease. ... Full story

Targeting cancer at its roots: researchers find the shape of DNA can affect the ability of brain tumour cells to grow

TORONTO – Glioblastoma is the most aggressive cancerous brain tumour in adults and remains one of the most difficult of the cancers to treat. ... Full story

New Target Could Eliminate Lurking Cancer Stem Cells

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have identified a novel target that could help to identify ‘cancer stem cells’ while they are in their inactive state. The scientists could then jolt these cells into action so that they could be eliminated by radio or chemotherapeutic approaches. ... Full story

Scientists identify promising new melanoma drug

By Susan Gammon, Ph.D. - A new drug discovered by scientists at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) may show promise for treating skin cancers that are resistant or unresponsive to today’s leading therapies. ... Full story

Scientists Identify Strategy to Prevent Renal Failure, Also Hit on Opportunities to Improve Cancer Treatment

Roswell Park-led team identifies 10 targetable genes linked to acute kidney injury ... Full story

Novel Stem Cell Line Avoids Risk of Introducing Transplanted Tumors

Progenitor cells might eventually be used to repair or rebuild damaged or destroyed organs ... Full story

Without prescription coverage, some cancer patients do without even low-cost, high-benefit drugs

For breast cancer survivors without prescription coverage, even relatively low-cost medicines can be “catastrophic” ... Full story

Brunel toxicologist questions EU report denying cancer risk of weedkiller

Casting a critical eye over EU report into glyphosate, Professor Andreas Kortenkamp ... Full story

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