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Sarcoma Awareness Month – do you know what to look for?

July is Sarcoma Cancer Awareness Month, so the Public Health Agency (PHA) is highlighting the key signs and symptoms of sarcoma cancer ...

Personalized Medicine Meets Thyroid Cancer: Drug Targeting BRAF Mutation Helps Patients

Vemurafenib Elicits a Response in a Third of Advanced Thyroid Cancer Patients with the BRAFV600E Mutation, Penn Study Finds ...

Rice U. study: Texans are no better off in one city versus another for cancer treatment

HOUSTON – Regions in Texas differ widely in adherence to recommended cancer treatment for elderly patients, according to a study by researchers at Rice University and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. ... Full story

Underlying Molecular Networks Suggest New Targets to Combat Brain Cancer

SDSC/UCSD team uncovers signaling links to glioblastoma factor ... Full story

Patch that delivers drug, gene, and light-based therapy to tumor sites shows promising results

In mice, device destroyed colorectal tumors and prevented remission after surgery. ... Full story

Empowering the immune system to fight cancer

By Sylvia Wrobel | Emory Winship A decade ago, there were few effective treatment options for patients with advanced melanoma or lung cancer. That's changing, thanks ... Full story

New review concludes evidence for alcohol causing cancer is strong

University of Otago researcher Professor Jennie Connor’s new review of epidemiological evidence supports a causal association between alcohol consumption and cancers at seven sites in ... Full story

UTA and UT Southwestern partner to improve accuracy of cancer radiation therapy delivery

Researchers at The University of Texas at Arlington and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center are collaborating on two projects to improve the accuracy of the delivery of cancer radiation therapies and minimize the exposure of healthy tissues. ... Full story

Researchers ID Cancer Gene-Drug Combinations Ripe for Precision Medicine

Yeast, human cells and bioinformatics help develop one-two punch approach to personalized cancer therapy ... Full story

Cancer-fighting bacteria

Engineers program E. coli to destroy tumor cells. ... Full story

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