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Fox Chase Study Helps Identify When and How Much Various Prostate Cancer Treatments will Impact Urinary and Sexual Functioning

ASTROSAN FRANCISCO, CA —Men with prostate cancer may one day be able to predict when and how much various treatments will ...

Cancer and the Immune System: A Double-Edged Sword

Cell surface sugars can promote or inhibit cancer depending upon stage ...

Novel Drug Targeting Leukemia Cells Enters Clinical Trial

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have launched a phase 1 human clinical trial to assess the safety and efficacy of a new monoclonal antibody for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), the most common form of blood cancer in adults. ... Full story

New method to increase chance of survival for some cancer patients

Scientists from The University of Manchester have found that offering radiotherapy to patients with small cell lung cancer in addition to chemotherapy improves their chances of survival two years after treatment. ... Full story

Cancer-fighting cocktail demonstrates promising results as new treatment for advanced cervical cancer

DALLAS – Combining a standard chemotherapy drug with a second drug that stops cells from dividing improves both the survival and response rates for those with advanced cervical cancer, a new study by UT Southwestern Medical Center cancer researchers finds. ... Full story

Patients With Head and Neck Cancers Resistant to Cetuximab May Benefit From an Investigational Drug

PHILADELPHIA —The investigational drug alpelisib, previously known as BYL719, was able to overcome head and neck cancer resistance to the anti-EGFR treatment cetuximab, and combining alpelisib with cetuximab was found to be beneficial, according to data from a phase Ib/II trial presented at the AACR special conference Targeting the PI3K-mTOR Network in Cancer, held Sept. 14-17. ... Full story

Epigenetic Drugs: A Hope to Treat Cancer Resistance and Reduce Cancer Relapse?

(Boston)—High school biology taught us that we inherit certain traits from our parents that are pre-determined. But what if you could change how these genes play out by taking certain drugs or better yet, just changing your diet? ... Full story

Location of cancer’s growth affects treatment effectiveness

Future cancer treatments may need to take into account the different locations that a cancer spreads to, because of important differences in the ability of the immune system to clear tumours growing in different parts of the body. ... Full story

“K-to-M” histone mutations: how repressing the repressors may drive tissue-specific cancers

Stowers scientists establish Drosophila and mammalian models to study mutations found in pediatric brain tumors ... Full story

Clinical trials start for treating advanced solid tumours with vaccines made from patient’s own cells

Specialists at the Department of Paediatrics and the Area of Cell Therapy at the University Hospital of Navarra have initiated new treatment with a vaccine made from cells of the patient’s own immune system (dendritic cells). ... Full story

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