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Gene therapy goes global: Portable device could make future cancer, HIV cures affordable

Portable 'gene therapy in a box' could make future cancer, HIV cures affordable in developing countries ...

Paving the Road to Drug Discovery

Cancer is a notoriously difficult disease to treat. Not only do a wide variety of cancers exist, requiring specialized treatments for each ...

Purdue-related startup develops radiation method that could enhance cancer-killing effect of treatment, reduce side effects

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A Purdue-related startup is developing a unique nanoparticle ultraviolet radiation technology that could enhance cancer cell killing effects of radiation treatment, ... Full story

Scientists reveal link between cell metabolism and the spread of cancer

Scientists at VIB and KU Leuven have discovered a crucial factor in the spread of cancer. A team led by professor Massimiliano Mazzone has demonstrated that the metabolism of macrophages, a particular type of white blood cell, can be attuned to prevent the spread of cancer. The key is in making these macrophages more prone to ‘steal’ sugar from the cells forming the tumor’s blood vessels. As a result, these blood vessels will be structured more tightly, which can prevent cancer cells from spreading to other organs. These conclusions are published in the leading scientific journal Cell Metabolism. ... Full story

Roots of resistance to cancer drugs runs deeper than a single gene

By Bill Hathaway (© Searching for more individual genes to predict responses to breast cancer therapy may not work, a new study suggests. Instead, scientists and ... Full story

Sexual pain in women after cancer is common, and too often ignored

Frequently written off as psychological, pain usually amenable to treatment ... Full story

Researchers Describe How Tumors Recruit and Use Stem Cells to Support Tumor Growth and Progression

New Rochelle, NY, October 20, 2016—A new study has identified a mechanism used by tumors to recruit stem cells from bone and convert them into ... Full story

Carbone Cancer Center Finds a New Biomarker for Fatal Brain Cancer

Madison, Wisconsin — A whimsically named gene coding for an ion channel associated with irregular heart rhythm risk may also help predict survival in patients ... Full story

Chemotherapy Drives Treatment Resistance in Bladder Cancer

Urothelial cancer evolves at the genetic level over time and through treatment. These microscopic images show the differences in the number of copies of the ... Full story

U-M researchers will support new ‘liquid biopsy’ Cancer Moonshot initiative

Government, academia, pharma partnership will create open dataset to stimulate translational research ... Full story

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