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New insights on how brain tumours spread and become resistant to therapy

Research teams from Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University have jointly discovered that the usually protective enzyme FBW7 is commonly mutated and inactivated ...

New insights into potent cancer tumour suppressor gene

New insight into the function of a gene important in the suppression of cancer is published today. Researchers at the National University ...

Neutrophils are key to harnessing anti-tumor immune response from radiation therapy, study finds

DALLAS – Combining targeted radiation therapy with a neutrophil stimulant enhances anti-tumor immunity, according to new research into cancer immunology at UT Southwestern Medical Center. ... Full story

Scientists discover interplay of yin-yang antagonists vital for cell division

Although mutated versions of the protein Cdh1 have not been found in cancers, the protein’s degradation at a key moment during the cell cycle may spur on cancerous cell division. ... Full story

At Bat Against Rare Blood Cancers

University of California researchers to hold meeting in San Diego to discuss hematologic malignancies ... Full story

6 little molecules could help stop both Ebola and cancer

School of Medicine researcher Christopher Stroupe has his eye on six little molecules that could be the key to new treatments for both Ebola and cancer. ... Full story

Nanoparticle drug cocktail could help treat lethal cancers

Invention benefits checkpoint blockade immunotherapy ... Full story

Fighting cancer with sticky nanoparticles

Sticky nanoparticles that deliver drugs precisely to their targets — and then stay there — could play a crucial role in fighting ovarian and uterine cancers. ... Full story

Gene therapy technique may help prevent cancer metastasis

Gene-regulating RNA molecules could help treat early-stage breast cancer tumors before they spread. ... Full story

Scientists spot genes that make some sarcomas less aggressive

Rice, Duke team model mechanism that could lead to new approaches against cancer ... Full story

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