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Purdue researchers discover signaling cascade that drives fatty tumors

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - A common cell signaling pathway that controls differentiation of stem cells may also control the formation of tumor ...

Study Finds Potential New Biomarker for Cancer Patient Prognosis

Indicator of chromosomal instability could be used to predict patient response to cancer treatment ...

Continuing the fight against brain cancer

Fundraiser to support research to help defeat cancer suffered by Tragically Hip frontman ... Full story

Molecularly shutting down cancer cachexia

Healthy fat tissue is essential for extended survival in the event of tumor-induced wasting syndrome (cachexia). In Nature Medicine, researchers at Helmholtz Zentrum München show that selective manipulation of an enzyme can stop unwanted metabolic processes. ... Full story

Viral-based therapy for bone cancer

Scientists at Okayama University develop a viral-based technique specific to bone cancer that enhances patients’ sensitivity to chemotherapy. ... Full story

Study finds links between physicians setting cancer care guidelines and drug industry

UNC Lineberger researchers, led by Aaron Mitchell, MD, found a high prevalence of financial relationships among authors who helped develop a leading set of cancer care guidelines in the United States in a study published in JAMA Oncology. They say the work lays the foundation for future studies of whether the payments influenced clinical practice or guideline recommendations. ... Full story

Using light to control genome editing

New technique offers precise manipulation of when and where genes are targeted. ... Full story

Nanofiber scaffolds demonstrate new features in the behaviour of stem and cancer cells

A discovery in the field of biomaterials may open new frontiers in stem and cancer cell manipulation and associated advanced therapy development. ... Full story

Solving the mystery of meningiomas reveals a surprise twist

By Bill Hathaway In solving one mystery — the genetic roots of benign brain tumors called meningiomas — a team of scientists led by Yale researchers ... Full story

6 things men should know about testicular cancer

Testis cancer rates have spiked for Latino men living in Los Angeles County, home to 9 percent of the nation’s Hispanic population ... Full story

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