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Preclinical Study Offers Hope Against Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

Madison, Wisconsin - The same drug that keeps the dentist’s Novocain right where it’s injected soon could help cancer patients keep their ...

TCGA researchers identify four subtypes of stomach cancer

Stomach cancers fall into four distinct molecular subtypes researchers with The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Network have found. In the study, published ...

New view of stomach cancer could hasten better therapies

In a massive effort to catalog the molecular causes of stomach cancer, scientists, including researchers from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, have identified four subtypes of tumors based on shared mutations and other molecular abnormalities. T ... Full story

No increased risk of cancer for children living near Sellafield or Dounreay

Children, teenagers and young adults living near two British nuclear power stations since the 1990s are not at an increased risk of developing cancer, according to a detailed analysis of decades of data by Oxford University researchers. ... Full story

Viral therapy could boost limb-saving cancer treatment

Viruses designed to target and kill cancer cells could boost the effectiveness of chemotherapy to the arms and legs and help avoid amputation, a new study reports. ... Full story

Yale study finds some aggressive tumors silence genes that fight cancer

A study led by Yale Cancer Center may provide clues to how some aggressive cancers turn off, or silence, genes critical to suppressing tumors. The findings, published in the journal Cell Reports, suggest that this gene silencing process could be interrupted to increase the chances that aggressive tumors will respond to treatment. ... Full story

Metabolic Enzyme Stops Progression of Most Common Type of Kidney Cancer

Enzyme Lost in 100 Percent of Tumors Analyzed, Penn Study Finds ... Full story

First study worldwide to show higher concentration of trace elements in bone cancer

Vienna - In a study that is the only one of its kind worldwide, researchers from the MedUni Vienna, the Vienna Technical University and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute have investigated the distribution of trace elements in the tissue of bone tumours. The result: tumour tissue contains higher concentrations of trace elements. This could represent a starting point for the development of targeted therapies for bone cancer. ... Full story

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