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New Biomarker Identifies Colon Cancer Patients Who May Benefit from Chemotherapy

Colon cancer patients lacking the protein CDX2 have a poorer prognosis than patients with CDX2 but in some cases are more likely ...

Neurosurgeons Evaluate Precision Laser Treatment Of Brain Tumors at UC San Diego Health

LAANTERN study shines light on how patients fare after minimally invasive surgery ...

Depression: cancer’s invisible side effect

Three in four depressed cancer patients don’t get enough help; survivors tell what it’s like to slip ‘down the rabbit hole’ — and how to climb back out ... Full story

Study Aims to Resolve How To Manage Pre-Cancers of the Breast

DURHAM, N.C. – The first large U.S. study aimed at resolving an ongoing debate about the best way to treat an early sign of breast cancer will launch later this year under the direction of a Duke Cancer Institute investigator. ... Full story

Protein that switches cancers from inflammation to proliferation identified

Oxford University scientists researching PAD4, a protein that plays a role in the development of inflammatory diseases like arthritis and which is regularly found in cancers have uncovered the protein's role in cancer development. Their results are published online by the journal Science Advances. ... Full story

Researchers discover new way to screen for cancer-killing drugs

A technique called “mito-priming” is the latest method to be developed by researchers in the fight against cancer.Mito-priming ... Full story

Researchers closer to genetic risk test for bowel cancer

University of Melbourne researchers are working to unlock more genetic variants that could predict a person’s risk of developing bowel cancer. ... Full story

When loved ones battle cancer, families head to Web for information more than support

Athens, Ga. - Loved ones of cancer patients are likely to search for further information about the disease online but less inclined to seek emotional support from social media forums, according to a University of Georgia study published recently in the journal Computers, Informatics, Nursing. ... Full story

1 in 7 colorectal cancer patients diagnosed before recommended screening age

Colorectal cancer in younger people linked to more advanced disease but better survival ... Full story

Inspired by nature: Promising new synthetic anticancer agent

by Koh - Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) have succeeded in synthesizing a compound that mimics the three-dimensional structure of a promising anticancer agent called fumagillin. The synthetic substance proved effective in cell culture and was significantly more stable than the natural compound. It will serve as a starting compound that will be further optimized with the goal of developing a drug against cancer and also against obesity. ... Full story

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