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Lung Cancer

Team’s discovery offers new insight on lung cancer risk

Bill Snyder Researchers in the Schools of Medicine and Engineering at Vanderbilt University have discovered a proteomic “signature” from the airways of heavy ...

Lung cancer patients may benefit from delayed chemotherapy after surgery

By Ziba Kashef (© A new Yale study suggests that patients with a common form of lung cancer may still benefit from delayed ...

Blood test could provide cheaper, better way for doctors to manage lung cancer

A technique developed at Stanford for detecting the genetic profiles of tumor cells sifted from the bloodstream could offer a valuable tool for the clinic and the lab. ... Full story

Immunotherapy improves survival in late-stage lung cancer patients

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — A large trial by UC Davis professor David Gandara has found that the immunotherapy atezolizumab was superior to chemotherapy for patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer. ... Full story

Lung cancer: protein as potential tool for predicting survival

Vienna - The biomarker PD-1, a protein, could potentially be used to predict survival or disease-free survival of lung cancer patients who have had the tumour surgically removed. This is substantiated by the results of a study conducted under the direction of the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) of MedUni Vienna and Vienna General Hospital, together with MedUni Graz and the University of Novi Sad. The paper was presented at the 17th World Conference on Lung Cancer, which is currently taking place in Vienna (4 – 7 December). ... Full story

Scientists step closer to halting spread of lung cancer

Scientists at the Universities of York and Texas have found that a component of cancer cells, which acts like a ‘cellular post office’, could be the key to preventing the spread of lung cancer to other parts of the body. ... Full story

Mutant Protein Linked to Spread of Lung Cancer Within the Body

Research Suggests New Treatment Strategy for Deadly Metastatic Cancer ... Full story

Blood test could predict best treatment for lung cancer

A blood test could predict how well small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) patients will respond to treatment, according to new research published in Nature Medicine today. ... Full story

Before a cure, a crusade to stop lung cancer from spreading

The American Cancer Society has reported that lung cancer, which kills more Americans than any other type of cancer, is expected to result in an estimated 158,080 deaths in 2016. ... Full story

Smoking a pack a day for a year causes 150 mutations in lung cells

Scientists have measured the catastrophic genetic damage caused by smoking in different organs of the body and identified several different mechanisms by which tobacco smoking ... Full story

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