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Ovarian Cancer

Scientists find new gene fault behind ovarian cancer

Women who carry an inherited fault in the gene BRIP1 are over three times more likely to develop ovarian cancer than those ...

Novel cause of ovarian cancer drug resistance identified

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientists have shed new light on why some ovarian cancers don’t respond to or learn to evade standard chemotherapy ...

UCLA scientists test new strategy that could help fight ovarian cancer

Approach borrows from technique of inhibiting protein fibers that cause Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases ... Full story

First evidence to suggest that screening for ovarian cancer may save lives

New results from the world’s biggest ovarian cancer screening trial led by UCL suggest that screening based on an annual blood test may help reduce the number of women dying from the disease by around 20%. ... Full story

World’s biggest ovarian cancer trial

First evidence to suggest that screening for ovarian cancer may save lives ... Full story

New lead for ovarian cancer treatment

Despite increasingly advanced treatments, nearly half the women who contract ovarian cancer will die within five years. Chemotherapy drug resistance significantly contributes to the high mortality rate. Understanding the processes that trigger tumor growth allows scientists to find better ways to treat this disease. ... Full story

Study offers insights to how ovarian cancer grows – and potential to stop it

Findings support cancer stem cell model, with exceptions ... Full story

New method enables the early detection of ovarian cancer

(Vienna ) Every year, around 1,000 women in Austria develop the extremely aggressive condition known as ovarian cancer. ... Full story

UGA researchers discover mechanism that could lead to better ovarian cancer treatment

Athens, Ga. - Resistance to chemotherapy is a major problem for those suffering from ovarian cancer—a problem that prevents a cure from a disease dubbed the "silent killer." University of Georgia researchers are giving patients new hope with recent findings that help pinpoint the mechanisms causing chemoresistance. ... Full story

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