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Prostate Cancer

Trial shows benefit of ‘BRCA-targeting’ drug in prostate cancer

Men with prostate cancer benefit from treatment with the pioneering drug olaparib – the first cancer drug to target inherited mutations – ...

Sylvester Researchers Report Prevention of Lethal Prostate Cancer with 4-MU Dietary Supplement

In a groundbreaking laboratory study, a research team at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine ...

Obesity significantly increases prostate cancer risk in African-American men, study finds

First large, prospective study to examine the impact of ‘race effect’ on prostate cancer risk ... Full story

Researchers find protein that may signal more aggressive prostate cancers

ANN ARBOR—University of Michigan researchers have discovered a biomarker that may be a potentially important breakthrough in diagnosing and treating prostate cancer. ... Full story

York scientists lead study on new treatment for prostate cancer

Scientists at the University of York have discovered a potential new treatment for prostate cancer using low temperature plasmas (LTPs). ... Full story

Scientists drill down to genetic root of prostate tumour development

Scientists have revealed the root of prostate cancers in individual men, discovering that despite huge genetic variety between tumours they also share common gene faults – insight that could offer new treatment hopes, according to research published in Nature (link is external) today. ... Full story

Prostate Cancer Research Under Threat - It’s A Bloke Thing Foundation helps keep Brisbane research afloat

Critical prostate cancer research could be under threat with federal funding of the Australian Prostate Cancer Bio-Resource (APCB) set to end in June this year. ... Full story

Study reveals high-cholesterol diet increases spread of prostate cancer

University of Queensland research has shown that a high-cholesterol diet increases the spread of prostate cancer tumours to lymph nodes, lungs and bones. ... Full story

Long-needed answers for prostate cancer patients

Important news for men receiving treatment for prostate cancer: Two new studies from the University of Virginia School of Medicine have upended the widely held view that it’s best to delay radiation treatment as long as possible after the removal of the prostate in order to prevent unwanted side effects. ... Full story

The Best Prostate Cancer Treatment? U.Va. Research Offers Long-Needed Answers

Important news for men receiving treatment for prostate cancer: ... Full story

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