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Prostate Cancer

Men with Low-Risk Prostate Cancer in Active Surveillance Program Not Likely to Succumb to the Disease, Study Shows

Data on long-term outcomes of 1,298 men point to value of surveillance versus surgery or radiation for some, say Johns Hopkins researchers. ...

Prostate cancer - scientists discover why some tumours are resistant to radiotherapy

Scientists at the University of York believe they have identified how some tiny regulatory molecules in cells can make prostate cancers resistant to radiotherapy. ... Full story

Increased Radiation Dose Offers No Survival Benefit for Patients with Low-Risk Prostate Cancer, Penn Study Finds

Increased radiation dose was only associated with higher survival rates in men with more aggressive cancers ... Full story

Sensor technology can improve accuracy of prostate cancer diagnosis

New research has shown how a smart sensor chip, able to pick up on subtle differences in glycoprotein molecules, can improve the accuracy and efficiency of prostate cancer diagnosis. ... Full story

There’s life after prostate cancer

USC doctoral student tests a 15-week workout regimen for men struggling with the dispiriting side effects of treatment ... Full story

First clear evidence of a link between smoking and prostate cancer

(Vienna ) Smoking is a known risk factor for the development of various forms of cancer. However, when it comes to the link between smoking and prostate cancer, the findings of previous studies have been contradictory. ... Full story

Award-winning agent developed for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment

by Koh - Joint Press Release by the German Cancer Research Center and Heidelberg University Hospital ... Full story

Stopping the Spread of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, with over 42,000 new cases diagnosed every year (Source: Prostate Cancer UK). ... Full story

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