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Prostate Cancer

Metastatic Prostate Cancer Cases Skyrocket

Increase may be due to more lax screening or more aggressive disease ...

Study finds differences in care for patients with low-risk prostate cancer based on institution and region

Men with low-risk prostate cancer have a variety of treatment options because of the relatively benign nature of their disease. Among many ...

Familiar history is an important factor for prostate cancer

For the first time, researchers at Umeå University and Lund University have estimated the risk of developing various types of prostate cancer for men with the disease in the family. Men with brothers who have had prostate cancer run twice as high a risk of being diagnosed themselves in comparison to the general population. This according to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. ... Full story

Changes in benign tissue next to prostate tumors may predict biomedical recurrence of cancer, scientists find

CLEVELAND—Changes in benign tissues next to prostate tumors may provide an early warning for patients at higher risk for biochemical recurrence after a radical prostatectomy, a study by researchers at Case Western Reserve University and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions shows. ... Full story

New insights for personalized cancer treatment

Doctors increasingly work with large quantities of digitized patient data – and yet the insights it contains often remain unexploited. Fraunhofer researchers have developed a software program that allows doctors to extract information from multiple patient files to quickly obtain new pointers for the treatment of prostate cancer. ... Full story

Device Registry Required to Determine Efficacy of Newest Prostate Cancer Treatment

Men diagnosed with prostate cancer in the United States now have another treatment option: high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). However, the jury is out in terms of the effectiveness of the treatment, according to Weill Cornell Medicine researchers. In a paper published June 28 in JAMA, they recommend that registries should be created to generate the data and evaluate cancer control and safety. ... Full story

Prognostic factor indicates risk of cancer recurrence following radical prostatectomy

VIENNA - Slightly more than 10% of all patients who undergo successful surgery for prostate cancer have an elevated risk of tumor recurrence afterwards – especially as metastases. Under the microscope, it is possible to identify invasion of the tumour into the lymph and blood vessels, this being the tumour behaviour responsible for the formation of metastases, so that it can be used as a prognostic factor. This has now been demonstrated by Harun Fajkovic of MedUni Vienna's Department of Urology in a study involving 7,000 patients in "Urologic Oncology". Fajkovic will also report on the latest research findings at the largest international congress on prostate cancer "PROSCA", currently taking place in Vienna. ... Full story

Laser ablation becomes increasingly viable treatment for prostate cancer

Prostate cancer patients may soon have a new option to treat their disease: laser heat. UCLA researchers have found that focal laser ablation – the precise application of heat via laser to a tumor – is both feasible and safe in men with intermediate risk prostate cancer. ... Full story

Screening Strategy May Predict Lethal Prostate Cancer Later in Life

Prostate cancer screening with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) has been shown to reduce death and the spread of prostate cancer to other parts of the body, ... Full story

Computational Method Uncovers New Potential Therapeutic Option for Difficult-to-Treat Subtype of Prostate Cancer

The steroid dexamethasone could potentially deter the growth of a prostate cancer subtype that was previously thought to be difficult to treat with medications, Weill Cornell Medicine researchers report. Their findings were published in the June 2 issue of Cell Reports. ... Full story

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