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GPs develop audit to save NHS millions in the battle against skin cancer

The Royal College of General Practitioners is calling for all GPs who carry out practice-based dermatological surgery to record and upload their ...

Scientists learn more about rare skin cancer that killed Bob Marley

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered that acral melanomas – the rare type of skin cancer that caused reggae musician Bob Marley’s ...

How 'wriggling' skin cancer cells go on the move

Scientists at King’s College London have discovered a new way that melanoma skin cancer cells can invade healthy tissue and spread round the body, according to research published in Nature Communications. ... Full story

New Screening Approach Identified Potential Drug Combinations for Difficult-to-treat Forms of Melanoma

PHILADELPHIA — A novel approach to identifying potential anticancer drug combinations revealed that pairing cholesterol-reducing drugs called statins with cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors might provide an effective approach to treating intractable melanomas driven by mutations in the NRAS and KRAS genes. ... Full story

New Device Improves Skin Cancer Detection

AUSTIN, Texas — Researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin have designed an optical device that may reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies by offering a fast, comprehensive, noninvasive and lower-cost solution to detect melanoma and other skin cancer lesions. ... Full story

Donation to champion a new era for advances in melanoma and skin cancers

CEO of Peter Mac Ms DAle Fisher, Mrs Pamela Galli, Prof Grant McArthur, Prof Stephen Smith ... Full story

Study shows that pain and itch may be signs of skin cancer

Asking patients if a suspicious skin lesion is painful or itchy may help doctors decide whether the spot is likely to be cancerous, according to a new study headed by Gil Yosipovitch, chair of the Department of Dermatology and director of the Temple Itch Center at Temple University School of Medicine. ... Full story

How-to skin check video useful for men 50 years or older

A video showing men how to check their skin for melanoma and other skin cancers has proven to be a useful to alert men for the importance of skin checks. ... Full story

Parents don't protect themselves from skin cancer because they're prioritising their children's skin

School’s out for summer and with the increased popularity of the ‘staycation’ parents will be looking forward to spending time outdoors with their children enjoying the Great British summer. ... Full story

Patient Overcomes Advanced Melanoma With Rare IL-2 Treatment

Cosmetic reasons—and a desire to spend the leftover money in her health savings account—were behind Julie Shelton’s decision to remove a mole behind her right leg that she said she "always remembered having.” ... Full story

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