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Skin Cancer

Transplant Recipients More Likely To Develop Aggressive Melanoma

Immunosuppression could be to blame for proliferation of the deadliest form of skin cancer, researchers say ...

New combination treatment effective against melanoma skin metastases

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) - In findings never before seen in melanoma, a novel combination therapy was found to be highly effective at treating ...


An international study led by a QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute scientist and researchers from the Melanoma Genetics Consortium (GenoMEL) has discovered five new gene regions which increase a person’s risk of melanoma. ... Full story

Tel Aviv University Researcher DiscoversTrigger of Deadly Melanoma

Study pinpoints cause of melanoma transformationwithin the epidermis ... Full story

Further evidence of genetic key to deadliest form of skin cancer

University of Leeds experts have uncovered further evidence that protective buffers at the ends of chromosomes - telomeres - are fundamental to the understanding of the deadliest form of skin cancer. ... Full story

Yale study identifies ‘major player’ in skin cancer genes

By Ziba Kashef - A multidisciplinary team at Yale, led by Yale Cancer Center members, has defined a subgroup of genetic mutations that are present in a significant number of melanoma skin cancer cases. Their findings shed light on an important mutation in this deadly disease, and may lead to more targeted anti-cancer therapies. ... Full story

Do phone apps and UV–detecting devices help prevent skin cancer? Join a study to help find out.

Young smartphone-using adults in Brisbane are wanted to join a new QUT research project designed to discover whether or not devices to detect ultraviolet radiation (UVR) and mobile phone apps promoting sun smart behaviour are effective. ... Full story

Skin Cancer Marker Plays Critical Role in Tumor Growth

Found in many types of cancers, keratin 17 was previously thought to be bystander in development of tumors ... Full story

Melanoma mutation rewires cell metabolism

B-raf V600E expression (brown) in melanoma metastasis. The V600E mutation is found in most melanomas, in some colon cancers and thyroid cancers, and in the hairy cell form of leukemia. ... Full story

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