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Surprising findings on deadly diarrhea suggest ways to save children's lives

New research offers unprecedented insights into the causes of childhood diarrhea, the second-leading cause of death of children worldwide, and suggests that ...

Study Demonstrates Feasibility of Therapeutic Gene Delivery for Inherited Retinal Degeneration in Children

New Rochelle, NY, September 26, 2016—Researchers have demonstrated the ability to deliver a fully functional copy of the CLN3 gene to stem ...

Researchers close in on new ways to prevent child tooth decay

Around 2,700 Victorian children aged 0-­6 years are hospitalised each year for preventable dental conditions — most of them requiring treatment of dental decay under general anaesthetic. ... Full story

Kids on farms have lower allergy risks, stronger lungs as adults

Living on a farm in early childhood is linked to a lower risk of allergies in adulthood and stronger lung function in women, according to researchers at the University of Melbourne. ... Full story

Childhood obesity, adult drinking and deaths caused by violence named as top UN challenges

A new study assessing the status of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has revealed that overweight children, adult drinking and death caused by violence continue to be significant hurdles in many nations’ development. ... Full story

Automated screening for childhood communication disorders

Computer system could help identify subtle speech, language disorders in time for early intervention. ... Full story

How to Talk with Kids about Traumatic Events

An expert from Rutgers’ Traumatic Loss Coalitions for Youth discusses warning signs and how to address violence-related fears ... Full story

Feel-good research to help children with altered appearance

In a society that worships the body beautiful, life can be tough for children whose appearance has been altered by burns, trauma, illness or genetic conditions. ... Full story

Vitamin D levels in pregnant women could be linked to some learning disabilities in children

Learning disabilities are more common in children who were conceived between January and March – the time of year when there is insufficient sunlight to produce vitamin D – according to a new study led by the University of Glasgow. ... Full story

Gut bacteria differs in obese youth

By Ziba Kashef (© Obese children and teens have different bacteria living in their digestive tracts than their leaner peers, according to a Yale-led study. The ... Full story

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