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More than 15 million children in high-mortality hotspots in sub-Saharan Africa, researchers find

A new spatial analysis from Stanford shows that progress in combating child mortality has been highly uneven, even within countries where overall ...

Outdoor fungi are associated with childhood asthma hospital admissions

Fungal spores are ever-present in outdoor air, but the types and levels of different species vary depending on the geographic location and ...

Exchanging sedentariness for low-intensity physical activity can prevent weight gain in children

As little as 10 minutes of high-intensity physical activity per day reduces the amount of adipose tissue and enhances cardiorespiratory fitness in 6–8-year-old children, according to a new study from the University of Eastern Finland. The higher the intensity of physical activity, the stronger the association with the amount of adipose tissue. Exchanging sedentary behaviour –mainly sitting – for even low-intensity physical activity reduces the amount of adipose tissue. In order for physical activity to enhance cardiorespiratory fitness, the intensity needs to be at least moderate. ... Full story

GPs need better training to help children affected by domestic violence

Although doctors and nurses are becoming more aware of patients experiencing domestic violence, the needs of children are often ignored, according to new research published today that reveals a lack of training about how to identify and support children exposed to domestic violence. ... Full story

Toddlers’ food fussiness is heavily influenced by genes

Toddlers’ fussy eating habits are mainly the result of genetic influences rather than the result of poor parenting, according to new research led by scientists at UCL. ... Full story

Reviewing the treatment of differences of sex development

The SNSF is providing funding for University Children's Hospital Zurich's scientific review of the treatment of children with differences of sex development (DSD children). ... Full story

Methadone provides pain relief for kids with sickle cell

By Jim Dryden Former study patient Anntenisha Toler speaks with Jennifer Horst, MD, about her battles with pain caused by sickle cell disease. Horst co-authored a ... Full story

Rapid blood test by GPs can rule out serious infections in children

Using a simple decision rule and a finger prick to test blood, GPs could substantially reduce the number of ill children being referred to hospital, if the test is used on children identified as 'at-risk' of a serious infection. ... Full story

Tackling childhood obesity on land and in water

Researchers from Massey University’s College of Health are launching two studies, focusing on understanding how an overweight child moves differently from a child of normal weight. And they’re keen for Kiwi children to help. ... Full story

Childhood Adversity Linked with Shorter Telomeres

Psychological and Social Stress Associated with Health Risks in Adulthood ... Full story

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