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Early intervention makes all the difference, says Rocky mother of child with autism

Julia Ilott said said the Heights College teachers had been willing to learn more about ASD as part of their professional development. ...

World first study reveals antibodies that may trigger psychosis in children

A world first study revealing the presence of two antibodies in a sub-group of children experiencing their first episode of psychosis affirms ...

What makes a child feel unsafe in their neighbourhood?

Differences in the way children and adults perceive the world extend to their sense of safety in their social and physical environments and this in turn can impact their health, say researchers at the University of Montreal and its affiliated Research Centre at CHU Sainte Justine, a children's hospital. ... Full story

Scientists Link Unexplained Childhood Paralysis to Enterovirus D68

UCSF-led Team Rules Out Other Pathogens with Comprehensive Sequencing ... Full story

Autistic Children More Likely to Have GI Issues in Early Life

Large Study Finds GI Symptoms Appear in Infancy and Persist Through Age 3 ... Full story

IQ of Children in Better-Educated Households is Higher, Study of Twins Indicates

Young adults who were raised in educated households develop higher cognitive ability than those who were brought up in less ideal environments, according to a new study of identical twins conducted by researchers at the University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University and Lund University in Sweden. ... Full story

Playground washing only temporary solution to children’s exposure to lead dust

A new study has found that while the washing of playground equipment in mining towns does reduce children’s exposure to dust metals by 55.9%, recontamination occurs within 24 hours. ... Full story

Tips, study info for parents of children with autism and their younger siblings

"Families often worry about their developing infants, and for families raising children with autism, these worries are often elevated," says A.J. Schwichtenberg, an assistant professor of human development and family studies who is leading an ASD Infant Sibling Study. ... Full story

Healthcare a ‘postcode-lottery’ for children with cerebral palsy, new study shows

Children with cerebral palsy face a ‘postcode-lottery’ in the healthcare they receive, new research has revealed. ... Full story

Formula or cow’s milk – what’s really best for toddlers?

UQ needs 80 healthy toddlers from the Brisbane area for study. ... Full story

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