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Women’s professional self-identity impacts on childcare balance, but not men’s

Research shows that a mother’s self-identity impacts on the amount of time she and her partner spends caring for their child. ...

Informal Child Care Significantly Impacts Rural Economies, MU Study Finds

Policymakers can help economy by facilitating increased access to child care in rural areas ...

A Mediterranean-like diet is associated with lower weight in children, but has become less common in the region

A team of researchers from eight European countries have found that a diet that is very similar to the traditional Mediterranean diet is associated with lower body weight and fat percentage in children. ... Full story

Injured Teens Have Same Outcomes at Pediatric and Adult Trauma Centers

CINCINNATI—In the minutes after a traumatic injury involving a teenager, two things may be unclear—the exact age of the patient and the best place to send them: the local pediatric trauma center or the local adult trauma center. ... Full story

Socialization relative strength in fragile X longitudinal study

Standard scores measuring "adaptive behavior" in boys with fragile X syndrome tend to decline during childhood and adolescence, the largest longitudinal study of the inherited disorder to date has found. ... Full story

Engaging neighbourhoods in healthy childhood development

Simon Fraser University in Surrey is collaborating with the United Way of the Lower Mainland (UWLM) and its partners to design an innovative grassroots project. It will foster successful early childhood development right in our backyards. ... Full story

Telemedicine promises to save preemies’ sight at lower cost

SAN ANTONIO -A UT Kids neonatologist at University Hospital participated in a national study that confirmed a potentially blinding disease in premature babies could be identified safely and accurately from many miles away. ... Full story

Preschoolers With Special Needs Benefit From Peers’ Strong Language Skills

The guiding philosophy for educating children with disabilities has been to integrate them as much as possible into a normal classroom environment, with the hope that peers’ skills will help bring them up to speed. ... Full story

Behavior-focused therapies help children with autism: study

Vanderbilt researchers this week reported updated findings regarding the benefits of behavior-focused therapies for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ... Full story

Prevent Tipping Furniture From Injuring or Killing Young Children

WASHINGTON -- The nation's emergency physicians handle tragic situations too often, but few things are more upsetting than the sudden death of a child — killed by a piece of a furniture, appliance or a television falling on them. ... Full story

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