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Parents Feel Racial Socialization May Help Minority Children Succeed in School

UC Riverside-led study identifies racial socialization strategies used by minority parents to support success and resilience in young children ...

Babies Can Think Before They Can Speak

Humans are able to learn abstract relations even before the first year of life ...

Royal Commission into child abuse: Ballarat victims still lack justice

by Judy Courtin - Decades after the crimes, the victims of sexual abuse by clergy in Ballarat continue to suffer at the hands of the Church, the law and the federal parliament, writes Judy Courtin. ... Full story

Beating children leads to a lifetime of underachievement

Children who are beaten by their parents do badly at school, often drop out, and ultimately get lower-paying jobs, according to recent research. The findings are particularly alarming in light of the high levels of child abuse in South Africa. ... Full story

Tackling child abuse in Africa with research and fun

In one of South Africa’s poorest areas, an imaginative new parenting programme is tackling the physical and emotional abuse of children. Oxford University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Andrew Hamilton, travelled to the villages of the Eastern Cape to see the results for himself. ... Full story


Deakin University researcher Dr Tony Chalkley has launched a fundraising campaign for a study into how therapy dogs raise literacy levels among primary school students. ... Full story

Strength-based parenting improves children’s resilience and stress levels

Children can draw on their personal strengths to cope with the demands that lead to stress. ... Full story

Study Shows More Pediatric Patients Being Treated with Proton Therapy

National research led by physician from Scripps Proton Therapy Center ... Full story

Could a new computer programme help your baby stay healthy?

A new computer programme will help health visitors to calculate the likelihood of babies becoming overweight in later life. ... Full story

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