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GPs to be offered training to deal with children affected by domestic violence

A study led by the University of Bristol, in collaboration with University of Central Lancashire, found many GPs and practice nurses are ...

Children suffer terribly from domestic violence, says researcher

Head and brain injuries are infants' most frequent injuries from assault ...

Adopted preschoolers show more empathy when parents are affectionate

ANN ARBOR—Young children whose parents regularly provide warmth and positive reinforcement show more empathy for others and care about following rules, according to a new University of Michigan study examining adoptive families. ... Full story

Falling TVs causing increasing number of severe neck and head injuries in children

By Corinne Ton That - TVs falling onto children are causing an increasing number of severe neck and head injuries, according to a new paper published today in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics. ... Full story

Mind the gap – significant inequality faced by a third of Australian kids

by Marketing and Communications - A Flinders University led survey of 5,400 students in 180 primary and secondary schools across Australia has found that young people from marginalised groups face stark inequality in areas including living conditions, physical health, material wellbeing and their family relationships. ... Full story

NAPLAN fails children with communication impairment

Research from Charles Sturt University (CSU) has shown how children with communication impairments fare far worse in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) than typical children and most have no access to speech pathology services. ... Full story

Therapy Can Prevent Anxiety in Children, Study Says

A woman who won’t drive long distances because she has panic attacks in the car. A man who has contamination fears so intense he cannot bring himself to use public bathrooms. A woman who can’t go to church because she fears enclosed spaces. All of these people have two things in common: they have an anxiety disorder. They’re also parents. ... Full story


Dads who read, draw, do puzzles and other activities are not only helping their children develop motor skills, they may also be shaping their learning ability. ... Full story

Culture during childhood shapes family planning

Women born in Turkey become mothers earlier and more often after migrating to Germany than women born in Germany to Turkish parents ... Full story

Global experts on early years of childhood to propose future strategies

Inaugural Early Start conference examines theme of ‘changing children’s lives. ... Full story

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