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How mothers help children explore right and wrong

Concordia University study shows that parental talks support children’s understanding of their moral experiences ...

Study provides new insight into how toddlers learn verbs

Verbs pose a challenge for toddlers because they describe actions rather than objects ...

New Method of Screening Children for Autism Spectrum Disorders Works at 9 Months Old, Year Sooner than Average Screening Age

Two biomarkers could help predict autism spectrum disorders and other developmental delays ... Full story

Antibiotics Alone are a Successful Treatment for Uncomplicated Acute Appendicitis in Children

Columbus, OH - Using antibiotics alone to treat children with uncomplicated acute appendicitis is a reasonable alternative to surgery that leads to less pain and fewer missed school days, according to a pilot study. The research, led by a team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and published online April 12 in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, is the first prospective study on nonoperative management of acute appendicitis in pediatric patients in the United States. ... Full story

Researchers Identify Children with Emotional Behavior Difficulties

Diagnostic Tool Easily Accessible and Administered by Lay People in South Africa ... Full story

Making a Difference, Every Day ... Preventing Child Abuse Begins with You

Prevent Child Abuse America President and CEO James Hmurovich to speak at Penn State ... Full story

Head injuries can make children loners

Study also suggests potential treatment ... Full story

New drug offers hope for devastating childhood disease

A powerful new drug which could relieve the symptoms of devastating childhood disease Rett syndrome is on the horizon thanks to a funding injection of £180,000. ... Full story

One out of two parents do not see their child´s weight problem

One out of two parents of children with overweight feel that their child's weight is normal. Four out of ten parents of children with overweight or obesity are even worried that their child will get too thin. These are the findings of a European study of parents of more than 16,000 children, including 1,800 children from Sweden. ... Full story

Parents need to be listened to after loss of baby to improve care

An independent study giving a national picture of the NHS care experienced by parents of babies who died before or during birth, or as newborns, has been undertaken by Oxford University researchers, working in conjunction with the charities Sands and Bliss. ... Full story

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