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Child Mortality Falls Worldwide, But Not Fast Enough, Study Finds

Preterm birth complications and pneumonia leading causes of death in children under five; together responsible for 2 million deaths n 2013 ...

Ten year trends reveal more children admitted to intensive care but with lower staffing ratios

More children than ever are being admitted to intensive care units in England and Wales but there are fewer staff per bed ...

Geno Atkins Helps Cincinnati Children’s Increase Sickle Cell Trait Awareness

Effort Part of Sickle Cell Awareness Month in September ... Full story

How to tell if your child has a speech or language impairment

By Dr Elise Baker, Language Pathologist and Lecturer, University of Sydney ... Full story

International collaboration to develop inhaled form of oxytocin to manage bleeding after childbirth in developing countries

An international group of public and private organizations are collaborating to accelerate development of an innovative heat-stable and low-cost inhaled form of oxytocin to manage postpartum hemorrhage in resource-poor settings. ... Full story

Child maltreatment underreported in Medicaid claims, study finds

Brown School’s Raghavan says more data sets need to be examined to determine true scope of problem ... Full story

Online ratings influence parents’ choices of physicians for their children

U-M research shows almost three-quarters of parents aware of physician-rating Web sites, about a quarter have used them to select children’s docs ... Full story

Pack a healthy snack for kids’ best start to school

Health and Social Wellbeing Improvement ... Full story

Kids eat better if their parents went to college

Children whose parents completed some post-secondary education were more likely to eat vegetables during the school week, says a UBC study. Photo: Wikimedia Commons ... Full story

Yes, physically disciplining kids is an act of violence

by Bernadette Saunders - Children endure many forms of violence, from slapping and pushing, to fatal assaults; almost one in five of the world’s homicide victims in 2012 were under 20. ... Full story

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