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Many children and adolescents get too much caffeine from energy drinks

When children aged 10-14 consume energy drinks, one in five consumes too much caffeine. When their caffeine intake from other sources such ...

Child development expert says parents must set the tone when it comes to children's Christmas lists

MANHATTAN — The best gift parents can give their children for Christmas may be helping them understand less can be more, according ...

Domestic abuse may affect children in womb

Domestic violence can affect children even before they’re born, indicates new research by Michigan State University scientists. ... Full story

Are you helping your toddler's aggressive behaviour?

Physical aggression in toddlers has been thought to be associated with the frustration caused by language problems, but a recent study by researchers at the University of Montreal shows that this isn't the case. The researchers did find, however, that parental behaviours may influence the development of an association between the two problems during early childhood. ... Full story

Two – three times higher levels of brominated flame retardants in toddlers compared to their mothers

Toddlers are more exposed to brominated flame retardants (BFRs) at home than their mothers, shows a new doctoral thesis from Stockholm University. ... Full story

Even in Our Digital Age, Early Parental Writing Support Is Key to Children's Literacy

Tel Aviv University study says caregivers should promote correct writing habits among preschoolers ... Full story

Food and education for children living in a Philippines rubbish dump

A chef turned International Studies student has brought food and education to children living in a Philippines rubbish dump. ... Full story

Young adults with ALL benefit from therapies developed for children

Early results of clinical trial presented at American Society of Hematology ... Full story

Victorian Aboriginal Child Mortality data shows long way to go to close the gap

The gap in the Aboriginal infant mortality rate in Victoria is higher than first thought, according to a landmark study undertaken by University of Melbourne researchers. ... Full story

Each dollar spent on kids' nutrition can yield more than $100 later

There are strong economic incentives for governments to invest in early childhood nutrition, reports a new paper from the University of Waterloo and Cornell University. Published for the Copenhagen Consensus Centre, the paper reveals that every dollar spent on nutrition during the first 1,000 days of a child’s life can provide a country up to $166 in future earnings. ... Full story

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