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Society continues to value mothers over women who do not have children, but at what cost?

How are women with no children faring in a society where being a mother, or not, continues to be used as a ...

Hospital records key to preventing child injuries: QUT study

Almost 50 per cent of child injures requiring treatment in emergency departments are linked to consumer products, but a lack of detailed ...

Study shows increase in infant deaths attributed to crib bumpers

Researchers recommend ban on sale of bedding accessory ... Full story

Children hit by their teachers linked with lower test scores later

A new study shows that corporal punishment is still common in countries where it is outlawed, and for the first time using data from low- and middle-income countries researchers have shown a link between schoolchildren experiencing corporal punishment and later test scores. ... Full story

Parents Aiming Too High Can Harm Child's Academic Performance

Aspiration can help academic achievement only if it is realistic, study says ... Full story

Children’s Research Institute identifies emergency response system for blood formation

DALLAS – Scientists at the Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern (CRI) have determined how the body responds during times of emergency when it needs more blood cells. In a study published in Nature, researchers report that when tissue damage occurs, in times of excessive bleeding, or during pregnancy, a secondary, emergency blood-formation system is activated in the spleen. ... Full story

‘Sorry’ Doesn’t Heal Children’s Hurt, But It Mends Relations

Most adults know that a quick apology for a minor transgression, such as bumping into someone, helps maintain social harmony. The bumped-into person feels better, and so does the person who did the bumping. It’s all part of the social norm. ... Full story

Bad for the bone: The toll of childhood chronic disease

A Stanford researcher is working to prevent early osteoporotic fractures in those who have withstood childhood chronic diseases. ... Full story

Kids Meals, Toys, and TV Ads Can Lead to More Frequent Fast Food Visits

Fast food companies advertise children’s meals on TV with ads that feature toy premiums, and it has been suggested that the use of these toy premiums may prompt children to request eating at fast food restaurants. ... Full story

Healthy menu items for kids are a hit, research finds

A new study finds that a healthy children's menu was a success. University at Buffalo researcher Stephanie Anzman-Frasca discusses the results. ... Full story

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