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Cosmetic Lip Surgery May Ease Facial Paralysis, Small Study Suggests

A cosmetic surgery that uses injections of hyaluronic acid to make lips appear fuller could also improve the lives of people with ...

Study Shows Weekend Admissions for Body Contouring Surgical Procedures are More Expensive

Weekday Admissions Associated with More Favorable Outcomes and Shorter Length of Stay and Hospital Charges ...

When Africa smiles thanks to plastic surgery

Upon her arrival at the Mère-Enfant le Luxembourg Hospital in Bamako, little Kadiatou had a severe facial deformity. Her cleft lip ("harelip") is accompanied by a gap in the roof of her mouth under her nostrils (cleft palate), which not only causes eating and speech difficulties, but would also condemn her to hostile looks for the rest of her life. ... Full story

As Fat Grafting Evolves, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Discover That Less Can Be More, It's Not Just For the Breasts and Buttocks and Fat Doesn't Always Act Like Fat

Top-Tier Surgeons of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Discuss New Fat Grafting Techniques, Uses and Combined Procedures to Produce Natural Results ... Full story

Nonsurgical Facelift - Marketing Gimmick or Legitimate Cosmetic Procedure?

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Debate the Validity of the Nonsurgical Facelift and Discuss Best Approaches to Address Facial Aging ... Full story

Botox makes unnerving journey into our nervous system

Research shows Botox travels to our central nervous system ... Full story

Decoding what Other People “See” in Faces After Plastic Surgery

Michael Reilly, MD, freely admits he loves faces. In his first year of medical school at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, he aced head and neck anatomy. “I got the best grade of the whole year in that course,” he says, adding that he is simply a “people person” who loves to communicate with others, “and the face is your window to the world.” ... Full story

Should breast implants come with a health warning?

Newspaper reports suggest that France may be considering health warnings – or even an outright ban – on breast implants, following a cancer scare. Should women be concerned? Dr Suzanne Turner from the Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge, looks at the truth behind the headlines. ... Full story

Breast implants could become safer thanks to cell-friendly surface

Scientists at The University of Manchester have created an enhanced surface for silicone breast implants which could reduce complications and make them less likely to be rejected by the body. ... Full story

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Reports Americans Spent More Than 12 Billion in 2014; Procedures for Men Up 43% Over Five Year Period

NEW YORK, NY – The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) released its complete 18th annual multi-specialty statistical data today showing an aesthetic plastic surgery spend consistent with the figures for 2013, with Americans spending more than 12 billion dollars on surgical and nonsurgical procedures for the second year in a row. ... Full story

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