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A Better Smile with OnabotulinumtoxinA

Study reveals high satisfaction rates with Botox injections for treatment of “gummy smile” ...

Jury Still Out On Facial Exercises as Method for Aesthetic Rejuvenation

First systematic review finds evidence on facial exercises lacking ...

Study Shows Experts' Attitudes Influence What Children Believe

Children are more apt to believe a nice, non-expert according to researchers at UT Dallas. ... Full story

Do Cosmetic Procedures Help Patients Feel Better? Penn Study Finds Limited Evidence that Facial Procedures Improve Quality of Life or Other Psychological Outcomes

Authors Call for Improvement in Methodologies of Future Studies, Particularly for Newer, Non-invasive Procedures ... Full story

Medical Procedure or Commercial Commodity?

Facing the Challenges of Corporate Medicine Business Practices in Plastic Surgery ... Full story

Botox injections not just for cosmetic enhancements

By Evelyne Jhung - In October 2011, Carolea Fox, 70, a retired nurse, got her first injection of Botox at St. Michael’s Hospital and it changed her life. ... Full story

Horrific war injuries spawn radical plastic surgery techniques

Reconstructing Faces: The Art and Wartime Surgery of Gillies, Pickerill, McIndoe and Mowlem tells the story of the four pioneering surgeons involved in ground-breaking work in facial reconstruction during the two world wars. ... Full story

Freezing the Fat Away: Study Suggests Cryolipolysis is Safe and Effective

New York, NY – Since the approval of the first cryolipolysis device in 2010, what have been some of the trends in fat removal through controlled cooling? Have physicians seen the same safety and efficacy in practice as they have in clinical trials? ... Full story

Saint Louis University Hospital Surgeons Perform New Fat Grafting Procedure

ST. LOUIS – Plastic surgeons at Saint Louis University Hospital have a new option to help those with breast reconstruction after cancer – fat grafting using a new technology called Revolve. ... Full story

Under-18 cosmetic surgery laws need stitching up

Laws banning cosmetic surgery for Queensland minors will only be effective if the other states also jump on board, a QUT law lecturer has said. ... Full story

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