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New research delimits the possible causes of celiac disease

The amount of gluten could be a more important clue than breast-feeding or the timing of the introduction of gluten for continued ...

Bile acid uptake inhibitor prevents NASH/fatty liver in mice

Drugs that interfere with bile acid recycling can prevent several aspects of NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis) in mice fed a high-fat diet, scientists ...

Gut pathogens thrive on body's tissue-repair mechanism

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — Why do some foodborne bacteria make us sick? A paper published Sept. 16 in the journal Science has found that pathogens in the ... Full story

Delivering beneficial bacteria to the GI tract

Method that transports microbes through the stomach to the intestine may benefit human health. ... Full story

Discovery offers hope for new Crohn’s disease treatment

Scientists at the University of British Columbia have made a discovery that could potentially lead to treatments for a debilitating complication of Crohn’s disease. ... Full story

Transplants are the only effective treatment for end-stage liver disease

Scarcity of available organs makes the treatment challenging ... Full story

Gaming for gut research

New game advances research into the microbes that play a role in our health ... Full story

You're Not Alone: Solutions for Managing Pelvic Floor Disorders

Hollywood actress Kate Winslet made headlines when she admitted to having occasional urinary incontinence, confessing that “I can’t jump on trampolines anymore; I wet myself,” ... Full story

The world’s largest bacterial study of baby poo

Daily samples of baby poo taken throughout a full year will reveal how the bacterial community changes in the gut of infants. ... Full story

Biotech one step closer to bowel disease treatment

University of Queensland spin-out biotech company Protagonist Therapeutics Inc is a step closer to developing a new drug that would benefit millions of people worldwide. The ... Full story

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