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Magnets Help Cure Chronic Acid Reflux, Only System Locally Offering LINX

Magnets are helping Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center pediatric nephrologist Jens Goebel, MD, and Hoxworth Blood Center clinical lab scientist David Puckett ...

Research shows that magnetic resonance helps to detect and quantify fat in liver

The research has been published in the BMC Medicine journal ...

Keeping the gut barrier intact - The thin line between cell survival and cell death

Researchers at VIB and Ghent University have unraveled the crucial role of a protein (RIPK1) in keeping the gut epithelium intact. The epithelium of the gut plays a critical role in the human body as it allows absorption of nutrients and functions as a barrier to protect our body from intestinal bacteria. ... Full story

UCLA-led study identifies genetic factors involved in pediatric ulcerative colitis

Findings point to novel approaches for prevention and treatment ... Full story

Research explains how cellular guardians of the gut develop

Even the most careful chosen meal can contain surprises. To defend against infectious microbes, viruses or other potential hazards that find their way to the intestines, a dedicated contingent of immune cells keeps watch within the thin layer of tissue that divides the contents of the gut from the body itself. ... Full story

Do Gut Bacteria Rule Our Minds?

In an Ecosystem within Us, Microbes Evolved to Sway Food Choices ... Full story

New Frontiers of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation

Bethesda, MD – Fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) is one of the most innovative new treatments of the 21st century. Experts believe that this procedure, which transplants microbes from one human gut to another through fecal matter, could offer the cure to a vast range of diseases and shed new light on the role of the microbiome in gastrointestinal diseases. ... Full story

Gut microbiota affects intestinal integrity

Bacteria in the gut help the body to digest food, and stimulate the immune system. A PhD project at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, examines whether modulations of the gut bacterial composition affect intestinal integrity, i.e. the ability of the body to maintain a well-regulated barrier function that hinders bacteria from entering the body unintentionally. ... Full story

Gut Microbes Browse Along a Gene Buffet

Collaboration between the host and microbes of the gut is finely tuned ... Full story

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