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The Surface Area of the Digestive Tract "only" as Large as a Studio Apartment

The internal surface area of the gastro-intestinal tract has long been considered to be between 180 and 300 square meters. Scientists at ...

The Color of Poop: Stool Guide, Mobile App to Speed Up Diagnoses of Life-Threatening Liver Condition in Newborns

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center experts urge new parents to pay attention to baby’s poop color ...

Life-style determines gut microbes

An international team of researchers has for the first time deciphered the intestinal bacteria of present-day hunter-gatherers ... Full story

Top 10 Digestive Issues for Women

10. Diet/nutrition issues ... Full story

Broad Institute researchers chart microbial ecosystem of Crohn’s disease

By Veronica Meade-Kelly, Broad Communications - In recent years, there has been a growing awareness that our bodies are not entirely our own: each of us contains a delicate ecosystem comprised not only of human cells, but also trillions of microorganisms – bacteria, viruses, and other assorted “bugs” – that reside in our bodies. ... Full story

A tricky balancing act: antibiotics versus the gut microbiota

Antibiotics are valuable, potentially life-saving tools that have significantly reduced human morbidity and mortality. Unfortunately, antibiotics may also have unintended consequences from their off-target effects that may increase the risk of many long-term conditions. ... Full story

More than just bacteria: the importance of microbial diversity in gut health and disease

The gut microbiota contains a vast number of microorganisms from all three domains of life, including bacteria, archaea and fungi, as well as viruses. These interact in a complex way to contribute towards both health and the development of disease — interactions that are only now being elucidated thanks to the application of advanced DNA sequencing technology in this field. ... Full story

Feeding the gut microbiota: nutrition and probiotics are key factors for digestive health

A healthy and balanced diet, as well as probiotics, have been known to be helpful in preserving gastrointestinal health for quite a long time. But it is only recently that the underlying mechanisms have become somewhat clearer. ... Full story

Cultured Beef, Spicy Drugs and a Journey to the Centre of the Gut

The King’s Festival of Food and Ideas returns on Monday 10 March with a selection of free public events showcasing the various areas of expertise at King’s connected with food. This year the College will also welcome Professor Mark Post, the Team Lead of Cultured Beef at Maastricht University, to speak about his team’s infamous research which led to the creation of the world’s first burger made from lab-grown cells. ... Full story

REACT clinical trial supports new approach of accelerated treatment for Crohn’s disease

The final results from an international clinical trial involving nearly 2,000 patients with Crohn’s disease support the use of a new management strategy referred to as accelerated step-care as a best practice for the care of active Crohn’s disease. ... Full story

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