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Drinking Raw Milk Dramatically Increases Risk for Foodborne Illness, Analysis Finds

Researchers discourage the consumption of raw milk, especially by children, pregnant women and the elderly ...

MSU team publishes findings about backup system that helps sustain liver during crisis

By Evelyn Boswell, MSU News Service - BOZEMAN – Scientists from Montana State University and Sweden have discovered an antioxidant system that ...

Probiotics and Your Health

Probiotics can help maintain good health from head to toe. ... Full story

Loyola gastroenterologists tell you what to know before you get a screening colonoscopy

MAYWOOD, Ill. – Do you know the right questions to ask when getting a screening colonoscopy? Do you know how to make sure you are getting high quality care? ... Full story

New paper examines social effects on the gut microbiome of wild baboons

A new study led by Elizabeth Archie, Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Notre Dame, has found that social interactions have direct effects on the gut microbiome. ... Full story

High-tech gas sensing capsules for better gut health

Researchers have developed high-tech gas sensing capsules that can send data from inside the gut direct to a mobile phone, opening new possibilities for diagnosis, treatment and health analysis. ... Full story

Understanding How the Stomach Responds to Injury Could Help Target Therapy Against Gastric Damage

Bethesda, MD - A better understanding of the stomach’s immune response to Helicobater pylori (H. pylori) infection could lead to new therapies targeting damage in the stomach, report researchers in the March issue of Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology, the basic science journal of the American Gastroenterological Association. ... Full story

Gut microbes targeted for diagnosis, treatment of childhood undernutrition

By Caroline - Arbanas Guided by the immune system, researchers have identified types of gut bacteria in young children in Malawi that are linked to nutritional health and that have diagnostic and therapeutic implications for childhood undernutrition. ... Full story

Loyola gastroenterology team identifies and cures rare swallowing disorder

Diagnosing achalasia usually takes 5 years, says Loyola gastroenterologist ... Full story

In Lab Research, SLU Team Halts NASH Liver Damage

Drug Stops Fatty Liver Disease from Causing Inflammation, Scarring ... Full story

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