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Fighting life-threatening bacteria without antibiotics

Researchers at the University of Bonn and the Technical University of Munich discover the cause of infections in patients with cirrhosis of ...

The colon is defended from bacteria by a self-sacrificing sentinel cell

A lone Sentinel cell monitors and coordinates the defense of the entrance to the colon’s most sensitive parts. The Sentinel cell detects ...

Veggie juice that illuminates the gut

The medical imaging drink, developed to diagnose and treat gastrointestinal illnesses, is made of concentrated chlorophyll, the pigment that makes spinach green ... Full story

Professor’s research demonstrates link between gut bacteria and brain inflammation in chronic liver disease

Jasmohan Bajaj, M.D., associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, had findings from his research on gut bacteria in cirrhosis published recently in the journals Hepatology and Scientific Reports. ... Full story

Is your meal really gluten free?

Portable sensor detects trace amounts of gluten in food at restaurants. ... Full story

Unlocking secrets of the immune system could help combat colitis

Researchers have unlocked secrets of our ancient immune system, a major scientific advance which could help scientists and clinicians in the global fight against disease. ... Full story

Disruption of Intestinal Fungi Leads to Increased Severity of Inflammatory Disease

Fungi that live in a healthy gut may be as important for good health as beneficial intestinal bacteria, according to new research conducted at Weill Cornell Medicine. ... Full story

UNC researchers help create key diagnostic measures for gastrointestinal disorders

UNC School of Medicine faculty members took on critical roles in amending diagnostic criteria questionnaires for functional GI disorders, which affect millions of people worldwide. ... Full story

Childhood antibiotic treatments reduce diversity and stability of intestinal microbiota

Repeated antibiotic treatments administered during early childhood promote the multiplication of antibiotic resistant bacteria. ... Full story

UC Davis study finds antibiotics increase availability of nutrients in the gut, enabling growth of pathogens

SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — Researchled by Andreas Bäumler, professor of medical immunology and microbiology at UC Davis Health System, has identified a new mechanism explaining how antibiotics change the gut microbiota, increasing nutrients that benefit the growth of pathogens, like Salmonella. ... Full story

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