Early detection of allergies – especially in children

(Vienna ) People can become allergically sensitized straight from birth. "Early screening is therefore important to detect allergies early so that steps ...

Food Allergies of Low-Income Kids Are Poorly Managed

Families spend too much on emergency care and lack preventive care ...

Experts call for increased action on protecting those with food allergies

More action needs to be taken in order to better protect people with food allergies. ... Full story

Vitamin D helps reduce childhood allergy rate

Vitamin D supplements during pregnancy and infancy may help to reduce New Zealand’s high childhood allergy rate. ... Full story

Does eczema cause food allergy? A look at the evidence

Eczema (syn. ‘atopic dermatitis’) is one of the commonest skin disorders, affecting approximately 20% of children and 3% of adults. ... Full story


Thanks to an Aussie invention, the world's first gluten-free barley beer will appear today in German supermarkets. ... Full story

Warm Weather is on the Horizon and So Are Allergies

CINCINNATI—Warmer weather has finally arrived in Cincinnati and not far behind comes the coughing, sneezing and wheezing that usually marks the start of allergy season. ... Full story

On the road to allergy prophylaxis

(Vienna ) Researchers of MedUni Vienna succeeded in binding allergens to endogenous, endogenic white blood corpuscles to trigger a tolerance reaction in case of a future, possible contact with the respective allergen. The results in animal models are promising and give rise to hope that it may be possible in future to prevent allergens before they appear - be it by "vaccination" with endogenic cells or other vaccination strategies. ... Full story

Skin tests useless in predicting antibiotic allergies

Skin tests traditionally used to predict allergies to amoxicillin, one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics in children, are ineffective according to a new study led by a team at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) in Montreal. ... Full story

An Off-Switch for Allergy: Starving the Immune System Prevents Allergic Inflammation in the Lung

Starving immune cells of key nutrients stymies their ability to launch an allergic response, according to new research from a multi-institutional collaboration led by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators. ... Full story

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