UTMB study uncovers mechanism responsible for pollen-induced allergies

A new study from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston has uncovered a mechanism that is central to becoming allergic ...

The role of the microbiota in preventing allergies

Neuherberg & Paris - The human body is inhabited by billions of symbiotic bacteria, carrying a diversity that is unique to each ...

What impact do environmental factors have on allergies?

Newly established Mainz Center for Chemical Allergology (MCCA) investigates the chemical basis of allergies ... Full story

ER Visits for Childhood Food Allergy on Rise in Illinois

Visits for anaphylaxis climb 29 percent per year, Hispanic children’s visits up 44 percent per year ... Full story

New Tool to Predict Delayed Allergic Reactions in Children

OTTAWA — Depending on the severity of their initial allergic reaction, children are more likely to have a repeat, delayed anaphylactic reaction from the same allergic cause. ... Full story

Food allergy study at CSU

New research is underway at Charles Sturt University (CSU) into what it is like to live with a food allergy. ... Full story

Allergies : Europe's ragweed pollen counts to quadruple by 2050 ?

Airborne concentrations of common ragweed pollen, a potent allergen, could increase fourfold in Europe by 2050. Researchers believe climate change will be responsible for two thirds of this increase, while the remainder will be due to the plant's spread, as a result of human activity. ... Full story

"Hidden" fragrance compound can cause contact allergy

Linalyl acetate, a fragrance chemical that is one of the main constituents of the essential oil of lavender, is not on the list of allergenic compounds pursuant to the EU Cosmetics Directive. Thus, it does not need to be declared on cosmetic products sold within the EU. Recent studies at the University of Gothenburg have shown that linalyl acetate can cause allergic eczema. ... Full story

U-M allergist: News on asthma and peanut allergies in kids could lead to misdiagnosis, unnecessary testing

Expert from U-M allergy division and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital raises concerns about research findings circulating national, international news ... Full story

The Medical Minute: High pollen levels hitting allergy sufferers hard

Ah, springtime. Sunny days, fresh breezes and everything is in bloom – including seasonal allergies. ... Full story

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