Researchers develop new variety of soybean lacking the proteins that cause allergic reactions

Soy is a legume cultivated worldwide for food and feed, and a well-established dietary source of plant-based protein. ...

Allergies influence the surface of airways

Neuherberg - Scientists of Helmholtz Zentrum München and TU München were able to show for the first time that secreted allergy ...

Holiday Fare May Present Problems for People with Food Allergies

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – During the holidays, the variety and complexity of foods served by friends and relatives can present landmines for people with food allergies. ... Full story

Neurodermatitis genes influence other allergies

There’s a typical "career" for some allergic people, and it starts very early on the skin: babies develop atopic dermatitis, food allergies may follow, then comes asthma and later on hay fever. ... Full story

Is allergy the price we pay for our immunity to parasites?

Proteins superimposedMolecular similarities in food and environmental proteins that cause allergy (such as pollen), and multicellular parasites (such as parasitic worms), have been identified systematically for the first time. ... Full story

Allergic asthma: UFZ researchers identify a key molecule

Allergies are becoming more commonplace, particularly in industrialised countries. In addition to hay fever, allergic asthma is currently considered to be one of the most widespread allergies. ... Full story

Cell Type May Help Explain Why Some People Have Dangerous Food Allergies

CINCINNATI--Researchers have discovered a new cell type that appears to drive life-threatening food allergies and may help explain why some people get severe allergic reactions and others do not. ... Full story

Probiotic formula reverses cow's milk allergies by changing gut bacteria of infants

Infants who developed tolerance to cow's milk allergy showed increase in bacterial strains associated with good health ... Full story

Food in skincare products linked to development of allergies

Firstly goat milk and now oats have been revealed as allergenic ingredients in skin care products in a latest study by Monash University allergy researchers. ... Full story

How to prepare kids with asthma or allergies for the school year

By Corinne Ton That - The remaining days before school are a good time for parents to clear things out of the home, clean their carpets and curtains, and get rid of common household allergens like dust mites and mold. ... Full story

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