Dry roasting could help trigger peanut allergy

Dry roasted peanuts are more likely to trigger an allergy to peanuts than raw peanuts, suggests an Oxford University study involving mice. ...

National study finds fewer food allergies among new immigrants and Canadians with low education

Researchers from the Allergy, Genes and Environment (AllerGen) Network have published the first nationwide study to estimate the prevalence of food allergy ...

Too Many Kids With Asthma, Food Allergies Lack School Emergency Plans

Schools without health plans are unprepared to handle life-threatening emergencies ... Full story

New gluten-free ingredient may cause allergic reaction

MANHATTAN — A popular new ingredient in gluten-free products could be causing an allergic reaction, according to a Kansas State University food safety specialist. ... Full story

Gut bacteria that protect against food allergies identified

Common gut bacteria prevent sensitization to allergens in a mouse model for peanut allergy, paving the way for probiotic therapies to treat food allergies ... Full story

Scientists uncover why major cow milk allergen is actually allergenic

Cow milk allergy occurs in children and in adults. Scientists at Messerli Research Institute at the Vetmeduni Vienna, the Medical University of Vienna, and the University of Vienna investigated what actually makes the milk allergenic. A specific protein in milk known as beta-lactoglobulin is able to initiate an allergy only when being devoid of iron. ... Full story

Food Allergies More Widespread Among Inner-City Children

One in 10 allergic to milk, eggs or peanuts ... Full story

You’re Not Ready for Summer to End, but Ragweed’s Set to Pounce

Get ahead of fall allergies: take meds before ragweed hits ... Full story

Peanuts Don’t Panic Parents as Much as Milk and Eggs

Study shows caregivers’ allergy perceptions not always accurate ... Full story

Researchers create vaccine for dust-mite allergies

Vaccine reduced lung inflammation to allergens in lab and animal tests ... Full story

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