Researchers create vaccine for dust-mite allergies

Vaccine reduced lung inflammation to allergens in lab and animal tests ...

Uncle Ben’s Recall Brings Attention to Gluten Sensitivities

PLAINVIEW, NY – A recent food recall shows how diligent people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities need to be, says a ...

Progress in allergic asthma research after ingestion of fruits

Researchers at the UPM suggest that the interaction between two proteins can be the responsible for the allergic asthma episodes after eating an infected fruit. ... Full story

Study Finds Cause of Mysterious Food Allergy, Suggests New Treatment Strategy

Study pinpoints a molecular cause of cachexia, and hints at a potential treatment ... Full story

Increased diversity of food in the first year of life may help protect against allergies

A broad range of foods in a child’s first year of life may help to prevent the development of allergic diseases. A team of European researchers studied feeding practices by parents in Austria, Finland, France, Germany and Switzerland to measure the diversity of children’s diets against diagnoses of asthma, food allergies and allergic rhinitis. This is the first study that shows an association between increased exposure to certain foods in the first year of life and protection against later development of allergies. ... Full story

New Treatment Option in Development for Individuals with Food Allergy

New Rochelle, NY —For some children an allergic reaction to common foods such as milk, eggs, or peanuts can cause an anaphylactic reaction. At present no effective treatment for food allergy exists, and strict dietary avoidance of known food triggers is the only preventive option available. ... Full story

‘Natural’ moisturisers can cause food allergies

A woman has experienced a life-threating allergic reaction after using a moisturiser with ‘natural’ ingredients. ... Full story

Scientists discover the basis of allergic reactions

The reason why many people are allergic to birch pollen has not been fully clarified yet. It is known that a specific birch pollen protein causes the immune system to overreact. What makes it an allergen has now been discovered by scientists at the Vetmeduni Vienna. ... Full story

Newborns Exposed to Dirt, Dander and Germs May Have Lower Allergy and Asthma Risk

Fast Facts: Newborns exposed to household germs, pet and rodent dander and roach allergens during their first year of life appear to have lower risk of developing asthma and allergies. ... Full story

Early Exposure to Bacteria, Allergens May Protect Children from Allergic Disease

Madison, Wisconsin - Exposure to specific combinations of allergens and bacteria within the first year of life may protect children from wheezing and allergic disease, according to new research led by a group at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. ... Full story

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