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Eating Disorders

Study Finds Surprising Links Between Bullying and Eating Disorders

According to new research from Duke and UNC, both victims of bullying and the bullies themselves could be at risk psychologically for ...

Gut bacteria population, diversity linked to anorexia nervosa

Studying the ‘gut-brain axis,’ UNC researchers find evidence of an association between the gut microbiota and the eating disorder. ...

Mobile app records our erratic eating habits

Salk scientists show how timed feeding could help fight "metabolic jetlag" ... Full story

For teens with bulimia, family-based therapy works best

Recovery from the eating disorder is faster if adolescents receive a treatment that enlists their parents, according to a new study. ... Full story

Bisexual and Questioning Women Have Higher Risk of Eating Disorders Than Straight and Lesbian Peers

Researchers from Drexel University studied the relationship between disordered eating and sexuality among adolescents and young adults. ... Full story

New study to explore possible links between gut bacteria and eating disorders

UNC’s part in the study is led by Dr. Cynthia M. Bulik, Distinguished Professor of Eating Disorders in the Department of Psychiatry in the School of Medicine, a Professor of Nutrition in the Gillings School of Global Public Health, and Founding Director of the UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders. ... Full story

Excessive Workout Supplement Use: An Emerging Eating Disorder in Men?

Nearly 30 percent of gym-goers concerned about their own overuse of these products ... Full story

Researchers shine spotlight on teen eating disorders

Health experts from the University of Sydney will take to the Seymour Centre stage in a unique theatrical collaboration this August aimed at dispelling myths around eating disorders and fad dieting in teenagers. ... Full story

Health check: the science of 'hangry', or why some people get grumpy when they're hungry

By Associate Professor Amanda Salis. First published in The Conversation ... Full story

Bad genes lead teens to binge-eating

Binge-eating in teenagers may be linked to a gene variation, according to new research from the University of Queensland. ... Full story

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