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NIH scientists determine how environment contributes to several human diseases

Using a new imaging technique, National Institutes of Health researchers have found that the biological machinery that builds DNA can insert molecules ...

New national research centre to tackle musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace

A major new research centre to tackle the impact of musculoskeletal disorders on people’s ability to work has been announced by two ...

UCLA researcher pioneers gene therapy cure for ‘Bubble Baby’ disease

Game-changing stem cell treatment to be tested for sickle cell disease next ... Full story

Experts Suggest Single Dose IV Medication as First-Choice Treatment for Paget's Disease

Endocrine Society publishes Clinical Practice Guideline on Rare Bone Condition ... Full story

Coenzyme Q10 Helps Veterans Battle Gulf War Illness Symptoms

Eighty percent of treated veterans improved physical function ... Full story

New Gene Therapy for "Bubble Boy" Disease Appears to be Safe, Effective

PHILADELPHIA — A new form of gene therapy for boys with X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome (SCID-X1), a life-threatening condition also known as “bubble boy” disease, appears to be both effective and safe, according to an international clinical trial with sites in Boston, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, London, and Paris. ... Full story

HEALTH LINE: Thrombosis Shouldn't Be Taken Lightly

CINCINNATI—Venous thromboembolism isn't as well known as stroke or heart attack, but this cardiovascular foe can be just as deadly. ... Full story

Researchers discover potential early-detection biomarker for 'bubble boy' disorder

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Many people recognize “the bubble boy” as an unusual character from a “Seinfeld” episode or a John Travolta movie. ... Full story

New Zealand ahead in self-managing common conditions

New Zealand and the United Kingdom are the most progressive countries for empowering consumers to self-manage common conditions, according to recent research. ... Full story

Cardiorespiratory fitness is often misdiagnosed

A recent study by the University of Eastern Finland shows that scaling maximal oxygen uptake and maximal workload by body weight confounds measures of cardiorespiratory fitness. ... Full story

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