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Are Some People More Likely to Develop Adverse Reactions to Nanoparticle-Based Medicines?

New Rochelle, NY —The complement system, the human body’s first line of defense against blood-borne intruders, is blamed for infusion-related reactions to ...

Raynaud’s phenomenon: Often harmless, sometimes dangerous

(Vienna ) Younger women in particular sometimes complain of noticeably paler fingers or toes when it is cold or when they are ...

1 in 50 16-year-olds affected by chronic fatigue syndrome

In what is believed to be the biggest study of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) – also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) – in children to date, researchers at the University of Bristol have found that almost two per cent of 16-year-olds have CFS lasting more than six months, and nearly three per cent have CFS lasting more than three months (the UK definition). Those with CFS missed, on average, more than half a day of school every week. ... Full story

Cannabis-Based Drug Reduces Seizures in Children With Treatment Resistant Epilepsy

First Study To Examine The Safety And Efficacy Of Cannabidiol For Children ... Full story

Technology transfer success: US approval for bleeding disorder drug

VONVENDI [von Willebrand factor (Recombinant)]”, the new drug from Baxalta Incorporated, a global biopharmaceutical company recently spun off from Baxter International, has just been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It is the first, and so far the only, recombinant protein for the treatment of von Willebrand disease, and offers those affected a new therapeutic option for the first time in more than 10 years. ... Full story

UTSW-led study establishes biomarkers to help diagnose, treat psychosis

DALLAS – In a groundbreaking study led by UT Southwestern Medical Center, a comprehensive set of empirical biomarkers has been established to aid in diagnosis and treatment of psychosis. ... Full story

Stem cell transplantation does not provide significant improvement for Crohn's disease, study finds

A clinical trial to test the effectiveness of a stem cell therapy among adults with difficult to treat Crohn’s disease has found it is not significantly better than conventional treatment in producing sustained disease remission after one year. ... Full story

Link between PCOS in the mother and autism in the child

Children born to mothers with polycystic ovarian syndrome, PCOS, are at an increased risk of developing autism spectrum disorders, according to a new epidemiological study from Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet. ... Full story

Researchers to commercialise specialist treatment for knee damage

Researchers from the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease have been awarded a place on a programme to commercialise a specialist treatment for knee damage. ... Full story

UVA Testing New Treatment for Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

University of Virginia Health System researchers have opened a national clinical trial examining a non-surgical treatment for lower urinary tract symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate. ... Full story

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