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Penn Vet Researchers Identify Effective Treatment for Niemann Pick Type C

Niemann Pick Disease type C, or NPC, is a disease most people have never heard of, affecting just one person in 150,000. ...

Hispanics develop alcoholic liver disease at younger ages than Caucasians or African Americans

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) - Hispanics tend to develop alcoholic liver disease (ALD) – a common cause of liver-disease deaths in the U.S. – ...

Common hip issue in teens misdiagnosed as pulled muscle

Rice University catcher, John Clay Reeves, felt pain in his groin after a collision at the plate with an opposing player. He thought he had pulled a muscle, but it turns out he was suffering from a common condition seen in teens and young adults known as hip impingement. ... Full story

New study reveals crippling financial burden of leprosy

Households affected by leprosy face being pushed further into poverty as a result of loss of earnings and treatment costs, according to the first ever study of the economic burden of a common complication of the disease ... Full story

Gout sufferers are missing out on recommended treatment

Only a minority of gout sufferers in England receive the recommended treatment to cure their condition, according to a new study. ... Full story

Birmingham to lead pioneering study to test new treatment for Sjogren's syndrome

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has today announced the start of the UK’s first commercial trial of a new treatment for Sjogren’s syndrome. ... Full story

Lymphedema home treatment improves outcomes, reduces costs, researchers find

Home therapy helps control symptoms and save on the costs of treating lymphedema, a painful, often debilitating side effect of life-saving cancer treatments, a new study has found. ... Full story

Minute movements of autistic children and their parents provide clue to severity of disorder

INDIANAPOLIS and NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. -- Imperceptible variations in movement patterns among individuals with autism spectrum disorder are important indicators of the severity of the disorder in children and adults, according to a report presented at the 2014 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in November. ... Full story

Electrical Stimulation Could Improve Bladder Function in People with Spinal Cord Injuries

Promising results in rats address major health problem for paralyzed individuals ... Full story

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