Painkiller celecoxib as safe as other prescribed NSAIDS, study finds

A large-scale international study of thousands of arthritis patients has found the risks arising from prescribed use of some of the most ...

Easing Excruciating Facial Nerve Pain

Often called ‘suicidal pain syndrome,’ trigeminal neuralgia causes chronic, debilitating facial pain. A Rutgers neurosurgeon navigates a corridor of the brain to ...

Hospitalized patients often have pain and the bar for women's pain is higher

Hospitalized patients suffer a surprising amount of pain without it receiving attention. In a Sahlgrenska Academy study, two of three patients report that they have been in pain, and the perceived pain is significantly higher than the limit considered acceptable by the medical system. The study also shows that women have to experience more pain than men for the staff to note it in their patient health records. ... Full story

Brain mapping study reveals why blood pressure changes in people with chronic pain

A new study from Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) has uncovered the underlying brain mechanisms that cause some people to experience an increase in blood pressure after being exposed to long-lasting pain, while others experience a decrease in blood pressure. ... Full story

Sleep is key to curing chronic pain

◾Link between chronic pain and lack of sleep identified ◾People with pain who believe they won’t be able to sleep are more likely to suffer from insomnia, thus causing worse pain. ◾Pioneering study could lead to specific cognitive therapy to cure insomnia and treat chronic pain. ... Full story

Link between weather and chronic pain is emerging through an innovative national smartphone research project

Preliminary findings from a mass participation study have indicated a link between weather conditions – specifically rain and lack of sunshine – and chronic pain. ... Full story

Managing the Pain

Believed to be the oldest course of its kind in the world, the Pain Management programme at Cardiff University provides medical professionals with the skills needed to help tackle the global issue of chronic pain management. ... Full story

Compound kills pain as well as morphine but may lack overdose risk

Morphine and similar drugs are the world’s most widely used painkillers. But they’re also dangerous and addictive. A new compound may be able to safely provide the same analgesia as morphine. ... Full story

Treating pain without feeding addiction: Study shows promise of non-drug pain management

Approach could help confront nation’s opioid addiction epidemic ... Full story

Fifteen percent of Medicare patients go home with pain-relieving prescriptions

Hospitals with higher rates of opioid prescription also had the best ratings for pain management, study finds ... Full story

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