Cells carry 'memory' of injury, which could reveal why chronic pain persists

A new study from King’s College London offers clues as to why chronic pain can persist, even when the injury that caused ...

Study Finds Many Patients Abusing Drugs and Alcohol are Self-Medicating Chronic Pain

(Boston)—With opioid addiction and prescription drug abuse considered one of the biggest public health threats of our time in the U.S., many ...

Studying US basket ballers’ knee pain

A research team led by La Trobe University has just received a $200,000 US grant to probe troubling knee conditions that afflict about 40 per cent of all professional basketball players. ... Full story

Brighter prospects for chronic pain

Researchers use optogenetics to produce pain relief by shutting off neurons with light ... Full story

Meaning of brain scans for ‘pain’ called into question

Patterns of brain activity thought to show pain responses have been called into question after researchers from UCL and the University of Reading saw such patterns in rare patients born without a sense of pain. ... Full story

Taking the fight against risky pain pill use to the ER: Study shows promise

Long-lasting effect of motivational interviews in reducing risky opioid use ... Full story

Personalized treatment for chronic pain closer to reality

By Lakshmi Bangalore - Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine and the VA Connecticut Healthcare System have successfully tailored a personalized treatment approach for chronic pain in a severe pain syndrome known as inherited erythromelalgia. ... Full story

Biology researchers find single gatekeeper guarding path to cold-induced pain

Discovery could lead to treatments for some forms of chronic pain stemming from diabetes, chemotherapy and other sources of nerve damage or disease ... Full story

Pain drug in pipeline as researchers unwind marine snail puzzle

A University of Queensland researcher has made a big step toward the holy grail of biomedical science — a new form of effective pain relief. ... Full story

Small Nerve Fibers Defy Neuropathy Conventions

Study suggests even prediabetes may cause nerve damage ... Full story

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