Crossing fingers can reduce feelings of pain

How you feel pain is affected by where sources of pain are in relation to each other, and so crossing your fingers ...

Study identifies smoking, obesity, alcohol abuse and depressive disorders as low back pain risk factors

Monitoring and counseling at-risk patients may prevent and minimize pain, improve life quality ...

Neck pain sufferers urged to "Come fly with me"

Fun virtual-reality goggles that allow patients to fly a digitised plane are being used to combat neck pain. ... Full story

Spinal cord neurons that control pain and itch

The spinal cord transmits pain signals to the brain, where they are consciously perceived. But not all the impulses arrive at their destination: Certain neurons act as checkpoints and determine whether a pain signal is relayed or not. Researchers from UZH identified these neurons and their connections. Moreover, they developed means to specifically activate these neurons, which reduces not only pain – but astonishingly also alleviates itch. ... Full story

UC Researcher Leads Global Program Studying Fibromyalgia Medication

A University of Cincinnati (UC) clinician-researcher is the lead investigator of a phase-3 global clinical program that will evaluate an investigational medication for the treatment of pain associated with fibromyalgia. ... Full story

New analysis of spider venom reveals seven promising compounds with the potential to relieve chronic pain

New research shows that seven compounds of the countless found in spider venom block a key step in the body’s ability to pass pain signals to the brain. The hunt for a medicine based on just one of these compounds, which would open up a new class of potent painkillers, is now a step closer according to new research published in the British Journal of Pharmacology. ... Full story

BMC Engages Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Family and Integrative Medicine to Provide Care for Children with Chronic Pain

Boston, MA – Boston Medical Center (BMC) has opened an interdisciplinary Pediatric Pain Clinic that will help patients and their parents better manage acute, complex and recurrent pain and its lasting effects. ... Full story

Spinal procedure no longer such a pain in the back

by Marketing and Communications Flinders University’s MDPP will design and prototype an instrument to enable bone graft delivery during minimally invasive spinal fusion procedures. ... Full story

Spider venom may have legs as future painkiller

An Australian Tarantula. Credit - Bastian Rast. ... Full story

Seek Relief for Back Pain

free back & neck pain seminar ... Full story

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