Imagining Positive Outcomes May Bring Pleasure Now But Pain Later

Positive fantasies about how future events will turn out can boost your mood in the here and now, but they may actually ...

New treatment gives tendon pain the boot

Re-training the brain with painless exercises may be the key to stopping recurring tendon pain, according to La Trobe researcher Dr Ebonie ...

Brain training to give tendon pain the boot

Forget mind over matter - it's mind over muscle that has the potential to stop recurring tendon pain. Researchers at the Monash University Tendon Research Group have now developed a medication and injection free exercise that can eliminate kneecap tendon pain instantly - and it relies on brain power to do the heavy lifting. ... Full story

Pain management in premature infants linked to impaired brain development

Morphine, a drug commonly used to manage pain in premature babies, is linked to decreased growth in the cerebellum, resulting in both physical and cognitive impairments, a new study by The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and the University of British Columbia (UBC) has found. ... Full story

Even snakes get spinal aches

Even animals that spend all day on their front can have back problems , as the University of Queensland Small Animal Hospital avian and exotics team knows all too well. ... Full story

Hidden and unexplained: feeling the pain of fibromyalgia

By Bernadette Fitzgibbon - For some people, waking up every day means the start of persistent pain that affects their mood, thinking and relationships. This experience is more difficult when the pain doesn’t seem to have a cause; at least not a visible one. ... Full story

UC stretches to uncover an answer on back pain

The majority of Australians will struggle with back pain in their lifetime, but research commencing at the University of Canberra may offer a new solution through Pilates exercise. ... Full story

A broken bone may lead to widespread body pain – not just at the site of the fracture

Breaking a major bone may increase risk of widespread chronic body pain in later life, a new study has found. ... Full story

‘Pill Mill’ Crackdown Linked to Fewer Painkiller Overdose Deaths in Florida

Reducing pill mill operations in the state may have also led to fewer heroin overdose deaths ... Full story

Clinical trial explores new ways to help chronic pain sufferers

Medication normally used to treat depression and anxiety could give new hope to chronic pain suffers. ... Full story

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