SLU Researchers Show that A3 Adenosine Receptor Can Activate “Off Signals” for Pain

Laboratory study turns off pain signal in spinal cord to provide relief from chronic pain ...

Clinical trials begin for drug developed at U-M, licensed to U-M spinoff

ANN ARBOR—For any biotechnology company, getting the first product out of the lab and into patients in a clinical trial is a ...

A hot (and cold) new concept in pain management

By Leslie Shepherd - Forty per cent of lower back pain in active young people is related to non-herniated discs. Surgery isn’t an option for many of them and physiotherapy only eases the symptoms, forcing them to give up a lot of physical activity during some of the most productive years of their lives. ... Full story

Heroin Use Spikes Among Whites Who Abuse Prescription Painkillers

Researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health looked at the frequency of nonmedical prescription opioid use and the risk of heroin-related behaviors and found that past-year heroin use rose among individuals taking opioids like oxycontin, and these increases varied by race and ethnicity. ... Full story

Lower back pain may have ties to our last common ancestor with chimpanzees

A Simon Fraser University researcher has uncovered what may be the first quantified evidence demonstrating a relationship between upright locomotion and spinal health. ... Full story

Rutgers Researchers Uncover Pain-Relief Secrets in Hot Chili Peppers

The workings of the ingredient capsaicin in calming nerves become more clear in a Newark lab. ... Full story

Babies feel pain 'like adults'

The brains of babies 'light up' in a very similar way to adults when exposed to the same painful stimulus, a pioneering Oxford University brain scanning study has discovered. It suggests that babies experience pain much like adults. ... Full story

UHealth Neurosurgeon Relieves Florida Firefighter’s Mysterious Pain

Dan Brooks, an Indian River County firefighter and father of four, is not one to complain easily. Six years ago, he began experiencing pain on the side of his face. At first, it came and went, but over time the searing pain grew more intense and occurred more frequently. ... Full story

Caterpillar fungus could hold the key to relieving the pain of osteoarthritis

A drug from a parasitic mushroom that lives on caterpillars could become an effective new painkiller for people with osteoarthritis within the next six years. ... Full story

UC researcher studying chronic pain

A University of Canterbury researcher who graduates with her PhD this week has been examining how one in six New Zealanders live with chronic pain. ... Full story

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