Chronic low-back pain research standards announced by NIH task force

Better research may help address health issue that affects millions ...

Commonly Prescribed Drug for Lower Back Pain Not Effective

A new study out today in the journal Neurology shows that pregabalin is not effective in controlling the pain associated with lumbar ...

‘Placebo therapy’ ineffective for long-term chronic pain relief

Studies have shown that patients improve with placebo ‘treatment’, and placebo is even discussed as a recommend course of therapy in some cases ... Full story

Baby steps to easing labour pain

Professor Sue Kildea is leading a pain management trial. ... Full story

Why treating shoulder pain in baseball pitchers and other athletes is so difficult

MAYWOOD, Ill. – Despite increasing medical knowledge, treating shoulder pain in baseball pitchers and other throwing athletes remains one of the most challenging tasks in sports medicine. ... Full story

Iowa State veterinary researchers deliver pain medicine to piglets through sow’s milk

These images taken with a thermography camera show a piglet treated with a pain medication on the left and a piglet given a placebo on the right. The piglet on the right displays a cooler cranial temperature. Courtesy of Hans Coetzee. ... Full story

Primary Care Doctors Report Prescribing Fewer Opioids for Pain

Concerns about prescription drug abuse and addiction may affect prescribing habits, survey suggests ... Full story

Salk and Harvard scientists chart spinal circuitry responsible for chronic pain

Findings could lead to new therapeutics for disorders such as fibromyalgia and phantom limb pain ... Full story

Pain and Itch in a Dish

Scripps Research Institute Scientists Convert Human Skin Cells into Sensory Neurons ... Full story

New liver gives mother of three a life without pain

DALLAS – The itching started when Michelle Linss, now 37, was pregnant with her third child. When she told her obstetrician, they thought it was due to the hormonal changes of pregnancy and would resolve following delivery. But the young El Paso woman was still itching a year later, launching a six-year journey of testing and treatment, worry and waiting, finally leading – with the advocacy of a UT Southwestern Medical Center physician – to a liver transplant in August 2014. ... Full story

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