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VCU Health expert discusses the causes of hearing loss and ways to prevent it

The inner ear is no larger than a pencil eraser in circumference and the bones in your ear are the smallest bones ...

Vocal sequences of monkeys, humans follow common pattern

ANN ARBOR—A new study of geladas—a species of monkey living in Ethiopia—has revealed that their long, complex vocal sequences follow a pattern ...

Neglecting your hearing will decrease quality of life.

Hearing loss, while technically not life threatening, does threaten quality of life. The Garvan Research Foundation is using NSW Seniors Festival (1-10 April, 2016) to remind people, of all ages, to prioritise their hearing, as any hearing damage cannot be reversed. ... Full story

More than learning a language, students experience what it means to be deaf

Students in Iowa State University's American Sign Language program test their skills during a visit to the Iowa School for the Deaf. Video by Dave Olson ... Full story

Anticancer Drug Restores Hearing in Some Patients with Neurofibromatosis

Hearing loss reversed in people with neurofibromatosis. ... Full story

New Program Could Improve Hearing Aid Use for Older Adults

Natural selection results in protein sequences that are only soluble to the level that is required to carry out its physiological function. However, in biotechnological applications, we need these proteins to survive concentrations that are up to 1000-fold higher that what naturally occurs, e.g. an antibody drug in the syringe prior to injection. ... Full story

New Program Could Improve Hearing Aid Use for Older Adults

MU researcher develops program to help patients adjust to hearing aids, increase overall use ... Full story

Human sounds convey emotions better than words do

Brain uses “older” systems/structures to preferentially process emotion expressed through vocalizations ... Full story

The FDA engages stakeholders on opportunities to improve hearing aid usage and innovation

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced new efforts to better understand how the agency can appropriately balance patient safety while encouraging advancements in hearing aid technology and access to these devices in the United States. ... Full story

New test could detect early hearing loss in cystic fibrosis patients

Experts in Nottingham are investigating whether a new type of hearing test could successfully detect early hearing loss in people with cystic fibrosis (CF). ... Full story

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