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Loyola otolaryngologist offers tips to treat infants' stuffy noses

MAYWOOD, Ill. – A congested nose can be a common occurrence in babies and children but what is appropriate treatment? ...

Mayo Clinic Q & A: Chronic sinusitis symptoms resemble a cold, but last months

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I’ve had an awful cold for months. My doctor recommends that I be tested for chronic sinusitis. What would ...

Nice to Sniff You: Handshakes May Engage Our Sense of Smell

People sniff their hands twice as much after a handshake, according to a Weizmann Institute study ... Full story

Myelin-maker: How an FDA-approved drug boosts myelin synthesis

The brainstem of a myelin-deficient mouse that received a transplant of human OPCs a few days after birth and was then treated with the drug solifenacin. Daily treatment enhanced the capacity of human cells (labeled in green) to produce myelin (shown in red), which led to improved hearing in the mouse. ... Full story

A Bodyguard for Your Ears

Scientists discover novel pain sensors in inner ear that warn of dangerously loud noise ... Full story

UC audiologist studying ringing in people's ears

A University of Canterbury clinical audiologist is investigating treatments and training approaches to help improve management of hearing loss and tinnitus, which is a ringing in people’s ears. ... Full story

Patient older age not an issue in revision cochlear implantation

Sometimes patients with coclear implants need to have a second or "revision" implantation surgery because of device failure. A new UNC study finds that adults age 65 and older do just as well in speech perception after revision cochlear implantation as those younger than 65. ... Full story

Hearing-Aid Intervention Helps Individuals Gradually Adjust to Devices

Intervention could help stave off depression, improve quality of life ... Full story

MRI scans show why politicians’ lofty statements can fall on deaf ears

New research published in the Journal of Management confirms that unless political leaders can create a sense of community amongst voters, their inspirational messages are likely to fall on deaf ears. ... Full story

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