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Noise sens­it­iv­ity is traced to changes in brain func­tions

The degree to which one is disturbed by noises of everyday life may be related to how the brain processes variations in ...

Longer Use of Pain Relievers Associated With Hearing Loss in Women

As many as two-thirds of women in the United States over the age of 60 have some degree of hearing loss. Using ...

Researchers identify a gen involved in the encoding of sound

Recerca Researchers of the University of Barcelona have found, in humans, a gen involved in sound processing, an essential function for human communication. The study, published ... Full story

Juntendo University research: Stem cells provide sound in vitro models for deafness

A collaboration, including researchers from Juntendo University, demonstrate differentiation from stem cells into specialised cells thought to be the most important therapeutic target for the treatment of hereditary deafness. ... Full story

Patient is ready to hear ‘in stereo’ and help others with hearing loss

By Leha Byrd University Public Affairs 804-828-7028 [email protected]   The national story of a deaf teenager who had his belongings, including a backup battery for a cochlear implant, thrown into ... Full story

Electronic Records Help Link Genes to Age-Related Hearing Loss

UCSF-Kaiser Collaboration Studied More Than 6,000 Cases of Hearing Impairment ... Full story

New research could help build better hearing aids

Scientists at Binghamton University want to improve sensor technology critical to billions of devices made every year. With a three-year, $359,958 grant from the National Science Foundation, they will start by making a high-performance sensor and applying it to hearing aids. ... Full story

Diagnostic tests for sinus infections leave much to be desired, study says

Athens, Ga. — Many patients who see physicians for sinus infections expect to be prescribed an antibiotic, but for the majority of them, that course of treatment won't be effective because their infections aren't caused by bacteria. Unfortunately, there aren't great tools to determine which patients will or won't benefit from antibiotics, and the University of Georgia's Dr. Mark Ebell is determined to change that. ... Full story

Causative gene for sensorineural hearing loss identified

A causative gene for a highly common type of hearing loss (sensorineural hearing loss, or SNHL) has been identified by a group of Japanese researchers, who successfully replicated the condition using a transgenic mouse. This discovery could potentially be used to develop new treatments for hearing loss. The findings were published on October 5 in the online version of EMBO Molecular Medicine. ... Full story

Mother with hearing loss discovers rare tumor, helps pioneer surgery through ear

DALLAS – Ana Placencia stretched in bed after waking up one Saturday morning, when suddenly the hearing in her left ear became muffled. ... Full story

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