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Patient older age not an issue in revision cochlear implantation

Sometimes patients with coclear implants need to have a second or "revision" implantation surgery because of device failure. A new UNC study ...

Hearing-Aid Intervention Helps Individuals Gradually Adjust to Devices

Intervention could help stave off depression, improve quality of life ...

MRI scans show why politicians’ lofty statements can fall on deaf ears

New research published in the Journal of Management confirms that unless political leaders can create a sense of community amongst voters, their inspirational messages are likely to fall on deaf ears. ... Full story

Humans, Sparrows Make Sense of Sounds in Similar Ways

Human language draws on a complex set of cognitive skills -- some of which are also found in songbirds ... Full story

New version of common antibiotic could eliminate risk of hearing loss, study finds

A study in mice has found that a commonly used antibiotic can be modified to eliminate the risk that it will cause hearing loss. ... Full story

Ears and Hearing Effects Continue to Reverberate after Boston Marathon Bombing

Study in the journal Otology & Neurotology shows continued follow up and care of this patient population is warranted ... Full story

C2Hear: new how-to multimedia videos to increase hearing aid use

New hearing aid users who struggle to make the most of their device are to be offered help in the form of an educational programme. ... Full story

Vitamin Supplement Successfully Prevents Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Loss of hearing is linked to a decrease in a critical cellular protein, and elevating the activity of this protein could prevent noise-induced hearing loss, as well as potentially benefiting a host of other aging-related conditions ... Full story

Mucus and phlegm: what you need to know

We tend to notice mucus only when it’s abnormal and the sticky fluid is expelled from orifices. But actually it’s pretty amazing stuff. Every moment of our lives mucus is protecting our internal organs, including the sexual organs and bowels. Here, though, we’ll focus on the airways. ... Full story

National survey to shape the future of hearing loss research

People whose lives have been touched by hearing loss are being offered the opportunity to take part in a national survey that could help to shape the future of research into the condition. ... Full story

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