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Traffic emissions may pollute 1 in 3 Canadian homes

Engineering studies find harmful vehicle emissions spread farther than thought, with variable pollution levels across cities ...

3 Questions: Amanda Giang on controlling mercury pollution in India and China

MIT graduate student studies how a new U.N. treaty could affect mercury emissions from coal power plants in Asia. ...

Combined sewer systems lead to risk of illness after heavy rains

Consumers whose drinking water can be contaminated by the release of untreated wastewater after heavy rains face increased risk for gastrointestinal illness, according to a report in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. ... Full story

Increased Levels of Radon in Pennsylvania Homes Correspond to Onset of Fracking

Levels of radon, a known carcinogen, rising since 2004, around the time that drilling for a new type of natural gas well began ... Full story

Over 95% of medical residues can be purified from wastewater

Improving the efficiency of the current wastewater cleaning process can remove more than 95% of contaminants, such as drug residues and pesticides, from water. These are the findings of research performed at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). ... Full story

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals can Adversely Affect Reproduction of Future Generations of Fish

Findings suggest BPA may have adverse reproductive effects in humans ... Full story

Does chemical exposure in the workplace affect hearing?

One in six Australians record some form of auditory loss. ... Full story

On-board school bus filtration system reduces pollutants by 88 percent

UCLA-developed technology would protect children from harmful exposure ... Full story

High pollution cuts most Indian lives short by three years

By Vicki Eckstrom - India’s air pollution, ranked among the world’s worst, is reducing the life expectancy of over half of the country’s population by more than three years, according to a new study. ... Full story

Researchers show environment can neutralize lethal proteins

Lincoln, Neb - Botching a few folds might transform an origami cow into a deer or sheep. When cellular proteins do the same, they can trigger fatal neurodegenerative diseases that turn the brains of these mammals into dysfunctional sponges. ... Full story

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