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Home is where the microbes are: Home Microbiome Project announces results of study on household microbes

A person’s home is their castle, and they populate it with their own subjects: millions and millions of bacteria. ...

Ibuprofen posing potential threat to fish

Research led by the University of York suggests that many rivers contain levels of ibuprofen that could be adversely affecting fish health. ...

Despite a significant reduction in smog-producing toxins in past decade, GTA still violates Canada’s ozone standards

TORONTO, ON – A new study shows that while the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has significantly reduced some of the toxins that contribute to smog, the city continues to violate the Canada-wide standards for ozone air pollution. ... Full story

Seafood substitutions can expose consumers to unexpectedly high mercury

New measurements from fish purchased at retail seafood counters in 10 different states show the extent to which mislabeling can expose consumers to unexpectedly high levels of mercury, a harmful pollutant. ... Full story

Table salt measures radiation in Fukushima

Ordinary table salt can be used to measure radiation from radioactive substances, provided that it is stored in the dark. This has been shown in a new thesis from Lund University in Sweden, where the method has been enhanced and tested on fallout from the nuclear disasters in Fukushima and Chernobyl. ... Full story

Extremely high mold count triggers dangerous air quality alert

MAYWOOD, Ill. – A dangerous air quality alert was called today due to the extremely high count for mold detected in the Gottlieb Allergy Count. ... Full story

WSU helps predict air quality during smoke season

By Kate Nelson, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture intern ... Full story

Still a Lot to Learn About India’s Deadly Air Pollution

What exactly is the relationship between exposure to air pollution and its effect on human health? How much cleaner would the air have to be to reduce the health burden of dirty air? Can cities be designed so as to minimize the flow of air pollution? ... Full story

Study shows links between city design and health

Compact cities with many intersections healthier ... Full story

Electric bugs used to detect water pollution

Scientists from our Department of Chemical Engineering have developed a low-cost device that could be used in developing countries to monitor the quality of drinking water in real time without costly lab equipment. ... Full story

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