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Exposure to Chemicals Released During Fracking May Harm Fertility

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals linked to altered hormone levels, ovarian development in mice ...

The number of people suffering hay fever from ragweed pollen could double due to climate change

Vienna - Climate change could cause new hay fever misery for millions of people across Europe – according to a new report from the FP7-EU project Atopica. Research published today reveals that the number of people suffering hay fever from ragweed pollen could double in just 35 years. Researchers believe climate change will be responsible for two thirds of this increase. Higher ragweed pollen concentrations and a longer ragweed pollen season may also increase the severity of ragweed symptoms, with populations across most of Europe likely to be affected in the next 35 years. ... Full story

Ocean radiation levels finally returning to normal after Fukushima

Five years after the accident at Fukushima that saw the largest release of nuclear material in the world’s oceans research has shown radiation levels across the Pacific Ocean are rapidly returning to normal. ... Full story

Less arsenic in groundwater

The research in waste technology at Luleå University in a new project to develop sophisticated methods and new technology to clean our groundwater from toxic substances. Small residues include arsenic although other toxins may be in the ground water, process water and soil. ... Full story

Female scientists to sample plastics in all five Great Lakes

ANN ARBOR—Female scientists from the U.S. and Canada will set sail Aug. 20 on all five Great Lakes and connecting waterways to sample plastic debris pollution and to raise public awareness about the issue. ... Full story

Air pollution linked to lung cancer survival time

USC researchers found that survival of patients in areas with high regional pollution was about three years shorter than for those in areas with lower levels of pollution ... Full story

Scientists dig deep to cut mine poisons

Widespread environmental damage caused by toxic chemicals and acid leaching could be a thing of the past if new processing methods under development at Flinders University are scaled up and adopted by miners. ... Full story

How Silicon Protects Against the Toxicity of Aluminium

Aluminium is arguably the planet’s most significant ecotoxin. It is certainly its most abundant being the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. Life ... Full story

Antarctic sea ice may be a source of mercury in Southern Ocean fish and birds

New research has found methylmercury – a potent neurotoxin – in sea ice in the Southern Ocean. ... Full story

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