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Concentration of ragweed pollen increasing in Europe

Climate change would be responsible for two thirds of this increase, the remaining third would be due to the colonization of the ...

Fine Particulate Air Pollution Associated with Increased Risk of Childhood Autism

PITTSBURGH – Exposure to fine particulate air pollution during pregnancy through the first two years of a child’s life may be ...

​Scientists discover tiny microbes with potential to cleanse Singapore’s waterways

7-year study reveals Nature’s way of removing organic pollutants in raw water ... Full story

Research finds link between vitamin E and exposure to air pollution

A new study from The University of Nottingham and King’s College London has found an association between the amount of vitamin E in the body, exposure to particulate pollution and lung function. ... Full story

Link between vitamin E and air pollution

A new study from King’s College London and the University of Nottingham has found an association between the amount of vitamin E in the body, exposure to particulate pollution and lung function. The paper adds to growing evidence from previous studies suggesting that some vitamins may play a role in helping to protect the lungs from air pollution. ... Full story

Researchers Analyze Economic Effects of EPA’s Carbon Emission Guidelines

Researchers in Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering demonstrate in a recent paper that states may not have the incentive to cooperate in reducing carbon emissions from electric power plants, even though such cooperation would lower costs nationwide. ... Full story

Could smell hold the key to ending pesticide use?

University scientists may have uncovered a natural way of avoiding the use of pesticides and help save plants from attack by recreating a natural insect repellent. ... Full story

Traffic emissions may pollute 1 in 3 Canadian homes

Engineering studies find harmful vehicle emissions spread farther than thought, with variable pollution levels across cities ... Full story

3 Questions: Amanda Giang on controlling mercury pollution in India and China

MIT graduate student studies how a new U.N. treaty could affect mercury emissions from coal power plants in Asia. ... Full story

Combined sewer systems lead to risk of illness after heavy rains

Consumers whose drinking water can be contaminated by the release of untreated wastewater after heavy rains face increased risk for gastrointestinal illness, according to a report in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. ... Full story

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