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Worrying traces of resistant bacteria in air

Polluted city air has now been identified as a possible means of transmission for resistant bacteria. Researchers in Gothenburg have shown that ...

Which chemicals are hazardous to reproduction?

Goethe University Frankfurt develops OECD test with the freshwater mudsnail ...

Reducing Exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA) Lowers Levels of This Environmental Estrogen in Women

New Rochelle, NY — Women who avoided foods, cosmetics, and other products packaged in BPA-containing plastic containers for 3 weeks had significant reductions in urinary ... Full story

Longitudinal Study Links Air Pollution With Cardiovascular Disease Risk

By Sarah Plumridge An increased concentration of air pollution within metropolitan areas is associated with progression in coronary calcification and with acceleration of atherosclerosis, according to ... Full story

One hormone to rule them all

Identifying stress hormones in insects can be a step towards environmentally friendly pesticides. Researchers from Stockholm University have discovered that one hormone coordinates the responses to stress in fruit flies. Their study is recently published in the Royal Society journal Open Biology. ... Full story

Pollution Exposure is Higher in City Kids Who Are Active

Increased exposure to pollutants may offset health benefits of regular exercise ... Full story

Study finds pesticide levels in WA breast milk lowest in world

Researchers at The University of Western Australia and Murdoch University have found that levels of pesticides in breast milk have dropped significantly during the past 40 years. ... Full story

Environmentally friendly invention may save soybean industry millions of dollars per year

MANHATTAN — If parasites want to get to soybeans, they'll have to go through Kansas State University researchers first. ... Full story

Bacteria can make underground nuclear waste repositories safer

Naturally occurring bacteria could consume pent-up hydrogen gas in nuclear waste repositories to prevent radioactive leaks, say researchers at EPFL. ... Full story

Surfing the World for Microbes

Doctoral student Cliff Kapono sets out on an adventure to map the surfer microbiome ... Full story

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