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Study: Oil sands operations a major source of air pollution

A new study finds that oil sands operations, a major source of oil production in the last several years, emit very high ...

Antimicrobial resistance in soil and the potential impact on the food chain

New research at the University of Southampton is to investigate if large amounts of antibiotic resistant bacteria are present in agricultural soil ...

Environmental pollution with antibiotics leads to resistance

More and more people are infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria. But how do bacteria become resistant? A doctoral thesis from the Centre for Antibiotic Resistance Research at University of Gothenburg has investigated the role of the environment in the development of antibiotic resistance. ... Full story

Biodiversity Conservation Policies in Tropical Forests Threaten the Livelihood of Indigenous Peoples

A new study of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB) led by Dr Victoria Reyes-García recommends implementing biocultural conservation policies which take into account indigenous societies, their culture and the changes they are facing. ... Full story

Antibiotics and toxic chemicals - economists in new multidisciplinary research on global challenges

Researchers from the Department of Economics were well rewarded in the UGOT Challenges process at the University of Gothenburg. Four out of six new multidisciplinary research centres will involve economists in leading positions and as participating researchers. The centres will share 300 million SEK over the next years starting in 2016. ... Full story

Up to 90% of Drinking Water Contaminants in Ultrasonic Humidifier Aerosols are Inhalable

New Rochelle, NY - A new study of five drinking water samples of different quality shows that ultrasonic humidifiers aerosolize and emit dissolved contaminants that can be inhaled, including minerals and metals. ... Full story

Can eating less meat help reduce climate change?

There are 19 billion chickens on the planet and billions of pigs and cattle. Their effect on producing greenhouse gasses is already greater than all emissions from transport including airplanes. ... Full story

New study uncovers the underlying causes of Delhi’s air pollution problems

A new study “Air Pollution Challenges for developing megacities like Delhi” published today in Atmospheric Environment has described how Delhi suffers a toxic blend of geography, growth, poor energy sources and unfavourable weather that perpetuates and propagates its dangerously high levels of air pollution. ... Full story

Study: Persian Gulf could experience deadly heat

Detailed climate simulation shows a threshold of survivability could be crossed without mitigation measures. ... Full story

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