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Is #TheDress white and gold or blue and black? Rice University expert on visual perception weighs in

HOUSTON – On Feb. 26, a picture of a cocktail dress originally uploaded to the blog Tumblr swept the Internet and ...

Easy on the eyes: How eyelash length keeps your eyes healthy

Study finds that animals and humans have similar lash length ...

"Bionic" Eye Implant Offers Hope of Restoring Vision

It’s a medical story, a science and technology advancement and a romance wrapped into one moment: when a man who is blind sees his wife again for the first time in a decade. ... Full story

Vision loss: New technology = no need for despair

If you or a loved one has vision loss, you might have gotten the wrong message. You might have been told, “There’s nothing more we can do.” ... Full story

New pathways discovered to prevent blindness

Visualisation of the complex wiring of the brain and the associated networks by MRI ... Full story

UH Team Works to Help Patients with Down Syndrome See Better

College of Optometry Researchers Earn $1.67 million from NIH's National Eye Institute ... Full story

Early Retina Cell Changes in Glaucoma Identified

Mouse study points to the specific structural features and cell types in the retina that may act as key factors in glaucoma progression ... Full story

With generic drugs, eye patients are more likely to take medicine as directed, research finds

U-M study examined patient patterns before and after a generic glaucoma drug came to market ... Full story

Steroids can increase the viability of seniors

Older people who receive a small dose of anabolic steroids can become more alert, get better mobility and thereby reduce the risk of falls. Anders Eriksson, senior lecturer in anatomy at Luleå University of Technology, conducted research on anabolic steroids and muscle cells structure. Now he wants to make a drug trial on anabolic steroids. ... Full story

Lower-income Students in China Found to Have Better Vision than Middle-class Peers

Study of 20,000 children shows nearsightedness twice as prevalent in middle-income areas ... Full story

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