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Vitamin D link to short-sightedness ruled out

New findings from the Children of the 90s study at the University of Bristol suggest that children with low levels of vitamin ...

Can patients with Graves disease minimize their risk for developing thyroid eye disease?

Study suggests that use of statins and surgical removal of the thyroid could significantly reduce the risk for thyroid-related eye disease ...

Scientists to identify which genes could trigger glaucoma

Using the latest microarray technologies, scientists will assess over 2000 microRNAs to understand the links to glaucoma ... Full story

Laser pointer eye injury warning

Service Development and Screening ... Full story

MU Scientist Advances the Study of Eye Disease and Aging

K. Krishna Sharma recognized as an AAAS Fellow for contributions to ophthalmology research ... Full story

Patient’s Own Stem Cells Could Clear a Cloudy Cornea, Pitt Team Says

PITTSBURGH – Treating the potentially blinding haze of a scar on the cornea might be as straightforward as growing stem cells from a tiny biopsy of the patient’s undamaged eye and then placing them on the injury site, according to mouse model experiments conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. ... Full story

Top-Selling Eye Vitamins Found Not to Match Scientific Evidence

Research shows that, of 11 popular supplements analyzed, 7 do not adhere to proven formulas; all 11 have misleading claims ... Full story

New therapy holds promise for restoring vision

BERKELEY — A new genetic therapy not only helped blind mice regain enough light sensitivity to distinguish flashing from non-flashing lights, but also restored light response to the retinas of dogs, setting the stage for future clinical trials of the therapy in humans. ... Full story

New technology to enhance TV for colour blind people

Colour blind people could soon be able to see things in television programmes that they could never see before, thanks to research from the University of East Anglia. ... Full story

Cancer-like retina could lead to new treatments

Eye surgeons at the University of Adelaide have discovered that the retina in human eyes uses energy in a very similar way to cancer, which could lead to improved understanding of cancers as well as eye disease such as macular degeneration. ... Full story

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