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Study provides clues to early retinal development

Two related transcription factors are required for proper development of four early retinal cell types, which are integral to normal vision ...

SLU Tests Glaucoma Drug and Weight Loss Combo to Restore Vision in NIH-Funded Trial

Blinding Disorder IIH Affects Overweight Young Women ...

Vision problems in newborns are easily detected — and easily explained to parents — with smartphone app

Device investigated at UB’s Ross Eye Institute allows imaging on a diverse range of patients in clinics and hospitals where conventional imaging is not feasible ... Full story

User-Friendly Electronic “EyeCane” Enhances Navigational Abilities for the Blind

Tactile or Auditory Cues Can Enhance the Mobility of Blind Users, According to Study Published in Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience ... Full story

U of M study: Blind cave fish may provide insight on eye disease and other human health issues

New genetic analysis of the tiny fish could aid research on retinal disease, metabolic disturbance and sleep disorders ... Full story

Could Reading Glasses Soon Be a Thing of the Past?

Implantable eye devices that improve vision up close could soon be a viable alternative for aging eyes in the United States ... Full story

Research Reveals Likelihood and Onset of Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Among Patients with Inflammatory Eye Disease

Largest retrospective study of its kind reveals that nearly 60 percent of patients with both uveitis and MS are diagnosed with each within a 5-year span ... Full story

Tear Duct Implant Effective at Reducing Pain and Inflammation in Cataract Surgery Patients

First-of-its-kind device may solve issue of poor patient compliance with eye drops ... Full story

iPhones for Eye Health: Capturing Ocular Images in Difficult-to-Photograph Patients

Study demonstrates method as viable option for monitoring eye disease in immobile and pediatric patients ... Full story

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