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Arousal exerts an unconscious influence on what we see

A new study from UCL researchers finds that subtle, unconscious increases in arousal – indicated by a faster heartbeat and dilated pupils ...

Positive Clinical Trial Results from Dr. Peter Campochiaro on Gene Transfer to Treat Macular Degeneration

New Rochelle, NY, October 20, 2016—The long-term safety of gene transfer to treat neovascular age-related macular degeneration (NVAMD), and the production of ...

Lessons from India: delivering high-quality, efficient cataract surgery

Kellogg Eye Center publishes an inside look at Aravind Hospital's mission to eliminate blindness ... Full story

Promise of Gene Therapy for Glaucoma Shines Bright in Award-Winning Image

Whether you see the gossamer wings of a butterfly or the delicate opened petals of a flower, there is beauty in the eye of the beholder — a mouse retina described and visually captured by scientists at the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research (NCMIR) at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and Shiley Eye Institute at UC San Diego Health. ... Full story

Cortisol-free rheumatoid arthritis medication also works for rare eye disease

Vienna - A well-known rheumatoid arthritis medication containing the active agent adalimumab, a therapeutic human monoclonal antibody, is also effective for treating non-infectious uveitis, a rare eye disease. This has now been discovered by an international research group, in which MedUni Vienna was also involved with significant participation by Talin Barisani-Asenbauer of the Center for Pathophysiology, Infectiology & Immunology and the Laura Bassi Center at MedUni Vienna. The results of the VISUAL-I study have now been published in the leading journal "New England Journal of Medicine". ... Full story

Culprit identified as a major cause of vision loss

Finding may lead to treatments for retinal diseases including retinitis pigmentosa ... Full story

World first for robot eye operation

University of Oxford surgeons at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital have performed the world's first operation inside the eye using a robot. ... Full story

Not a dry eye in the house

The eye’s lacrimal gland is small but mighty. This gland produces moisture needed to heal eye injuries and clear out harmful dust, bacteria and other invaders. ... Full story

Humira Provides Effective, Non-Steroid Alternative for Eye Inflammation

By Duke Medicine News and Communications Contact: Amara Omeokwe Phone: 919-681-4239 Email: [email protected]:// DURHAM, N.C. -- Patients suffering from noninfectious uveitis, a group of diseases that causes ... Full story

Researchers find new role for cannabinoids in vision

Chemicals found to improve low-light vision of tadpoles by sensitizing retinal cells A multidisciplinary team including researchers from the Montreal Neurological Institute has improved our understanding of how cannabinoids, the active agent in marijuana, affect vision in vertebrates. ... Full story

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