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Improving eye surgery

Device will aid safer, more effective cataract surgery ...

Improving eye surgery

Device will aid safer, more effective cataract surgery ...

Emory Eye Center offers Argus II technology for late-stage retinitis pigmentosa

Emory Eye Center is taking a leading role in providing sight restoration to patients in the Southeast and the country. It joins a handful of eye institutions now offering innovative technology for patients with severe retinitis pigmentosa that allows a previously blind patient to “see.” ... Full story

First Study on Haitian-American Glaucoma Rates Stresses Need for Awareness and Screening to Prevent Vision Loss

Physicians at the University of Miami’s Bascom Palmer Eye Institute and medical students at the Miller School of Medicine have been the first to publish data on the prevalence of glaucoma in the Haitian-American population. Their findings, based on data from 750 participants, show that nearly 26 percent of Haitian-Americans have signs and symptoms for various stages of glaucoma. ... Full story

Center for Retinal and Ocular Therapy at Penn Expands Relationship with Spark Therapeutics to Develop Potential Treatments for Rare, Blinding Conditions

PHILADELPHIA — The University of Pennsylvania has announced an expanded relationship with Spark Therapeutics, a late-stage gene therapy company developing treatments for debilitating, genetic diseases. As part of the expanded relationship, which included both an exclusive license agreement to certain Penn-owned intellectual property rights and a clinical trial agreement, Penn will be one of the clinical sites for a clinical trial to evaluate the treatment of a rare genetic form of progressive blindness. ... Full story

Major cause of blindness linked to calcium deposits in the eye

Microscopic spheres of calcium phosphate have been linked to the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a major cause of blindness, by UCL-led research. ... Full story

Genetic discovery about childhood blindness paves the way for new treatments

Comparing 11 year old Naomi Lalandec genome to others with OMS and Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) uncovered a new gene that is critical for vision. ... Full story

Taking sightlessness for a spin can harm people’s attitudes toward blindness

Using simulation to walk in the shoes of a person who is blind -- such as wearing a blindfold while performing everyday tasks -- has negative effects on people’s perceptions of the visually impaired, according to a University of Colorado Boulder study. ... Full story

The retina changes its „language“ with changing brightness

A study at the University of Tübingen highlights the intricate nature of visual responses – findings may help to improve digital cameras as well as visual prosthetics ... Full story

Genetic discovery about childhood blindness

Dr. Robert Koenekoop, director of the McGill Ocular Genetics Laboratory at The Montreal Children’s Hospital of the MUHC, co-led this research. ... Full story

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