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From retina to cortex: An unexpected division of labor

Neurons in our brain do a remarkable job of translating sensory information into reliable representations of our world that are critical to ...

Experimental advance offers a first glimpse of the biophysics of vision

In a groundbreaking experiment using the world's fastest camera, a team of scientists led by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee documented the fundamental ...

Device worn on eyeglasses offers hope for people with low vision

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — A miniature camera using optical character-recognition technology, mounted onto the eyeglasses of people who are considered legally blind, dramatically improves their ability to read an email, newspaper article, menu or page in a book, a study by researchers with UC Davis Health System has found. ... Full story

Young adults needed for study into impact of Vitamin D on eyesight

Do you live in Brisbane? Are you aged between 18 and 25? If so you’re invited to take part in a QUT study looking at the role vitamin D plays in how accurate our eyes are at focussing near and far. ... Full story

Gene therapy shows long-term benefit for treating rare blindness

Pioneering gene therapy has restored some vision to patients with a rare form of genetic blindness for as long as four years, raising hopes it could be used to cure common causes of vision loss, new University of Oxford research shows. ... Full story

Blind adults’ gestures resemble those of other native speakers

Study shows people gesture as function of learning language itself ... Full story

Purdue EPICS projects help blind, visually impaired students

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. —Blind and visually impaired students are partnering with Purdue University students working on projects through the EPICS program to improve education technology for others. ... Full story

New Research Supports Grapes’ Benefits to Eye Health

Compounds found in grapes may help protect against eye disease, according to new research led by researchers at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. ... Full story

Rescuing human light-sensors in childhood blindness

Scientists at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology have identified the mechanism behind a common inherited cause of severe sight loss in young children. The results also point to a potential new treatment that may be possible to deliver by simple injection to the eye. ... Full story

Blindness therapy comes a step closer following licensing deal with US firm

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, who have a disease that can lead to blindness, could have their sight restored after The University of Manchester entered into a technology license with Seattle-based company Acucela Inc. ... Full story

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