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Nearly 1 in 5 women who undergo hysterectomy may not need the procedure

Study: Hysterectomies are declining overall but alternatives to hysterectomy are still being underutilized ...

Neuroscientist reveals that women crave cigarette more strongly during their periods

The menstrual cycle appears to have an effect on nicotine cravings, according to a new study by Adrianna Mendrek of the University ...

Hot Flashes Linked to Increased Risk of Hip Fracture

Large cohort study reveals association between menopausal symptoms and bone health ... Full story

Enzyme identified which could lead to targeted treatment for PMS

Low doses of fluoxetine – better known as the anti-depressant Prozac – could hold the key to preventing PMS symptoms, an international team of researchers has found. ... Full story

Coeliac disease does not increase clinical consultations for fertility problems

Women with coeliac disease present with fertility problems no more often than women in the general population, a study by researchers at The University of Nottingham has found. ... Full story

Fertility on Ice: What to Consider When Thinking About Egg Freezing

Madison, Wisconsin – Recent news stories have reported that tech giants like Facebook and Apple offer, or soon will begin offering, female employees a unique health care benefit – the company will pay to allow women to freeze their eggs for non-medical reasons. ... Full story

Women's fertility linked to detox element in diet

University of Adelaide research has for the first time shown how much of a critical role the natural antioxidant selenium plays at the earliest stages of a woman's fertility. ... Full story

How Adult Fly Testes Keep From Changing Into Ovaries

New research in flies shows how cells in adult reproductive organs maintain their sexual identity. The study, published online on Nov. 13 in Developmental Cell, also identified a mutation that can switch the cells’ sexual identity. The findings could lead to new insights on how to alter cells for therapeutic purposes. ... Full story

Conference to address female genital mutilation

MMU helps build alliance to expose practice ... Full story

Hot flushes are going unrecognised leaving women vulnerable

Hot flushes are one of the most distressing conditions faced by women who have been treated for breast cancer, but they are not being adequately addressed by healthcare professionals and some women consider giving up their post cancer medication to try and stop them, a new study has shown. ... Full story

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