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Women who enter menopausal transition early should expect symptoms to persist longer

ANN ARBOR—When it comes to their monthly periods, many women might be inclined to say, "Bring on the menopause," once they are ...

Exploring How Women’s Reproductive Health and Mental Health Intersect

Throughout their lives, women’s risk for various mental health problems fluctuates along with reproductive changes, yet research in psychological science seldom investigates ...

When prescribed in small doses and for a short time, HRT is an effective form of treatment, says RCGP

Honorary Treasurer at the RCGP, Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard responds to new research out today from the British Journal of Cancer, on the link between Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and increased risk of breast cancer. ... Full story

Age-Related Infertility May Be Caused By Scarred Ovaries

Women’s inability to produce healthy eggs as they grow older may be caused by ovarian aging ... Full story

Heart disease, stroke risk factors may increase in severity before menopause

•The severity of metabolic syndrome and its 5 risk factors for heart disease, stroke and diabetes may increase more rapidly in the years before, rather than after, menopause. •As women go through menopause, doctors and other care providers can use this “teachable moment” to emphasize the importance of diet and exercise in reducing cardiovascular disease risk. ... Full story

Hysterectomy with ovary conservation doubles odds of hot flushes, night sweats

Research has shown that hysterectomy doubles the odds of a woman enduring persistent hot flushes and night sweats, even if they retain their ovaries. ... Full story

Deactivation of Brain Receptors in Postmenopausal Women May Lead to Lack of Physical Activity

Possible treatments could improve motivation for physical activity. ... Full story

Hot Flash: Women Who Start Menstruation and Menopause Later More Likely to Live to 90

Women with more than 40 reproductive years enjoyed increased odds of living to advanced age ... Full story

Menopause, sleepless nights may make women age faster

Two UCLA studies show menopause, insomnia could increase women’s risk for aging-related diseases ... Full story

Nearly half of women and men do not seek medical help for infertility

 One in eight women and one in ten men have experienced infertility, yet nearly half of them have not sought medical help, according to a ... Full story

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