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Infertility a common problem for Otago-Southland women

Infertility is common amongst women aged 25–50 years in the south of New Zealand and significant health resources go towards helping them ...

New studies question the treatment of female infertility with stem cells

It has been claimed that a treatment for female infertility will be available by stem cell therapy. But a new study by ...

Mitochondrial DNA mutations affect male and female fertility and ageing

Research indicates for the first time that mutations within the DNA sequence of mitochondria impact on the energy producing capacity of these cells, with significant effects on fertility and life expectancy - and remarkably different outcomes for males and females. ... Full story

Maintaining healthy DNA delays menopause

An international study of nearly 70,000 women has identified more than forty regions of the human genome that are involved in governing at what age a woman goes through the menopause. ... Full story

Study finds connection between severe menopausal symptoms and history of recent abuse

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Menopause is associated with many bothersome symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, difficulty with mood, memory or concentration, and changes in sexual function. Mayo Clinic physicians recently released findings from research that demonstrated a connection between the severity of menopausal symptoms and a woman’s recent experience of abuse. ... Full story

New Study in Women’s Health Issues: Health of Postmenopausal Women Veterans

WASHINGTON, DC - A new study using data from the Women's Health Initiative found that risk of all-cause mortality was higher among postmenopausal women veterans than among postmenopausal non-veterans despite similar risk for postmenopausal cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, or hip fractures. The study, "Prospective Analysis of Health and Mortality Risk in Veteran and Non-Veteran Participants in the Women’s Health Initiative," has been published online ahead of print and will appear in the November/December issue of the journal Women's Health Issues. ... Full story

Female genital cutting is based on private values rather than social norms

Worldwide an estimated 125 million girls and women are cut despite the fact that female genital cutting leads to serious health problems throughout life. Development agencies spend millions of dollars every year on interventions promoting the abandonment of cutting. ... Full story

VCU researcher helps to discover a more convenient and efficient treatment for premenstrual dysphoric disorder

Confining antidepressant treatment for premenstrual dysphoric disorder to only the days that women are symptomatic is effective at lessening the condition’s symptoms, according to a collaborative study from researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University, Yale University and Cornell University. ... Full story

The successful ovulation of 100 eggs from 1 female mice

Scientists at Kumamoto University have developed a new method of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation, termed ultra-superovulation, in which ovulation of a very large number of eggs from one female mouse occurs. This development makes it possible to analyze gene function more efficiently through mass production of knockout mice. ... Full story

Women needed for research into post-menopause

A James Cook University researcher is undertaking research into the exercise and lifestyle of post-menopausal women and is seeking participants for her study. ... Full story

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