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Genetics and Birth Defects

Throwing a loop to silence gene expression

Cells attach so-called ‘epigenetic’ signals to their genome to select which part of their genetic information is used. Scientists from the German ...

Cerebral palsy may be hereditary

In the past, researchers believed that most cases of cerebral palsy (CP) were caused by birth-related injury, but a new study shows ...

Mice study shows efficacy of new gene therapy approach for toxin exposures

Therapy effective with botulism, may have applicability to other illnesses ... Full story

How silent genes are activated

DNA methylation is a dynamic and reversible process that governs gene expression during development and disease. Several examples of active DNA demethylation have been documented, involving genome-wide and gene-specific DNA demethylation. How demethylating enzymes are targeted to specific genomic loci remains largely unknown. Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center, DKFZ, Heidelberg, including Ingrid Grummt, ... Full story

Humans, flies, worms: Researchers work to understand gene expression across organisms

A multi-institutional effort to identify how genes are regulated among humans, flies and worms has identified significant similarities and differences among the organisms. ... Full story

Attacking a Rare Disease at its Source With Gene Therapy

Penn proof-of-principle animal study reduces harmful accumulation of proteins in lysosomal storage disease ... Full story

In-Utero Methadone or Subutex Exposure Could Alter Gene Expression, Cause Severe Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

(Boston) – Some infants born with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) secondary to in-utero opioid exposure have a more difficult time going through withdrawal than others, but the underlying reasons are not well understood. ... Full story

More than just X and Y: a new genetic basis for sex determination

Researchers identify microRNAs that differentiate male and female fruit flies ... Full story

A shift in the code: new method reveals hidden genetic landscape

Scientists develop algorithm to uncover genomic insertions and deletions involved in autism, OCD ... Full story

Our genes determine the traces that stress leaves behind on our brains.

(Vienna ) Our individual genetic make-up determines the effect that stress has on our emotional centres. These are the findings of a group of researchers from the MedUni Vienna. Not every individual reacts in the same way to life events that produce the same degree of stress. Some grow as a result of the crisis, whereas others break down and fall ill, for example with depression. The outcome is determined by a complex interaction between depression gene versions and environmental factors. ... Full story

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