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Genetics and Birth Defects

Researchers unravel a link between a genetic mutation and autistic behaviors - and then find a way to undo it

Proteins that regulate actin filaments – essential for neuronal communications – are potential therapeutic targets for autism, UB researchers report ...

Hospice Services Can Better Promote Bereavement Adjustment for Spousal Caregivers - Commentary

Nearly half of all people in the United States who are at the end of their lives receive hospice care, which provides ...

A New Era for Genetic Interpretation

Millions of genetic variants have been discovered over the last 25 years, but interpreting the clinical impact of the differences in a person’s genome remains a major bottleneck in genomic medicine. ... Full story

VCU researchers identify unexpected functions in the determination of height for a gene expressed in sperm

An interdisciplinary research team led by the deans of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Schools of Medicine and Engineering has for the first time explained the association between human height and a specific protein-coding gene that is found in sperm. ... Full story

DNA mutations get harder to hide

Rice University bioengineers develop accurate way to find single-nucleotide variants ... Full story

It runs in the family

Distantly related viruses share a common machinery for replication ... Full story

Yale researchers find human-specific gene that turns back cellular clock

By Bill Hathaway - A colony of embryonic-like cells form after activation of a gene variant only found in humans, essentially reprogramming mature cells. ... Full story

DNA bank holds potential genetic clues about stuttering

UAlberta’s Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research collecting saliva samples to create world’s largest DNA repository of people who stutter ... Full story

Scientists create mice with a major genetic cause of ALS and FTD

NIH-funded study provides new platform for testing treatments for several neurodegenerative disorders ... Full story

The dark side of the 'love hormone'; research points to striking similarities with the effects of alcohol

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have highlighted significant similarities between the behavioural effects of oxytocin and alcohol. ... Full story

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