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New 'systems genetics' study identifies possible target for epilepsy treatment

A single gene that coordinates a network of about 400 genes involved in epilepsy could be a target for new treatments, according ...

Dragnet for epilepsy genes

An international team of researchers with the involvement of the University of Bonn Hospital discovers a central switch ...

Researchers Discover Five Genetic Variants Influencing The Size Of Human Brain Structures

ATLANTA—Five genetic variants that influence the size of structures within the human brain have been discovered by an international team that included a Georgia State University researcher. ... Full story

Scientists find gene vital to central nervous system development

By Julia Evangelou Strait - Scientists have identified a gene that helps regulate how well nerves of the central nervous system are insulated, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis report. ... Full story

Researchers discover genetic variants that alter brain development

Researchers have identified five genetic variants that influence the size of structures within the brain, a discovery that could help determine the genetic processes that underlie neuropsychiatric diseases. ... Full story

New Study Sheds Light on Genetic Mutations in Autism Disorders

Recent research has linked autism with a lack of “pruning” in developing brain connections, but a new study by researchers at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine suggests instead it is the excessive growth of new connections that causes sensory overload in people with the disorder. ... Full story

NIH researchers tackle thorny side of gene therapy

Pre-clinical studies in mice reveal ways to reduce cancer risk with modified treatment ... Full story

Probing the deep history of human genes and language

Brown University evolutionary biologist Sohini Ramachandran has joined with colleagues in publishing a sweeping analysis of genetic and linguistic patterns across the world’s populations. Among the findings is that geographic distance predicts differentiation in both language and genes. ... Full story

‘Molecular scissors’ could prevent genetic diseases before conception

Scientists from our Department of Biology & Biochemistry have developed a new technique that will streamline biomedical research and could in the future prevent genetic diseases before the moment of conception. ... Full story

New genetic clues found in fragile X syndrome

By Julia Evangelou Strait - Scientists have gained new insight into fragile X syndrome — the most common cause of inherited intellectual disability — by studying the case of a person without the disorder, but with two of its classic symptoms. ... Full story

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