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Penn Bioinformatics Profiling Identifies a New Mammalian Clock Gene

"Big Data" Approach Quickens Search for Human Genes Related to Control of Daily Biological Rhythms ...

University of Utah’s New Phevor Software Identifies Disease-Causing Gene Mutations in Three Undiagnosed Children

Study Results Are Published in The American Journal of Human Genetics ...

Diagnosed at Last: Phevor Software IDs Disease-Causing Gene Mutations in 3 Children

(SALT LAKE CITY)–A computational tool developed at the University of Utah (U of U) has successfully identified diseases with unknown gene mutations in three separate cases, U of U researchers and their colleagues report in a new study in The American Journal of Human Genetics. ... Full story

A Gene Within a Gene Contributes to the Aggressiveness of Acute Myeloid Leukemia

High expression of a gene called BAALC is known to be associated with poor survival of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients. BAALC has a second smaller gene embedded within it that is also active in AML. This study shows that, of the two, the smaller gene is the major driver of AML development, and it identifies a drug that might inhibit the smaller gene’s activity. ... Full story

Refining the Language for Chromosomes

Boston, MA - When talking about genetic abnormalities at the DNA level that occur when chromosomes swap, delete or add parts, there is an evolving communication gap both in the science and medical worlds, leading to inconsistencies in clinical and research reports. ... Full story

Feature: Tackling illness in premature babies with genetics and artificial noses

PhD student, Nicholas Ellaby is sequencing bacteria from the samples to try and find clues which point to the prime factors in the gut which cause necrotising enterocolitis (NEC) ... Full story

Genetic Pre-Disposition Toward Exercise and Mental Development May be Linked, MU Study Finds

Active rats showed higher levels of brain development than lazy rats ... Full story

Study Reveals Complex Role of Largely Unknown Mpzl3 Gene

A multidisciplinary study led by Tongyu Cao Wikramanayake, Ph.D., research assistant professor of dermatology and cutaneous surgery, has pinpointed multiple roles of the little-known protein-coding gene Mpzl3 (myelin protein zero-like 3). ... Full story

Gene variant puts women at higher risk of Alzheimer’s than it does men, study finds

BY BRUCE GOLDMAN - Michael Greicius and his team have found that women who carry a copy of a gene variant called ApoE4 have a substantially greater risk of developing Alzheimer's. ... Full story

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