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Geriatrics and Aging

Epigenetic clock predicts life expectancy, UCLA-led study shows

New research shows 5 percent of population ages faster, faces shorter lifespan ...

Acne sufferers' cells may be protected against ageing

Scientists at King’s College London have found that people who have previously suffered from acne are likely to have longer telomeres (the ...

People with intellectual disability taking multiple medicines with side effects

Research from Trinity College Dublin and Aston University, UK finds difference in prescribing practices for older people with intellectual disabilities compared to general population of older adults. ... Full story

Doctors urged to be cautious when treating low testosterone

Doctors have been advised to exercise caution when prescribing testosterone treatment for older men with low testosterone and a history of cardiovascular disease, according to a position statement published today in the Medical Journal of Australia. ... Full story

Graying but Grinning: Despite Physical Ailments, Older Adults Happier

It’s steady improvement, researchers say, and markedly better than mental health of the young ... Full story

Lessons from Aging Chromosomes

In older people, DNA defenders known as telomeres seem to be protected by exercise, helping prolong life ... Full story

Embryonic gene Nanog reverses aging in adult stem cells

The discovery may lead to treatments for atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and other age-related disorders ... Full story

Research note: Yale researchers describe how free radicals contribute to aging

  By Bill Hathaway Aging in part is the result of oxidative damage to proteins caused by free radicals, a byproduct of interaction of our bodies and ... Full story

Early Exclusive Breastfeeding Associated with Longer Telomeres in Latino Preschoolers

UCSF Study also Implicates Soda Consumption in Accelerating Shortening ... Full story

End of life plans added to healthy ageing study

It is 10 years since Massey University researchers launched the first comprehensive survey to find out how well New Zealanders are ageing – now they want the next generation of people aged 55 and over to sign up. ... Full story

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