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Taking multiple medicines could send older Australians into “spiral of decline”

Using multiple medications is an unfortunate reality for many older Australians, however a new Monash University study has found that polypharmacy, which ...

Harbingers of aging

Midlife crisis in the insect world: In a new study, LMU researchers have detected age-dependent alterations in metabolism and gene regulation in ...

Risk-taking propensity changes, especially in young adulthood and in older age

Longitudinal study examines individual and age-related changes in the willingness to take risks in various domains of life ... Full story

Innovation in elder-care on the horizon

When it comes to senior citizens, it can difficult to strike a balance between maintaining an independent lifestyle and ensuring that help will be there when needed. ... Full story

Poverty and hardship increase risk-taking in old age

Study examines link between life circumstances and risk-taking in older people ... Full story

Blocking fat transport linked to longevity

A buildup of the wrong kind of fats can cause cardiovascular disease. A new study in nematode worms and mice also finds that a protein that transports fats around the body can hinder protective processes in cells and affect life span. ... Full story

Lifetime stress accelerates epigenetic aging

Cumulative exposure to stress hormones affects the regulation of genes associated with aging and age-related diseases ... Full story

“Life Expectancy for Those With Intellectual Disability Used to be Nine Years. Today it is 50 and Beyond”

The ageing of people with an intellectual disability is a success story that was celebrated in the inaugural lecture delivered by Professor Mary McCarron, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Trinity College Dublin’s first Professor of Ageing with Disabilities, in Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute last night. ... Full story

Home-delivered meals reduce loneliness, study finds

Results of a randomized, controlled trial provide evidence that seniors who receive meal deliveries at home report significantly less loneliness than those who do not. ... Full story

Older people would be willing to boost bone strength by giving jumping exercises a try

Older people would be willing to increase their bone strength in later life by doing exercises including jumping and hopping, new research from Bristol University has found. ... Full story

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