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Opinion ASPC: Caught in an intergenerational squeeze, grandparents juggle work and childcare

An over reliance on grandparents to help care for young children is exposing weaknesses in Australia's current labour market and childcare policies, ...

Mobile robots could help the elderly live fuller lives

Mobile service robots developed by computer scientists at the University of Lincoln, UK, could soon be helping elderly people stay independent and ...

Active senior travellers have different approaches to technology

Are you an Adventurous Experimenter, a Meticulous Researcher or a Fumbling Observer? These are the three groups active senior travellers can be divided into on the basis of how they use tourism-related information and communication technology, according to a recent University of Eastern Finland and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences study. ... Full story

LGBT experience of dementia and ageing

A La Trobe University study documenting the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people (LGBT) with dementia shows many fear inadvertent disclosure of their sexuality or gender as the disease progresses. ... Full story

Not all organs age alike

Study shows first comprehensive view of how proteins age in different organs ... Full story

Researchers Develop Data-Driven Framework to Evaluate Availability of Hospital Services for Older Adults

Findings show “mismatch” between hospital services offered, and growing needs of older adult populations ... Full story

Researchers develop novel test which can tell how well a person is ageing

A new molecular test, which can indicate how well a person is ageing, could transform the way ageing is approached in medical research by assessing a person’s ‘biological age’ rather than the number of years they have lived. ... Full story

NIH study finds calorie restriction lowers some risk factors for age-related diseases

Two-year trial did not produce expected metabolic changes, but influenced other life span markers ... Full story

Drastically cutting calories lowers some risk factors for age-related diseases​​

Two-year study finds no changes in metabolic markers linked to longevity ... Full story

New anti-aging tricks from dietary supplement seen in mice

Shortened telomeres, the protective caps at the ends of chromosomes, are both a sign of aging and contribute to it. Image from NIGMS. ... Full story

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