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Ageing with dignity is a basic right

Recently, a close friend observed a proud and dignified elderly woman in care request a trip to the bathroom, only to be ...

New methods to combat cell damage that accumulates with age

Mitochondrial DNA discoveries by UCLA and Caltech scientists may help to prevent or delay onset of age-related diseases ...

New research clarifies why wounds heal more slowly with age

  Acting older: Five days after an injury to young mouse skin (blue), new skin cells (green) fill the wound (top). When researchers turned down expression ... Full story

Fish oil supplements may improve muscle function in older women

Taking omega-3 supplements could improve muscle function in older women, potentially increasing their quality of life into old age and preventing unnecessary falls and loss of independence. ... Full story

Study reveals cannabis users age faster

A study carried out by researchers from The University of Western Australia has found significant detrimental effects to the vascular system from smoking cannabis, including early ageing. ... Full story

Researchers Identify Group of Brain Structural Networks Linked to Loss of Cognitive Function

New Rochelle, NY — The decreased expression of some structural covariance networks (SCNs) in the brain is associated with advancing age, whereas other networks are ... Full story

Natural compound reduces signs of aging in healthy mice

Safety of NMN being tested in small clinical trial in Japan ... Full story

Boosting levels of known antioxidant may help resist age-related decline

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Researchers at Oregon State University have found that a specific detoxification compound, glutathione, helps resist the toxic stresses of everyday life – but its levels decline with age and this sets the stage for a wide range of age-related health problems. ... Full story

Research hits the sweet spot for healthy brains

The University of Queensland has launched a world-first clinical trial to determine the exact amount of exercise which can reverse the effects of ageing on the brain. ... Full story

Life expectancy rises 10 years across globe, but more suffer in old age

Reported in the Guardian : Life expectancy has increased by 10 years across the globe in the past 35 years, thanks in part to efforts ... Full story

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