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Study on Anti-Aging Compounds Suggests Strategy for Reducing Undesirable Side Effects

Madison, Wisconsin - Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have published research that they hope will lead to renewed interest in using ...

Urine analysis could help to slow age-related diseases

University of Glasgow researchers have made a major contribution to the biggest-ever study of the molecular mechanisms underlying the ageing process. ...

Determining Accurate Life Expectancy of Older Adults Requires Provider, Patient Discussion

Health care providers must have detailed discussions with their older adult patients to better determine their true life expectancy, as older adults do not accurately predict their own prognosis, a key factor in making decisions about future health interventions, according to researchers at UC San Francisco and San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center. ... Full story

Socializing helps elderly modify interactions

ANN ARBOR—Despite the stereotype that older adults often ramble or talk off topic, seniors who enjoy socializing are able to adapt their conversations to a listener's age, says a University of Michigan researcher. ... Full story

Informal flexible working good for older employees

Smaller firms may not need a set HR policy ... Full story

Living to 90 and beyond: what do we know about the health of very elderly Australians?

With future Australians expected to live well into their 90s, Deakin University researchers have questioned if we really have our finger on the pulse of the health needs of this growing generation of very elderly people. ... Full story

Opinion ASPC: Caught in an intergenerational squeeze, grandparents juggle work and childcare

An over reliance on grandparents to help care for young children is exposing weaknesses in Australia's current labour market and childcare policies, argues Myra Hamilton. ... Full story

Mobile robots could help the elderly live fuller lives

Mobile service robots developed by computer scientists at the University of Lincoln, UK, could soon be helping elderly people stay independent and active for longer. ... Full story

Active senior travellers have different approaches to technology

Are you an Adventurous Experimenter, a Meticulous Researcher or a Fumbling Observer? These are the three groups active senior travellers can be divided into on the basis of how they use tourism-related information and communication technology, according to a recent University of Eastern Finland and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences study. ... Full story

LGBT experience of dementia and ageing

A La Trobe University study documenting the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people (LGBT) with dementia shows many fear inadvertent disclosure of their sexuality or gender as the disease progresses. ... Full story

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