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Manchester researchers develop computer games to prevent falls in the elderly

A team from Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CMFT) and The University of Manchester has developed new computer games in ...

Half a million California seniors fall repeatedly but many don’t seek medical attention

UCLA study finds health care workers also often fail to counsel seniors on preventing future falls ...

Scientists uncover mechanism that controls the fitness of cells, impacting aging and disease

DALLAS – A novel looping mechanism that involves the end caps of DNA may help explain the aging of cells and how they initiate and transmit disease, according to new research from UT Southwestern Medical Center cell biologists. ... Full story

With age comes a better understanding of social signals

Neuroscientists have discovered an unexpected benefit of getting older – a more nuanced understanding of social signals, such as the age of others. ... Full story

Community health centers curb costs and lower mortality among the elderly

ANN ARBOR—Federally funded community health centers that provide medical care to underserved communities sharply reduced mortality rates at low cost, according to a new study. ... Full story

Single molecular switch may contribute to major aging-related diseases

Blocking effects of nitric oxide on SIRT1 protein could disrupt inflammation associated with diabetes, atherosclerosis, Parkinson's disease ... Full story

Report reveals extent of housing issues facing older people

The State's laws governing family accommodation agreements and enduring powers of attorney urgently need to be changed, according to a new report to be launched on Monday. ... Full story

Sense of meaning and purpose in life linked to longer lifespan

A UCL-led study of 9,050 English people with an average age of 65 found that the people with the greatest wellbeing were 30% less likely to die during the average eight and a half year follow-up period than those with the least wellbeing. ... Full story

“Ageing well” must be a global priority

GENEVA - A major new Series on health and ageing, published in "The Lancet", warns that unless health systems find effective strategies to address the problems faced by an ageing world population, the growing burden of chronic disease will greatly affect the quality of life of older people. As people across the world live longer, soaring levels of chronic illness and diminished wellbeing are poised to become a major global public health challenge. ... Full story

Getting older, but getting better

By Katie Ellis - Though we often hear people joke about how they are not getting older, they are getting better, it can be a truism, and it’s what attendees at the “Productive Aging and Families Across the Globe” presentation heard last week. ... Full story

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