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Embryonic gene Nanog reverses aging in adult stem cells

The discovery may lead to treatments for atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and other age-related disorders ...

Research note: Yale researchers describe how free radicals contribute to aging

  By Bill Hathaway Aging in part is the result of oxidative damage to proteins caused by free radicals, a byproduct of interaction of ...

Early Exclusive Breastfeeding Associated with Longer Telomeres in Latino Preschoolers

UCSF Study also Implicates Soda Consumption in Accelerating Shortening ... Full story

End of life plans added to healthy ageing study

It is 10 years since Massey University researchers launched the first comprehensive survey to find out how well New Zealanders are ageing – now they want the next generation of people aged 55 and over to sign up. ... Full story

Fluctuations in “bad” cholesterol may be linked to worse brain health

•Greater fluctuations in “bad” cholesterol levels may be linked to declining brain health in older adults. •The negative effect from fluctuations was found regardless of average bad cholesterol levels or use of cholesterol-lowering drugs. ... Full story

Pomegranate finally reveals its powerful anti-aging secret

Pomegranates have proven their anti-aging potential: intestinal bacteria transform a molecule contained in the fruit with spectacular results. Although tests in humans are still underway, scientists have already published the initial promising results from animal studies in the journal Nature Medicine. ... Full story

Living Longer Associated with Living Healthier, Study of Centenarians Finds

BRONX, NY —Research has shown that the human lifespan has the potential to be extended. But would this merely mean people living longer in poor health? The upbeat findings from a new study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society indicate that those extra years could well be healthy ones. In a study of nearly 3,000 people, the onset of illness came decades later in life for centenarians than for their younger counterparts. ... Full story

Researchers discover powerful defense against free radicals that cause aging, disease

ANN ARBOR—Free radicals cause cell damage and death, aging and disease, and scientists have sought new ways to repel them for years. ... Full story

Hospital-at-home is a safe alternative to hospital admission for elderly patients

When considering admitting patients over the age of 65 for acute hospital care, alternatives such as hospital at home, admission to a local community hospital or extended stays and treatment in A&E are a viable option say NIHR-funded researchers from the University of Bristol and the University for the West of England (UWE Bristol). ... Full story

For Women, Healthy Diets May Help with Mobility when Aging

In a large study conducted by at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), researchers found an association between women who maintain a healthy diet and a reduction in the risk of developing impaired physical function as they age. ... Full story

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