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Scientists Discover link Between Common Medications and Serious Falls in Older Men

Analysis of data from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) revealed that falls causing injury were more than twice as likely ...

Exercise May Reverse Age-Related Bone Loss in Middle-Aged Men

Weight-lifting and jumping exercises improved bone density, could decrease osteoporosis risk ...

Researchers Learn to Measure the Aging Process in Young Adults

Biomarkers show some young adults are aging three times faster than others ... Full story

Researchers measure ageing process in young adults

A research team from King’s College London and Duke University in the United States has found that the process of ageing is already highly variable among people still in their twenties and thirties, and that those who age more rapidly already show signs of physical decline in their thirties. ... Full story

Method to measure pace of aging in young people developed

A new method to determine biological aging in people still in their twenties and thirties has emerged from analysing data from participants in the University of Otago’s long-running Dunedin Multidisciplinary Study. Once refined, the method opens a new door for therapies that slow aging and help prevent age-related diseases before they occur, researchers believe. ... Full story

UC researchers' innovative aged care ideas

University of Canberra academics have taken home three prizes at the InnovAGE Aged Care Hackathon, for their use of new technology to improve the lives of older Australians. ... Full story

Everyday Access to Nature Improves Quality of Life in Older Adults

Can access to nature affect the health and wellbeing of older adults? Results from a recent study highlight the importance of everyday contact with nature for wellbeing in later life. ... Full story

Boys more likely to have antipsychotics prescribed, regardless of age

NIH-funded study is the first look at antipsychotic prescriptions patterns in the U.S. ... Full story

Age with optimism and live longer

by Marketing and Communications - Looking forward: two participants from the Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing ... Full story

South Africa is failing to address malnutrition in its older people

The traditional extended family system has eroded in much of sub-Saharan Africa, leaving many older people who traditionally depended on this support vulnerable. In rural households, young people often migrate to cities in search of employment. International emigration and the pandemic of HIV/AIDS have also taken their toll. ... Full story

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