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A matter of life and death: cell death proteins key to fighting disease

Melbourne researchers have uncovered key steps involved in programmed cell death, offering new targets for the treatment of diseases including lupus, cancers ...

Right place, right time: Cellular transportation compartments

Stanford, CA— Proteins are the machinery that accomplishes almost every task in every cell in every living organism. The instructions for how ...

Slowing the Biological Clock

TAU study finds neutralizing an immune system gene could improve the success of fertility treatments in women ... Full story

How Cells Know Which Way To Go

Two new studies shed light on how cells sense and respond to chemical trails ... Full story

First Atlas of Body Clock Gene Expression in Mammals Informs Timing of Drug Delivery and Emerging Field of Chronotherapy

Penn Medicine study has implications for 100 top-selling US drugs, half of which target daily-oscillating genes ... Full story

New Compounds Reduce Debilitating Inflammation

Case Western Reserve Professor's Research Could Pave Way to More Effective Drugs for Inflammation ... Full story

How glands expand to fight off disease

The same specialised immune cells that patrol the body looking for signs of infection also trigger the expansion of glands called lymph nodes, which are the control centres of our immune system, according to new research from UCL and Cancer Research UK. ... Full story

Molecule could suppress immune system’s ‘friendly fire’

Scientists have found a molecule that could potentially accelerate clinical trials to combat autoimmune diseases. ... Full story

On/Off Switches for Inflammation

(SALT LAKE CITY)—University of Utah scientists have identified two microRNA molecules that control chronic inflammation, a discovery that one day may help researchers prevent certain fatal or debilitating conditions before they start. ... Full story

Reading a Biological Clock in the Dark

Proper coordination between our gut bacteria and our biological clocks may be crucial for preventing obesity and glucose intolerance ... Full story

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