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Novel regulatory mechanism for cell division found

MD Anderson study zeroes in on enzyme PKM2 ...

Researchers Tease Out Glitches in Immune System's Self-Recognition

Implications for autoimmune disease, vaccine design ...

Penn Researchers Unwind the Mysteries of the Cellular Clock

PHILADELPHIA — Human existence is basically circadian. Most of us wake in the morning, sleep in the evening, and eat in between. Body temperature, metabolism, and hormone levels all fluctuate throughout the day, and it is increasingly clear that disruption of those cycles can lead to metabolic disease. ... Full story

Pluripotent cells created by nuclear transfer can prompt immune reaction, researchers find

Stanford researchers find that genetic differences in mitochondria contained in egg cells used in a process known as nuclear transfer can prompt rejection by the immune system in mice. ... Full story

Signaling Molecule Crucial to Stem Cell Reprogramming

Surprise finding has implications for wound repair therapies and inhibiting cancer ... Full story

The STING of radiation

Ludwig researchers reveal the molecular mechanisms by which the immune system is activated against tumors treated with radiation ... Full story

Future hay fever seasons will be worse thanks to climate change

Read the original article on The Conversation. By Janet Davies, The University of Queensland and Paul Beggs, Macquarie University It’s now late spring, with summer just around the ... Full story

Immune system surprise hints at new strategy for fighting HIV

By Bill Hathaway - The discovery of the innate immunity system’s role in mobilizing the body’s defenses against invading microorganisms has been long studied at Yale. Now in the Nov. 17 issue of the journal Nature Immunology, Yale researchers led by Margarita Dominguez-Villar and David Hafler have discovered a surprising twist to the story that may open a new avenue in the fight against HIV. ... Full story

A novel method for identifying the body’s ‘noisiest’ networks

By Rase McCray - A team of scientists led by Yale University systems biologist and biomedical engineer Andre Levchenko has developed a novel method for mapping the biochemical variability, or “noise,” in how human cells respond to chemical signals. ... Full story

The Role DNA Methylation Plays in Aging Cells

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Although every person’s DNA remains the same throughout their lives, scientists know that it functions differently at different ages. ... Full story

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