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Research reveals surprising health benefits of chewing your food

Scientists have shown that chewing your food properly can boost your mouth’s immune system to protect you against illness. ...

Latest research offers hope for patients with inflammatory diseases

University of Queensland researchers have discovered a molecular trigger for inflammation that could lead to new treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel ...

Identification of autophagy-dependent secretion machinery

Outline A group of researchers identified a molecular machinery by which autophagy*1 mediates secretion. These results underscore an important role of autophagy other than degradation, and ... Full story

Genetics play a significant role in immunity

Nearly three quarters of immune traits are influenced by genes, new research from King’s reveals. ... Full story

Gene activity predicts progression of autoimmune disease, researchers find

Stanford researchers and their collaborators have found a way to tell whether patients with systemic sclerosis were improving during drug treatment a year before a standard clinical test could. ... Full story

Oddly shaped immune cells cause fibrosis

Fibrosis is a form of scarring that could if uncontrolled cause deleterious thickening of tissues. Although it is known that fibrosis is caused by an ... Full story

Guards of the human immune system unraveled

Scientists from Erlangen and Bonn: Origin and environment influence the identity of dendritic cells ... Full story

Saliva test could offer new way to check immunity

New research from the University of Birmingham shows that antibody levels in saliva are linked to those in blood serum, suggesting a new method for assessment of protection against bacterial infections. ... Full story

Research Cracks Genetic Driver of Patient's Rare Immune Disorder

Study Demonstrates Power of Precision Genomics to Understand Unique Causes of Disease in Individual Patients ... Full story

Is an agent used to treat psoriasis aimed at the wrong target?

The antibody ustekinumab is in use for treatment of psoriasis since 2009. It inhibits the underlying inflammation by neutralizing certain messengers of the immune system. Researchers at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, the Technical University of Munich and the University of Zurich have now shown in ‘Nature Communications’ that one of these messengers could actually be helpful in battling the illness. ... Full story

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