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Study shows zinc supplement boosted serum zinc levels and immunity in older adults

BOSTON —The immune system weakens as the body ages, making older adults more susceptible to infections. Low levels of zinc impair immunity, ...

How severe maternal inflammation can lead to autism-like behavior

Immune molecules in infected mothers tied to brain and behavior abnormalities in offspring. ...

Chronic pain changes our immune systems

Epigenetics may bring us one step closer to better treatments for chronic pain ... Full story

The immune system maintains a memory of past infections by priming genes for future encounters

Our ability to fight off recurrent infections, such as colds or flu, may lie in the ‘immunological memory’ found in a newly discovered class of gene regulatory elements, according to research from the University of Birmingham, supported by the BBSRC and Bloodwise. ... Full story

TSRI Scientists Solve 3D Structure of Protein that Guides the Immune System

LA JOLLA, CA – Many cells have microscopic gates, called ion channels, which open to allow the flow of ions across the cell membrane. Thanks to these gates, cells can detect stimuli such as heat, pain, pressure and even spicy food. ... Full story

New TSRI Study Shows Path to ‘Dial Down’ Autoimmunity without Compromising Immune Response

LA JOLLA, CA - A new study led by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) shows how dangerous autoimmune responses, seen in diseases such as lupus and multiple sclerosis, might be “dialed down” without compromising the immune system’s ability to fight viruses and bacteria. ... Full story

Life-extending hormone bolsters the body’s immune function

By Karen N. Peart - A hormone that extends lifespan in mice by 40% is produced by specialized cells in the thymus gland, according to a new study by Yale School of Medicine researchers. The team also found that increasing the levels of this hormone, called FGF21, protects against the loss of immune function that comes with age. ... Full story

Immune System Cells Key to Maintaining Blood-Brain Barrier

New research shows that the cells responsible for protecting the brain from infection and inflammation are also responsible for repairing the system of defenses that separates the brain from the rest of the body. These findings have significant clinical implications because certain cardiovascular drugs could possibly impede the brain’s ability to repair itself after a stroke or other injury. ... Full story

How Malaria Fools Our Immune System

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) reconstructed the 3D structure of one of the proteins of Plasmodium falciparum, the causative agent of malaria and the antibodies that act as the first line of defense against the parasite. This research, published in Cell Reports, was conducted at the Structural Cellular Biology Unit, led by Prof. Ulf Skoglund. This study provides valuable knowledge for the design of anti-malaria drugs. ... Full story

Synthetic antibody detects proteins

New nanosensors recognize fibrinogen; may detect insulin, other biomarkers as well. ... Full story

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