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Angiogenesis Inhibitors Undermined by Immune Cells, Says Study

Research Suggests Strategy to Prevent Relapse After Therapies Targeting Tumor Blood Vessels ...

Cell sorting at VIB

​High-performance cell sorters are a powerful tool for innovation in molecular biology, genetics, ...

The two faces of cellular forgetfulness

LMU researchers have monitored how epigenetic information is transmitted to daughter cells during cell division and determined when the cell’s developmental memory is re-established. ... Full story

Macrophages as T-cell primers

New work by LMU researchers demonstrates that macrophages can effectively substitute for so-called dendritic cells as primers of T-cell-dependent immune responses. Indeed, they stimulate a broader-based response. ... Full story

Smallpox vaccine virus helps UNL scientist understand immunity

A virus that helped wipe out smallpox in the last century is now helping a University of Nebraska-Lincoln virologist better understand human immunity. This research may lead to better treatment of some viral diseases, including HIV and herpes. ... Full story

Human immune system can control re-awakened HIV, suggesting ‘kick and kill’ cure is possible

The human immune system can handle large bursts of HIV activity and so it should be possible to cure HIV with a ‘kick and kill’ strategy, finds new research led by UCL, the University of Oxford and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. ... Full story

Worms and Germs Lead to Better Immune Function

By Duke Medicine News and Communications - DURHAM, N.C. – A growing body of evidence in the medical community holds that greater diversity of bacteria and even worms in the digestive tract offers protection against a variety of allergic and autoimmune problems. ... Full story

New, Natural DNA-Based Drugs Are Safe, Potent Activators of Immune System

New Rochelle, NY — An experimental single-stranded oligonucleotide-based drug, MGN1703, comprised only of natural DNA components, stimulates the human immune system to fight infections and attack cancer cells without causing the harmful side effects associated with similar compounds that also contain non-natural DNA components. ... Full story

Cells exercise suboptimal strategy to survive

Rice University study shows it’s not always good for cells’ metabolism to work at peak efficiency ... Full story

Study identifies protein that triggers lupus-associated immune system activation

Suppressing innate immune pathway could reduce symptoms of autoimmune disorder ... Full story

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