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New Compounds Reduce Debilitating Inflammation

Case Western Reserve Professor's Research Could Pave Way to More Effective Drugs for Inflammation ...

How glands expand to fight off disease

The same specialised immune cells that patrol the body looking for signs of infection also trigger the expansion of glands called lymph ...

Molecule could suppress immune system’s ‘friendly fire’

Scientists have found a molecule that could potentially accelerate clinical trials to combat autoimmune diseases. ... Full story

On/Off Switches for Inflammation

(SALT LAKE CITY)—University of Utah scientists have identified two microRNA molecules that control chronic inflammation, a discovery that one day may help researchers prevent certain fatal or debilitating conditions before they start. ... Full story

Reading a Biological Clock in the Dark

Proper coordination between our gut bacteria and our biological clocks may be crucial for preventing obesity and glucose intolerance ... Full story

Resetting the Circadian Clock: Shift Workers Might Want to Skip High-Iron Foods at Night

(SALT LAKE CITY)—Workers punching in for the graveyard shift may be better off not eating high-iron foods at night so they don’t disrupt the circadian clock in their livers. ... Full story

Diet for your DNA

Personalised diet plans will not be widely accepted by the public until regulations are in place to protect information about our DNA, new research has shown. ... Full story

Interleukin-27: Can a Cytokine with Both Pro- and Anti-Inflammatory Activity Make a Good Drug Target?

New Rochelle, NY - Interleukin-27 (IL-27), a member of the interleukin family of cytokines that help regulate the immune system, has a mainly anti-inflammatory role in the body, and its dysfunction has been implicated in autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease. More recently, IL-27’s proinflammatory activity and role in chronic inflammatory diseases is becoming increasingly clear, and a new Review article that explores the potential to target a range of diseases that share common IL-27-activated mechanisms is presented in Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research (JICR), a peer-reviewed publication from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. ... Full story

If CD8 T cells take on one virus, they’ll fight others too

CD8 T cells are known for becoming attuned to fight a specific pathogen (“adaptive immunity”), but a new study shows that in that process they also become first-responders that can fend off a variety of other invaders (“innate immunity”). The findings suggest that innate immunity changes with the body’s experience and that the T cells are more versatile than thought. ... Full story

Imaging centre to unravel secrets of immune system

University of Queensland researchers will play a key role in a new $39 million research centre working to unravel the secrets of the immune system. ... Full story

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