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Snapshot turns T cell immunology on its head

Challenging a universally accepted, longstanding consensus in the field of immunity requires hard evidence. New research from the Australian Research Council Centre ...

Infrared thermography can detect joint inflammation and help improving work ergonomics

Infrared thermography can detect joint inflammation and help improving work ergonomics, according to a recent study from the University of Eastern Finland. ...

Stanford biologists crack centuries-old mystery of how cell growth triggers cell division

Researchers in Jan Skotheim's lab have discovered a previously unknown mechanism that controls how large cells grow, an insight that could one day provide insight into attacking diseases such as cancer. ... Full story

Connecting Alzheimer’s Disease and the Immune System

The role of the immune system in Alzheimer’s disease is a hot topic, but exactly how the two are connected and what interventions could help lower risk remain a mystery. ... Full story

Seasonal body clock discovered in animals

Scientists have discovered the cells driving the annual body clock in animals which adapts their body to the changing seasons. ... Full story

A newly discovered mechanism controls the number of immune cells

The proteins CD47 and SIRPα are fundamental to establishing a correct number of immune cells, so-called B lymphocytes. This according to a dissertation by Shrikant Shantilal Kolan from Umeå University. ... Full story

TSRI Study Identifies Novel Role of Mitochondria in Immune Function

LA JOLLA, CA – – Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have discovered a new role for an enzyme involved in cell death. Their study shows how the enzyme, called RIPK3, relays signals between the cell’s mitochondria “powerhouses” and the immune system. ... Full story

New Import Pathway into the Cell’s Powerhouses

Freiburg researchers use artificial membranes to show how a particular protein reaches the mitochondria ... Full story

Immune system may be pathway between nature and good health

URBANA, Ill. – Research has found evidence that spending time in nature provides protections against a startling range of diseases, including depression, diabetes, obesity, ADHD, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and many more. How this exposure to green space leads to better health has remained a mystery. ... Full story

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