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Research Cracks Genetic Driver of Patient's Rare Immune Disorder

Study Demonstrates Power of Precision Genomics to Understand Unique Causes of Disease in Individual Patients ...

Is an agent used to treat psoriasis aimed at the wrong target?

The antibody ustekinumab is in use for treatment of psoriasis since 2009. It inhibits the underlying inflammation by neutralizing certain messengers of ...

Self-deliverable GapmeR gene silencers designed to hit molecular targets in human cells

A team of researchers led by Assistant Professor Navin Kumar Verma at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (LKCMedicine) has developed a new method of gene silencing in human T-lymphocytes, a type of immune cells. Immune system plays a key role in the protection of our body from inflammation and infections. The ground-breaking research findings have just been published in the internationally renowned Nature group’s journal Scientific Reports. ... Full story

Toxoplasma’s balancing act explained

Parasite’s method of rewiring our immune response leads to novel tool for drug tests ... Full story

Science in Focus: How Do White Blood Cells Move So Fast?

By Christina Hueschen If you fall and scrape a knee, it’s the job of white blood cells called neutrophils to rush to the site of infection ... Full story

Bacteria communicate to ramp up collective immune response to viral threats

Bacteria can boost their own immune systems by “talking” to each other, surprising new research from the University of Otago shows. ... Full story

Structure of human astrovirus could lead to antiviral therapies, vaccines

Study shows where neutralizing antibody binds to human astrovirus, a leading cause of viral diarrhea in children, elderly, and immune-compromised people ... Full story

UTA researchers discover mechanism behind immunosuppressive effects of drugs used to treat autoimmune disorders and cancers

Media Contact: Louisa Kellie, Office:817‑272‑0864, cell:817-524-8926, [email protected]   Biochemists at The University of Texas at Arlington have demonstrated the mechanism behind how thiopurine drugs suppress immune response. This ... Full story

Links between immune cells and metabolism explored

Leigh MacMillan Jeffrey Rathmell, Ph.D., said Vanderbilt has exceptional strengths in the emerging field of immunometabolism. (photo by Susan Urmy) At the intersection of immunology and metabolism ... Full story

Tick-tock: immune T cells know when their time’s up

An Australian research team has revealed that two internal ‘clocks’ control the immune cells enlisted to fight infection. This discovery upends previous theories on how immune responses are regulated. ... Full story

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