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Fruit flies provide new insight into body’s rhythms

Researchers from the University of Bristol have gained a new insight into how the circadian clock responds to changes in temperature. ...

How the body stops an immune response from triggering allergic diseases

The innate immune response, which is the body’s non-specific response to pathogens, was once believed to be a simple system relying on ...

A cellular symphony responsible for autoimmune disease

By Angela Page - Broad core member Aviv Regev thinks about the immune system as if it were an orchestra: “Some instruments need to play strong, others need to pull back or push forward. It all has to form a harmony and this harmony changes with time,” she said. “Everything has to know its role and it has to be orchestrated — except you don’t have a conductor.” ... Full story

University of Maryland School of Medicine Study Finds that Ebola Vaccine is Safe and Stimulates Strong Immune Responses in Adults in Mali and USA

A clinical trial of a new Ebola vaccine (ChAd3-EBO-Z) that resulted from an unprecedented global consortium assembled at the behest of the World Health Organization has found that it is well tolerated and stimulates strong immune responses in adults in Mali, West Africa and in the US, according to a study published today in the journal Lancet Infectious Disease. ... Full story

Thrombosis during sepsis is a consequence of protective host immune responses

Researchers from the University of Birmingham have, for the first time, identified how Salmonella infections that have spread to our blood and organs can lead to life-threatening thrombosis. ... Full story

Self-Rated Health Predicts Immune Response to the Common Cold

Finding Suggests Physicians Should Ask Patients To Rate Their Own Health ... Full story

Tissue engineers recruit cells to make their own strong matrix

Extracellular matrix is the material that gives tissues their strength and stretch. It’s been hard to make well in the lab, but a Brown University team reports new success. The key was creating a culture environment that guided cells to make ECM themselves. ... Full story

Researchers test 'smart' simulations to analyze unknown variables in immune response

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Technology to predict how our bodies will manage chronic diseases such as Crohn’s disease and inflammatory bowel disease promises to accelerate the discovery of new treatments, identify leads for further study, and occasionally uncover hidden knowledge about how our immune system operates. ... Full story

Immunologists Unearth Key Piece of MRSA Vaccine Puzzle

Immunologists from Trinity College Dublin have unearthed a key piece of the MRSA vaccine puzzle by identifying specific ‘helper’ cells whose role in the immune response is critical in affecting infection outcomes. ... Full story

Receiving antibiotics during delivery affects infant gut bacteria

Study showed altered levels in infant gut bacteria at 3 months of age. ... Full story

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