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TGF-ß prevents self-reactive B cell activation

T follicular helper (TFH) cells contribute to the establishment of humoral immunity by controlling the delivery of helper signals to activated B ...

Researchers try to make sure herpes does not find a home

By Bill Hathaway - The immune system is great at making sure infections such as the herpes virus do not repeatedly infect ...

Small Molecule Acts As On-Off Switch for Nature's Antibiotic Factory

Tells Streptomyces to either veg out or get busy ... Full story

Malaria’s Clinical Symptoms Fade on Repeat Infections Due to Loss of Immune Cells, UCSF-Led Team Finds

Children who repeatedly become infected with malaria often experience no clinical symptoms with these subsequent infections, and a team led by UC San Francisco researchers has discovered that this might be due at least in part to a depletion of specific types of immune cells. ... Full story

How to rejuvenate ageing immune cells

Researchers from UCL have demonstrated how an interplay between nutrition, metabolism and immunity is involved in the process of ageing. ... Full story

Test Reliably Detects Inherited Immune Deficiency in Newborns

NIH-Supported Study Suggests that Early Diagnosis of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Leads to High Survival Rates ... Full story

Innate Lymphoid Cells Elicit T Cell Responses

In case of an inflammation the body releases substances that increase the immune defense. During chronic inflammation, this immune response gets out of control and can induce organ damage. A research group from the Department of Biomedicine at the University and the University Children’s Hospital of Basel now discovered that innate lymphoid cells become activated and induce specific T and B cell responses during inflammation. These lymphoid cells are thus an important target for the treatment of infection and chronic inflammation. The study was recently published in the scientific journal PNAS. ... Full story

Antibiotics in early life may alter immunity long-term

A new UBC study aims to help scientists understand how different antibiotics affect bacteria that play a positive role in promoting a healthy immune system. Photo: podphoto, iStock. ... Full story

500 million year reset for the immune system

A single factor can reset the immune system of mice to a state likely similar to what it was 500 million years ago, when the first vertebrates emerged. ... Full story

Study reveals how Ebola blocks immune system

By Michael C. Purdy -The Ebola virus, in the midst of its biggest outbreak on record, is a master at evading the body’s immune system. But researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and elsewhere have learned one way the virus dodges the body’s antiviral defenses, providing important insight that could lead to new therapies. ... Full story

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