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Tpl2 enzyme may be target for treating autoimmune diseases

Athens, Ga. - New research at the University of Georgia has found that the presence of Tpl2—an enzyme that regulates inflammation—controls the ...

Single-cell analysis hits its stride

Advances in technology and computational analysis enable scale and affordability, paving the way for translational studies ...

Penn Study Finds Cell Division Sign Posts for Chromosomes Along Microtubule Highway

PHILADELPHIA — A system within cells that guides how chromosomes move during cell division was discovered by researchers led by co-senior authors Ekaterina Grishchuk, PhD, an assistant professor of Physiology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and Helder Maiato, from the Universidade do Porto, Portugal. ... Full story

Shining a new light on the immune system

Scientists at the University of St Andrews have developed a revolutionary method of identifying cells of the immune system with “molecular fingerprints” which could pave the way for the rapid detection of conditions such as leukaemia and lymphoma from a small blood sample. ... Full story

New form of interleukin-2 could be fine-tuned to fight disease

What - Scientists are reporting development of a new way to modify interleukin-2 (IL-2), a substance known as a cytokine that plays key roles in regulating immune system responses, in order to fine-tune its actions. ... Full story

Adults harbor lots of risky autoreactive immune cells, study finds

Even though self-targeting immune cells remain prolific in adults’ bloodstreams, some kind of internal emergency brake seems to prevent them from triggering autoimmune disease — usually. ... Full story

Flavonoids reduce cold and cough risk

Research from the University of Auckland shows eating flavonoids – found in green tea, apples, blueberries, cocoa, red wine and onions – can significantly reduce the risk of catching colds and coughs. ... Full story

Inflammation Stops The Clock

Researchers at Trinity College Dublin and the University of Pennsylvania have uncovered an important link between our body clock and the immune system that will have relevance to the treatment of inflammatory and infectious diseases. ... Full story

Frontline immune cells can travel for help

A new study shows that 'neutrophils', cells which form the bulk of our fast-acting ‘innate’ immune system, behave differently, depending on whether an injury is infected or not. ... Full story

Educating the immune system to prevent allergies

MUHC research team designs a potential vaccine against allergic airways disease ... Full story

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