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Physicians struggle to clinically diagnose early HIV infection

Journal of the American Medical Association study reveals early detection is easily missed ...

UW’s important influenza research conducted safely

The UW-Madison Influenza Research Institute (IRI) has been safely conducting important influenza research since its opening at Research Park in 2008. However, ...

Bacterial Respiratory Tract Colonization Prior to Catching the Flu May Protect Against Severe Illness

PHILADELPHIA —Many studies have shown that more severe illness and even death are likely to result if you develop a secondary respiratory infection after developing influenza. ... Full story

New analysis of 'swine flu' pandemic conflicts with accepted views on how diseases spread

New analysis of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic in the US shows that the pandemic wave was surprisingly slow, and that its spread was likely accelerated by school-age children. ... Full story

New Irish research affirms safety of flu vaccine in pregnancy and reveals uptake patterns in Irish population

A new study which examined Irish maternity hospital data during the recent flu pandemic has affirmed that the seasonal influenza vaccine is safe at any stage during pregnancy. The research, which was led by RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)'s School of Pharmacy and the Rotunda Hospital, also showed that vaccination uptake was influenced by sociodemographic factors such as age and country of origin of the mother. ... Full story

UF part of research team that finds equine influenza virus in camels

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — University of Florida researchers have found evidence that an influenza A virus can jump from horses to camels – and humans could be next. ... Full story

Evolution of Equine Influenza Led to Canine Offshoot Which Could Mix With Human Influenza

WASHINGTON, DC – Equine influenza viruses from the early 2000s can easily infect the respiratory tracts of dogs, while those from the 1960s are only barely able to, according to research published ahead of print in the Journal of Virology. The research also suggests that canine and human influenza viruses can mix, and generate new influenza viruses. ... Full story

Computation leads to better understanding of influenza virus replication

By Steve Koppes - Computer simulations that reveal a key mechanism in the replication process of influenza A may help defend against future deadly pandemics. ... Full story

H1N1 influenza: Vaccination induces an immune memory response comparable to that of a moderate infection

How long does the immune memory response produced by vaccination last? Is it similar to that induced by the infection itself? New information on the A(H1N1) pandemic influenza virus has just been brought to light by researchers at Joint Research Unit 1135, Cimi-Paris (Centre for Immunology and Infectious Diseases – Inserm – Pierre and Marie Curie University). ... Full story

Viral Infections, Including Flu, Could Be Inhibited by Naturally Occurring Protein, UPCI Finds

PITTSBURGH – By boosting a protein that naturally exists in our cells, an international team of researchers led by the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI), partner with UPMC CancerCenter, has found a potential way to enhance our ability to sense and inhibit viral infections. ... Full story

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