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Rare Genetic Mutations May Make Influenza Life-Threatening for Some

Rare genetic mutations that prevent infected cells from boosting the production of antiviral molecules known as interferons are responsible for a life-threatening ...

Genetic mutation helps explain why, in rare cases, flu can kill

Nobody likes getting the flu, but for some people, fluids and rest aren’t enough. A small number of children who catch the ...

Enhanced Flu Protection: Four Beats Three

Adding a Second Strain of B Flu Lessens Likelihood of Mismatched Vaccine ... Full story

National flu surveillance network remains vigilant

The University of Adelaide has again been awarded the nation's key surveillance role to collect and report on influenza-like illness across Australia. ... Full story

Kansas State University researchers monitor for next novel influenza strain

MANHATTAN — As seasonal influenza cases decrease across the United States, Kansas State University researchers are preparing for the next potential virulent strain of flu. ... Full story

Influenza vaccine less effective than expected

Experts of the HZI comment on the situation and explain the causes ... Full story

Breakthrough May Impact Flu Vaccination

SINGAPORE -- An analysis of 10 years’ worth of data on human influenza B viruses has shed new light on the pathogen which can cause the seasonal flu. Findings from this study could help make flu immunization programs more effective; by better targeting vaccines or by eventually eliminating one of the flu lineages completely. ... Full story

Seasonal flu vaccine induces antibodies that protect against H7N9 avian flu

Study identifies antibodies isolated from individuals with seasonal flu vaccinations that neutralize H7N9 and other influenza strains ... Full story

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