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It’s all in the genes: New research reveals why some chickens are resistant to bird flu

The genes of some chickens make them almost completely resistant to a serious strain of bird flu, new research has revealed. ...

Influenza outbreak would cost country billions of dollars in losses

USC-led study finds that U.S. would lose as much as $45 billion in gross domestic product ...

Keeping track of the flu keeps the nation on track

Fever, coughs and fatigue have a major impact on our nation’s health and productivity: last year 20,000 people who participated in an online FluTracking program took a combined total of 33,754 days off work or normal duties due to fever and cough symptoms (that’s a staggering total of 92.4 years!) ... Full story

More than just a mechanical barrier – epithelial cells actively combat the flu virus

HZI researchers examine the way in which epithelial cells react to the flu virus in the lungs ... Full story

Duke Health Lifts Temporary Visitor Restrictions Due to Decrease in Reported Flu Cases

By Duke Medicine News and Communications - DURHAM, N.C. -- Given the decrease in reported influenza activity in the community and the state, Duke Health has lifted temporary visitor restrictions that were enacted on March 17, 2016. ... Full story

Bully T cells key to next generation flu vaccine

Associate Professor Katherine Kedzierska is working with a team to unlock the secrets of influenza. They are getting closer to a universal flu shot. ... Full story

UGA, Sanofi Pasteur develop new vaccine for H1N1 influenza

Athens, Ga. - Researchers at the University of Georgia and Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi, announced today the development of a vaccine that protects against multiple strains of both seasonal and pandemic H1N1 influenza in mouse models. They published their findings recently in the Journal of Virology. ... Full story

‘Germ trap’ could save us from flu virus

A remarkable new technology developed by Manchester biochemists has found a way to restrict the spread of flu. ... Full story

Healthline: Flu Season Hangs on in the Tristate

CINCINNATI—With spring at the Tristate’s door, flu season continues with the Ohio Department of Public Health reporting an increase in influenza cases during the last week of February, the latest data available. Physicians are reminding residents to take precautions to stay healthy. ... Full story

Flu Vaccine Nearly 60 Percent Effective

Weeks of ongoing flu activity still ahead; CDC urges flu vaccination. ... Full story

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