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Measles-Flu Comparison Yields Insights for Vaccine Design

By comparing flu viruses to the virus that causes measles, researchers fine-tuned a tool that may enable faster vaccine design. ...

Memory code for flu-killing ‘assassin’ cells cracked in quest for one-shot flu ‘jab’ for life

A University of Melbourne-led research team has cracked the riddle of how flu-killing immunity cells memorise distinct strains of influenza, which could ...

Bird flu leapfrogged, Northwest to Midwest

By Linda Weiford, WSU News - PULLMAN, WASH. – The strain of bird flu causing sickness and the culling of millions of birds in the Midwest is the same strain first detected in Washington state in December, according to a Washington State University scientist who helped identify the virus. Until then, the pathogen had never been seen in the United States. ... Full story

Make your mark on national flu map

When you're feeling under the weather it's usually good manners to keep your germs to yourself, but a national surveillance system is encouraging the community to share their symptoms this flu season. ... Full story

More work is needed to find the causes of flu vaccine disparities for the elderly

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) - Public health specialists need to look beyond traditional solutions — such as expanding access to health insurance and primary care — to increase flu vaccination rates among older African Americans and Hispanics, according to a new study from UC Davis Health System and UCLA Health System. ... Full story

U of G Researchers Create Tool to Predict Avian Flu Outbreaks

A simple and effective portable tool to predict avian flu outbreaks on farms has been created by University of Guelph researchers. ... Full story

Rare Genetic Mutations May Make Influenza Life-Threatening for Some

Rare genetic mutations that prevent infected cells from boosting the production of antiviral molecules known as interferons are responsible for a life-threatening case of flu in an otherwise healthy two-year-old girl, researchers have found. ... Full story

Genetic mutation helps explain why, in rare cases, flu can kill

Nobody likes getting the flu, but for some people, fluids and rest aren’t enough. A small number of children who catch the influenza virus fall so ill they end up in the hospital — perhaps needing ventilators to breathe — even while their family and friends recover easily. New research by Rockefeller University scientists, published March 26 in Science, helps explain why: a rare genetic mutation. ... Full story

Enhanced Flu Protection: Four Beats Three

Adding a Second Strain of B Flu Lessens Likelihood of Mismatched Vaccine ... Full story

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