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New research findings may lead to better treatment plans for HIV patients coinfected with hepatitis C

By Sathya Achia Abraham - Using a combination antiretroviral therapy to treat HIV patients coinfected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) not ...

WHO welcomes global momentum on viral hepatitis

MELBOURNE/GENEVA - On World Hepatitis Day, 28 July, WHO welcomes new progress in tackling one of the world’s most serious diseases. Viral ...

Internal Structure of Hepatitis B Revealed for First Time

Madison, Wisconsin - Nearly 12,000 photographs and some sophisticated mathematical modeling have led a two-university research team to come up with a picture of a virus that infects millions of people worldwide and kills many in the Third World. ... Full story

Drug Treatment Programs Play Important Role in Educating, Treating Patients with Hepatitis C

People who inject drugs and are enrolled in a drug treatment program are open to receiving education and treatment for hepatitis C, according to new research by investigators at several institutions, including Weill Cornell Medical College. ... Full story

Hepatitis C may help transplant patients adapt to new liver

Transplant patients can develop tolerance to new livers even if they have hepatitis C, according to a new study led by King’s College London and the University of Barcelona. Contrary to what was previously thought, infected patients are not at greater risk of organ rejection and their heightened immune response may actually help the body to adapt to a new liver. ... Full story

A question of tolerance: Liver transplants in patients with hepatitis C Virus infection supports organ acceptance

Munich - Chronic hepatitis C virus infections are among the most common reasons for liver transplants. Because existing viruses also infect the new liver, the immune system is highly active there. Despite this, the new organ is not rejected, as scientists from the Helmholtz Zentrum München and the Technische Universität München (TUM) have now discovered. The long-term stimulation of the innate immune system by the virus actually increases the probability of tolerance. ... Full story

HEALTH LINE: Understanding the Strains of Hepatitis

CINCINNATI—Hepatitis C is a very sneaky creature that coats itself in an envelope which changes every time the body tries to mount an immune response, says Kenneth Sherman, MD, PhD, a UC Health physician and professor in University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine. ... Full story

How long should HCV treatment last? Study suggests answers are complex

The study, led by Talal, is the first to report real-time tracking of viral decay in the liver and blood of patients with HCV. ... Full story

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