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HIV Patients Experience Better Kidney Transplant Outcomes than Hepatitis C Patients, According to Penn Study

Findings Illustrate Need to Effectively Treat Hepatitis C to Ensure Better Transplant Outcomes ...

Researchers identify timeline for HIV replication in the brain

A new study in PLoS Pathogens shows that HIV can infect the brain early on and should be combated as soon as ...

HIV can lodge quickly in brain after infection

By Bill Hathaway - HIV can establish itself in the brain as soon as four months after initial infection — a finding that dampens hopes of an impending cure for a disease that afflicts more than 35 million people. ... Full story

HIV can spread early, evolve in patients’ brains

Findings add urgency to screening, treatment – NIH-funded study ... Full story

New lead against HIV could finally hobble the virus’s edge

DENVER - Since HIV emerged in the ‘80s, drug “cocktails” transformed the deadly disease into a manageable one. But the virus is adept at developing resistance to drugs, and treatment regimens require tweaking that can be costly. Now scientists at the 249th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) are announcing new progress toward affordable drugs that could potentially thwart the virus’s ability to resist them. ... Full story

Project to tackle issue of “shame” in HIV treatment

Wiping out virus is "not just about drugs" ... Full story

HIV patients may soon be prescribed home exercise in addition to antiretroviral medications to help ward off chronic illnesses

In addition to antiretroviral medications, people with HIV may soon begin receiving a home exercise plan from their doctors, according to a researcher at Case Western Reserve University’s Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing. ... Full story

For most children with HIV and low immune cell count, cells rebound after treatment

NIH-funded study finds T-cell level returns to normal with time ... Full story

Blood thinning drug helps in understanding a natural HIV barrier

A blood thinning agent is helping researchers at the University of East Anglia understand more about the body’s natural barriers to HIV. ... Full story

Research in the News: Yale med student finds link between weight gain after HIV treatment and mortality

By Ziba Kashef - Bianca Yuh, a third-year student at Yale School of Medicine, spent last summer working on her thesis with the Veterans Aging Cohort Study, a key source of data on HIV-infected veterans. She was interested in investigating factors that determine positive and negative outcomes for older people with HIV infection after they receive treatment. ... Full story

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