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Yerkes researchers first to show irradiation plus transplantation effective for treating HIV/AIDS

Yerkes National Primate Research Center researchers are the first to show that an irradiation plus transplantation combination approach in nonhuman primates can ...

Surprising Diversity of Antibody Family Provides Clues for HIV Vaccine Design

LA JOLLA, CA —Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have described how a single family of antibodies that broadly neutralizes different ...

HIV testing rates increasing among African people in England

Testing for HIV in the last year highest among younger people ... Full story

NYU Researchers Report Puerto Ricans Who Inject Drugs, both in the Northeast U.S. and in Puerto Rico, Among Latinos at Highest Risk of Contracting HIV

Study calls for the development of a coordinated, multi-region effort across these locations as an important component in efforts to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic ... Full story

HIV survival boost for South African patients

South Africans with HIV have chances of remaining alive after two years on antiretroviral therapy (ART) that are comparable to those of North American patients, provided that therapy is started promptly, according to new research published today in PLOS Medicine. ... Full story

Long acting HIV drugs to be developed

HIV drugs which only need to be taken once a month are to be developed at the University of Liverpool in a bid to overcome the problem of ‘pill fatigue’. ... Full story

Leaky Gut — A Source of Non-AIDS Complications in HIV-Positive Patients

Case Western Reserve Scientists Discover Intestinal Weakness That May Set Destructive, Inflammatory Processes in Motion ... Full story

NIH-Led Scientists Discover HIV Antibody that Binds to Novel Target on Virus

​WHAT: An NIH-led team of scientists has discovered a new vulnerability in the armor of HIV that a vaccine, other preventive regimen or treatment could exploit. The site straddles two proteins, gp41 and gp120, that jut out of the virus and augments other known places where broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) bind to HIV. This newly identified site on the viral spike is where a new antibody found by the scientists in an HIV-infected person binds to the virus. ... Full story

The early cost of HIV

Inflammatory response breaks down intestinal lining, but help may come from friendly bacteria ... Full story

HIV Lessons From the Mississippi Baby

Experts say child’s relapse and two similar cases can pave way to future cure efforts ... Full story

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