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Cell-Associated HIV Mucosal Transmission: The Neglected Pathway

(Boston)—Dr. Deborah Anderson from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) and her colleagues are challenging dogma about the transmission of the human ...

Occasional heroin use may worsen HIV infection

By Karen N. Peart - Researchers at Yale and Boston University and their Russian collaborators have found that occasional heroin use by ...

Combining social media and behavioral psychology could lead to more HIV testing

UCLA research suggests a valuable tool in the fight against the virus that causes AIDS ... Full story

Seattle researchers are a significant step closer to an HIV vaccine

Research team finds a vaccine candidate that stimulates the production of neutralizing antibodies that defend against infection from a broad spectrum of HIV strains ... Full story

Geospatial Study Identifies Hotspots in Deaths from HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C in Massachusetts

Results can help inform a targeted public health and clinical response ... Full story

Hepatitis C ruled out as cause of mental impairment in HIV patients

By Michael C. Purdy - Advances in treatment for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have made it possible for people with HIV to survive much longer. As they age, however, many experience impaired thinking, memory loss, mood swings and other evidence of impaired mental function. ... Full story

HIV treatment offers hope for disease prevention but no panacea

New research findings recommend further measures should be put in place to make the best use of two new HIV prevention options. ... Full story

Research suggests new way to prevent HIV-associated brain injury

For about 50 percent of HIV-1-infected people, things as simple as buttoning a shirt, remembering the alphabet, and handling money may become compromised by a disorder known as HIV-induced brain injury. ... Full story

People with Mental Illness More Likely To Be Tested for HIV, Penn Medicine Study Finds

First study to investigate rate of HIV testing in patients with specific mental illnesses ... Full story

Ability of HIV to cause AIDS is slowing

The rapid evolution of HIV, which has allowed the virus to develop resistance to patients' natural immunity, is at the same time slowing the virus's ability to cause AIDS. ... Full story

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