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Agricultural Intervention Improves HIV Outcomes

Helping HIV Positive Kenyans Improve Farming Practices Counters Hunger ...

Institute of Human Virology Works to Reduce HIV in Baltimore

Joint Community Event Encourages Safe Behavior and Testing ...

Targeting HIV in Semen to Shut Down AIDS

Breaking up amyloid fibrils in semen makes cells less likely to be infected, Penn preclinical study finds ... Full story

Are we really on the road to a cure for HIV/AIDS?

Three approved projects for clinical trials and other research is pushing the boundaries of knowledge in search of even better approaches ... Full story

High Rates of Violence, HIV Infection for Adolescents in Sex Trade on U.S.-Mexico Border

Researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine report that more than one in four female sex workers in two Mexican cities on the U.S. border entered the sex trade younger than age 18; one in eight before their 16th birthday. These women were more than three times more likely to become infected with HIV than those who started sex work as adults. They were also three times more likely to be violently coerced to engage in sex with male clients and seven times less likely to use a condom during their first month in the sex trade. ... Full story

HIV grows despite treatment, study finds

During treatment for HIV the virus hides in blood cells that are responsible for the patient’s immune response. The virus does this by inserting its own genetic information into the DNA of the blood cells, called CD4 Tlymphocytes. ... Full story

Researchers link HIV susceptibility to little-understood immune cell class

High levels of diversity among immune cells called natural killer cells may strongly predispose people to infection by HIV, and may be driven by prior viral exposures, according to a new study. ... Full story

Study: Co-infected HCV and HIV Patients Receive More Effective Treatments

CINCINNATI—Researchers have found that using a combination of sofosbuvir and a new drug agent known as daclastasvir is highly successful in treating co-infected hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV patients. ... Full story

Early Antiretroviral Therapy Protects Sero-Discordant Couples from Transmission of HIV to Their Uninfected Partner

These findings demonstrate that antiretroviral therapy, when taken until viral suppression is achieved and sustained, is a highly effective, durable intervention for HIV prevention. ... Full story

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