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HIV Active in Tissues of Patients Who Received Antiretroviral Treatment, Study Shows

Virus Evolved and Replicated in Brain, Kidney, Spleen and Other Tissues ...

Depriving Deadly Brain Tumors of Cholesterol May Be Their Achilles’ Heel

In mouse models, alternative approach proves promising against hard-to-treat cancer ...

Sustained viral remission in SIV infection

Scientists have shown that they can achieve sustained control of infection by HIV’s relative SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus) in rhesus macaques, by supplementing antiretroviral drugs with an antibody during and after drug treatment. ... Full story

Most Gay Men Are Not Aware of Treatment To Protect Them From HIV

Only four in 10 Baltimore men knew about prevention tool known as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), which is 92 percent effective in high-risk populations ... Full story

HIV cure hope thanks to collaboration

Researchers are hopeful of a cure for HIV after treating the first patient with a promising new treatment that could kill all traces of the virus. ... Full story

Children who keep HIV in check

Some HIV-infected – and untreated – children do not develop AIDS. A new study shows that they control the virus in a different way from the few infected adults who remain disease-free, and sheds light on the reasons for this difference. ... Full story

Study Finds Patients Diagnosed Late With HIV Infection Are More Likely to Transmit HIV to Others

Analysis by UC Riverside and Riverside University Health System researchers was conducted using data for Riverside County, Calif. ... Full story

Broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies pave the way for vaccine

A small number of people infected with HIV produce antibodies with an amazing effect: Not only are the antibodies directed against the own virus strain, but also against different sub-types of HIV that circulate worldwide. Researchers from the University of Zurich and University Hospital Zurich now reveal which factors are responsible for the human body forming such broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies, thereby opening new avenues for the development of an HIV vaccine. ... Full story

Study suggests additional benefits to HIV-prevention therapy

The anti-HIV drug Truvada has been shown to be very effective at preventing new infections when taken by people at high risk who strictly adhere to the drug therapy regime. ... Full story

AMP Study Explores Potency of Antibodies to Combat HIV Infection

Rutgers' New Jersey Medical School's Clinical Research Center (NJMS-CRC) is participating as a clinical trial site in a novel study that could signal a new way of protecting people from developing HIV infection, the virus that causes AIDS ... Full story

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