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Researchers link HIV susceptibility to little-understood immune cell class

High levels of diversity among immune cells called natural killer cells may strongly predispose people to infection by HIV, and may be ...

Study: Co-infected HCV and HIV Patients Receive More Effective Treatments

CINCINNATI—Researchers have found that using a combination of sofosbuvir and a new drug agent known as daclastasvir is highly successful in treating ...

Early Antiretroviral Therapy Protects Sero-Discordant Couples from Transmission of HIV to Their Uninfected Partner

These findings demonstrate that antiretroviral therapy, when taken until viral suppression is achieved and sustained, is a highly effective, durable intervention for HIV prevention. ... Full story

Young South African women can adhere to daily PrEP regimen as HIV prevention

NIH-funded study finds men in Bangkok, Harlem also successful in taking daily dose ... Full story

New Drug Combination Treats Hepatitis C Patients also infected with HIV

Novel treatment has 97 percent success rate in co-infected patients ... Full story

HIV treatment has social and socioeconomic benefits, as well as improved health: study

New research shows that HIV treatment for illicit drug users improves their social and socioeconomic wellbeing as well as their health. ... Full story

Integrated health care model transforms HIV treatment in South Africa

Providing HIV care at local health clinics in South Africa has led to a massive increase in the number of people there receiving vital HIV treatment, according to UBC research. ... Full story

What is HIV Treatment as Prevention?

Dr. Julio Montaner speaking at a press conference in 2014 announcing B.C.’s new HIV/AIDS testing guidelines. ... Full story

HIV control through treatment durably prevents heterosexual transmission of virus

NIH-funded trial proves suppressive antiretroviral therapy for HIV-infected people effective in protecting uninfected partners ... Full story

Early antiretroviral therapy prevents non-AIDS outcomes in HIV-infected people

NIH-supported findings illustrate manifold benefit of therapy ... Full story

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