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HIV therapy could be contributing to syphilis outbreak: UBC study

Drugs used to treat HIV could affect how the body responds to syphilis, inadvertently contributing to a current outbreak, a new study ...

New understanding of AIDS-related dementia

Researchers from Cardiff University and the University of California (UCLA) have made a breakthrough in the understanding of AIDS-related dementia, discovering the ...

Retroviruses 'almost half a billion years old'

Retroviruses – the family of viruses that includes HIV – are almost half a billion years old, according to new research by scientists at Oxford University. That's several hundred million years older than previously thought and suggests retroviruses have ancient marine origins, having been with their animal hosts through the evolutionary transition from sea to land. ... Full story

Protein that activates immune response harms body’s ability to fight HIV

UCLA-led researchers suggest that blocking type I interferon may help combat the virus that causes AIDS ... Full story

Scientists find new way to reverse immune suppression caused by HIV

By blocking a specific cell signaling pathway in lab animals, researchers reversed signs of chronic immune activation, thereby boosting T-cell recovery and viral suppression. ... Full story

Mother-child HIV transmission at all time low in UK and Ireland

The number of mothers passing the HIV virus to their babies has fallen to a new record low in the UK and Ireland thanks to ... Full story

New Findings Show Significant Progress against HIV Epidemic in Africa, Bringing the 90-90-90 Goals within Reach

In Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Zambia, new infections are falling; the percent of the population infected with HIV is stabilizing; and over half of all people living with HIV are virally suppressed ... Full story

AIDS is here to stay, unless we turn a new leaf.

Although more and more people living with HIV are on antiretroviral treatment, we haven't been able to reduce the number of new infections worldwide. Despite all the scientific and social forces that have united in the fight against HIV/AIDS, we will have to get used to the idea that this disease will remain a huge problem. Unless we draw lessons and take a different approach. ... Full story

'To seek a true cure’: UNC researchers pioneer HIV research with ‘kick and kill’

In honor of World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, we take a look at the trailblazing ‘kick and kill’ method of attacking HIV to cure patients. UNC researchers have been working with GlaxoSmithKline on parallel studies at the UNC Cure Center for 18 months to advance this new method of combatting the global epidemic of HIV. ... Full story

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