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South African 'Mentor Mothers' lower HIV infection rates among pregnant women

UCLA study shows that community-based interventions are effective ...

A new dent in HIV-1's armor

Salk scientists identify a promising target for HIV/AIDS treatment ...

Study Follows HIV-infected Women into Their ‘Golden’ Years

How well do individuals diagnosed decades ago with HIV manage their disease as they age? ... Full story

Study models ways to cut Mexico’s HIV rates

A new study projects that increasing condom use or antiretroviral therapy for Mexico City’s male sex workers would produce a significant advance against the HIV epidemic by reducing the rate of infections among the sex workers’ partners. ... Full story

Antiretroviral Therapy Benefits HIV-infected Stimulant Users, UCSF Study Shows

New clinical research from UC San Francisco shows that 341 HIV-infected men who reported using stimulants such as methamphetamine or cocaine derived life-saving benefits from being on antiretroviral therapy that were comparable to those of HIV-infected men who do not use stimulants. ... Full story

NIH-Supported Scientists Unveil Structure, Dynamics of Key HIV Molecules

Findings Could Aid Design of HIV Vaccines, Treatments ... Full story

Researchers capture images of the elusive protein HIV uses to infect cells

HIV is adept at eluding immune system responses because the protein it uses to infect cells is constantly changing. ... Full story

Researchers Watch, in Real Time, the Dynamic Motion of HIV as it Readies an Attack

Studies in Both Science and Nature Provide Key Insights into the Biology of the Virus ... Full story

Are we on the point of finding the key to a cure for HIV?

In newborns whose mothers are infected with HIV and who are not properly treated, combination antiretroviral therapy – or triple therapy – initiated within 72 hours after birth can help suppress the virus to the point where it becomes undetectable. ... Full story

Effective treatments available for HIV patients not eligible for efavirenz regimens

A new national clinical trial found HIV drug regimens that do not include efavirenz are effective as first-line antiretroviral therapy. The finding is important for patients who are not eligible for treatment with efavirenz, including women considering becoming pregnant and patients with a history of severe psychiatric disorders. ... Full story

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