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The early cost of HIV

Inflammatory response breaks down intestinal lining, but help may come from friendly bacteria ...

HIV Lessons From the Mississippi Baby

Experts say child’s relapse and two similar cases can pave way to future cure efforts ...

HIV Antibodies Block Infection by Reservoir-Derived Virus in Laboratory Study

NIH-Led Team Finds Strategy to Achieve Sustained HIV Remission Promising ... Full story

Fungus Deadly to AIDS Patients Found to Grow on Trees

13-year-old's science fair project finds fungus in the environment ... Full story

Vault nanoparticles engineered at UCLA show promise for cancer treatment and possible HIV cure

UCLA scientists developed a method for placing bryostatin 1 in nanoscale vaults for safe delivery to cells, where it can activate latent HIV, enabling the virus to be eradicated. ... Full story

Future phones to use blood and speech to monitor HIV, stress, nutrition

ITHACA, N.Y. – David Erickson, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Cornell University, will receive a $3 million National Science Foundation grant over five years to adapt smart phones for health monitoring. ... Full story

Intimacy a strong motivator for PrEP HIV prevention

Many HIV-negative gay or bisexual men in steady relationships with other HIV-negative men don’t always use condoms out of a desire for intimacy. That same desire, according to a new study, makes such men more inclined to use antiretroviral medications to prevent getting HIV, a practice known as PrEP. ... Full story

NIH-Led Scientists Boost Potential of Passive Immunization Against HIV

Researchers Mutate VRC01 Antibody So It Lasts Longer in Blood and Key Tissues ... Full story

Scientists detail urgent research agenda to better understand, address chronic disease toll

HIV patients in developing countries facing new health risks must be a high priority, say experts ... Full story

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