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Studying Dengue Fever in West Africa

A team of scientists has determined that dengue is being misdiagnosed as malaria in Ghana, and possibly elsewhere in Africa. ...

European collaboration to tackle antibiotic resistance

Efforts to develop novel antibiotics are hampered by a number of scientific and regulatory hurdles that cannot be easily tackled by any ...

Measles vaccine in modified form also effective against Chikungunya virus

(Vienna ) A modified, conventional measles vaccine has the potential to act against the Chikungunya virus. This is the result of a study at the University Clinic for Clinical Pharmacology of the MedUni Wien (Medical University of Vienna), which has now been published in the top journal "The Lancet Infectious Diseases". Up until now, there has been no effective vaccine against the Chikungunya virus and the associated feverish illness which can prove lethal, and is particularly prevalent in Latin America and the Caribbean. ... Full story

New insight into antibiotic resistance strengthens call for increased focus on research

A team of scientists led by the University of Birmingham have identified a new mechanism of antibiotic resistance in bacterial cells which could help us in understanding, and developing solutions to, the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. ... Full story

Australian virus might be answer to effective Ebola vaccine

An experimental Ebola vaccine made using an Australian virus called Kunjin might help in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus, an international study led by The University of Queensland has found. ... Full story

New Study Details Burden of C. Diff in U.S.

Inappropriate Use of Antibiotics Biggest Risk Factor for Infection ... Full story

SREL researchers develop targeted approach to reduce rabies

Researchers at the University of Georgia Savannah River Ecology Laboratory are evaluating new methods to reduce the spread of rabies in wildlife populations. ... Full story

Could Ebola mutate faster than we can develop treatments?

OPINION: As the worst known epidemic of the Ebola virus continues in West Africa, scientists around the world are trying to develop treatments for those infected. But a process of viral mutation, known as “genetic drift”, could potentially compromise their efforts. ... Full story

Malaria transmission linked to mosquitoes’ sexual biology

Findings could lead to new methods of malaria control ... Full story

New evidence helps health workers in the fight against Ebola

One year after the first Ebola cases started to surface in Guinea, the latest findings from a Cochrane review show new ways of hydrating patients in critical care environments across the world. ... Full story

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