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Research Council of Norway finances trial of Ebola-vaccine

The Norwegian research programme for Global Health and Vaccination Research (GLOBVAC) has on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs contributed ...

Protection of the mouse gut by mucus depends on microbes

The quality of the colon mucus in mice depends on the composition of gut microbiota, reports a Swedish-Norwegian team of researchers from ...

Mix of Bacteria in Gut May Depend More on Diet than Genes

Microbiota, Microbiome Change Quickly, UCSF Researchers Find ... Full story

Antibiotic resistance is a gut reaction for some bacteria

Scientists from the Institute of Food Research and the University of East Anglia have discovered how certain gut bacteria can protect themselves and others in the gut from antibiotics. ... Full story

New Notre Dame paper offers novel insights into pathogen behavior

A new study by a team of researchers that includes University of Notre Dame scientists Joshua Shrout and Mark Alber provides new insights into the behavior of an important bacterial pathogen. ... Full story

New insights into survival strategies of bacteria

Even the simplest cells such as bacteria have developed effective strategies to protect themselves against harmful substances from the environment. Such defense mechanisms are usually active against a whole variety of substances. How a single defense system can recognize highly diverse substances and render them harmless has remained largely unclear at the structural level. ... Full story

Mobilization of Recovered Ebola Patients Could Provide Desperately Needed Manpower in Fight to Curb Epidemic

As foreign and domestic health care workers in West Africa fight to contain the deadliest Ebola virus disease outbreak in history, a group of disaster response and modeling experts from Johns Hopkins say a potential pool of manpower to help care for patients with Ebola is being overlooked and should be tapped quickly: people who have survived and recovered from Ebola virus infection. ... Full story

Study Identifies 53 Approved Drugs that May Block Ebola Infection

Compounds May Keep Virus from Entering Cells; May Accelerate Drug Development ... Full story

Hugs Help Protect Against Stress and Infection, Say Carnegie Mellon Researchers

PITTSBURGH—Instead of an apple, could a hug-a-day keep the doctor away? According to new research from Carnegie Mellon University, that may not be that far-fetched of an idea. ... Full story

Researchers discover bacteria-killer from natural source

Researchers of the HIPS and the HZI discover new antibiotic with an effect against gram-negative bacteria ... Full story

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