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Game shows mosquito's-eye view of malaria

A new game about the life cycle of malaria that can be played on Android smartphones has been created by an Oxford ...

Are hospitals doing all they can to prevent C. diff infections? Not yet, new study suggests

Survey of nearly 400 hospitals finds half lack programs to cut use of antibiotics that can encourage dangerous gut infection ...

Big Tick Project to track rising threat of Lyme disease

Vets across the UK are set to take part in the Big Tick Project, the largest nationwide collection of ticks from dogs in a bid to help scientists, led by Professor Richard Wall at the University of Bristol, track what is feared to be a growing threat to people and their dogs from tick-borne zoonotic diseases such as Lyme disease (Borrelia). ... Full story

Identified a novel pathway producing dimethylsulphide in bacteria, a compound involved in climate regulation

A scientific team that includes researchers from the University of Barcelona (UB) has identified a novel pathway producing dimethylsulphide, a volatile organosulfur compound which plays a major role in climate regulation. ... Full story

Weaker vaccine causing whooping cough surge

A Monash University expert has teamed up with the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to pinpoint the reason behind a surge in whooping cough cases over the past 10 years. ... Full story

Tapeworm drug shows promise against MRSA

Researchers based at Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital show in a new study that a drug already approved to fight tapeworms in people, effectively treated MRSA superbugs in lab cultures and in infected nematode worms. The scientists are pursuing further testing with hope that the findings will lead to new treatments for deadly MRSA infections. ... Full story

UTMB researchers develop Ebola treatment effective three days after infection

Researchers from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp., have successfully developed a post-exposure treatment that is effective against a specific strain of the Ebola virus that killed thousands of people in West Africa. ... Full story

Ebola survivors donate plasma to tackle outbreak

The first donations of plasma, from survivors of the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, have been received by an international research team working to help tackle current and future disease outbreaks in West Africa. ... Full story

University of Maryland School of Medicine Scientist Helps Discover Never-Before-Seen Tick-Borne Disease

Illness May Be ‘Substantial Health Threat’ to Humans in Many Parts of the World ... Full story

UT Austin Researchers Inform Development of Ebola Vaccine Trials

TACC's Lonestar4 supercomputer aids simulation and analysis to reach scientific results ... Full story

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