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Two U.S. Patients Recover from Ebola, Discharged from Hospital

CDC is heartened to learn that the two U.S. citizens treated at Emory University Hospital for Ebola have been discharged from the ...

NIH Scientists Establish New Monkey Model of Severe MERS-CoV Disease

Marmosets May Provide Best Option Yet for Testing Potential Treatments, Study Suggests ...

Ebola drugs must be 'fairly distributed and ethically tested'

Researchers and health authorities need to ensure that experimental drugs to treat Ebola are distributed fairly and in the context of randomized controlled trials, according to leading bioethicists Dr Annette Rid, Social Science, Health & Medicine at King’s and Professor Ezekiel Emanuel, University of Pennsylvania. ... Full story

Emergency research call launched to help combat Ebola outbreak

A rapid-response call for research to combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is being launched today, Wellcome Trust Director Dr Jeremy Farrar and UK International Development Secretary Justine Greening have announced. ... Full story

Unusual discovery leads to fascinating tuberculosis theory

Seals and sea lions may have carried disease to Americas ... Full story

Ebola virus biology and research

Terrible suffering in Western Africa has refocused the world’s attention on Ebola viruses, for which there is no vaccine or cure. The viruses are masters of their attack, but researchers are working hard to fight them, said Dr. Ian Michelow, who has studied an approach. ... Full story

Common Infections Tied to Some Stroke Risk in Kids

UCSF-Led Study Shows Colds, Flu Can Create Short-Lived, Increased Stroke Risk in Vulnerable Children ... Full story

Enzyme holds the door for influenza

by Will Fry - The enzyme phospholipase D (PLD) helps the influenza virus escape the immune response. Blocking it could lead to a new way to prevent the flu, H. Alex Brown, Ph.D., Craig Lindsley, Ph.D., Paul Thomas, Ph.D., and colleagues report in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. ... Full story

New insight into the survival and transmission strategy of malaria parasites

Malaria parasites exploit the function of the well-known epigenetic regulator HP1 to promote their survival and transmission between human hosts, a new study by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute shows. Using HP1 the parasite specifically controls expression of surface antigens to escape immune responses in the infected victim. This prolongs survival of the parasite in the human blood stream and secures its transmission via mosquitoes. ... Full story

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