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Discovery reveals how bacteria distinguish harmful versus helpful viruses

When they are not busy attacking us, germs go after each other. But when viruses invade bacteria, it doesn’t always spell disaster ...

New Tuberculosis Blood Test in Children is Reliable and Highly Specific

A new blood test provides a fast and accurate tool to diagnose tuberculosis in children, a new proof-of-concept study shows. The newly ...

A new way to diagnose malaria

Using magnetic fields, technique can detect parasite’s waste products in infected blood cells. ... Full story

Zipper Triggers Bacterial Invasion

Freiburg researchers discover new strategy germs use to invade cells ... Full story

Single animal to human transmission event responsible for 2014 Ebola outbreak

NIH-funded scientist uses latest genomic technology to make discovery ... Full story

A Vaccine for Ebola?

UVM infectious disease experts weigh in on the creation of a human vaccine to protect against this growing global health crisis ... Full story

WHO issues roadmap to scale up international response to the Ebola outbreak in west Africa

WHO is issuing today a roadmap to guide and coordinate the international response to the outbreak of Ebola virus disease in west Africa. ... Full story

Keeping viruses at bay

Researchers at the University of Bonn Hospital discover how our organism definitively detects RNA viruses ... Full story

Polio: mutated virus breaches vaccine protection

Scientists of the University of Bonn publish alarming findings ... Full story

MERS: Low transmissibility, dangerous illness

Research led by the University of Bonn Virologists reveals transmission rate of the MERS virus ... Full story

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