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Software improves ability to catalog bacterial pathogens

PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University researchers have developed a new software tool that will improve scientists’ ability to identify and understand ...

New DNA Sequencing Method Precise Enough to Reveal Hidden Mechanisms by which Bacteria Resist Antibiotics

“Astonishing Resolution” Also Promises to Enable Earlier Cancer Diagnoses by Revealing Rare DNA Changes ...

Plant Kingdom Provides Two New Antibiotic Candidates

Scientists have isolated peptides (strings of amino acids) with antibiotic effects on bacteria that spoil food and cause food poisoning, after turning to the plant kingdom for help in boosting our arsenal in the ongoing war against antibiotic resistance. ... Full story

How a cold gets into cells

Viruses smuggle their genetic material into our cells. How this actually works is currently being investigated at TU Wien (Vienna) using a new combination of analysis methods. ... Full story

Body Temperature Makes Bacteria Aggressive

HZI researchers discover control centres in Yersinia bacteria that initiate infection processes only at body temperature ... Full story

Experimental Antibiotic Treats Deadly MRSA Infection

Rutgers scientists develop lower-dose antibiotic that could decrease side effects ... Full story

Legions of immune cells in the lung keep Legionella at bay

A team of specialist researchers in Melbourne believe they have found a major response that helps keep the Legionella infection at bay. ... Full story

Researchers improve biosensors to detect E. coli

PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University researchers have developed a portable biosensor that makes it easier to detect harmful bacteria. ... Full story

Tailored treatments: a new way to fight superbugs

New research from Monash University and the University of Queensland could change the way critically ill patients across the world are treated. ... Full story

Researchers Unpack How Toxoplasma Infection Is Linked to Neurodegenerative Disease

UC Riverside research focused on glutamate, the most important neurotransmitter in the brain ... Full story

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