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New treatment principle for tuberculosis activates the body's own defence system

According to a new study from Karolinska Institutet which is being published in the journal Autophagy, the body's own defence system can ...

Treating ships’ ballast water: filtration preferable to disinfection

Neuherberg -Untreated ballast water discharge from ships can spread living organisms and even pathogens across the world thereby introducing non-native or invasive ...

Small genetic differences could mean life-and-death for gut infection

When it comes to fighting gut infections, we are not equal. EPFL scientists have shown how apparently insignificant genetic variation can lead to big differences in the gut’s immunity. The study could change the way we treat gut disease. ... Full story

Fighting mosquito resistance to insecticides

Controlling mosquitoes that carry human diseases is a global health challenge as their ability to resist insecticides now threatens efforts to prevent epidemics. Scientists from the CNRS, IRD, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Université Joseph Fourier in Grenoble and Institut Pasteur in French Guiana1 have identified new genetic markers for mosquito resistance to insecticides, which could improve its detection in the field. This work was published in Genome Research on 23 July 2015. ... Full story

Call for better tests to help fight future ebola outbreaks

King's Ebola response team calls for better diagnostic tests to help fight future outbreaks ... Full story

Treatment failure in parasite infection tied to virus​

By Michael C. Purdy - A physician treats a Peruvian patient with a sand fly bite infected with the parasite Leishmania. New insight into the parasite may help make treatments more consistently successful. ... Full story

Antibiotic resistance: a call for global action

OTTAWA — Antibiotic resistance (ABR) is a global health threat requiring strong collective action. The Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics has published a series of eleven articles on the action required, and the tools needed to achieve it. ... Full story

Breaking the cycle of malaria transmission

Discovery of protein could lead to treatment that creates 'dead end' for malaria parasite ... Full story

Ebola outbreak highlights need for IP-free essential medicines: international conference

New life-saving medicines developed for lethal disease such as ebola should be 'a gift to the world' rather than held up by squabbles over intellectual property while victims of the disease are dying, says QUT Professor of IP & Innovation Law Matthew Rimmer. ... Full story

Diagnostic test developed for enterovirus D68

Respiratory virus caused severe illness, deaths in children ... Full story

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