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New study of antibiotics finds something fishy

Antibiotics – one of modernity’s great success stories – are charms that come with a curse. Their overuse in human and animal ...

Childhood infection link to hearing loss

Common childhood infections, such as tonsillitis and ear infections, may lead to hearing loss later in life, according to recent research from ...

Bacterial defense policies

High-resolution cryo-electron microscopy has now revealed in unprecedented detail the structural changes in the bacterial ribosome which results in resistance to the antibiotic erythromycin. ... Full story

Fresh milk keeps infections at bay

A study by LMU researchers shows that infants fed on fresh rather than UHT cow’s milk are less prone to infection. The authors recommend the use of alternative processing methods to preserve the protectants found in the natural product. ... Full story

New York’s Rat Population Hosts Dangerous Pathogens

In the first study to look at would-be diseases carried by New York City rats, scientists at the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health identified a number of pathogens that can cause serious illnesses in humans, including life-threatening gastroenteritis. ... Full story

Divide and Conquer: novel trick helps rare pathogen infect healthy people

Divide and Conquer: novel trick helps rare pathogen infect healthy people ... Full story

Australian scientists prove link between viral infection and autoimmune disease

Common viral infections can pave the way to autoimmune disease, Australian scientists have revealed in breakthrough research published internationally today. ... Full story

Tick protein does the trick to fight infection

By Jim Shelton - A protein in ticks that protects them against the cold could inspire a new class of antibiotics for humans, according to a Yale University study. ... Full story

Enzyme may be key to stopping fatal sepsis outcomes

UBC researchers have discovered that controlling levels of the human enzyme PCSK9 could help improve survival for patients with sepsis. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. ... Full story

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