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Targeting metals to fight pathogenic bacteria

Researchers at Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS)/Umeå University in Sweden participated in the discovery of a unique system of acquisition ...

Understanding Your Bacteria

Escherichia coli (E. coli) are bacteria that live all around and inside of us. Most E. coli are harmless, but some strains ...

The Plan to Avert Our Post-Antibiotic Apocalypse

A new report estimates that by 2050, drug-resistant infections will kill one person every three seconds, unless the world’s governments take drastic steps now. ... Full story

Syphilis nearly eliminated, except in Africa

The discovery of penicillin has led to a sharp decline of syphilis around the world, except in Africa. In a new study, Prof. Chris Kenyon of the Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) describes the different rates of decline of syphilis around the world. This week the European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) also published its latest figures on syphilis in Europe. ... Full story

Are multidrug-resistant bacteria spread through sewage water?

BMBF funds joint research project on clinically relevant antibiotic-resistant bacteria ... Full story

Bacterial immunization prevents PTSD-like symptoms in mice

Injecting mice with a UCL-discovered bacterium can reduce stress and inflammation, preventing them from developing PTSD-like conditions, finds a new international study led by the University of Colorado Boulder. ... Full story

Tracking bacterial virulence: global modulators as indicators

Researchers of the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) together with their collaborators, have determined a new kind of indicators for bacterial virulence which can help detect and preventing infection outbreaks caused by Escherichia coli. ... Full story

Parasitic infection helps sea snails survive acidified seawater

Flatworm-infected sea snails survive better in more acidified seawater than non-infected ones, surprising new University of Otago research has found. ... Full story

Novel way to prevent deadly bacterial infections

Monash scientists may have found a way to stop deadly bacteria from infecting patients. The discovery could lead to a whole new way of treating antibiotic-resistant “superbugs”. ... Full story

High-throughput Screening Strategy Identifies Compounds Active Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

New Rochelle, NY—A new study in which researchers rapidly screened more than 11,000 bioactive molecules for activity against an antibiotic-resistant strain of Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria identified multiple compounds with potent antimicrobial activity. ... Full story

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