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Umeå University researchers help Europe fight spread of Zika virus

Researchers at Umeå University in Sweden help assess the risk that Zika will spread to Europe by describing the transmission season, areas ...

Promising advances in prevention of rheumatic fever

Leading health researchers and practitioners are meeting today to work towards preventing and controlling rheumatic fever across New Zealand and Australia. The ...

Biologists Develop Method for Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing

A team of biologists and biomedical researchers at UC San Diego has developed a new method to determine if bacteria are susceptible to antibiotics within a few hours, an advance that could slow the appearance of drug resistance and allow doctors to more rapidly identify the appropriate treatment for patients with life threatening bacterial infections. ... Full story

Honey’s potential to save lives by destroying harmful fungus

The healing powers of honey have been known for thousands of years. Now a graduate from The University of Manchester has discovered a powerful link between a medicinal type of honey and the destruction of a fungus that can cause blindness or even death. ... Full story

Scientists disable infectious bacteria by removing protein

Dr Malone and his team study a type of bacteria called Pseudomonas, of which there are dozens of different species, including the pathogen P. aeruginosa, which causes around 7% of hospital acquired infections in the UK and is a major cause of mortality in cystic fibrosis patients. Understanding these bacteria is medically very important. ... Full story

Study of altruism during the Ebola outbreak suggests good intentions are in the details

Intention is greater when the news stories about the issue strike closer to home ... Full story

Zika virus, possibly linked to birth defects, has potential to spread rapidly through the Americas, researchers say

By Leslie Shepherd - The Zika virus, possibly linked to serious birth defects in Brazil, has the potential to spread within the Americas, including parts of the United States, according to an international team of researchers who track the spread of infectious diseases. ... Full story

Purdue innovation provides 'fingerprint' to identify foodborne pathogens, moves closer to production

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A Purdue University innovation that creates a "fingerprint-like pattern" to identify foodborne pathogens without using reagents has been licensed by Hettich Lab Technology. The technology is being demonstrated at the Society of Laboratory Automation and Screening Conference and Exhibition held now through Wednesday (Jan. 27) in San Diego. ... Full story

Explainer: Spread of the Zika virus

“Zika is a rapidly emerging viral disease which is making the news because of a potential link to microcephaly – a condition where children are born with smaller than usual brains and heads, with many facing the need for lifelong care. ... Full story

Tuberculosis : discovery of a critical stage in the evolution of the bacillus towards pathogenicity

It is the disappearance of a glycolipid from the bacterial cell envelope during evolution that may have considerably increased the virulence of tuberculosis bacilli in humans. ... Full story

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