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Lemon juice and human norovirus

by Koh - Citric acid may prevent the highly contagious norovirus from infecting humans, scientists discovered from the German Cancer Research Center. ...

Chlamydia screening for pregnant young women prevents newborn complications, while saving health dollars

Chlamydia screening for all pregnant women aged between16 and 25 is cost-effective and can prevent harm to babies, a University of Melbourne ...

HPV infection of placentas linked to pregnancy complications

Study researchers Dr Celia Devenish (obstetrician), Dr Tania Slatter (senior research fellow), Dr Noelyn Hung (pathologist) and midwives at Queen Mary Hospital ... Full story

Koalas may be good model for understanding human STI

Koala studies may provide important new insights into how chlamydial infections compromise human male infertility, according to new Australian research. ... Full story

Investigating disease risk from Parklands bats

New research at the University of Adelaide is studying the bat colony in Adelaide’s north-eastern parklands (Botanic Park, not Botanic Gardens) to investigate the diseases they may be carrying, their ecology and where they go at night. ... Full story

Genetic re-assortment shapes evolutionary and epidemiological changes in Bluetongue virus

The repeated emergence of the Bluetongue virus (BTV) amongst European livestock in recent decades has been shaped by its ability to re-assort its genes, a study has found. ... Full story

Stanford researchers find surprising level of tick-borne disease risk on local trails

Study reveals mysterious pathogen in higher concentrations than thought in trailside ticks in the San Francisco Bay Area. ... Full story

MIT responds to West Nile virus threat‬‬

No human cases of West Nile virus (WNV) have been reported in Massachusetts this year; however, mosquitoes in Cambridge and surrounding communities recently tested positive for the virus, prompting public health officials to raise the risk of mosquito-borne illness in Cambridge from “low” to “moderate.” ... Full story

Discovery of trigger for bugs' defences could lead to new antibiotics

BBSRC-funded scientists at Imperial College London have exposed a chink in the armour of disease-causing bugs, with a new discovery about a protein that controls bacterial defences. ... Full story

Vision of immune cells rallying to destroy invaders captured for the first time

Killer T cells (red) and helper T cells (green) are shown in the lymph nodes after Herpes Simplex virus infection. ... Full story

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