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More attention to measles, vaccine experts urge

More measles cases have been reported in the United States so far in 2014 than during any year in the past two ...

Ebola outbreak unlikely in Australia but no room for error, experts warn

The Ebola virus is unlikely to reach Australia but we must remain "vigilant" to manage and control its spread in the event ...

Testing for pathogens

Innovation Corps researchers focus on medical applications rather than food safety in response to customer needs ... Full story

Computer Model Predicts Growth of Ebola Infections in West Africa

A computer model created by researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health is tracking and forecasting the growth of Ebola cases in West Africa. Forecasts predicting cumulative infections and deaths six weeks into the future are generated each week and posted online: http://cpid.iri.columbia.edu/ebola.html. Updates are released upon release of new World Health Organization (WHO) data, which are used to train the model prior to forecast. ... Full story

Why scratching makes you itch more

By Jim Dryden - Washington University researchers have found out why scratching an itch can make the itching worse. ... Full story

Could copper prevent spread of Ebola?

Research from the University of Southampton has indicated that copper could help to prevent the spread of Ebola. ... Full story

Increased dosing of malaria drug in children could decrease risk of infection

Piperaquine is a long-acting malaria drug that kills residual parasites and decreases the risk of reinfection. A study led by Uppsala University researcher Martin Bergstrand shows that increasing the dose used in children could potentially decrease the yearly incidence of malaria by 70 per cent. ... Full story

Multiple trials of VSV Ebola vaccine accelerated by international collaborative

Trials of one of the most promising candidate Ebola vaccines are to begin swiftly in healthy volunteers in Europe, Gabon and Kenya, as funds from the Wellcome Trust enable an international consortium to accelerate development of the VSV Ebola vaccine, rVSV-EBOV. This is the latest of several international commitments to fast-track early tests of candidate Ebola vaccines so they could be available for trial in West Africa by the end of the year, and if successful deployed more widely in 2015. ... Full story

Infection outbreaks, unique diseases rising since 1980

Ebola has a lot of company. In a novel database now made publicly available, Brown University researchers found that since 1980 the world has seen an increasing number of infectious disease outbreaks from an increasing number of sources. The good news, however, is that they are affecting a shrinking proportion of the world population. ... Full story

Lessons from Liberia: Targeted patient isolation could stem Ebola epidemic

Isolating the most severely ill Ebola patients before the fifth day of their illness may be the most effective way to reduce transmission of the virus, new research led by the Yale School of Public Health suggests. ... Full story

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