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Urinary tract infections

Who benefits from a catheter – and who doesn't? New guide for hospital teams aims to protect patients from UTI

U-M team publishes appropriateness guide based on national expert review ...

Boosting the Body’s Natural Ability to Fight Urinary Tract Infections

Experimental drug that stabilizes immune defense protein HIF-1alpha protects against major UTI pathogen ...

Non-invasive device instantly diagnoses urinary tract infections

A patient demonstrates use of the wireless UTI detection device. ... Full story

Loyola researchers identify method to assess UTI risk after pelvic-floor surgery

Findings may help better manage women with urinary tract infections ... Full story

Next-generation treatment for urinary tract infections may focus on fitness genes

University of Michigan Health System identifies genes expressed during UTIs ... Full story

Natural Substance Produced by Kidneys Prevents UTIs

A urinary tract infection confined to the bladder is usually just irritating, but an infection that spreads to the kidney can cause permanent organ damage and even death due to sepsis. ... Full story

Urine HPV test could offer alternative to conventional smear and improve screening uptake

A simple urine test for human papillomavirus (HPV) could offer a more acceptable, non-invasive alternative to the conventional cervical test and improve screening uptake, researchers from Queen Mary University of London have found. ... Full story

In mice, vaccine stops urinary tract infections linked to catheters

By Michael C. Purdy - The most common type of hospital-associated infection may be preventable with a vaccine, new research in mice suggests. ... Full story

Researchers Identify Potential Risk Factors for Urinary Tract Infections in Young Girls

Winston-Salem, N.C. – Young girls with an intense, red, itchy rash on their outer genital organs may be at increased risk of developing urinary tract infections (UTIs), according to new research from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. The treatment may be as simple as better hygiene and avoiding potential irritants such as bubble baths and swimming pools. ... Full story

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