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A New Method to Predict Damage in Transplanted Kidneys

By Anna Williams A Northwestern Medicine study published in The Lancet has identified a set of genes that could be used to predict ...

Chronic kidney disease paper awarded prestigious Research Paper of the Year

A study into how patients react to diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease has won the prestigious Research Paper of the Year Award ...

Researchers identify protein critical in causing chronic UTIs

Findings suggest a new way to prevent common infection ... Full story

Increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria hinders treatment of kidney infections

Researchers recommended development of new medications and new guidelines for treatment ... Full story

Eating more fruits and vegetables cut kidney patients’ medicine expense in half

•People with kidney disease cut their medicine expenses in half and reduced their blood pressure by eating more fruits and vegetables compared to patients who followed a baking soda regimen or had typical care. •For patients on dialysis, a separate study found that combining aerobic exercise and strength training improved fitness and lowered blood pressure. ... Full story

Expanding Access: First Clinical Trial Transplants Hepatitis C-Infected Kidneys at Penn Medicine

Clinical trial tests the effect of giving organ recipients antiviral therapy after being transplanted with kidneys that otherwise go unused ... Full story

VICC helps launch new alliance for rare kidney cancer

Children, adolescents or young adults, particularly African-Americans, diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer may actually have a rare form of the disease known as renal medullary carcinoma (RMC) that requires a specialized approach and expert intervention. ... Full story

Insights into inflammatory responses in dialysis patients

A cross-disciplinary team of scientists and clinicians identifies a role for rare T cells in responding to microbes and in exerting collateral damage on surrounding tissues. ... Full story

UCLA faculty voice: Give a kidney, get a kidney

A voucher program started in 2014 at UCLA is spreading across the country ... Full story

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