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Oral drug normalizes potassium in 98 percent of kidney patients experiencing side effect

By Will Sansom - Patients with chronic kidney disease may be treated with a class of medications called Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System ...

New finding could help develop test for kidney failure

Scientists at The University of Manchester have made an important finding that could help develop an early test for kidney disease. ...

DNA Abnormalities Found in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease

Routine genetic screening of children with CKD could lead to earlier, more precise diagnoses ... Full story

Dialysis is no laughing matter; however researchers are now asking if it should be

For 11,000 Australians kidney dialysis is not something to laugh about. However a good chuckle might well be the best thing for them. ... Full story

Proton pump inhibitors are associated with an increased risk of acute kidney failure and acute interstitial nephritis in older patients

By Leslie Shepherd - Older patients prescribed proton pump inhibitors were more than twice as likely to be hospitalized for acute kidney failure than patients not prescribed these drugs, new research has found. ... Full story

Research in the News: Yale scientists confirm better test for acute kidney injury in children

By Ziba Kashef -Yale researchers compared two markers for acute kidney injury (AKI), an increasingly common condition affecting thousands of hospitalized patients each year. ... Full story

Kidney Health Initiative Seeking Patient Input Into New Therapies for Kidney Disease

Patient and family perspectives will help inform development of new treatment options ... Full story

Mayo Clinic Study Suggests Acute Injured Kidneys can be considered for Transplant

PHOENIX — The shortage of kidneys needed for organ transplantation in the U.S. can be alleviated in part by using select kidneys with Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), resulting in safe and positive outcomes, according to research conducted at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. ... Full story

Washington University develops genetic test for inherited kidney diseases

By Michael C. Purdy and Gaia Remerowski - Many kidney disorders are difficult to diagnose. To address this problem, scientists and clinicians have developed a diagnostic test that identifies genetic changes linked to inherited kidney disorders. ... Full story

ER Patients Discharged After Kidney Stone Evaluation Likely to Return

By Duke Medicine News and Communications - DURHAM, N.C. – One in nine patients released from the emergency department after treatment for a kidney stone will face a repeat visit, according to findings by Duke Medicine researchers. ... Full story

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