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Obese Young Adults Unaware of Kidney Disease Risk, Study Finds

Many young adults with abdominal obesity exhibit a readily detectable risk factor for chronic kidney disease (CKD), yet the vast majority don’t ...

Bioengineered Blood Vessel Appears Safe for Dialysis Patients

By Duke Medicine News and Communications -DURHAM, N.C. – Man-made blood vessels developed by researchers at Duke University, Yale University and the ...

Popular heartburn drugs may cause serious kidney damage

Research indicates proton pump inhibitors should be used only sparingly ... Full story

Presentation of consensus guide for medicine uses in renal insufficiency

Improving the dose management in medicine for kidney failure patients, in primary and specialized healthcare, is the first aim of the “Consensus guide for medicine uses in renal insufficiency”, an innovative online tool for health professionals which will be presented on May 4 at 12h, in Ramón y Cajal room in the Historical building of the UB. ... Full story

'Kidney on a chip' could lead to safer drug dosing

ANN ARBOR—University of Michigan researchers have used a "kidney on a chip" device to mimic the flow of medication through human kidneys and measure its effect on kidney cells. ... Full story

Penn Researchers Find Females More Resistant to Organ Damage Following Kidney Transplant

Study compares male and female recovery to determine impact of gender, hormones on graft function ... Full story

Mice engineered with rare kidney disease provide new insights about how cells repair broken DNA

Too big to function: In this cross section of a kidney from a young FAN1 knockout mouse, cell nuclei are stained purple. Cells within a structure called the renal tubule exhibit karyomegaly, or enlarged nuclei. ... Full story

Urologist first in DFW to use FDA-approved steam procedure to shrink enlarged prostate

DALLAS – UT Southwestern Medical Center urologists are the first in North Texas to perform a new FDA-approved, minimally invasive procedure that shrinks an enlarged prostate gland using steam. ... Full story

Pivotal Inflammatory Players Revealed in Diabetic Kidney Disease

In a new study, published in the online edition of the journal EBioMedicine, a multi-disciplinary team led by researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine has identified key inflammatory mechanisms underlying type 1 diabetes and obesity-related kidney dysfunction. ... Full story

B.C. leads Canada’s largest-ever effort to improve kidney disease care

A B.C. team will co-lead Canada’s largest-ever effort to improve care for people with kidney disease. The initiative aims to reduce the number of people who need dialysis or organ transplants, or who develop related illnesses that are debilitating or deadly. ... Full story

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