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Investigational drug prevents life-threatening side effects of kidney disease treatment

By John Easton - A yearlong study of more than 300 patients found that the investigational drug patiromer can reduce elevated blood-potassium ...

Sensing danger signals in the kidney may help acute kidney disease

Latest research from the Centre for Inflammatory Diseases at the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health provides novel insights into how ...

Geography Is Destiny in Deaths from Kidney Failure, Study Shows

Patients who get referred to kidney specialists do best ... Full story

Study: Important to consider cause of kidney failure when planning future treatment

Most patients with failing kidneys face generic treatment paths. Outcomes may improve if their course of treatment is based on the root causes of their kidney failure, a new study says. ... Full story

Fast-tracking precision medicine: Science guides re-aiming of drug to target diabetic kidney disease

U-M scientists’ lab work revealed cell-signaling target; partnership with drug company led to Phase II clinical trial results presented this week ... Full story

New treatment for polycystic kidney disease

A new technique for treating polycystic kidney disease has been identified by researchers based at the UCL Institute of Child Health. Published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, the treatment, which involves targeting tiny blood and lymphatic vessels inside the kidneys, is shown to improve renal function and slow progression of disease in mice. ... Full story

Home Dialysis Program celebrates 100th patient at home

By Leslie Shepherd - The Home Dialysis Program always said that when it had 100 patients who were receiving dialysis at home, it would have a big celebration. But before the party could be held in April, the number had risen to 115 patients and is still climbing. ... Full story

Zinc In the Body May Contribute to Kidney Stones

New research on kidney stone formation reveals that zinc levels may contribute to kidney stone formation, a common urinary condition that can cause excruciating pain. The research found that zinc may be the core by which stone formation starts. ... Full story

New Discoveries Advance Efforts to Build Replacement Kidneys in the Lab

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center report progress in their quest to build replacement kidneys in the lab. The teams’ goal is to make use of the more than 2,600 kidneys that are donated each year, but must be discarded due to abnormalities and other factors. The scientists aim to “recycle” these organs to engineer tailor-made replacement kidneys for patients. ... Full story

UH Researchers Identify Less-Invasive Method for Kidney Diagnostics

Optical Probe Would Allow Diagnosis without Kidney Biopsy, Reducing Complications ... Full story

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