Allergies: D-tryptophan explains probiotic characteristics of bacteria

Scientists at Helmholtz Zentrum München and their colleagues at the Leibniz Center in Borstel have discovered that right-handed D-tryptophan has probiotic properties ...

Does Traffic-Related Air Pollution Increase Asthma Risk By Stimulating Immune-Mediated Inflammation?

New Rochelle, NY — A recent study of 577 children living in Puerto Rico shows that residential distance to a major road ...

Clinical baseline characteristics distinguish difficult-to-control from easy-to-control asthma in urban children

The concept of asthma as a heterogeneous disease is supported by several observations, such as the variable clinical expression of the disease, including symptoms, pulmonary function bronchial hyperresponsiveness and treatment responses. The extent to which heterogeneity of treatment response and associated characteristics exist in inner-city children with asthma has not been defined. ... Full story

Asthma study provides a 'paradigm shift' in understanding of life-threatening condition

Research led by University of Leicester paves way for developing new treatments ... Full story

Researchers show how allergic responses, build up of specific protein can trigger asthma

UNC scientist Mehmet Kesimer, PhD, helps medical colleagues figure out why airborne allergens can cause asthma symptoms in some people but not others. His work implicates an important protein in mucus -- MUC5AC. ... Full story

Smoking fathers increase asthma-risk in future offspring.

A Norwegian study shows that asthma is three times more common in those who had a fAnchorather who smoked in adolescence than offspring who didn’t. ... Full story

Loughborough researchers develop simple saliva test to diagnose asthma

A new test which can diagnose asthma from a patient’s saliva has been developed by Loughborough University. ... Full story

New Drug Shows Capability to Help People with Severe Asthma

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – A clinical trial involving more than 1,200 participants at 374 sites in 17 countries has found that a new drug called benralizumab has the potential to safely improve outcomes for people with severe asthma. ... Full story

Promising developments but still more research needed into asthma, says RCGP

Dr Imran Rafi, Chair of Clinical Innovation and Research at the RCGP, has responded to a new Cochrane Review on the link between vitamin D ... Full story

Study Shows Combination Drug Therapy for Asthma Patients Is Safe

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – A post-marketing safety study mandated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has shown that a combination drug therapy for the treatment of asthma is safe and effective. ... Full story

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