Smart device delivers results for kids with asthma

A new smart asthma inhaler with an audio-visual function has dramatically improved child and adolescent use of preventative asthma medication. ...

New Cellular Pathway Triggering Allergic Asthma Response Identified

With molecular target found comes possibility of new therapies for millions of Americans ...

Rare mutations do not explain "missing heritability" in asthma

Largest study to date of rare genetic variants and asthma risk finds few associations ... Full story

Asthma May Boost Sleep Apnea Risk

Madison, Wisconsin - Previously diagnosed asthma is now a risk factor for developing obstructive sleep apnea. ... Full story

Rapid weight gain in first three months of life increases asthma risk

Babies who gain weight rapidly in the first three months of life are more likely to develop asthma and for it to persist into adolescence. ... Full story

Energy efficient homes linked to asthma

The drive for energy efficient homes could increase asthma risks, according to new research. ... Full story

A Better Biomonitor for Children with Asthma

TAU takes groundbreaking new diagnostic technique from Ground Zero to the playground ... Full story

Smartphone game helps children to improve asthma inhaler technique

Researchers at The University of Manchester and Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have developed a new interactive smartphone game can help children use a key asthma inhaler (‘a spacer’) far more effectively, allowing them to breathe more easily. ... Full story

Cold-related asthma attacks predictable with new test

People who have asthma generally suffer worse with colds caused by rhinoviruses than other people do. There are also asthmatics and patients with the severe lung condition COPD in whom the cold virus can trigger serious flare-ups of their condition. A team of researchers from the Institute of Pathophysiology and Allergy Research at the MedUni Vienna has now discovered how this risk group can be filtered out using a blood test. ... Full story

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