The role of B cells in the enhancement of pollen allergy - reaction to non-allergenic compounds

Neuherberg - Scientists at Helmholtz Zentrum München and TU München discovered a new mechanism how non-allergenic pollen mediators can enhance allergic reactions. ...


Scientists at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute have found that a gene previously thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect, or no immune ...

New care model for Māori children with asthma recommended

Co-authors Mrs Bernadette Jones and Dr Tristram Ingham ... Full story

Emergency Rooms Test New Ways to Help Minority Children with Uncontrolled Asthma

Thousands of children living with asthma in Chicago could benefit from a new multi-center study ... Full story

Sulfur dioxide emissions have decreased but the air pollutant is still a concern for asthmatics

Emissions of the air pollutant sulfur dioxide have been dramatically decreased during the past 30 years but for some people even a little inhaled sulfur dioxide may still be too much. ... Full story

Stress-Fighting Proteins Could Be Key to New Treatments for Asthma

Investigators have discovered the precise molecular steps that enable immune cells implicated in certain forms of asthma and allergy to develop and survive in the body. The findings from Weill Cornell Medical College reveal a new pathway that scientists could use to develop more effective treatments and therapies for the chronic lung disorder. ... Full story

CSU researcher studies effect of pesticides, air pollution on asthmatic kids

FORT COLLINS - A new Colorado State University study will explore how the combination of pesticides and traffic pollution affects children with asthma. ... Full story

Children who develop asthma in Toronto more likely to be born in neighbourhood with high levels of air pollution, study suggests

By Leslie Shepherd - Children who develop asthma in Toronto are more likely to have been born in a neighbourhood that has a high level of traffic-related air pollution, new research suggests. ... Full story

UC Davis study guides efforts to find new strategies, solutions to fight pediatric asthma

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) - Low flu vaccination rates, medication compliance and limited access to primary care providers have contributed to the high pediatric asthma rates in California, say UC Davis pediatricians Ulfat Shaikh and Robert Byrd, who have published an extensive study describing the challenges faced by children with asthma in California. ... Full story

New study to examine fibre effect on asthma

Respiratory researchers from the University of Newcastle and HMRI are looking into whether a high-fibre diet can reduce airway inflammation in people with asthma. ... Full story

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