Asthma Discovery May Lead to New Therapeutic Approach

Mayo Clinic researchers and collaborators have discovered a key cellular mechanism that contributes to bronchoconstriction and inflammation in asthma. Their studies may ...

Researchers’ “hugely exciting” asthma discovery

Scientists discover asthma's potential root cause and a novel treatment ...

Scientists discover asthma's potential root cause

A team of scientists have for the first time identified the potential root cause of asthma and an existing drug that offers a new treatment. ... Full story

Genetic Variance Explains Poor Response to Common Asthma Medications

Study Opens Door to New Therapies for Hard-to-Treat Children ... Full story

Asthma rates among black youth are similarly high in urban, rural communities

Asthma rates among black youth living in urban Detroit and rural Georgia are essentially the same, researchers report, a finding that conflicts with the widely held theory that city life is a risk factor, and pointing instead toward poverty. ... Full story

NIH-Funded Scientists Identify Receptor for Asthma-Associated Virus

Receptor Gene Variant May Increase Risk of Childhood Illnesses, Asthma ... Full story

Wearable sensors to monitor triggers for asthma, and more

The wearer's vital signs and surrounding environment would be monitored by devices that run on body heat and motion ... Full story

Study sheds new light on asthma, COPD

By Julia Evangelou Strait - In diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the body produces too much mucus, making breathing difficult. New research from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis provides clues to potentially counteract inappropriate mucus production. ... Full story

Research in the News: Yale team defines genetic subtypes of asthma

By Ziba Kashef - A Yale-led analysis of gene expression in asthma patients identified three major clusters of the disease. The finding could lead to a personalized approach to asthma management. ... Full story

Keck School of Medicine of USC scientists open door for asthma cure

Scientists led by molecular immunologists at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC) have identified a way to target a recently discovered cell type that causes asthma, paving the way to cure the chronic respiratory disease that affects 25 million Americans. ... Full story

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