Treating asthma

University scientists have made a discovery that could lead to improved treatment for asthma sufferers. ...

Penn and Rutgers Researchers Discover New Pathway That May Trigger Asthma

Finding could lead to better drugs for the many asthma patients who don’t respond well to current medications ...

Hormone drug could cure asthma and other fibrosis-related diseases

Relaxin is the hormone that aids women to give birth – produced by the ovaries during pregnancy it ensures that the pelvic ligaments soften, for a brief time, long enough to push the baby out. ... Full story

Women with unhealthy BMIs who smoke and drink at two-fold higher risk of asthma: worldwide study

By Kendra Stephenson - Dr. Jayadeep PatraUnderweight and obese women who also drank alcohol and smoked tobacco had a two-fold higher risk of being diagnosed with asthma than women with a healthy body mass index who did not drink or smoke, a St. Michael’s Hospital study found. ... Full story

Study reveals new way lungs respond in asthma attacks

University of Leicester researchers identify new process for preventing narrowing of airways that could lead to new treatments for disease ... Full story

New mobile app has the potential to revolutionise asthma management

Asthma is a major public health concern, affecting one in 10 Australian adults. While there is no cure, asthma can be effectively managed. Asthma management is particularly important during pregnancy. ... Full story

New study to assess why ‘rogue gene’ causes asthma in early life

Researchers at the University of Southampton are to study why some people are more likely to develop asthma. ... Full story

If you treat a parent’s depression, will their child’s asthma improve?

200 families are being recruited in Texas and New York to find out ... Full story

World’s first 3D-printed ‘Sneezometer’ will help asthma patients breathe easy

With one in twelve people in the UK currently receiving treatment for asthma, Surrey's sneezometer will help with the diagnosis & treatment of a wide range of respiratory diseases ... Full story

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