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From constantly coughing to clearer lungs: a CF patient’s journey on a new treatment

By Melissa Di Costanzo - Chris Macleod, a Toronto lawyer who lives with a rare form of cystic fibrosis, experienced a flare-up ...

Smoking cannabis linked to respiratory problems: Otago research

People who smoke cannabis as little as once a week are more likely to suffer respiratory symptoms such as morning cough, bringing ...

Lung Cell Phenotype Reverts When Seeded onto Decellularized Lung Matrix

New Rochelle, NY —Researchers seeded type II lung epithelial cells into a decellularized lung matrix to study their function and report the unexpected finding that instead of differentiating into type I lung cells, they instead transitioned to become mesenchymal cells, as would occur in wound healing. ... Full story

Study to build fitness in the great outdoors

Getting taut and trim can be a walk in the park, according to University of Newcastle researchers who have developed an innovative, multicomponent physical activity study. ... Full story

Study finds inhibitor for COPD lung destruction

Newly published observations in patients and experiments in mice provide evidence that cigarette smoke reduces expression of the protein NLRX1 in the lung, taking the restraints off a destructive immune response that results in COPD. The researchers hope that pinpointing the protein’s role could lead to improved COPD risk assessment, diagnostics, and treatment. ... Full story

Breathless: How blood-oxygen levels regulate air intake

Researchers have unraveled the elusive process by which small, highly vascular clusters of sensory cells in the carotid arteries "taste the blood," as a 1926 essay put it -- the initial step in regulating blood-oxygen levels. ... Full story

Finding points to a cause of chronic lung disease

By Julia Evangelou Strait - Scientists have long suspected that respiratory viruses — the sort that cause common colds or bronchitis — play a critical role in the long-term development of chronic lung diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). ... Full story

Limber Lungs: One Type of Airway Cell Can Regenerate Another Lung Cell Type

Findings from animal study have implications for disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ... Full story

Pulmonary Emphysema: Novel Neutrophil Elastase Isoform Discovered

Possible Significance for Disease Process and Therapy Failure ... Full story

Molecular and Functional Basis Established for Nitric Oxide Joining Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in Respiratory Cycle

Discovery Could Lead to Treatment Focus on Red Blood Cell Dysfunction in Cardiovascular Diseases and Blood Disorders ... Full story

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