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Extra sperm analysis could help involuntary childless couples

A special type of sperm analysis can help guide which fertility treatment - ICSI or IVF - involuntary childless couples should undertake ...

New Microscopy May Identify Best Sperm Cells

Tel Aviv University researcher's cutting-edge innovation pinpoints top candidates for assisted reproductive technology ...

Infertile men have a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, study finds

Men who are infertile have a higher risk of developing a variety of other health problems, according to a new study. ... Full story

Swimming bacteria, sperm increase speed through 'corridors' of low viscosity fluid

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – New research findings are yielding insights into the physics behind the swimming behavior of bacteria and spermatozoa that could lead to a better understanding of the mechanisms affecting fertility and formation of bacterial biofilms that foul everything from implantable medical devices to industrial pipes. ... Full story

Smart but shy: what women want in a sperm donor

A QUT study into how women choose sperm donors online has revealed men who are intellectual, shy, calm and methodical are selected to produce more children than those who are extroverted. ... Full story

Teenage Exposure to Pesticides in the Environment May Lead to Abnormal Sperm, New Study Says

WASHINGTON, DC — Adolescent exposure to environmental pollutants known as organochlorines may lead to defective sperm, according to a study published today by researchers at Milken Institute School of Public Health (Milken Institute SPH) at the George Washington University and co-authors. The research is the first to look for associations between exposure to these chemicals in the teenage years and abnormalities in sperm that are associated with fertility problems later in life. ... Full story

Lower sperm motility in men exposed to common chemical

Men with higher exposure to the substance DEHP, a so-called phthalate, have lower sperm motility and may therefore experience more difficulties conceiving children, according to a Lund University study. ... Full story

Hey dad, your health matters in fertility too

A University of Adelaide review found that compared to men of a healthy weight, obese men were more likely to be infertile, unsuccessful with assisted reproduction and have poor quality DNA in their sperm. ... Full story

Fertilization Discovery: Do Sperm Carry Tiny Harpoons?

Could the sperm harpoon the egg to facilitate fertilization? That’s the intriguing possibility raised by the University of Virginia School of Medicine’s discovery that a protein within the head of the sperm forms spiky filaments, suggesting that these tiny filaments may lash together the sperm and its target. ... Full story

Defective sperm ‘rescued’ in fertility treatment study

Researchers use ‘kick-starter’ protein to trigger fertilization in mouse models ... Full story

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