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Parents want info about circumcision, not directives from healthcare providers

Parents want questions answered by healthcare provider, but only 23 percent want recommendation, according to U-M’s National Poll on Children’s Health ...

Men’s Hot Flashes: Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy May Ease the Discomfort that Guys Don’t Like to Talk About, Baylor Study Finds

WACO, Texas — Men who experience hot flashes are unlikely to talk much about it, but they may find relief from ...

Sperm size and shape in young men affected by cannabis use

-World’s largest study investigating how lifestyle affects sperm -Cannabis users may be putting their fertility at risk ... Full story

Stress Degrades Sperm Quality

Men Who Feel Stressed Have Fewer, Slower Sperm—Which May Diminish Fertility ... Full story

Sperm cells are extremely efficient at swimming against a current

Study may explain how sperm travel long distances, through difficult terrain, to reach an egg. ... Full story

The Young Sperm, Poised for Greatness

University of Utah, Huntsman Cancer Institute scientists uncover early steps of totipotency in sperm precursors ... Full story

"Sperm Olympics" helping couples get pregnant faster: U of T startup QSperm

Biotech entrepreneurs one of two U of T teams set for finals in major international competition ... Full story

Male infertility: it’s all about the package

Scientists find a protein that controls DNA organization during sperm development ... Full story

Endocrine disruptors impair human sperm function

Ultraviolet filters, preservatives, and plasticizers may be responsible for fertility problems ... Full story

Stem cells from some infertile men form germ cells when transplanted into mice, study finds

BY KRISTA CONGER - Stem cells made from the skin of adult, infertile men yield primordial germ cells — cells that normally become sperm — when transplanted into the reproductive system of mice, according to researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine and Montana State University. ... Full story

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