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Low Testosterone

Testosterone replacement therapy among elderly men has more than tripled

By Geoff Koehler - Use of testosterone replacement therapy more than tripled over the past 15 years, but only 6.3 per cent ...

UTMB study shows testosterone therapy does not increase heart attack risk

Testosterone prescriptions for older men in the United States have increased more than three-fold over the past decade. Recent studies linking testosterone ...

Study: Testosterone therapy can damage brain health in Caucasian men

Ads touting testosterone replacement therapy are ubiquitous on radio and television. But medical research has determined that its success at enhancing libido may come at a price. ... Full story

Men, women in more satisfying relationships have lower testosterone

ANN ARBOR—Many people assume that the more testosterone, the better, but a new University of Michigan study finds that might not always be the case in romantic relationships. ... Full story

Study Calls for Standardization in Measuring Testosterone Levels

Testosterone blood tests, long questioned as being unreliable, should be used in conjunction with a physical exam to determine treatment ... Full story

Self-employed men have higher levels of testosterone, study finds

An abundance of the sex hormone testosterone is associated with being self-employed, a study from the University of Birmingham, University of Surrey and the University of Adelaide study has found. ... Full story

Endocrine Society Calls for Large-Scale Studies to Evaluate Testosterone Therapy Risks

Aging men weighing treatment should be warned about cardiovascular events ... Full story

Use of testosterone therapy linked to heart attacks in men under 65, study shows

By Mark Wheeler - You may have seen one of the many advertisements geared toward men asking if they suffer from "low T" — low testosterone levels that, according to the ads, can result in lost sex drive, diminished energy and moodiness. ... Full story

Many Men Start Testosterone Therapy without Clear Medical Need

Study finds increased testing among men with normal hormone levels ... Full story

Midrange testosterone levels better for older men

Optimal levels of testosterone - meaning neither low nor high - in older men are associated with better survival, according to a study recently published by a team of UWA researchers in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. ... Full story

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