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Genomic Data Sharing Expands Possibilities of Precision Medicine

A new collaboration involving Weill Cornell Medicine will equip researchers with more precise and reliable genomic data when investigating instances of cancer. ...

Burn injuries: better methods of treatment using soluble factors from irradiated white blood cells

(Vienna ) Extensive burn injuries are usually treated by transplanting layers of skin from other parts of the body. Although this is ...

An enzyme enigma discovered in the abyss

Scientists at the Universities of Bristol and Newcastle have uncovered the secret of the ‘Mona Lisa of chemical reactions’ – in a bacterium that lives at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. It is hoped the discovery could lead to the development of new antibiotics and other medical treatments. ... Full story

Scientists digitally mimic evolution to create novel proteins

Published in the journal Science, a study by UNC School of Medicine researchers offers a new route to design the 'cellular machines' needed to understand and battle diseases. ... Full story

Using gene-editing technology for faster, cheaper antiviral drug development

UCLA scientists are working to develop special screening libraries based on a gene-editing technology called CRISPR ... Full story

Smartphone lights can activate live cells

Scientists at the University of St Andrews have discovered that the lighting used in smartphone displays can activate live cells that are genetically programmed to respond to light. ... Full story

Asynchronous Cell Cycle Phase Key to Critical Stage of Animal Embryonic Development

University of Tsukuba researchers reveal that the control and timing of cell division phases act like a switch in regulating chordate neurulation ... Full story

Researchers discover first safe way to deliver drugs to the placenta

For the first time, researchers have devised a method to selectively deliver drugs to a pregnant woman’s placenta without harming the foetus, in a development which could help prevent some premature births and treat conditions such as pre-eclampsia. ... Full story

In Scientific First, Researchers Visualize Proteins Being Born

Breakthrough Technology Allows Einstein Scientists to Observe Protein Production at the Root of Diseases ... Full story

USC study shows how skeletal stem cells form the blueprint of the face

Researchers discover that two types of molecular signals work to control where and when stem cells turn into facial cartilage ... Full story

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