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Artificial virus improves delivery of new generations of pharmaceuticals

By Wageningen University - Researchers from Wageningen UR, together with colleagues from the University of Leiden, Eindhoven University of Technology and Radboud ...

Synthetic virus developed to deliver a new generation of medicines

Researchers at the universities of Wageningen, Eindhoven, Leiden and Nijmegen have developed a synthetic virus. This can be used in the future ...

Two-Drug Combination Accelerates Wound Healing And Reduces Scar Tissue

Animal study holds promise for treating diabetic ulcers and burns ... Full story

New technology may identify tiny strains in body tissues before injuries occur

By Jim Dryden - Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have developed algorithms to identify weak spots in tendons, muscles and bones prone to tearing or breaking. The technology, which needs to be refined before it is used in patients, one day may help pinpoint minor strains and tiny injuries in the body’s tissues long before bigger problems occur. ... Full story

New Research Method Opens Door to Therapy with Human Muscle Stem Cells

Scientists and Physicians in Germany Collaborate to Develop Promising Method ... Full story

Placental tissue gives gift of life a second time around

Stem cells from placenta usually discarded after childbirth can now be used to develop treatments for conditions such as diabetes, with each placenta containing enough stem cells to potentially treat 100 patients. ... Full story

Scientists grow fully functional organ from transplanted cells

Athens, Ga. - A team of scientists including researchers from the University of Georgia has grown a fully functional organ from scratch in a living animal for the first time. The advance could one day aid in the development of laboratory-grown replacement organs. ... Full story

Introducing the multi-tasking nanoparticle

Versatile particles offer a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic applications ... Full story

Revolutionary handheld DNA diagnostic unit allows lab-quality analysis in the field

The Freedom4 development team: (L-R) Ms Christy Rand, Mr Chris Mason, Dr Chris Rawle and Dr Jo-Ann Stanton. Credit: Sharron Bennett ... Full story

Making of Mirror-Image Protein Has Applications for Drug Discovery, Synthetic Biology

(SALT LAKE CITY)–University of Utah biochemists have reported an advance in the production of functional mirror-image proteins. According to a groundbreaking study published in this week’s online edition of PNAS, they have chemically synthesized a record-length mirror-image protein and used this protein to demonstrate that a cellular chaperone, which helps “fold” large or complex proteins into their functional state, has a previously unappreciated talent – the ability to fold mirror-image proteins. ... Full story

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