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Dual Role: Key cell division proteins also power up mitochondria

Finding could influence cancer care and regenerative medicine ...

Discovery Could Lead to Novel Therapies for Fragile X Syndrome

The scientists found the FMRP protein (in red) binds to a region of the ribosome—between two ribosomal subunits—likely to be critical for ...

Scientists re-define what’s healthy in newest analysis for Human Microbiome Project (VIDEO)

Study in Nature shows wide variation in the collection of bacteria harbored by healthy adults ... Full story

Current Research Results on Processes of Cell Division

DKFZ-ZMBH Alliance Forum 2014: Internationally renowned experts present their work ... Full story


A QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute scientist has found that ethnicity affects rates of the thyroid disorder Graves’ disease. ... Full story

Mice with human livers would have saved lives if used in toxicology testing, study shows

BY BRUCE GOLDMAN - Gary Peltz helped bioengineer a line of mice whose livers were largely replaced with human liver cells, giving researchers a better model for assessing whether drugs might be toxic to human livers. ... Full story

Researchers Begin to Unlock Mystery of Non-Healing Leg Wounds

A team of Miller School researchers has taken the first step toward discovering an answer to one of the human body’s elusive mysteries — why wounds, especially those that occur in the lower legs, heal in some people and not in others. ... Full story

U-M, MSU researchers find “off” switch for scleroderma

U-M, MSU discovery brings researchers one step closer to unraveling devastating disease ... Full story

Rock Doc: Grizzly bear research might help human medicine

By E. Kirsten Peters, College of Agricultural, Human & Natural Resource Sciences ... Full story

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