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Scientist breaks through the body’s intricate healing process

Discovery contradicts decades of conventional wisdom about tissue repair ...

Secret life of cells revealed with new technique

UQ researchers, including Dr Yann Gambin, Dr Nick Ariotti and Dr Kerrie-Ann McMahon, have developed a technique that allows scientists to conduct ...

Penn Medicine Researchers Uncover Hints of a Novel Mechanism Behind General Anesthetic Action

PHILADELPHIA — Despite decades of common use for surgeries of all kinds, the precise mechanism through which general anesthesia works on the body remains a mystery. This may come as a surprise to the millions of Americans who receive inhaled general anesthesia each year. ... Full story

Targeting drugs to reduce side effects

By Rosie Hales, Communications Officer - Consider ice cream – the base of which is frozen cream. Ingredients are then added to make different flavours. All these flavours are distinctly different but are created from the same foundation. ... Full story

Simulating in tiny steps led to long-sought-after method

Using computer simulations to predict which drug candidates offer the greatest potential has thus far not been very reliable, because both small drug-like molecules and the amino acids of proteins vary so much in their chemistry. Uppsala researchers have now cunningly managed to develop a method that has proven to be precise, reliable and general. ... Full story

Berkeley Lab Researchers Demonstrate First Size-based Chromatography Technique for the Study of Living Cells

With size-based chromatography, a hexagonally ordered array of gold nanoparticles is fabricated onto a hybrid live cell-supported membrane. Membrane components move freely through the array provided they don’t exceed its physical dimensions. This reveals organizational aspects of the membrane environment unobservable by other techniques. ... Full story

Queuing theory helps physicist understand protein recycling

BLACKSBURG, Va. – We’ve all waited in line and most of us have gotten stuck in a check-out line longer than we would like. ... Full story

Fast way to measure DNA repair

Test analyzing cells’ ability to fix different kinds of broken DNA could help doctors predict cancer risk. ... Full story

Dual Role: Key cell division proteins also power up mitochondria

Finding could influence cancer care and regenerative medicine ... Full story

Discovery Could Lead to Novel Therapies for Fragile X Syndrome

The scientists found the FMRP protein (in red) binds to a region of the ribosome—between two ribosomal subunits—likely to be critical for the proper production of many proteins in the brain responsible for normal cognitive function. ... Full story

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