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Newest addition to Rockefeller faculty studies how cellular metabolism contributes to disease

The most recent addition to Rockefeller’s tenure-track faculty, Kivanç Birsoy, studies the changes in cellular metabolism that occur in disease, including cancer. ...

Preventing crystallization to improve drug efficiency

Esther Amstad and an international team of researchers have developed a method to increase the solubility of poorly soluble substances, such as ...

Protein found to play a key role in blocking pathogen survival

Calprotectin fends off microbial invaders by limiting access to iron, an important nutrient. Helen Knight | MIT News correspondent ... Full story

DNA-Guided 3-D Printing of Human Tissue is Unveiled

Technique Produces ‘Organoids’ Useful in Cancer Research, Drug Screening ... Full story

Turning stem cells into bile duct cells to study ‘disease in a dish’

A Toronto team of clinician-scientists and stem cell biologists has developed a powerful new method to generate 3D bile duct structures from human stem cells in order to study and develop new treatments for bile duct diseases. ... Full story

Scientists solve another step in DNA replication puzzle

Researchers report important step in bacterial DNA replication in the prestigious journal Nature. ... Full story

Study of 'Fountain of Youth' Protein Points to Possible Human Health Benefit

Patients With Higher Blood Levels of Growth Factor Have Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Problems ... Full story

Scientists engineer designer proteins that control enzyme activity

New approach alters enzyme specificity through the use of monobodies ... Full story

Canadian study sheds surprising light on the causes of cerebral palsy

Wider use of genetic testing in children with CP should be considered ... Full story

Cellular Contamination Pathway for Plutonium, Other Heavy Elements, Identified

Berkeley Lab scientists find that an iron-binding protein can transport actinides into cells. ... Full story

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