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Biologists describe mechanism promoting multiple DNA mutations

Research could lead to development of new cancer therapies ...

Scientists Reproduce Evolutionary Changes by Manipulating Embryonic Development of Mice

By modifying the embryonic development of mice, scientists from the University of Helsinki and the UAB have achieved to reproduce in the ...

Stem cells from nerves form teeth

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have discovered that stem cells inside the soft tissues of the tooth come from an unexpected source, namely nerves. ... Full story

Stem Cell Advance May Increase Efficiency of Tissue Regeneration

A new stem-cell discovery might one day lead to a more streamlined process for obtaining stem cells, which in turn could be used in the development of replacement tissue for failing body parts, according to UC San Francisco scientists who reported the findings in the current edition of Cell. ... Full story

Facial features are the key to first impressions

A new study by researchers in the Department of Psychology at the University of York shows that it is possible to accurately predict first impressions using measurements of physical features in everyday images of faces, such as those found on social media. ... Full story

Discovery of Protein's Role in Making Platelets May Aid Multiple Myeloma Patients

More than 80 per cent of all drug candidates in pharma research and development suffer from poor solubility and are therefore rejected early in the drug discovery process. Now Uppsala University researchers show that the new material Upsalite® has great potential for development of new formulations of these rejected drugs. ... Full story

Whitehead Institute researchers create “naïve” pluripotent human embryonic stem cells

Phase and fluorescence images of conventional (primed) human embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and naïve human ESCs generated in the presence of 5 small molecule inhibitors. The naïve human ESCs exhibit activation of a fluorescent reporter linked to an enhancer of the OCT4 gene that is specifically used in the naïve state. 40X magnification. ... Full story

A fundamental finding with implications for clinical cell therapy

Experiments prove "stemness" of individual immune memory cells ... Full story

Gene inhibitor, salmon fibrin restore function lost in spinal cord injury

UCI Reeve-Irvine researchers identify novel combination treatment ... Full story

Squid skin protein could improve biomedical technologies, UCI study shows

Conductivity could charge up futuristic disease treatments ... Full story

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