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Experiences at every stage of life contribute to cognitive abilities in old age

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — Early life experiences, such as childhood socioeconomic status and literacy, may have greater influence on the risk of cognitive ...

UQ study reveals how to be socially successful

A University of Queensland researcher has uncovered the secret to creating successful relationships. ...

New research: When it hurts to think we were made for each other

TORONTO, ON - Aristotle said, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” Poetic as it is, thinking that you and your partner were made in heaven for each other can hurt your relationship, says a new study. ... Full story

'Experiential products' provide same happiness boost as experiences, study finds

SF State research shows purchasing items such as books, video games fulfills need for competence ... Full story

Cultural Stereotypes May Evolve From Sharing Social Information

Millenials are narcissistic, scientists are geeky, and men like sports — or so cultural stereotypes would have us believe. ... Full story

Study Links Autistic Behaviors to Enzyme

UC Riverside-led mouse study shows that deleting the enzyme favorably impacts behaviors associated with Fragile X syndrome ... Full story

Updating memory for fact and fiction

Sunlight can make people sneeze. Sounds ludicrous? But it's true - it's called a photic sneeze reflex, and can occur in about one out of four people. Did you believe that fingerprints are unique to each individual? That, by contrast, is a myth - some fingerprints can be so similar that forensic experts assume they are a ‘match' when they actually belong to different individuals. ... Full story

Mental health: shifting the focus to recovery

Using mental health research to bring about social change will be the focus of a University of Queensland seminar this week. ... Full story

Knowledgeable Consumers Are More Likely to Buy When Given Fewer Options

The degree to which consumers perceive themselves to be knowledgeable about a product influences the likelihood that they will buy a particular product, researchers find in a series of studies published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. ... Full story

Reversing stress-induced anxiety

Stress is a major risk factor for the development of mood and anxiety disorders. Mounting evidence suggests that deficits in signaling by endogenous cannabinoids (eCBs) – molecules that activate the same receptors turned on by the active ingredient in marijuana – contribute to stress-induced anxiety. ... Full story

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