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Cognitive Skills Peak at Different Ages Across Adulthood

Overall fluid intelligence — the ability to analyze information, engage in critical thinking, and solve problems — is thought to peak in ...

What’s stress got to do with it? How trauma-induced changes to gene function can lead to psychosis

Childhood trauma is understood to be a significant risk factor for developing a psychotic or mood disorder later in life. But how ...

Drug to control appetite could also fight anxiety: Ottawa study

OTTAWA — Did you know that our body produces its own marijuana-like compound to protect us against anxiety? A study led by Ottawa researchers published today in Neuron reveals a new biological pathway that regulates anxiety and obesity and suggests that a drug currently in clinical trials to treat obesity might also provide a promising way to combat anxiety disorders. ... Full story

Mental health soon after war-zone concussions predicts disability

By Julia Evangelou Strait - Evaluating military personnel with blast-related mild traumatic brain injuries, researchers have found that early symptoms of post-traumatic stress, such as anxiety, emotional numbness, flashbacks and irritability, are the strongest predictors of later disability. ... Full story

Marriage more likely to end in divorce when wives get sick, according to ISU study

AMES, Iowa – Countless couples have recited the words, ‘in sickness and in health’ on their wedding day with the intention of honoring those vows. But as it turns out, that may be easier said than done. ... Full story

Study: Men tend to be more narcissistic than women

“By examining gender differences in narcissism, we may be able to explain gender disparities in these important outcomes.” ... Full story

Homeless people with mental illness have more stable housing when given rent supplement and case management support

By Leslie Shepherd - It sounds simple, but it appears to be working: Give homeless people financial help to find free-market rental accommodation in the community as well as mental health support services, and the success rate in ending their homelessness is far higher than with current approaches. ... Full story

Scripps Florida Scientists Find a Defect Responsible for Memory Impairment in Aging

JUPITER, FL – Everyone worries about losing their memory as they grow older—memory loss remains one of the most common complaints of the elderly. But the molecular reasons behind the processes remain unclear, particularly those associated with advancing age. ... Full story

Joint Study by CUHK and HKSH Reveals Patients with Comorbid REM Sleep Behavior Disorder and Depression may Suffer from Early-stage Neurodegeneration

A study jointly conducted by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH) on the relationship between rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder (RBD), depression and neurodegeneration revealed that patients with comorbid RBD and depression may suffer from early phase of neurodegeneration. ... Full story

Successful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Youth Leads to Decreased Thinking about Suicide, Penn Medicine Study Finds

PHILADELPHIA – Penn Medicine researchers found that patients who did not respond to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for anxiety in childhood had more chronic and enduring patterns of suicidal ideation at 7 to 19 years after treatment. This study adds to the literature that suggests that successful CBT for childhood anxiety confers long-term benefits. The complete study is available in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. ... Full story

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