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Even unconscious stress can cause stress symptoms

Our vision of stress is starting to change fundamentally. We can suffer stress without even being aware of it, while sleeping as ...

Psychopaths can regret bad decisions — but don’t learn from them

By Bill Hathaway (© Psychopaths do experience regret, particularly when their bad decisions affect them directly — yet they don’t use that experience ...

Common Probiotics Can Reduce Stress Levels, Lessen Anxiety

Story Contact: Jeff Sossamon, 573-882-3346, [email protected] COLUMBIA, Mo. – Probiotics, or beneficial live bacteria that are introduced into the body, have become increasingly popular as a ... Full story

Fear of the unknown common to many anxiety disorders

Sharon Parmet Stephanie Gorka, research assistant professor of psychiatry and a clinical psychologist in the UIC College of Medicine. Several anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, social ... Full story

Scientists Explore How Nutrition May Feed Mental Health

Good nutrition has long been viewed as a cornerstone of physical health, but research is increasingly showing diet’s effect on mental health, as well. A ... Full story

Endocrine cells in the brain influence the optimization of behavior

German Resilience Center presents new findings on the resistance to stress ... Full story

Online offerings can facilitate psychological improvement in suicidal people

Vienna - Numerous offerings are available on the Internet for suicidal people desperately seeking advice. These can be divided into professional offerings run by crisis centres and those operated by non-professionals. Even the latter can help to improve the subjective situation, so long as they are so-called "anti-suicide forums". ... Full story

'Personalized medicine' as ideal in treatment of psychiatric disturbances

An ever widening gap is appearing between clinical practice and the treatment prescribed in DSM-5, the standard work on schizophrenia, psychiatrist Jan Dirk Blom will assert in his inaugural lecture on 11 November. Psychiatric disturbances are all too often diagnosed as schizophrenia. ‘Personalized medicine’ may offer the solution. ... Full story

Brain 'fat' key to mental health

Scientists at The University of Nottingham have discovered a previously unknown relationship between brain structure and brain function. The discovery extends our knowledge of how ... Full story

Stressed-out Rats Consume More Alcohol, Revealing Related Brain Chemistry

Penn Animal Study Describes Effect of Stress on Increased Alcohol Consumption Due to Changes in Brain Reward Center, Implications for Better Understanding Roots of PTSD ... Full story

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