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Conventional police interview techniques are not effective for people with autism

Police find interviewing and interacting with witnesses and suspects with autism a real challenge, a new study from researchers in our Department ...

UC Davis MIND Institute researchers to establish new tests to evaluate cognitive growth in people with intellectual disability

Tests will track improved thinking and problem-solving skills in people with fragile X, Down syndromes, and other intellectual disabilities ...

Good mental health begins in bed

Sleep therapy is one of a range of psychological services available at the ECU Health Center. ... Full story

Does social media use impact on body image amongst adolescents?

Study seeks participants for first ever in depth research into body image and social media use; ‘Appearance Matters on Facebook: Adolescents, Body Image and the Internet’ ... Full story

Center for Gambling Studies at Rutgers Conducts First Research Study of Internet Gambling in United States

Study to examine the impact of legalized online gambling and assess whether problem behaviors vary with demographics across the state ... Full story

Smoking rates high among people with psychotic illness

The rate of smoking among people in Adelaide's northern suburbs who suffer from a psychotic illness is much greater than the national average and is contributing to other major health problems, according to new research from the University of Adelaide. ... Full story

Higher suicide risk after served prison sentence

People who have been in prison run a higher risk of committing suicide – 18 times that of the general population. By far the highest risk of suicide comes in the first months after release and among individuals with a history of substance abuse and previous suicide attempts. These are the findings of a register study conducted by researchers from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, being published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry . ... Full story

Boys who bully peers more likely to engage in sexual harassment

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Adolescent boys who bully peers and engage in homophobic teasing are more likely to perpetrate sexual harassment later on, suggests a new study of middle-school students conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ... Full story

UH Research Focuses on Suicide Resilience and Vulnerability Among African-American Adults

HOUSTON – Religious beliefs and practices may reduce thoughts of suicide among African-American adults in stressful life events induced by racial discrimination, according to a new research study conducted at the University of Houston (UH). ... Full story

Antidepressants may be no better than a placebo, so why take them?

by Paul Biegler - Seventeenth-century Oxford scholar Robert Burton’s lifework, The Anatomy of Melancholy, weighs in at a door-stopping 1,400 pages. But his cure for the “Black Choler” of depression came down to just six words: “Be not solitary, be not idle.” Writing today, he might add: “And maybe take a placebo.” ... Full story

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