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At What Age Does Hard Work Add a Shine to Lousy Prizes?

Putting in a lot of effort to earn a reward can make unappealing prizes more attractive to kindergartners, but not to preschoolers, ...

Raising mental health awareness at Pride

Health and Social Wellbeing Improvement ...

Social climbing makes the English happier than Americans

People who grew up in a working class family are more satisfied in later life than those from a higher class background according to new research from The University of Manchester. ... Full story

The fruit fly may know it's bugging you

University of Queensland researchers have shown, like humans, fruit flies may be self-aware of their actions. ... Full story

Should cheaters be named and shamed?

More than 37 million cheating spouses worldwide have heard the news this week that details of their sexual fantasies and other personal information have been accessed from the website Ashley Madison. The hackers are threatening to make the information public unless the site is closed down. ... Full story

What makes kids aggressive later in life?

Three preschool children playing, with their arms raised up over their heads ... Full story

Time Spent on Social Networking Sites Linked to Mental Health Problems in Teens

New Rochelle, NY —A new study indicates that adolescents who use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for more than 2 hours each day are more likely to report poor mental health, high psychological distress, suicidal thoughts, and an unmet need for mental health support. ... Full story

Having Wealthy Neighbors May Skew Beliefs About Overall Wealth Distribution

Wealthy people may be likely to oppose redistribution of wealth because they have biased information about how wealthy most people actually are, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. The findings indicate that people use their own neighborhoods and communities as a gauge of how much wealth other people possess, leading wealthy people to perceive the broader population as being wealthier than it actually is. ... Full story

Large rise in suicide among male patients in mental health care

There has been a 29% rise in suicide since 2006 among men under the care of mental health services in the UK, a report by The University of Manchester’s National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness (NCISH) out on Wednesday 22 July shows. The number of suicides in male patients has now reached 1,239 per year. ... Full story

Are you smarter than a tenth grader?

After correctly answering that the cochlear and vestibular nerves are the two branches of the eighth cranial nerve, 15-year-old Abigail Green from Somerville House has become the 2015 Queensland Brain Bee Champion. ... Full story

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