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Can Physical Exercise Enhance Long-Term Memory?

New Study in Mice in the Inaugural Issue of Brain Plasticity Reports That New Brain Cell Formation Is Enhanced by Running ...

Culture factors into why we like or dislike people, new Stanford research shows

Stanford psychologist Jeanne Tsai found different cultures value different positive facial expressions, and that these differences arise in deep brain circuits that ...

People Who Rely on Their Intuition Are, at Times, Less Likely to Cheat

COLUMBIA, Mo. – In psychological studies, intuition, or “gut instinct,” is defined as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Now, a University of Missouri graduate student has determined that individuals who are prone to trust their instinctive hunches and gut feelings, may at times be less likely to commit immoral acts compared to those who tend to discount their intuition. ... Full story

What makes us laugh? It's serious research...

More complex jokes tend to be funnier but only up to a point, Oxford researchers have found. Jokes that are too complicated tend to lose the audience. ... Full story

Being poor linked to dropping out of uni

Graduates, dropouts and slow finishers - how financial hardship effects university outcomes. ... Full story

Loneliness triggers cellular changes that can cause illness, study shows

By Susie Allen - Loneliness is more than a feeling: For older adults, perceived social isolation is a major health risk that can increase the risk of premature death by 14 percent. ... Full story

Dopamine: New theory integrates its role in learning, motivation

Dopamine chemical structure. (stock image)ANN ARBOR—If you've ever felt lackadaisical to start a new project, focus on imagining the joy of completing it, say University of Michigan researchers. ... Full story

A different kind of anesthesia a possible treatment for stress induced cardiomyopathy

Stress induced cardiomyopathy after cerebral hemorrhage has been shown to increase the risk of further brain damage. These patients can now be identified by a simple blood test, and a possible treatment for stress induced cardiomyopathy has been discovered - a different kind of anesthesia than that currently being used. A new doctoral thesis at Sahlgrenska Academy has explored these issues. ... Full story

Poorer areas need better access to mental healthcare

People who live in poorer areas in England are more likely to need mental healthcare but are less likely to access support and to recover from their symptoms following treatment, according to researchers at the University of York. ... Full story

Can a website keep suicidal thoughts away? Study in stressed young doctors suggests so

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — If you think your life is stressful, try being a new doctor. ... Full story

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