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Gene Links Risk of Psychiatric Disease to Reduced Synapse Numbers

New research led by UC San Francisco scientists has revealed that mutations in a gene linked with brain development may dispose people ...

Early detection method hopes to prevent psychosis

Adelaide mental health researchers have made a promising breakthrough in the early detection of the risk of psychosis, with the eventual hope ...

Adolescent males targeted in new mental health campaign

Ahead of the Game using grassroots sport to prevent mental health issues ... Full story

Study examines whether loneliness could be heritable trait

Genetic risk associated with neuroticism and depressive symptoms ... Full story

Global burden of mental and substance use disorders remains high

More effort is needed to reduce the global and Australian burden of mental and substance abuse disorders – the world’s leading cause of disability – University ... Full story

Suicides under crisis services lead to concerns over pressures on mental health care

•Over 200 suicide deaths per year now occur in patients under mental health crisis teams •New report on suicide also highlights role of economic factors, recent migration, and alcohol ... Full story

Brain disruptions similar across many emotional disorders

Researchers have long known that emotional disorders have a lot in common. Many often occur together, like depression and social anxiety disorder. Treatments also tend to work across multiple disorders, suggesting shared underlying elements. But perhaps the most common shared characteristic is that almost all emotional disorders involve persistent negative thinking. ... Full story

Psychics help psychiatrists understand the voices of psychosis

By Bill Hathaway (Courtesy of Melanie Ulizio) People with psychosis are tormented by internal voices. In an effort to explain why a Yale team enlisted help from ... Full story

Pinpointing a brain circuit that can keep fears at bay

Study suggests path to prolonging treatment effectiveness for phobias or post-traumatic stress disorder. ... Full story

Suicide Prevention’s Front Line: Family and Friends

New Jersey suicide prevention hotline clinician says knowing the warning signs and what to say could save lives ... Full story

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