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Behavioral Analysis of ISIS Brutality Presented in Violence and Gender Journal

New Rochelle, NY —The Sunni Islamist terror organization known as the Islamic State, or ISIS, uses extreme violence and brutality against anyone ...

Western's Faculty of Education improving children's mental health through new Single Ceiling initiative

Western University's Faculty of Education is working to improve care for vulnerable children and enable ground-breaking research by organizing children's mental health ...

Lost memories might be able to be restored, new UCLA study indicates

Research reveals that memories may not be stored in synapses, as previously thought ... Full story

Study to shed light on mental health issues for trans people

A Curtin University researcher has received funding from Beyondblue to investigate the prevalence of depression and anxiety disorders among transgender and transsexual (trans) people. ... Full story

From disgust to deceit – a shorter path than you might think

OPINION: Feeling queasy? How about deceitful? ... Full story

Are you genetically predisposed to antisocial behaviour?

Both positive and negative experiences influence how genetic variants affect the brain and thereby behaviour, according to a study published today. ... Full story

Severely mentally ill criminals: who goes to prison and who goes to psych institutions?

People with a severe mental disorder who commit a crime and who are incarcerated have different characteristics compared to people who are hospitalized after committing an offence. ... Full story

Mild memory and thinking issues: What works, what doesn’t? U-M experts weigh the evidence

New guide based on comprehensive review of recent studies can help doctors and patients navigate mild cognitive impairment ... Full story

Political Extremists May Be Less Susceptible to Common Cognitive Bias

The research, conducted by psychological scientists Mark J. Brandt and Anthony Evans of Tilburg University and Jarret T. Crawford of The College of New Jersey, suggests that because political extremists hold their own beliefs to be superior to the beliefs of others, they may be more resistant to the so-called anchor bias, even for non-political information. ... Full story

Addressing the mental health needs of children with intellectual disability

(L-R): Dr Glenn Melvin, Dr Vaso Totsika, Professor Richard Hastings and Associate Professor Kylie Gray ... Full story

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