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Diabetes in the Asia Pacific region

Leading diabetes experts will discuss how to prevent and treat the disease at a leading conference in November in Melbourne. ...

People with diabetes are less able to regulate the body’s responses to stress

People with type 2 diabetes are physically less able to recover from stress, finds a study by scientists at UCL and the ...

Investigating role of chronic sleep loss in Type 2 diabetes

CQUniversity's Associate Professor Greg Roach and Dr Charli Sargent have secured a coveted NHMRC grant to investigate the role of chronic sleep loss in contributing to Type 2 diabetes. ... Full story

Smartphone Approach for Examining Progression of Diabetic Eye Disease Offers Comparable Results to Traditional Method

Study shows iPhone ophthalmoscope could be an effective, lower-cost solution for monitoring diabetic retinopathy in remote populations ... Full story

Diabetes: Complexity Lost

"Dynamical glucometry," a novel way of looking at information hidden in blood sugar readings, may uncover fundamental new ways of understanding diabetes and its treatment ... Full story

Set of Molecules found to link Insulin Resistance in the Brain to Diabetes

NEW YORK, NY – A key mechanism behind diabetes may start in the brain, with early signs of the disease detectable through rising levels of molecules not previously linked to insulin signaling, according to a study led by researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai published today in the journal Cell Metabolism. ... Full story

Personalised treatment for stress-related diabetes

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden are testing a treatment for type 2 diabetes which targets the disease mechanism itself - and not just the symptoms. ... Full story

Scientists discover a 'good' fat that fights diabetes

Researchers uncovered a new class of lipids in humans that is l ... Full story

Viral Infection May Trigger Childhood Diabetes in Utero

Tel Aviv University research says prenatal exposure to viruses may cause type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases in children ... Full story

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