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New genetic form of obesity and diabetes discovered

Scientists have discovered a new inherited form of obesity and type 2 diabetes in humans. ...

Targeting Pacific Islander Women for Type 2 diabetes management study

Pacific Islanders in Australia are paying a heavy price for swapping their traditional diet for highly processed foods, with increasing obesity levels ...

Mortality rates higher among people with diabetes whose socioeconomic status is low

Low income and educational level almost triples the risk that people with type 1 diabetes will die of cerebral infarction. A doctoral thesis at Sahlgrenska Academy also showed the conclusion that type diabetes 1 is declining among young people to be unfounded. ... Full story

An enzyme that enables the pathway to diabetes

Garvan scientists believe they have identified an enzyme that undermines a delicately balanced whole-body system that keeps blood sugar levels stable and low in healthy people. The collapse of this system in the pancreas, the liver and muscle leads to diabetes. ... Full story

Medically complex patients with Type 2 diabetes have less heart disease, lower death rates if they see a specialist soon after diagnosis; healthier patients do well with family doctors

By Melissa Di Costanzo - People recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and who have other serious chronic health issues have less heart disease and lower death rates if they see an endocrinologist within one year of diagnosis, new research suggests. ... Full story

Pet care can help improve adolescents’ Type 1 diabetes management, pediatricians find

DALLAS – UT Southwestern Medical Center pediatric diabetes researchers found that incorporating routine pet care into a child’s diabetes self-care plan can significantly improve monitoring of the disease, resulting in lower blood glucose levels. ... Full story

U.Va. Researchers ID Best Source of Stem Cells to Block Diabetic Blindness

University of Virginia researchers have taken a significant step forward in their efforts to use stem cells to block vision loss caused by diabetic retinopathy, a condition that affects millions of people with diabetes. ... Full story

Potential treatment target identified for rare form of diabetes

By Jim Dryden - Cell death can trigger numerous diseases, including a rare and severe form of diabetes known as Wolfram syndrome. The cascade of cell death occurs when molecules spill from one part of a cell into another where they don’t belong. ... Full story

Researchers Establish Therapeutic Window of Interleukin-2 Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases

Researchers at the Miller School of Medicine have provided critical data supporting treatments using a low dose of the protein Interleukin-2 (IL-2) as a new therapeutic approach for patients with type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. ... Full story

Food Order Has Significant Impact on Glucose and Insulin Levels

Eating protein and vegetables before carbohydrates leads to lower post-meal glucose and insulin levels in obese patients with type 2 diabetes, Weill Cornell Medical College researchers found in a new study. ... Full story

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