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Christchurch doctor finds much-needed answers for people affected in growing kidney disease and diabetes epidemic

The first definitive summary of the best and safest treatments for kidney disease and diabetes patients has been compiled by Christchurch doctor ...

New knowledge about how type 2 diabetes develops

An international research team, led from Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet, have presented new knowledge about what happens when type 2 diabetes develops. By ...

Bigger capsules may be long-sought key for transplanting islet cells

Changing the size of cell-carrying spheres may surmount the difficulties that have bedeviled diabetes researchers trying to ferry insulin-producing islet cells into hosts as a way to treat type 1 diabetes. ... Full story

Anaemia distorts regular method of diabetes diagnosis

Scientists from The University of Nottingham have found that the blood condition anaemia can lead to a false diagnosis of diabetes. ... Full story

New target to treat type 2 diabetes

This research has significant potential for the design of new drugs to treat type 2 diabetes.” ... Full story

Is Diet or Exercise the Best Way to Reduce Diabetes Risk?

SLU Researchers Seek Best Advice for Patients ... Full story

The Napoleonic proportions of insulin’s journey in a fat cell

Garvan and CSIRO biodata visualisation expert Dr Sean O’Donoghue was inspired by famous French cartographer, Charles Minard, in representing what happens when insulin strikes the surface of a fat cell. ... Full story

One step closer to an insulin vaccine for type 1 diabetes

An international team of researchers from Bristol, Dresden, Munich, Vienna and Denver have successfully completed the first step in the development of an insulin vaccine to prevent type 1 diabetes. ... Full story

Molecular Link Between High Glucose, Metabolic Disease May Offer New Strategies To Control Diabetes

Fast Facts: - Research has shown that chronic high blood sugar disrupts the activities of mitochondria within cells, contributing to diabetes, but scientists have not known why. ... Full story

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