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Scientists use MRI to visualize pancreas inflammation in the early stages of type 1 diabetes

BOSTON – A pilot study led by researchers at Joslin Diabetes Center has revealed that it is possible to use magnetic ...

Early signs in young children predict type 1 diabetes

New research shows that it is possible to predict the development of type 1 diabetes. By measuring the presence of autoantibodies in the blood, it is possible to detect whether the immune system has begun to break down the body’s own insulin cells. ... Full story

Yale researchers reverse type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease in rats

By Ziba Kashef - Yale researchers developed a controlled-release oral therapy that reversed type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease in rats, according to a study published on Feb. 26 by Science. ... Full story

U.Va. Prevents Diabetic Heart Condition by Amplifying Effect of Exercise

A researcher at the University of Virginia School of Medicine has magnified a benefit of exercise in mice to provide a “profound” protection from diabetic cardiomyopathy, a potentially deadly heart condition that affects many people with diabetes. ... Full story

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked More Closely to Diabetes than Obesity

Study finds direct correlation between low vitamin D levels, glucose metabolism ... Full story

Interventions Lower Diabetes Risk in Women who had Gestational Diabetes

Medication, lifestyle changes slow diabetes progression in at-risk population ... Full story

Tiny model of diabetes

The one-inch-long zebrafish has become a valuable model for understanding development and human disease. Now, researchers at Vanderbilt University have created a zebrafish model of skeletal muscle insulin resistance that could help improve diabetes treatment. ... Full story

Molecular Link between Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Reveals Potential Therapy

Inflammatory molecule LTB4 promotes insulin resistance in obese mice and blocking the LTB4 receptor prevents and reverses type 2 diabetes in this model ... Full story

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