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Anti-fat attitudes shaped early in life

New research from the University of Otago and Monash University shows that anti-fat prejudice may develop in children as young as 32 ...

Blood Sugar Levels in Response to Foods Are Highly Individual

The largest study of its kind supports the need for personalized dietary recommendations ...

Researchers identify liver pathway linked to negative impacts of high-fat, high-cholesterol diet

PFOA Exposure in Utero Linked to Child Adiposity and Faster BMI Gain ... Full story

Researchers identify liver pathway linked to negative impacts of high-fat, high-cholesterol diet

ANN ARBOR—It's no secret that a high-fat, high-cholesterol "junk food" diet has been linked to major health problems, including high blood cholesterol and the buildup of plaques in the arteries, known as atherosclerosis. ... Full story

Evidence shows low energy sweeteners help reduce energy intake and body weight

Use of low energy sweeteners (LES) in place of sugar, in children and adults, leads to reduced calorie intake and body weight – and possibly also when comparing LES beverages to water – according to a review led by researchers at the University of Bristol published in the International Journal of Obesity today. ... Full story

Sugar molecules lose their ‘Cinderella’ status

Carbohydrates are often considered the ‘Cinderella’ molecules of biology yet they are a feature of an increasing number of medicines, from small molecule drugs to protein therapeutics or vaccines. ... Full story

Fat is not the enemy – find out why

Second SciBar talk takes place next week ... Full story

NIH-funded researchers identify safe level to treat low blood sugar in newborns

Findings reinforce current treatment guidelines for hypoglycemia ... Full story

Kansas State University researchers target inflammation to help dairy cows

MANHATTAN — Kansas State University animal scientists have discovered that reducing the inflammation caused during birth of a calf may be the key to helping a dairy cow recover more quickly and go on to a more productive life. ... Full story

Natural Metabolite Might Reset Aging Biological Clocks

Weizmann Institute researchers show that our daily rhythms are governed by a substance that declines with age ... Full story

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