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Key milestone for brown fat research with a ground-breaking MRI scan

The first MRI scan to show ‘brown fat’ in a living adult could prove to be an essential step towards a new ...

UAlberta researchers examine metabolism in defective cells

Manipulating the metabolic process in cells may compensate for defects that can shorten cell life ...

BU Researchers Identify Specific Causes of Brown Fat Cell “Whitening”

BU Researchers Identify Specific Causes of Brown Fat Cell “Whitening” ... Full story

Four Tips on Thinking about Fat in Your Diet

Fat: It used to be the great American health problem, demonized by nutritionists and the food industry in the 1970s as “bad for you.” Solutions emerged in the form of fat-free diets and fat-free foods, which proliferated in the 1990s. But supermarket shelves stocked with Snackwells and other fat-free products did not lead to a healthier country. ... Full story

SLU Researchers to Study Alpha-1 Liver Disease in Adults

The study aims to understand the natural history and progression of the disease ... Full story

Cause for Exaggerated Insulin Response in Subset of Bariatric Surgery Patients Identified

CINCINNATI—University of Cincinnati (UC) researchers have discovered that altered islet cell function and reduced insulin clearance contribute to excessive post-meal insulin response in patients experiencing low blood sugar symptoms (hypoglycemia) following gastric bypass surgery. ... Full story

Carrying extra weight could be healthier for older people

Older people with a BMI (body mass index) in the overweight range live longer, according to the results of a new study. ... Full story

Deletion of FAT10 gene reduces body fat, slows down aging in mice

Researchers demonstrate that FAT10 coordinates immunity and metabolism to impact lifespan ... Full story

One-third of kids with obesity 'metabolically healthy,' study shows

UAlberta and AHS research shows physical activity and diet have positive impact on health, regardless of fat levels. ... Full story

Potential new therapeutic target identified to control high blood sugar

DALLAS – A UT Southwestern Medical Center study has identified a new potential therapeutic target for controlling high blood sugar, a finding that could help the estimated 25 million Americans with type 2 diabetes. ... Full story

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