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Penn Vet Research Confirms a More Accurate Method for Blood Glucose Testing

For diabetics, a quick prick of the finger can give information about their blood glucose levels, guiding them in whether to have ...

Regular soda, please: Hormone that differentiates sugar, diet sweeteners could exist in humans

ANN ARBOR—We've all been there: We eat an entire sleeve of fat-free, low-calorie cookies and we're stuffing ourselves with more food 15 ...

Are Offspring of Obese Moms Pre-Programmed for Obesity and Metabolic Disease?

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Offer Clues to Mechanism by Which Obesity and Diabetes are Passed to Next Generation ... Full story

Mean light timing may influence body mass index and body fat

DARIEN, IL – A new study suggests that the timing of exposure to moderate levels of light may influence body mass index (BMI) and body fat. ... Full story

Low glycemic index diet reduces symptoms of autism in mice

Salk researchers find diet recommended for diabetics ameliorated signs of autism in mice ... Full story

Scientists find cellular mechanism for how the body regulates glucose transport

DALLAS – UT Southwestern Medical Center scientists have gleaned a key cellular mechanism of how the body adjusts glucose levels, an important process that when abnormal can promote diabetes, cancer, and rare genetic diseases. ... Full story

All sugars are not equally desirable, new study finds

Researchers examine how the brain and body respond to glucose and fructose ... Full story

Two compounds target the gut to lower blood sugar

(Toronto ) – Researchers at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute have discovered metformin, (the most widely prescribed type 2 diabetic medication), and resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, trigger novel signaling pathways in the small intestine to lower blood sugar. ... Full story

Researchers Identify Calorie-Burning ‘Beige’ Fat in Humans

Those extra pounds around your belly that no amount of exercise seems to shake off? That's not just fat; it's what scientists call white fat – unhealthy, energy-storing fat. ... Full story

Maternal Age at Childbirth May Affect Glucose Metabolism in Their Adult Male Children

Washington, DC - A mother’s age at childbirth may affect her male baby’s birth weight as well as his adult glucose metabolism, new research shows. The results will be presented Friday, March 6, at ENDO 2015, the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society in San Diego. ... Full story

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