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Breakfast Habits Affect Teens’ Metabolic Responses to Protein-packed Morning Meals

Routine breakfast skippers should gradually increase protein intake in the morning ...

Molecule hijacks enzyme to boost alcohol metabolism

An experimental compound empowers an enzyme to help process acetaldehyde, a toxic metabolite of alcohol, according to new research supported by the ...

Acetic acid inhibits insulin secretion

Acetate receptor inhibitors could improve diabetes therapy ... Full story

All body fat isn't created equal, Colorado State University research shows

FORT COLLINS - What makes one fat deposit “good” and the other so “bad”? ... Full story

‘Feeding and Fasting’ Hormone Adropin Can Improve Insulin Action

Research Holds Promise for Type 2 Diabetes Treatment, Says SLU Scientist ... Full story

Researchers discover insulin-decreasing hormone in flies, humans

A hormone that decreases insulin production during starvation has been identified in fruit flies and humans. Modulating this activity could lead to new treatments for people with diabetes. ... Full story

Predatory sea snails produce weaponized insulin

University of Utah biologists say the discovery may help reveal secrets of insulin function and energy metabolism in people. ... Full story

Oxidative stress: Alternative utilization of glucose ensures survival of the cell

Oxidative stress in the cell blocks the normal sugar metabolism. Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) have now found out that this long known interruption of the normal sugar metabolism under stress conditions is not an uncontrolled disruption. On the contrary, it is vital for the survival of the cells. It is based on a highly specific mechanism that formed early during evolution and can even be found in bacteria. Cancer cells may particularly benefit from this mechanism. ... Full story

Epigenomics Analysis Reveals Surprising New Clues to Insulin Resistance

Findings offer promising new direction for drug development ... Full story

CWRU scientists find key to vitamin A metabolism

Enzymatic activity essential for vision may provide target for drug transport ... Full story

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