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Natural tooth repair method, using Alzheimer's drug, could revolutionise dental treatments

A new method of stimulating the renewal of living stem cells in tooth pulp using an Alzheimer’s drug has been discovered by ...

New stem cell delivery approach regenerates dental pulp-like tissue in a rodent model

Delivery of stem cells to damaged tooth roots using a collagen-derived biomaterial is effective at regenerating dental pulp-like tissue and shows potential ...

Melbourne scientists publish evidence for world-first therapeutic dental vaccine

A world-first vaccine developed by Melbourne scientists, which could eliminate or at least reduce the need for surgery and antibiotics for severe gum disease, has been validated by research published this weekend in a leading international journal. ... Full story

Why some dental implants work and others don’t

Two commonly-used drugs affect implant integration - one helps, the other hinders ... Full story

Prevention-Oriented Approach to Dentistry Helps Patients Avoid the Drill

UCSF-Developed CAMBRA Protocol Helps Reverse Early Signs of Tooth Decay ... Full story

Oral health of the nation to be assessed in new study

Thousands of people across Australia will take part in dental interviews and free dental examinations as part of a $5.8 million University of Adelaide national oral health study. ... Full story

illings that heal your teeth – how regenerative medicine could change your visit to the dentist

A team behind regenerative dental fillings that could help heal teeth have been awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry prize. ... Full story

E-cigarette vapors could be toxic to oral cavity, UCLA study finds

Researchers find that vapors kill cells in the mouth, which could lead to health problems ... Full story

Men Need Less Sedative Than Women During Oral Surgery

Anesthesia Progress – The stress that oral surgery patients experience during a procedure can cause elevated heart rates and blood pressure during operations. To avoid ... Full story

Viewpoint: High sugar drinks named in tooth decay drive

Reader and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry at the University’s School of Dentistry, Dr Sondos Albadri, is supporting a new campaign to encourage parents to swap their children’s sugary drinks for water, low fat milk and diet drinks. Dr Sondos is also the scientific editor for the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry. ... Full story

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