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Sugar-free drinks and lollies are bad news for teeth say dentists

Scientists at the University of Melbourne’s Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre have warned about the damage sugar-free drinks can do to tooth ...

Less risk of caries for those who chose prepaid dental care

Eight years ago prepaid dental care, Frisktandvård, was introduced as a new method of payment within the Swedish Public Dental Service. A ...

NYU College of Dentistry-led Team Publishes First Paper to Describe and Demonstrate the Cellular Mechanism for Transporting Calcium in the Formation of Dental Enamel Cells

Dr. Lacruz and team advance understanding of the causes and potential solutions to genetic illness affecting enamel development. ... Full story

Dental implants frequently lead to complications

Almost 8 percent of patients experience loss of at least one implant within ten years. Even more develop peri-implantitis. Patients with periodontitis run a greater risk of both implant loss and peri-implantitis. A doctoral thesis at Sahlgrenska Academy has explored the various issues. ... Full story

Apgar score for newborns may be tool for predicting whether mother will become critically ill

By Leslie Shepherd - The Apgar score that evaluates a baby’s condition at birth may also be a useful tool for predicting whether a mother is critically ill, new research suggests. ... Full story

Preventing dental implant infections

One million dental implants are inserted every year in Germany, and often they need to be replaced due to issues such as tissue infections caused by bacteria. In the future, these infections will be prevented thanks to a new plasma implant coating that kills pathogens using silver ions. ... Full story

Bracket Busters: Halloween Teeth Tips from a SLU Orthodontist

ST. LOUIS - Halloween can be a hard holiday for those wearing braces and other orthodontia. While everyone else is biting into caramel apples and sticky candy, those with braces are carefully cutting up their food and avoiding sweets that might send them straight into the orthodontist's chair on Nov. 2. ... Full story

Pediatricians test their powers of persuasion to deliver more children to the dentist

CLEVELAND—Convincing more parents and caregivers to take young children to the dentist begins with persuasive pediatricians—the belief behind a new Case Western Reserve University research project testing a novel approach to reduce cavities and improve the oral health of low-income children. ... Full story

New Study from TSRI and Salk Points to Cause of Debilitating Nerve Disease

Findings Could Lead to Treatments for Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease ... Full story

Uni of Adelaide to conduct National Oral Health Survey

The dental hygiene habits, oral health and overall wellbeing of Australians will be captured in the second decennial National Adult Oral Health Survey, and the University of Adelaide’s Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (ARCPOH) has again been appointed the facilitator of the study. ... Full story

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