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Viewing Dentistry in a New Light

Everything is going high-tech – even in the dentist’s chair. New tools are coming soon that could replace traditional dental X-rays, screen for ...

Modern techniques mean children shouldn't be afraid of the dentist

More children should be encouraged to visit the dentist, because dental treatments and techniques have been developed to support the anxious child ...

Adults with Special Needs See Gains, Challenges with Long Term Oral Care

BOSTON — A retrospective study conducted by researchers at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and colleagues reports that among adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the likelihood of having cavities decreased as the number of years receiving dental care increased. The findings, published in the July/August issue of Special Care in Dentistry, may help improve interventions designed to address the oral health of individuals in this population. ... Full story

Study shows widespread oral health problems among Navajo

Over 60 percent of children have untreated decay ... Full story

Treating gum disease improves vascular health in Indigenous Australians

The study findings may be of particular importance to Aboriginal Australians, who in general have poorer oral health and higher rates of cardiovascular disease. ... Full story

New research set to improve quality of life for denture patients

The University of Manchester is leading a first of its kind trial into the quality of life of people wearing dental implants. ... Full story

Homeless most at risk of poor oral health

New research from The University of Queensland has highlighted poor dental health as one of the most detrimental, but least understood, aspects of homelessness in Australia. ... Full story

Gum Disease Bacteria Selectively Disarm Immune System, Penn Study Finds

The human body is comprised of roughly 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells. In healthy people, these bacteria are typically harmless and often helpful, keeping disease-causing microbes at bay. But, when disturbances knock these bacterial populations out of balance, illnesses can arise. Periodontitis, a severe form of gum disease, is one example. ... Full story

Dentists and patients benefit from better care by analyzing strengths and weaknesses of evidence-based dental studies

Dental medicine has joined the fields of medicine, nursing, psychology, social work and others to develop evidence-based practices that are the gold standards of patient care, according to a Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine researcher. ... Full story

Short-stay placements the future for remote area dental services

One of the keys to solving extreme shortages of dental practitioners in remote Australia is proving to be short-stay (three to four weeks) placements for final-year dental students, according to a recent report into a 10-year program in WA. ... Full story

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