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Dental plaque reveals key plant in prehistoric Easter Island diet

A University of Otago PhD student analysing dental calculus (hardened plaque) from ancient teeth is helping resolve the question of what plant ...

University of Sydney and Rabbitohs promoting better oral health

The Souths Cares Oral Health road trip kicks-off today for 3-day program of oral hygiene clinics promoting better eating and well-being among ...

Many Australians with missing teeth don't need dentures

The latest research from the University of Adelaide challenges current thinking on whether many people with tooth loss really need dentures. ... Full story

Ancient dental plaque: a ‘whey’ into our milk drinking past?

We drink milk because it is good for us, but we rarely stop to think “Why?” Archaeologists and geneticists have been puzzling this question since it was revealed that the mutations which enable adults to drink milk are under the strongest selection of any in the human genome. ... Full story

Research finds tooth enamel fast-track in humans

Research has discovered a link between prenatal enamel growth rates in teeth and weaning in human babies. ... Full story

Poorest in society have eight fewer teeth

The poorest people in society have eight fewer teeth by their seventies than the richest, one of the biggest studies of its type ever undertaken has revealed. ... Full story

Preventing Needless Dental Emergencies

Hospitalizations for untreated tooth root infections, which regular oral health care could have prevented, are on the rise close-up of bacteria ... Full story

Root canal treatment procedures investigated at BESSY II

Two scientists have examined several dozen dental roots at BESSY II, both before and after treatment and found that the mechanical procedures during treatment are rather not contributing to micro fractures. ... Full story

Romans had less gum disease than modern Britons

The Roman-British population from c. 200-400 AD appears to have had far less gum disease than we have today, according to a study of skulls at the Natural History Museum led by a King’s College London periodontist. The surprise findings provide further evidence that modern habits like smoking can be damaging to oral health. ... Full story

CWRU dental survey finds dental anxiety leads cause for moderate sedation

Dental anxiety can be so extreme for some patients that a simple cotton swab on the gums makes them flinch. And others, fearful of pain, simply avoid seeing the dentist, according to a new study by Case Western Reserve University dental researchers on when and how to use sedatives during dental procedures. ... Full story

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