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Safer childbirth … for women everywhere

Dr Michelle McIntosh Photo: Luka Kauzlaric/Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ...

Planning to become pregnant?

Ten tips to help you develop healthy habits before you become pregnant ...

Two and a half thousand women could benefit from mitochondrial donation in the UK

Almost 2,500 women of child-bearing age in the UK are at risk of transmitting mitochondrial disease to their children, according to the most recent estimates published today in the New England Journal of Medicine. ... Full story

Web method can prevent blindness in premature babies

Children born prematurely are at risk of being struck by the eye disease ROP, which can cause blindness. Using a new web-based method, doctors can now identify the at-risk children long before the initial symptoms present themselves, which increases the possibility of preventive measures. ... Full story

Financial incentives help pregnant women to quit smoking

Pregnant women are more likely to quit smoking if financial rewards are offered as part of a treatment plan, finds new research published in The BMJ. ... Full story

Study shows salivary biomarkers predict readiness to feed by mouth in premature babies

First biomarker panel developed could lead to individual treatment plans for infants ... Full story

Stress during pregnancy related to infant gut microbiota

Stress during pregnancy is often linked to physical and psychological problems in the child. But why is this? Could the infant’s gut microbiota be an underlying mechanism? An initial study of the correlation in humans has shown that babies born to mothers who experience stress have a poorer mix of intestinal microbiota. ... Full story

Mother’s stress hormone levels may affect foetal growth and long term health of child

Increased levels of stress hormones can lead pregnant mice to overeat, but affect growth of the foetus and, potentially, the long term health of the offspring, according to a study published today. ... Full story

Are you looking to become pregnant soon?

Ten tips to help you develop healthy habits and start your pregnancy on the right foot ... Full story

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