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Vitamin B levels during pregnancy linked to eczema risk in child

Infants whose mothers had a higher level of a particular type of vitamin B during pregnancy have a lower risk of eczema ...

Link Found Between Pre-eclampsia and Diabetes Later in Life

Research led by Keele University and published this week in Diabetologia (the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes) ...

Once a C-section, Not Always a C-section

New Jersey Medical School obstetricians encourage natural childbirth to remove risks with C-section surgeries ... Full story

Newly discovered gene critical to embryo’s first days

A previously unknown gene plays a critical part in the development of the human embryo during the first days of fertilisation, researchers from Karolinska Institutet show. The paper, which is published in the scientific journal Development, describes the molecular mechanisms governing early embryonic development and can help in the understanding of what causes certain kinds of infertility. ... Full story

No clear threshold to diagnose and treat diabetes during pregnancy

A new study conducted by researchers at the Universities of York and Bristol, and the NHS Bradford Institute for Health Research shows there is an urgent need to find the best threshold to balance the potential benefits and harms of diabetes treatment during pregnancy. ... Full story

Unlocking the potential of prenatal attachment

A low sense of attachment between an expectant mother and her unborn child could be associated with some infant developmental delays. ... Full story

Postpartum Psychosis Big Risk for Mothers with Bipolar Disorder

Disorder often missed, physicians reluctant to prescribe most effective medication for mothers ... Full story

Research: parents say they want to know everything that turns up in newborn screening tests, but then don’t use the information or use it inappropriately

Newborn screening is considered to be a “baby’s first test.” Within the first two days of birth, a baby’s heel is pricked to obtain a small amount of blood that is screened for up to dozens of genetic diseases, especially those where early detection and treatment can prevent irreversible damage. ... Full story

Transgender youth as likely to get pregnant as other adolescents

Sexually active transgender youth have pregnancy rates similar to their non-transgender peers ‒ dispelling the notion that trans youth aren’t at risk for pregnancy, according ... Full story

Study indicates MRIs in first trimester of pregnancy not associated with increased risk to fetus

Performing an MRI on a woman in the early part of pregnancy does not increase the risk of her baby being stillborn, dying soon after birth or having a birth defect, a new study suggests. Nor do the children have a higher risk of vision loss, hearing loss or cancer in their first four years. ... Full story

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