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Pollutants from Coal-Burning Stoves Strongly Associated with Miscarriages in Mongolia

LOS ANGELES -- Burning coal for domestic heating may contribute to early fetal death according to a new study by ...

New study puts fathers under the parenthood microscope

First-time fathers in Tasmania are invited to take part in a new University of Tasmania study supported by the Tasmanian Early Years ...

Child’s Autism Risk Accelerates with Mother’s Age Over 30

Autism risk grows steadily with fathers' increasing age, but accelerates with mothers' age after 30. These charts show generalized additive model estimates of the probability of ASD in the Stockholm Youth Cohort. Dashed lines show 95 percent confidence intervals. ... Full story

Risk of pregnancy greater with newer method of female sterilization

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — The risk of pregnancy among women using a newer method of planned sterilization called hysteroscopic sterilization is more than 10 times greater over a 10-year period than using the more commonly performed laparoscopic sterilization, a study by researchers at Yale University and UC Davis has found. ... Full story

More than two-thirds of Americans support mandated coverage of birth control in health plans

As Obamacare’s contraceptive coverage mandate is challenged in Supreme Court, national survey finds women, blacks and Hispanics more likely to agree with policy ... Full story

Single motherhood does not make women unhappy

Raising a child outside of marriage poses many challenges – but does not have a negative impact on women’s happiness, according to new research published in the Journal of Happiness Studies. ... Full story

Pregnancy risk may be higher with newer method of female sterilization

By Karen N. Peart - Women who used a new method of sterilization called hysteroscopic sterilization had a 10 times greater risk of pregnancy after one year than those who used the older laparoscopic sterilization method. ... Full story

Canadians support screening newborns for specific genetic conditions, but less enthusiastic about sequencing newborns’ genomes

While 94 per cent of Canadians surveyed said they would participate in public health programs that screen newborns for a specific number of genetic conditions, only 80 per cent said they would be willing to participate in screening that would sequence their newborns’ genomes. ... Full story

Multiple births don’t have to be an inevitable result of fertility treatments

By Karen N. Peart - While fertility treatments have helped many people become parents, they commonly result in multiple births, increasing the risk of prematurity, and leading to lifelong complications. ... Full story

Preterm Births, Multiples, and Fertility Treatment: Recommendations for Changes to Policy and Clinical Practice

Financial pressures lead patients and doctors to choose fertility treatments that raise the risk of premature birth, according to a new article. It makes six recommendations to reduce the risk. ... Full story

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