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Canadians support screening newborns for specific genetic conditions, but less enthusiastic about sequencing newborns’ genomes

While 94 per cent of Canadians surveyed said they would participate in public health programs that screen newborns for a specific number ...

Multiple births don’t have to be an inevitable result of fertility treatments

By Karen N. Peart - While fertility treatments have helped many people become parents, they commonly result in multiple births, increasing the ...

Preterm Births, Multiples, and Fertility Treatment: Recommendations for Changes to Policy and Clinical Practice

Financial pressures lead patients and doctors to choose fertility treatments that raise the risk of premature birth, according to a new article. It makes six recommendations to reduce the risk. ... Full story

High disease load reduces mortality of children

Trans-generational defense mechanism in humans proved ... Full story

Researching the experiences of new mums

Researchers are investigating the support available to new mums in Melbourne’s west. ... Full story

Offspring benefit from mum sending the right message

Researchers have uncovered a previously unforeseen interaction between the sexes which reveals that offspring survival is affected by chemical signals emitted from the females' eggs. ... Full story

What are the chances that your dad isn't your dad?

OPINION: How confident are you that the man you call dad is really your biological father? If you believe some of the most commonly-quoted figures, you could be forgiven for not being very confident at all. But how accurate are those figures? ... Full story

Explainer: what is the morning-after pill and how does it work?

By Beverley Vollenhoven - Condoms break, contraceptive pills are missed and in the throes of passion, contraception might be overlooked. So from time to time, a woman may need emergency contraception, known as the morning-after pill. ... Full story

High blood pressure linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes

Pregnant women with chronic hypertension (high blood pressure) are highly likely to suffer from adverse pregnancy outcomes such as preterm delivery, low birth weight and neonatal death, which emphasises a need for heightened surveillance, according to research carried out at King’s College London and published today in BMJ. ... Full story

University of Minnesota research update: Teen pregnancy prevention program sees long-term results

University of Minnesota-led research has found an 18-month long program aimed at reducing risk for teen pregnancy continues to increase contraceptive use thereby reducing risk for teen pregnancy at the 30-month assessment mark, one year after participants completed the program. ... Full story

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