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Common blood thinner for pregnant women proven ineffective: Lancet study

OTTAWA – It's a daily injection to the belly for pregnant women at risk of developing blood clots and it's ineffective, according ...

Possible risk of folic acid overexposure

A new study has shown that synthetic folic acid, the form taken in folic acid supplements we can buy over the counter, ...

Midwives can deliver improved health literacy to patients

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have shown new media technologies such as smart phone apps may be an effective means of improving health outcomes for new mothers and their babies. ... Full story

UF research shows rhymes can inspire reasoning during the third trimester in the womb

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Mozart, Beethoven or even Shakespeare — pregnant mothers have been known to expose their babies to many forms of auditory stimulation. But according to researchers at the University of Florida, all a baby really needs is the music of mom’s voice. ... Full story

Care for newborns with drug withdrawal uneven: study

In the United States, one infant is born each hour with drug withdrawal, known as neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), after being exposed to opioid medications like oxycodone in utero. ... Full story

Excess weight gain during pregnancy could be the result of women running out of self-control

Deakin University psychology researchers are undertaking a world-first study into why pregnant women struggle to maintain a healthy diet despite being highly motivated to do so, and are calling on pregnant women across Australia to take part in the research. ... Full story

Partners of miscarriage sufferers ‘ignored’

The partners of women who miscarry often feel invisible, ignored and sidelined during and after miscarriage – and unable to talk about their own feelings of loss and pain – according to new findings from UCL and the Miscarriage Association. ... Full story

RCOG statement on Miscarriage Association’s ‘Partners Too’ campaign

The Miscarriage Association is today launching a public awareness campaign, ‘Partners Too’, to highlight the issue of the partners of women who miscarry and direct those affected to sources of help and information. ... Full story

Low dose aspirin and calcium supplementation for prevention of pre-eclampsia

Low dose aspirin started before 16 weeks gestation and calcium supplementation after 20 weeks gestation in low-intake populations can prevent the onset of pre-eclampsia in pregnancies at risk of the condition, states a new review published today in The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (TOG). It is also possible to assess a woman’s risk of developing pre-eclampsia from as early as 11-weeks of pregnancy, say the authors. ... Full story

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