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Low-level arsenic exposure before birth associated with early puberty and obesity in female mice

Female mice exposed in utero, or in the womb, to low levels of arsenic through drinking water displayed signs of early puberty ...

Could eczema prevention start at birth?

1300 new born babies are being signed up to a study looking at whether the application of non-cosmetic moisturisers, along with best ...

New embryo image processing technology could assist in IVF implantation success rates

A collaboration between biologists and engineers at Monash University has led to the development of a new non-invasive image processing technique to visualise embryo formation. Researchers were able to see, for the first time, the movement of all of the cells in living mammalian embryos as they develop under the microscope. This breakthrough has important implications for IVF (in vitro fertilisation) treatments and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). ... Full story

World-first simulation training improves management of home birth emergencies

While home births are a safe and appropriate choice for healthy women with low-risk pregnancies, the small risk of an emergency requires immediate and skilled management by midwives. ... Full story

Unique genes in Khoe-San people may lower risk of some pregnancy hazards

An unusual mutation in an immune system gene switches a receptor from one target molecule to another. It’s the first known example of such a change, say Stanford researchers, and likely leads to safer pregnancies. ... Full story

Explaining the issues around the use of human foetal tissue

Dr Simon Woods discusses the use of human foetal tissue in medical research with The Conversation. ... Full story

Home births save money, are safe, UBC study finds

Having a baby at home can save thousands of dollars over a hospital birth and is just as safe for low-risk births, according to a new UBC study. ... Full story

Severe Headache in Pregnant Women: When to Worry

New Findings by Montefiore and Einstein Researchers Offer First Clinical Recommendations ... Full story

Bacterial community in pregnant women linked to preterm birth, study finds

A specific pattern of high bacterial diversity in the vagina during pregnancy increases a woman’s risk of giving birth prematurely, a new study finds. ... Full story

A Single Interrupted Pregnancy May ImpactLater Deliveries, New Tel Aviv University Research Finds

Researchers say only one incident of abortion or miscarriagecan have repercussions for subsequent pregnancies ... Full story

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