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Inflammatory Cells Implicated in Lung Disease in Severely Premature Infants

Inflammatory cells in the lungs of premature infants receiving oxygen contribute to the development of chronic lung problems, new research from Weill ...

Gates Institute Announces 'The Challenge Initiative'

Program will provide greater access to family planning for urban poor in developing world ...

New Study from Duke Links Prepregnancy Obesity to Infant Growth

New Rochelle, NY, July 19, 2016—Infants born to women with a prepregnancy body mass index (BMI) in the obese range (>40) were 8% larger during ... Full story

Missing link in epigenetics could explain conundrum of disease inheritance

The process by which a mother’s diet during pregnancy can permanently affect her offspring’s attributes, such as weight, could be strongly influenced by genetic variation in an unexpected part of the genome, according to research led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). The discovery could shed light on why many human genetic studies have previously not been able to fully explain how certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and obesity, are inherited. ... Full story

Results of European health survey of pregnant women released

Almost 2,500 pregnant women and new mothers have participated in research on their diet and lifestyle behaviours ... Full story

‘Early-Term’ Births Significantly Increase Risk of Preterm Births, Says Study

When First Child Born at 37 to 38 Weeks, Second More Likely to Be Born Even Earlier ... Full story

Boy babies at greater risk of pregnancy complications

New research led by the University of Adelaide has confirmed that boy babies are much more likely to experience potentially life-threatening outcomes at birth than girls. ... Full story

Reversible contraceptive use high among Aboriginal women in Western desert

Researchers from The University of Western Australia have documented a high use of long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) among Aboriginal women in WA’s Western Desert region. ... Full story

Study shows women lack confidence in maternity care providers

ANN ARBOR—Every woman who has ever had a baby shower has had to sit through the gruesome war stories about labor and childbirth ... Full story

Breakthrough in predicting premature birth

A blood test developed by a team of scientists, including researchers from The University of Western Australia, can identify women who are at risk of having a premature birth but are not displaying symptoms, as early as 18 weeks as into their pregnancy. The breakthrough builds on previous work by the researchers who developed a similar test for women who presented to hospital with early contractions. ... Full story

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