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CDC issues guidance to improve health and safety at public pools

What : The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued the first national Model Aquatic Health Code, guidelines that public pool ...

Study Identifies Challenges Faced by NYU Langone Nurses in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Beyond the initial evacuation, NYU researchers’ note Langone nurses faced uncertain and stressful interim assignments at area hospitals ...

Drivers more likely to run red lights in afternoon

Drivers are more likely to run red lights in week day afternoon peak hours then in the mornings, a University of Canterbury engineering research team has confirmed. ... Full story

Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear accidents will affect small mammals for a long time to come

Ionising radiation reduces litter sizes and the size of the brain and inner organs, renders animals blind and affects reproduction. University Lecturer Tapio Mappes, with funding from the Academy of Finland, is researching the impacts of the Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear accidents on wild animals. ... Full story

E-cigarette smoke found to contain toxic metals

USC researchers and colleagues discover chromium and nickel at levels unseen in traditional cigarettes ... Full story

Past sexual assault triples risk of future assault for college women

“We found that the biggest predictor of future victimization is not drinking, but past victimization.” ... Full story

Health and migration - what keeps people healthy and what makes them ill

(Vienna ) Migration has a significant influence on the health sector, including in Austria. The healthcare sector faces challenges due to migrants' different social status, background and gender, as Christine Binder-Fritz and Anita Rieder from the Institute of Social Medicine at the Centre for Public Health at the MedUni Vienna point out in the latest issue of the German "Federal Health Bulletin". ... Full story

An end to drug errors?

Mint Solutions tackles medication errors with scanning system that ensures patients get the right pills. ... Full story

"Junk" Blood Tests May Offer Life-Saving Information

Tel Aviv University says contaminated blood cultures can serve as diagnostic predictor for more targeted antibiotics ... Full story

WHO calls for stronger action on climate-related health risks

GENEVA - Previously unrecognized health benefits could be realized from fast action to reduce climate change and its consequences. For example, changes in energy and transport policies could save millions of lives annually from diseases caused by high levels of air pollution. The right energy and transport policies could also reduce the burden of disease associated with physical inactivity and traffic injury. ... Full story

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