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Sexual misconduct prevention and response at Binghamton

By Katie Ellis - Binghamton University has taken proactive measures in a SUNY-wide process regarding sexual misconduct prevention and response, updating its ...

Study: Perceptions of Drug's Cost May Affect How Much Patients Benefit

CINCINNATI—People’s perceptions of the cost of a drug may affect how much they benefit from the drug, even when they are receiving ...

UBC physician does an about-face, based on her own research

Throughout her career as a physician in Canada and the U.K., Laura Magee has taken a restrained approach to use of blood pressure-lowering medication in her pregnant patients, fearing that lowering pressure could reduce the flow of blood and vital nutrients to their babies. ... Full story

Sugar key to lowering osteoarthritis risk

People at risk of osteoarthritis following orthopaedic surgery could be helped by new way to protect cartilage from damage. ... Full story

Spiky 'hedgehog particles' for safer paints, fewer VOC emissions

ANN ARBOR—A new process that can sprout microscopic spikes on nearly any type of particle may lead to more environmentally friendly paints and a variety of other innovations. ... Full story

Study: Porches an Overlooked Lead Hazard

A new study in the journal Environmental Health indicates that porches in older homes can be a significant source of lead dust and that housing regulations – which have been instrumental in lower rates of lead poisoning in recent years – need to be adapted to meet this threat to children’s health. ... Full story

What’s happening with your donated specimen?

When donating blood, plasma, human tissue or any other bodily sample for medical research, most people might not think about how it’s being used. But if you were told, would you care? ... Full story

California breast density law slow to have an impact

UC Davis research demonstrate need for more physician education ... Full story

Expert: Pervasive 'credential creep' bad for health care practitioners, consumers

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — The outcome of a case argued before the U.S. Supreme Court last fall could potentially slow the trend of the ever-increasing number of occupations subject to state licensing, says a University of Illinois expert in the regulation and financing of health care. ... Full story

Research: Medical malpractice reform does little to contain health care costs

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Two papers co-authored by a University of Illinois expert in the regulation and financing of health care conclude that tort reform has had relatively little impact on the U.S. health care system. ... Full story

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