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CDC investigation: Blood lead levels higher after switch to Flint River water

Stark reminder of dangers of lead exposure for young children ...

A strategy for “convergence” research to transform biomedicine

Report calls for more integration of physical, life sciences for needed advances in biomedical research. ...

GPs given tools to combat antibiotic overuse

A pilot program aimed at stemming antibiotic resistance has successfully reduced prescribing rates among participating doctors. ... Full story

A new bio-ink for 3D printing with stem cells

Scientists at the University of Bristol have developed a new kind of bio-ink, which could eventually allow the production of complex tissues for surgical implants. ... Full story

New research indicates that believing in a just world can lead to poor health for black Americans

Research on the link between racial discrimination and poor health outcomes is not new. However, until now, there has been little exploration around that link — the why, how, who and when. ... Full story

NHS to offer free devices and apps to help people manage illnesses

Guardian: Millions of people will receive devices and apps free on the NHS to help them manage conditions such as diabetes and heart disease in ... Full story

How artificially-intelligent medical devices will one day treat cancer and critical care patients

The Universities of Nottingham, Oxford and Warwick are leading ‘blue sky’ research into artificially-intelligent medical devices that will improve treatment for cancer and intensive care patients and those with chronic wounds. ... Full story

Electronic sensor that tells dead bacteria from live by measuring 'osmoregulation' is potential future tool for medicine and food safety

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - A new type of electronic sensor that might be used to quickly detect and classify bacteria for medical diagnostics and food safety has passed a key hurdle by distinguishing between dead and living bacteria cells. ... Full story

FDA targets unlawful internet sales of illegal prescription medicines during International Operation Pangea IX

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in partnership with international regulatory and law enforcement agencies, announced that it took action this week against 4,402 websites that illegally sell potentially dangerous, unapproved prescription drugs to U.S. consumers. This effort was part of Operation Pangea IX, the Ninth Annual International Internet Week of Action (IIWA), a global cooperative effort, led by INTERPOL, to combat the unlawful sale and distribution of illegal and potentially counterfeit medical products on the internet. ... Full story

Scientists Propose a Framework for More Comprehensive Assessment of Medical Device Safety and Efficacy

Every medicine we take has been extensively trialled to prove it is safe and it works, but the same standards do not necessarily apply to medical devices like joint replacements, surgical mesh or pacemakers. Now, a group of researchers led by Oxford University and Weill Cornell Medicine has proposed a new framework to make sure that such devices get better scrutiny. ... Full story

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