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Five Common Questions About Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)

Johns Hopkins Medicine Demonstrates Hospital Preparedness ...

WHO declares end of Ebola outbreak in Nigeria

The Ebola virus was introduced into Nigeria on 20 July when an infected Liberian man arrived by aeroplane into Lagos, Africa's most ...

Environmental taxes encourage lower consumption

Tobacco taxation and environmental taxes on electricity and gasoline is the most effective way for politicians to get consumers to understand the problems of smoking and pollution. ... Full story

Dangers of sexting highlighted in charity report

Prof Ian Rivers says young people need to be educated about sexting ... Full story

Penn Medicine Ebola Virus Preparedness

At Penn Medicine, the safety and protection of all patients and staff is our top priority. ... Full story

Ebola outbreak, health security and Australian aid to be tackled at Global Health Forum

How Australian aid can play a better role in fighting disease outbreaks like Ebola and why global health systems are not up to scratch in responding to emergency health crises will be discussed at the 10th Annual Nossal Institute Global Health Forum. ... Full story

WHO response to Internal Ebola document leaked to media

A WHO internal document recently obtained by some media outlets was the first draft of a small team documenting the chronology of the Ebola outbreak events for future review. This document has not yet been fact-checked or reviewed by WHO staff involved in the initial response to Ebola, and is part of an on-going analysis of our response. ... Full story

WHO tobacco treaty makes significant progress despite mounting pressure from tobacco industry

MOSCOW - The sixth session of the Conference of the parties (COP6) to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) concluded today in Moscow. Several landmark decisions were adopted in the course of the six-day session, regarded as one of the most successful in the WHO FCTC’s history. ... Full story

Emergency aid for overdoses

Every minute counts in the event of an overdose. ETH professor Jean-Christophe Leroux and his team have developed an agent to filter out toxins from the body more quickly and efficiently. It can also be used for dialysis in patients suffering from hepatic failure. ... Full story

Helping homeless adolescents

Nurse also prepares public health leaders of the future ... Full story

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