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Study: Which Medication Is Most Effective at Stopping Seizures in the ED?

CINCINNATI – University of Cincinnati (UC) and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center researchers are conducting a study on seizures to find out ...

Only one in ten Australians warned of medical overdiagnosis risks by doctors

A national survey reveals that only one in ten Australians report being told about the risk of overdiagnosis by their doctors, according ...

Majority of Seriously Ill Youth Do Not Receive Treatment

The number of young people in the United States with mental health problems decreased in recent years and the rate of treatment increased, yet the most seriously ill still fail to get the treatment they need, according to a study published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine. ... Full story

Endocrine disrupting chemicals in baby teethers

Two out of ten plastic rings release chemicals with hormone-like effect ... Full story

UC Davis study finds significant cost savings in pediatric telemedicine consults compared to phone consults

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) - Researchers at UC Davis have conducted a comprehensive study to determine whether pediatric telemedicine consultations with rural emergency departments save money compared to telephone consults. ... Full story

Beware the chilly killer

Paying close attention to your health as winter approaches could be a matter of life or death, University of Queensland research shows. ... Full story

Homicides have life-changing impacts on young black men in Baltimore

ANN ARBOR—As Baltimore continues to face increased violence since the death of Freddie Gray in police custody, new research by the University of Michigan paints a picture of the individual toll of homicide in the beleaguered city. ... Full story

Drinking chamomile decreases risk of death in older Mexican American women

Researchers from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston have found that drinking chamomile tea was associated with a decreased risk of death from all causes in Mexican-American American women over 65. The findings were recently published online in The Gerontologist. ... Full story

Growing up with smokers doubles smoking risk for adult Hispanics

The UIC study is the first to look at the link between childhood exposure to cigarette smoking behavior and adult smoking rates in Hispanics/Latinos. ... Full story

Research that helps prevent suffering, online and off

Samantha Rosenthal, who will receive her Ph.D. at the 247th Commencement, came to a career in public health research out of a desire to reduce suffering. In work as diverse as revealing connections between Facebook and depression and tracking global disease outbreaks, she has increased the understanding needed to keep people out of harm’s way. ... Full story

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