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Severely ill Ebola patient saved by conventional intensive care

Even severe Ebola virus disease can be successfully treated with routine intensive care, according to a novel case study by researchers from ...

Prepping for Ebola

UCHealth continues planning to handle possible cases ...

New York City Reports Positive Test for Ebola in Volunteer International Aid Worker

A hospitalized medical aid worker who volunteered in Guinea, one of the three West African nations experiencing an Ebola epidemic, and since returned to the United States has tested positive for Ebola according to the New York City Health Department laboratory, which is part of the Laboratory Response Network overseen by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ... Full story

Without swift influx of substantial aid, Ebola epidemic in Africa poised to explode

The Ebola virus disease epidemic already devastating swaths of West Africa will likely get far worse in the coming weeks and months unless international commitments are significantly and immediately increased, new research led by Yale researchers predicts. ... Full story

Scientists Try Old Weapon Against Deadly New Target

Developed at UC San Diego more than a decade ago, brincidofovir takes on Ebola ... Full story

Labor expert: Hospitals at risk of no-show health care workers during Ebola outbreak

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Hospitals and other health care agencies are at risk of doctors, nurses, janitors and other essential workers walking off the job during an infectious disease outbreak, says a University of Illinois expert in labor relations. ... Full story

Understanding Ebola

Since a 2-year-old child fell ill in Guinea last December, the Ebola virus has spread through West Africa, first with an outbreak that seemed to have died out in May and then with an explosive second wave of infections that spread throughout Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. ... Full story

Workplace safety improves business productivity

A new University of Melbourne report has identified links between workplace health and safety measures and better business performance, including increased productivity, lower costs, greater innovation and higher profitability. ... Full story

Time for change - additional daylight saving could improve public health

New research, published just before British Summer Time ends, shows that proposals to permanently increase the hours of waking daylight could increase children’s activity levels. ... Full story

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