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Sunlight continues to damage skin in the dark

By Ziba Kashef - Much of the damage that ultraviolet radiation (UV) does to skin occurs hours after sun exposure, a team ...

Eczema Medication Unlikely to Increase Risk of Cancer in Children, Penn Team Finds

Study Following Large Cohort of Children for Ten Years Part of Post-Marketing Requirement ...

Hand washing focus in hospitals has led to rise in worker dermatitis

A new study from The University of Manchester has revealed that the incidence of dermatitis has increased 4.5 times in health care workers following increased hand hygiene as a drive to reduce infections such as MRSA has kicked in. ... Full story

Stay sun safe on your half term ski break

Sunscreen is one holiday essential that often gets left behind when people pack for a winter holiday, so the Public Health Agency (PHA) and Cancer Focus Northern Ireland are reminding travellers not to forget about sunscreen during their half term get-away. ... Full story

Skin based immunity secrets revealed

A team of international scientists have discovered a new mechanism by which immune cells in the skin act as the body’s ‘border control’, revealing how these cells sense whether lipid or fat-like molecules might indicate the presence of foreign invaders. ... Full story

Case Western Reserve Scientists Identify Proteins Likely to Trigger Psoriasis

Finding Brings Scientists Closer to Developing Treatments that Target Causes of Painful, Inflammatory Skin Condition ... Full story

Concern over skin whitener marketing

A study led by a James Cook University marketing expert has raised concerns over the ethics of the marketing of skin-whitening products, widely available in Australia. ... Full story

Hot showers harmful to skin during winter

A hot steamy bath might feel good during the winter months but it could leave your skin hanging out to dry. Doctors at Baylor College of Medicine say the higher temperatures at bath time increase dry skin, which could have long-term damaging effects. ... Full story

New Zealand leads research on natural quit smoking remedy

New Zealand researchers have found that a low cost, plant-based product marketed for smoking cessation in parts of Europe for the last 40 years, is better than nicotine replacement therapy at helping smokers quit. ... Full story

UBC scientist finds genetic wrinkle to block sun-induced skin aging

UBC researchers created a device to act as a tanning bed for mice. ... Full story

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