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The Best Advice for Acne Patients? Patience

Greater Knowledge of the Disease, Better Treatment Options Have Benefits, But Leading Adolescent Skin Expert at NYU Langone Medical Center Warns Acne ...

Sustainable skincare range created from waste products of grapes

University of Leeds spin-out Keracol Limited has teamed up with Marks & Spencer to produce a natural skin care range using the ...

Some dogs and cats prone to sunburn – How to protect your animal from skin damage

Excessive sunbathing damages the skin. Humans are not the only ones who need to monitor their exposure to UV rays: animals are at risk too. Dogs and cats with white or thin coats are at particular risk, as are animals with very closely shorn fur or with certain pre-existing conditions. Dermatologist Christa Horvath-Ungerböck from the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna explains which animals are particularly sensitive, how to prevent sun damage to the skin, and how to treat a sunburned animal. ... Full story

New diagnostic test to distinguish psoriasis from eczema

Neuherberg - In many patients it is not easy to differentiate between the chronic inflammatory skin diseases psoriasis and eczema. Researchers at the Helmholtz Zentrum München and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have now developed a procedure based on a skin analysis that enables an exact diagnosis to be made. ... Full story

New Medication Shows Promise in Treating Common Skin Disease

URMC-led Study Offers Hope for Atopic Dermatitis Sufferers ... Full story

Researchers from Bochum detect olfactory receptors in the skin

Receptor accelerates cell division and migration ... Full story

For skin health & beauty, practice sun safety

As a melanoma oncologist with Emory Healthcare, Ragini Kudchadkar has mixed feelings about summer. She knows that after a long, rough winter, and a rainy spring, it feels good to put away the jackets and get out the swim gear. However, the arrival of summer also means that many people will be out in the sun doing irreversible damage to their skin. ... Full story

Psoriasis risk with high blood pressure

Controlling for other factors, researchers have found that at least six years of high blood pressure and use of beta-blockers are associated with an increased risk of psoriasis in women. ... Full story

“Muscled skin”: Simple formulas describe complex behaviors

HZB researchers help chemists understand polymeric "biomimetic" materials' mechanical properties ... Full story

In Human Evolution, Changes in Skin’s Barrier Set Northern Europeans Apart

UCSF Study Questions Role of Skin Pigment in Enabling Survival at Higher Latitudes ... Full story

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